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"Reacting to X Japan" ("How I have never heard of this before!!!" :-)) )

helenmoon · 5930

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("How I have never heard of this before!!!", which was precisely what I thought when I first heard them... ;D )


(P.s.: how did you felt when you first heard them?)

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I remember that in 2008 I was searching for some good Japanese speed metal and I discovered them by chance (or maybe I couldn't really have had another choice, X were and still are at the #1 spot when it comes to that musical genre). Then I started listening to World Anthem / Blue Blood and I was literally flabbergasted. I'll never forget the rawness of Yoshiki's drums and the whole signature sound of that album... Because I like a lot less songs where each instrument is  remixed and polished to the point that the whole recording almost sounds unreal.

how come that neither top musicians nor indie artists produce something that sounds that way anymore...  :'( I'm not even debating on the complexity and the meaning of the songs, just how they sound globally.

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Haha yes,
this guy! He also reacted to L'arc~en~Ciel and a few other JRock Bands  8)

I don't really remember when I first listened to X. But I didn't liked them because of all the hype about HIDE. I usually don't like posterboys. Also the music wasn't my taste. I think I gave em a try and unfortunately I only found the ballads.

Later, must be around 2005 or so, I discovered a band called X. I first listened to the Vanishing Vision album. Unaware of the fact that this is the same band with this HIDE in it, I became a fan of X  ;D the rest is history.
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