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An X-related dream I had recently.

hiko · 1363

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Offline hiko

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on: December 28, 2020, 10:42:39 PM
I guess this was on the 24th, and I've been meaning to post this since a few days, but I was a bit lazy to get on my computer up until now.
Btw, there's some information I think that is important to know before I tell about my dream:
1. I am from Romania, but I have home in 2 other countries.
2. In middle school, I was living with some family in Japan.
3. Yes, I was already obsessed with X in middle school, mainly Taiji, though.

[I think that's all, here's my dream:]


I was in middle school for some reason, 12-13 years old, specifically.  I was watching some video of Yoshiki, where he said something along the lines of „I can't wait for X to come to Romania!" ....So me, being me, I was ecstatic, X was coming to my country?! (I don't know why I was living at Romania at the time in my dream, btw...) 
So off course I thought that X would be performing, right?... What else would Yoshiki mean?
I looked online for X concert tickets, but I couldn't find any... Or any information of what they would be doing in their time whilst in Romania.
So I waited for the day to come, which was for some reason a Thursday (Not a good day for having a one-time activity before leaving the country XD) and somehow I managed to get to wherever X was going, not sure how I'd go without knowing where they'd be at (dream logic) and am... well, let's just say I was disappointed to see that X was somehow on a gameshow. In Romania.  Speaking perfect Romanian.  :P
As usual, Taiji was looking bored the entire time, not really doing anything.  So a host lady with some damn nerve called him out and said „Oh, am I boring to you, Taiji?"
He picked up Yoshiki like a board, and just threw him out a window, simple as that...
Somehow a giant cat suddenly broke through the wall of the building and 'rescued' Pata, along with Toshl as well.
Taiji somehow used hide's hair to start a fire, and hide burnt up along with the entire building, including everyone in it, Pata was never seen again (but still alive), Toshl became a prostitute  ;D And Taiji quit being a musician to become a chef with a TV show....

Hope nobody on his TV show asks him if he's bored while cooking.


Offline Liliah

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Reply #1 on: December 29, 2020, 12:12:34 PM
It’s a quite interesting (and horrific xd) dream, I really like it! :D