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Translation Toshi "Brainwash ~Comeback from 12 Years of Hell~"

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Prologue Translated by: Reiyezerwyre - https://reiyezerwyreembrace.wordpress.com
Chapters translated courtesy of ‘Yasashiikisu’ and ‘Juria’ from http://xjapantranslations.com.

+ Why do you post this here? Other parties didn't want a repost
- Yes. And now xjapantranslations is gone. So this is the only source to see their hard work. Since it's clearly dedicated to them, I think I did nothing wrong.

+ But!
- If you have any further problems or questions, please get in touch with us. We sort things out. We are all fans of X Japan and want to provide a good and healthy fandom.

“Play ball!” My father’s booming call echoes in the vacant lot next to our house.
“Dad, here it comes!” I call back in a powerful voice as I aim for the glove and throw as hard as I can.
“The pitcher throws his first pitch...Strike!”
I loved the sound of that voice.
When the fun is over I sit on the cargo rack of my father’s bike, as he takes me to kindergarten.
“Alright, we’re off!” He says.
“Onwards!” I call out and hold on tightly to his broad back with my small hands.
The invigorating rush as we dash off.
Those twenty minutes on the way to the kindergarten, when I could have ‘daddy’ all to myself, were
more important to me than anything else.
On the 10th of October, 1965, I was born in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture. The youngest of three
When I was in my third year of elementary school, my father was suddenly transferred to Chiba City.
It was decided that he would move there alone.
In February, wanting to see my father, I once took the train from Tateyama Station, alone even though
I was still a child, and rode for two and a half hours to go to him. I took the bus to Tateyama station,
went to the ticketing both and while standing on tiptoe I said, “One child’s ticket for Honchiba Station,
“The local train bound for Chiba is on platform three.” The station master told me.
Clutching tightly onto my ticket so as not to lose it, I quickly walked up the stairs.
The departure bell rang and with that I was off. As the train set off I looked out the window at the
sprawling view of the ocean, heart pounding.
I got off at Honchiba Station, quickly walked about twenty minutes and finally arrived at the Chiba City
court official residence where my father lived.
“Toshi, I’m glad to see you. Tonight let’s go for hamburger steak, eh?”
We ate hamburger steak at a restaurant that had just opened. That was the only time I ate up
everything, even the carrots – which I hated – that were on the piping hot grill plate with the
“Toshi, you even ate the carrots, you’re such a good kid.”
It was a time when eating out was still a special thing, so going out to a fashionable restaurant in the
city with my father was the greatest thing ever to me.
After that, when I became a high-school student, my father was transferred back to Tateyama.
Almost every day, with an unpracticed hand, my father continued to make meals for me. Watching
my father like this, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for him to buy me any of the things I really wanted.
It was then that I started my part-time job delivering newspapers.
Tateyama is a city with a relatively mild climate throughout the year, so the early mornings during the
late autumn when I started delivering newspapers could get pretty cold.
I would jump out of bed at 5 a.m., quickly brush my teeth, wash my face, and put a jacket on over my
People around town were very early risers. There was even an elderly man who would wait at his front
door for me to deliver the newspaper.
“Good morning! Here’s your newspaper!”
“Yes, thank you. Keep up the good work.”
As I finish delivering the newspaper my work gloves would be black. I’d finish deliveries just after 6.30
and head home, where I my father would be standing in the kitchen like always.
“I’m home.”
“Welcome back! Quickly go wash your hands.”
The same ‘wash your hands’ my father had said ever since I was in kindergarten. Breakfast was ginger
pork (shougayaki) and hot miso soup, as well as freshly cooked rice. Once every two days this was the
menu. Even so it was delicious.
“Well then, I’ll be off.”
It’s a casual conversation, but things like that made me happy.
On my second day delivering newspapers I found a small shrine. I rode my bike into the grounds. When
I stopped I rushed up the stairs, about ten steps. It was still dark and in the quiet grounds I brought
my hands together.
“May my father always be healthy.”
From that day on I continued every morning as a daily ritual until I stopped delivering newspapers a
year later.
The morning of the 17th of May, 1990, my father couldn’t get out of bed. He was taken to hospital.
Unable to move at all, the diagnosis that he’d had a stroke was clear.
He had narrowly escaped death, but unfortunately half of his body was paralyzed and he suffered
from aphasia (1) as a result. After that seeing my father just like a child, was a huge shock for me. He
may have been unable to speak, but he could honestly express his emotions and soon cried innocently
if there was something particularly pleasant.
After my father fell ill I would occasionally return home, just seeing my face my father would cry. When
I brought him souvenirs from around the country and overseas he would cry aloud. Seeing my father
like that, but able to do anything, I would be filled with a feeling of irritation.
My father loved singing and his singing voice could put professional to shame. His specialties were
‘The Bells of Nagasaki’ (2) and ‘Shanghai Homecoming, my little darling’ (3). I remembered those days
when his beautiful singing voice soft and full of life moved me.
However, the father right before my eyes had aphasia. He had difficultly speaking let alone singing.
One day, I put a microphone into my father’s right hand which was not disabled – “It will be good for
your rehabilitation, so sing.” – and suggested karaoke.
My father smiled and shook his head, but I pestered him. “Come on, sing ‘Sake, Tears, Men and
Women’ (4) .”
It was a song my father often sang.
Even though my father couldn’t pronounce words properly, I watched him as he happily cried while
he gave his all to sing. I was at a loss for words.
From the second verse we sang together.
This would be my father’s last duet.
More than any other singer’s song, it is my father’s singing voice that echoes in my heart even now.
Even from now on the song I want to hear the most, but will never get to hear ever again, is my father’s
If I were to say I had a singing teacher, now I think it would have to be my father.
On the 19th of March, 2003, my father died. I never knew about it for a long time.
I never realized the betrayal. Continuing to deceive people over many years. In a sense an act you
could say is more cruel than killing a person. Manipulating a person’s heart, repeatedly to no end, that
is the horror of ‘brainwashing’.
My brainwashing over the course of twelve years. The truth of all of that is written down here.


(1) Aphasia: an inability to comprehend or formulate language
(2) ‘The Bells of Nagasaki’ 「長崎の鐘 」 (Nagasaki no kane): a song first performed by Ichiro
Fujiyama, 1949 and later taken on by Yoshie Fujiwara (1949) and Yumi Aikawa (1996). The song The
Bells of Nagasaki was inspired by a novel of the same name written by Takashi Nagai in 1949, which
describes Nagai’s personal experiences as a survivor of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. The novel
was later adapted into a film, The Bells of Nagasaki, in 1950 and then served as the primary
inspiration for the 2016 film, All That Remains.
(3) ‘Shanghai Homecoming, my little darling’ 「上海帰りのリル」 (Shanghai kaeri no riru): a popular
song from the 1950s with connections to a film of the same name, 1952.
(4) ‘Sake, Tears, Men and Women’ 「酒と泪と男と女」 (Sake to namida to otoko to onna): a song
by Eigo Kawashima, 1975.
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Reply #1 on: February 12, 2019, 06:54:00 AM

Ticket to Hell
1993 – 1997

A turning point in my life 1993, April, when I was recording in Los Angeles, I received a proposal for an
unexpected work. It was if I could act for the main role as Hamlet in the rock opera “Hamlet”. How
would acting work out for my image as X Japan’s Toshi? I hesitated, but the staff involved with my solo
work recommended that I should do it, I did hear many words of encouragement such as, “You must
do it!” or, “It’s a chance for you to grow as an artist”. As I was told these things, my interest for a
challenge in a new world also sparked. But, at that time, I had no way to know that this decision would
completely change my fate and be the start of the fall. That is, “brain washing”, those days when I was
stolen of my will as a person, my thoughts, my freedom, and everything. Hidden in that bright stage,
where I should have took the leap for my life, was an abyss that would swallow me.

It was May 1993 When I returned from my accommodation in LA to Japan, in order to attend the last
audition to decide who would be the leading actress who would share the stage with me, cast as the
main character. From public submissions to official papers’ selection, there was only one remaining
audition. When all the auditions ended, the opinion between the judges was divided. It was between
the producers, directors and technical crew and my then office’s boss Takeda(name has been changed
to protect identity). The production’s recommended actress was little known, but with her beauty and
aura, would surprise with her skills singing and acting. On the other side, the recommended actress
was one who hadn’t as much skill as singer or actress, but amidst the competition, with many of the
others desperately trying to make an appeal to themselves, this woman left an impression for her
relaxed spirit. To me, it didn’t matter who was chosen, I thought either was fine. Eventually, when
there was an election to choose between the two, things had calmed down with the decision of a
‘double cast’, that would play alternately. For some reason, everything was changed, and it was the
only one person my boss had recommended. This person is Kaori Moritani.

Maybe there is no “if” in life, but if only at that time the double cast set up had continued, and my
boss hadn’t persistently recommended it to be Moritani... Perhaps my life would’ve been completely

This meeting would become the biggest turning point in my life.

In October, 1993, after participating together in the said rock opera “Hamlet”, for some time we
stayed distant, but a half year later, around spring of the year 1994, I received a letter from her in my
house in LA. As time passed, once every two weeks, once in a week, once in every three days, the
frequency increased. It was still the time when electronic mail and mobile phones did not exist. As I
read these letters, I felt like my own character from the play, Hamlet, who is in love with Ophelia.
Then, I felt my heart and body go astray. To me, living alone in a foreign country, these letters written
in beautiful gentleness were my heart’s healing. Still, even so if I had started dating her, I didn’t love
this woman. Truthfully, I think I was a lonely person who couldn’t love someone or be loved by
someone. “I didn’t know about the Toshi of X.” “I have no interest in the Toshi of X, but I do know
about the real you.” I felt that when she wrote these words in her letters, it was different from the
people who approached ‘Toshi’. Maybe I did think that she was the ideal woman. In the background
of these feelings, there were many troubles that reflected intermittently on my surroundings.

Collapse of my family In 1992 my office was founded, and my solo career started. The one I entrusted
as the boss was my brother. My eldest brother went to Tokyo from his days in high school to try out a
career in entertainment, but in the end, without getting a debut, he started to work for a large
entertainment and recording enterprise. In his childhood, my brother had the face of a idol star, when
he turned 32 years old, he put on weight, and his now round face with glasses made him a charming
middle aged man. I almost had never seen him in formal clothes like suits, but like a business man, he
had a rough fashion, consisting of jeans and t-shirts. Before I knew it, I was already taller than him.
“I’d like to be the boss of your office.” In the time that my solo career started, I was contacted by my
brother and he said that. Since my infancy, I had received musical influence from my brother, and now
to know that I was going to work together with him, someone who I’d admired since a long time ago,
made me very happy. He was in charge of planning for my career and throughly administrating the
office. After he became my boss, I selected him to be my partner in a radio show I participated.

Because he hadn’t become a talent in the entertainment world, the very least I could do was give him
a little of that feeling. But that way of thinking, that he was getting a gift from his brother, was a
tremendous failure. By hiring him to participate on radio with me, I thought that he would get to have
his name known to my fans and in addition get a bigger salary and improve his financial situation, and
finally get better treatment as my brother and as my boss. As a result, as for my brother working as
my boss in a very reliable way, my brother never disappointed me in maintaining my private life secure
and dispelling rumors that I had become some sort of pop idol. “Brother, I mean, boss. Be more aware
of your work as a manager.” “Toshi, do you know boss Ishii from Conto Akashingo, who often appears
on TV? I want to become a manager just like him.” “You know, when he appears on TV, he’s kind of
like a pop talent but on the other side, I’m sure he’s determined about his job as a manager. Before
becoming a talent, I think that doing your manager job is very important.”

I did warn him many times, but my brother, resigned to become a talent, perhaps did not have the
ability to administer the office. I received claims and complaints about my eldest brother from
Yoshiki’s and the other members’ offices. It also came to my attention that there were plans for a
magazine to expose his bad actions as a manager. With so many of these troubles, I had also felt many
times actions that meant betrayal, but unfortunately I was unable to fire him from the position. After
all, to him, more than an artist, I was his younger brother, he treated me with the minimum standard
of respect and I think he left his duty as a manager in second place. As he severely felt the difficulty of
managing the office, he became conceited. My image and impressions of my eldest brother started to
crumble. I felt profound sadness, as if of someone who had been betrayed. Furthermore, more than
once or twice, received claims from X Japan’s staff about my mother, who apparently had invited fans
to our house, taken money from them to let them see old videos and pictures of my and Yoshiki’s
childhood and let them photograph these as well. That kind of information circulated in weekly
magazines, but I have already expressed my profound apologies to Yoshiki’s staff members involved.
When I asked my brother to quit being the manager, I gave him several million Yen in cash. “I’m sorry,
we can’t continue working together like this. I’m giving you this money so you can follow another path,
I hope you can use it in a valid manner...” My eldest brother and mother argued, “When you make
this Takeda your next boss, he will instigate you and take over your office. Your rights belong to the
Deyama family. And to think you can hand it over to some outsider...”, surrounding me with these
remarks. Beyond resentment, I felt an enormous discouragement. My eldest brother and mother had
the wrong ideas and actions that, as I had become famous and with that my rights produced a great
value of money, they had also turned into celebrities. Furthermore, at that point, my idea of “Good
family” also collapsed, as I discovered their greed which I hadn’t known yet. With great
disappointment, I fell into a pit of self-hatred.
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Reply #2 on: February 12, 2019, 06:55:52 AM
Transformation of family and friends

Succeeding that, in spring of 1993, Takeda became the office’s
boss and further troubles occurred. Originally, I became friends with Takeda before my debut, when I
worked a part time job at a bar in Meguro and he was a regular costumer. He was a tough muscular
type with a sunburned face. I always perceived him, who always chose to wear stylish double suits, a
prosperous manager. With his loud, cheerful voice, he gave an atmosphere full of ambition and
confidence. I could feel the contrast between he and my eldest brother, as they were the same age
range. When my office was established, Takeda became my adviser concerning my eldest brother who
wanted nothing to do with his position as boss. After my brother’s dismissal, Takeda became the boss
and after that, he also became the boss for X Japan’s management office. When Takeda was
employed, I agreed with Yoshiki to take responsibility of X Japan’s early management side, being
something similar as Takeda’s guarantor. It happened, that one year after Takeda was employed,
troubles as fraudulent accounting with large sums of money were discovered. The same fraud also
occurred in my personal office, at the same time period. Up to that point, I had trusted Takeda, I was
in shock, since I believed that we had the same intentions. Takeda was dismissed from being the boss
of X Japan’s office, he was also fired from my personal office. With the agreement from before, I was
responsible and returned stocks to X Japan’s management company. Right after I’d been anxious
about the case with my eldest brother and mother which caused so much annoyance, this time, the
very person I had introduced to X Japan’s office and became boss, caused trouble with a fraud, losing
us a great sum of money. That was a problem I caused and there was no way that I could have repaid
the X Japan members. I was sorry, but it was so that I couldn’t bear to look at the management’s
people or member’s faces. Until that, my solo schedule was active, yet, naturally with these
circumstances, X Japan’s activity was left alone, and I also couldn’t proceed with my solo schedule.
When I received large quantities of money, my family and even my friends went through a
transformation, to the extent some unbelievable situations arose. Ideally, I wanted to have a peaceful
relationship with them. In reality, many times I was faced with “glossed over” remorseful cases. I
entrusted my money to my family, in unconditional faith that they would handle my money,

pretending that as an artist, I wouldn’t be able to handle my money wisely. My innocence in entrusting
all of my money to my family, is no doubt, one of the main factors in the worsening of the situation. I
desperately longed and aimed for the ‘rock star’ status. I thought I would be doing a favor to my
parents, and a favor to my family. Looking back at the circumstances, troubles were only spreading in
my surroundings. Between the members and I, there was something like a deep abyss in me. (In what,
in who should I trust...?) All at once, I had nothing left to trust or rely on. I couldn’t stop shaking, as I
felt trapped in a vortex of anxiety.

It was at this time that I received Moritani’s letters more frequently. Moritani’s letters were the only
evidence that my heart was tortured by solitude.

My brother’s management request

In October of 1994, after Takeda’s incident, I was emotionally
exhausted. Hiding from Takeda and the media, I visited my other brother who, as a major bank
representative employee, had moved to New York. My brother, who worked in New York as an elite
businessman, in the front line of the world’s finances, naturally had no connection at all with Japan’s
entertainment world. His house was located in New York’s suburban area, away from Manhattan’s
hustle. The soft sunlight of autumn showered the quiet neighbourhood surrounded by dense trees. In
this calming place, I could talk to my brother about the incident with Takeda and plans ahead. Three
years older than me, my brother was now 32 years old. Probably, he had improved his physique, but
the clean businessman hairstyle, and the glint of his eyes behind the silver glasses gave him, as always,
a strong air. After several days, on a Sunday, relaxing in the living room after breakfast, the entrance
doorbell rang. My brother looked through the door’s peephole, and outside, wearing sunglasses, was
Takeda. “Toshi, Takeda is here. Go to the second floor.” My brother went to the door to talk with
Takeda, but not exceeding five minutes, he was gone. “So, you’ve come all the way to this place, huh.
You know that it’s not a good idea to follow Toshi around with such a bad manner.” Since childhood,
I always acknowledged that my brother had a calm and collected side, and he was also always the top
class in studies. He didn’t have any connection with the music or entertainment world, but as a
businessman, he had high abilities. My brother had a spirit of independence, and differently from my
elder brother and mother, maybe my artist rights didn’t seem as vital to him. I became alienated from
my family because of the matter with my elder brother and mother, but perhaps if I was with my
brother, something could work out right. “If you can, I would like you to be my office’s manager...” I
had nothing to lose, so I requested my brother to become the boss of my office. “I can’t give you a
simple answer right now, give me some time to think.” Several days later, I left New York and returned
to Japan for some time.

Reunion with Moritani and devotion to the spiritual world

Still in autumn of that year, exhausted to the bottom of my soul, I spent some time in Hawaii
to recover and compose songs. Returning to Japan,
I met Moritani once again. After a long time without seeing each other, her calm temperament
brought me peace of mind. “You’ve been through so much. Let me hug you tightly. You’ve done well...”
As I shed large drops of tears, I felt that she could be the one who would heal my rough heart. She had
written over hundreds of ‘575’* short poems in small cards and gave them to me. One of them in
particular made me cry very hard. “Dying/Hand in Hand/We’ll go together” Having lost faith in my
family, acquaintances and even friends, these words permeated my heart. Before long, I began my
society with Moritani. She often talked to me bout spiritual topics, spiritual world, and the universe. I
was also interested in these topics, and her passionate attitude won me over. With her influence, I
also started to like the genres of New Age music and Healing music. In the context of my commitment
to the spiritual world and healing, perhaps I had found a escape for my reality filled with continuous

[*: 575 is a poem rhyming method common in Japan.]

An empty space left empty In 1995, Yoshiki changed X Japan’s direction to expand into a world wide
market. He talked excitedly about plans to first release an album marketed for Japan, and later another
album in the American continent. Soon, the recording for the new album, ‘Dahlia’, started to take
place in Yoshiki’s own studio in Los Angeles. In the last year, Hide’s solo tour had exploded with
popularity. And the other band members had each their own side projects. Then, between me and
Yoshiki, there opened up empty space that couldn’t be filled. Also under Moritani’s influence, I came
to feel that the source of my suffering and the lie I was living was caused by the rock genre we
performed, called ‘visual style’. “You don’t have to fake it, to pretend. You also don’t need that make
up or that bleached hair. You just have to be Toshi.” It was like as if Moritani’s gentle words took away
all of the weight off my chest. On the other hand, with the songs decided and all the excitement of
launching our band to the world, the recording of vocals with Yoshiki this time was much more strict.
Voice, rhythm, pitch and emotion were things that he added to the list of demands, but what bothered
me the most was the english pronunciation. Yoshiki required I had a native speaker’s level of
pronunciation. Yoshiki had never set his mind on such a thing before, and I thought that having the
perfect pronunciation now was unreasonable. Taking lessons from a leading specialist of
pronunciation, we tried to record the songs with perfect english pronunciation, but as I expected, we
did not get satisfactory results. No matter how many times we adjusted, if I didn’t have motivation, I
wouldn’t be able to climb this wall. Disappointed and angry with myself for not meeting Yoshiki’s
demands, I also felt resentment towards Yoshiki and his insistence. Sensing serious problems in my
singing, which now had reached a low level, I started to think that I had no confidence, energy or even
qualification to be X Japan’s vocalist and member. The days in the studio gained a profoundly heavy
and dark mood, along with the fact that Yoshiki and I rarely spoke to each other.

The doubt in my mind to leave X Japan March 1995, my brother accepted my request and resigned
from his work with major banks to become my office’s manager. After that, our troubles had
continued, because of Takeda’s impact, we received a complaint from a CM sponsor. More than ever,
I couldn’t raise my eyes to the X Japan’s staff members and office’s people. “If I am in X Japan, I will
only cause more trouble. Furthermore, I cannot see any more meaning in being a member of X Japan.”
Moritani said to the hesitant me, “Isn’t that what you want? You should be yourself... If you’re in X
Japan, everything will go wrong for you. More important than that, you should do more of what you
like. I’ll be with you. Have more faith in the universe inside you...” In November of 1995, without
having finished the new album, the curtains were raised for X Japan’s first tour in 4 years. A tour of
sold out arenas, packed with extremely enthusiastic fans, surely X Japan’s popularity had reached its
peak. Yet, my heart was sunk deeply.
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Reply #3 on: February 12, 2019, 06:58:12 AM
“I should stop showing all of this excitement. Wearing such ornate fashion only weighs down my mind.
I should really try to be more like myself.” With Moritani’s advice, I cut my long hair, dyed it black once
again, stopped wearing make up, and my stage outfits became simple styles with a jacket. I went
through a transformation that completely disagreed with the style of a visual rock band’s front man.
In December 1996, for the last date of the ‘Dahlia Tour’, we had the custom to perform in the Tokyo
Dome at the end of the year. Certain night, when I was preparing for the show, Moritani brought me
one CD. When the song played, suddenly she started to cry. “When this song plays, I can’t hold back
my tears. It’s such beautiful music.” Since I first started to go out with Moritani, when I thought she
was laughing, suddenly she could being to cry as well. Inversely, when she cried loudly, soon it turned
into laughing. Those violent ups and downs many times made me feel very uncomfortable. I disliked
that, I saw her in a favourable light. To me she was like a pure child with a peculiar trait. That song had
an orchestra arrangement, as featured in various other song of the healing music category. It was a
song from an artist called Masaya. Moritani frequently played this CD, and she constantly left it on my
desk. It one of the CDs from the several ones we collected of the healing music category. “Yeah, it’s a
nice song...” As I said this in an unclear response, Moritani soon took an emotional stance. “I tell you,
you should quit that X Japan. And cut all ties with your family. I don’t mean it superficially, just by
listening I can feel heartbreaking and precious feelings. You should be singing songs like this to heal
people’s hearts! Isn’t that what you wish to do the most? Haven’t your mother, brother, Yoshiki, and
all people around you only used you for their own convenience? Don’t let them manipulate you any
more! I’ve had enough!” Tightly grasping my arm with both hands, shaking my body strongly, this was
the first time I looked at the pleading, crying Moritani with fear. “She’s really thinking seriously about
myself... She is the only person I can trust.” I realized, as she cried with anger. Immediately, I distanced
myself from those around me. I fell in the hole Moritani dug for me.

Moritani’s two wishes: Family registration* and Retirement from X Japan January 1997. With the tour
and the new album ‘Dahlia”s recording finished, X Japan’s activity temporarily reached a critical point.
I took two very important decisions. The first was, marriage with Moritani. “I want to walk holding
hands with you in public. I don’t want to have to do everything in secret.”, she told me. Even though
there were the emotional highs and lows, I believed that she was true, and would never betray me as
did my family and friends. I didn’t want to project on her any bad feelings. I decided to grant her wish
of getting married. From the people around me, I was used to hear malicious remarks as, “She is the
one who changed Toshi”. I wanted to get married with her, not only to start a new life by her side, but
to protect her from these things as well. After marrying, I was very obstinate, showing concern in my
speech and action. I didn’t not inform my brother, manager of my office or the staff people of my
office. Of course, I also did not tell any of the X Japan members. Even to me, the event wasn’t meant
to be public. Moritani told me not to have a ceremony or make a public announcement. But,
beforehand, it became featured in a weekly publication and I had to give a TV interview about it and
unavoidably speak about it in concerts. If not for someone extremely close, why did the information
leak to the media? Moritani accused my brother, who was also my manager, of disclosing the fact.
This made my suspicion of family worst than ever.

Then, I had taken another decision. I had a conversation with Moritani about my decision to leave X
Japan. “To put our plans into action, I can’t go on with X Japan any more.” I made the decision to end
this life of X Japan=Yoshiki, and turn it around to start my life with Moritani. The day finally came, in
April 20 1997. In the evening, I was parked in the Los Angeles studio’s neighborhood. I stayed for a
while inside the car, I stared at the deep red sky. I recalled of thirteen years ago, in the last year of
school, we dreamed of being rock stars and talked about it enthusiastically. “If it’s with Yoshiki, if it’s
X, we’ll make it.” (Today it would end... I wonder what Yoshiki will say...) Would it be like leaving a
family I’d been living together for many years? Would it be like separation from a long time lover? Or
would it take away weight of the cross I carried? Unspeakable emotions took control of my heart. I
was in my car for about 30 minutes. Yoshiki was waiting for me in the studio lounge. Yoshiki was seated
facing a round, large table. It showed that he was there for some time. I couldn’t look in his eyes.
“Yoshiki, I have something to tell you...”, I said, looking down.

“I want to quit X...” After minutes of silence, I heard from Yoshiki. “Understood... Toshi...” Quickly I
replied. “But, we have to let everyone know, so I think we should call them here.” Hide and Heath,
who were in L.A. at the time, came to the studio. Once again we gathered around the circular table.
“Damn! This again, Toshi!” Hide spat these words. He said them because I had cause so many troubles
befor X Japan. “If we don’t have a singer, what we’ll do? What will become of our life?” It was a rare
time when Hide’s feelings struck hard on me. “Whatever problem we have, don’t we always solve it
together? X is not only your life, it is the life of us all. What the hell are we going to do!” I thought that
anything that I could say would be of no use. Yoshiki continued silent, idly playing his Yoshiki model
guitar, looking down. “Hide-chan, this is a decision I thought about and worried for a long time. I can’t
put my whole soul into X any more. I can’t go on, living a lie to all of you any more. I met someone,
and I found new values. From now, I want to save people.” “Then do it. Through music.” “I can’t do
that if I’m in X. I mean it, I want to save people.” My discussion with Hide continued. I became stubborn
enough to say it. “You mean that a rock band cannot save people?” “Yes, that’s right.” Yoshiki’s hand
ceased to strum the guitar. Heath, yet silent, stared at a fixed point of the table. Hide’s expression was
that of shock. He pouted. Following moments of silence from all, Yoshiki spoke. “If Toshi decided to
leave at this point, there’s no way we can stop him.” With Yoshiki’s words, I couldn’t stand to be there
any second longer. I stood up and without even looking back, I left the place. “I’m so sorry, everyone...
Thanks for everything...” Unable to say these words in their presence, I repeated them in my mind.
My chest was hot and tears welled up. In that way, I left the studio, driving my car. “I just talked to the
members...” I informed Moritani, who waited for me back at home. “That’s good.” Satisfied, she
smiled. That day, at last, I left X Japan.

[*: Not once in this sub-chapter there is a reference to the single word “marriage”. The words used in
all stances is “Registration into one’s family” – I did not use it in all stances because it’s a long way to
write and would become repetitive.]

Distrust of my brother When my brother became my manager, my work diverted to a social
orientation: Supporting the plaintiffs of the Tokyo tainted blood scandal lawsuit, publication of a
dialogue with Kawada Ryuhei, my first published essay, being in charge the CM song for Unesco’s
message song and public advertisement “Bye Bye Bullying”, performing for the ‘concert for Peace’
sponsored by Masashi Sada, visiting an Indian school as Unesco’s goodwill ambassador, among others.
But even during those activities, my brother(working as my manager) and our office’s staff never
acknowledged Moritani. To be exact, it is likely that they were somewhat wary of her. My brother did
speak of her to me, personally, using very bitter words. “Moritani is only putting on an act” “It’s
common sense in the banking world, people like her are the most dangerous.” “Notice her eyes, be
aware of that woman.” I only replied to my brother, “Don’t say these mean things”, when he would
talk about her in such a severe way. Yet, I couldn’t deny, even at first, that my brother, who abandoned
the elite road, leading the way through the unknown world of entertainment to do me the favor of
becoming my manager coming back to Japan, was giving me a serious warning. Conversely, Moritani
at first, would send gifts in her letters to my brother. As time passed, she frequently complained of
him. “He only thinks of you as business, he doesn’t give a damn about your feelings.” “He only wants
a brother like you to be his puppet.” In the beginning, I was shocked by Moritani’s metamorphose and
abusive words, and even though at first I agreed with things she said, I wondered if she really said to
me what she honestly thought of me. Also, in her letters, Moritani would send flowers to my mother.
But she also turned to complain of my mother. “Your mother thinks her children are her properties.”
“Your mother is a detestable woman.” “Two faced liar” Unfortunately, at the time, I could not negate
her words. I sympathized with her remarks, viewing my brother, along with my family, in a negative

Introduction to brainwashing, headed to Yakushima Following our marriage, one day Moritani told me
in a happy voice.

“I want to go to Yakushima. You know, that Masaya of the CD we listened? There’s an hotel he
designed over there.” In June of 1997, Moritani and I visited the “Lemuria Island Resort Hotel” in an
island of Kagoshima prefecture. The place couldn’t be called a ‘resort’, it was only a small lodge. It was
a small, white, cottage building, surrounded by other buildings in the mountain. “This is such a
beautiful place! This is the best hotel I’ve ever went to!” Moritani said with happiness. I wasn’t as
excited as she was, but to me, if she was happy, then so was I. There were no other guests other than
us in this silent place. At check-in, we entered the wooden main building, also linked to the hotel,
labeled as restaurant. From inside, a hotel staff, seeming to be in her mid thirties, appeared. She
looked different from a normal hotel staff, wearing a sweater worn out around the neck, a knee-length
skirt of a fabric similar to corduroy. She had no sign of any make up, and her hair was carelessly tied
back. After settling the check-in details, she turned to me with a smile and spoke with a soft voice.
“Please have a look at our hotel’s art gallery.” “Yes, we’ll go!” Moritani said with joy, and as soon as
we left our things in the room, we went to see it. This ‘art gallery’ was just another small wooden
building. The staff from before was waiting for us at the entrance, she opened the door and invited us
inside. In the vast darkness, there were paintings on the wall. Healing music played in the background.
“This song is a song from this hotel’s owner, Masaya.” The staff said quietly. In the paintings, we could
perceive the style of naive art, such as a painting in pale orange tones of a boy wearing a straw hat
hugging a tree. Each painting had a message written underneath it. “I’ve lived on my tiptoes,
unyielding, unyielding/Not honestly wanting to become an adult.../The truth is/I want to turn back
time/To when I was the boy in shorts” Surely these paints had something that set off something in my
heart. In observation of the gallery, Moritani suddenly cried. The staff too, cried. She explained. “The
artist, Matsuda Norie, passed away in April of this year due to cancer, in her twenties. She accepted
her illness, she accepted herself as she was and returned to the natural world. She was more than
Masaya’s partner, their partnership exceeded the limits of ‘man’ and ‘woman’.” Turning to Moritani,
the staff said. “You’ve been fighting your tension all this time, but you don’t have to any more. Accept
yourself as you are.” The staff also softly patted my shoulder. I was surprised to see Moritani sobbing
violently(Was she really holding it back this much...?). As we progressed with our observation,
Moritani’s wailing became even worse, to the point she fell on her knees to the floor, crying loudly.
The staff patted her shoulder. “It’s all right, it’s all right to cry. It’s all right o feel sad, to feel pain. It’s
all right to cry more.”

At first I thought about what could have made her cry, but I realized that Moritani really is a person of
strong emotions. Suddenly, interrupting my thoughts, the staff touched my shoulder. “You also don’t
have to hold it in, you are tense. If you feel sad, if you feel pain, you should cry. This is a place for you
to feel peace of mind. Accept yourself as you are, please...” She said in kind words. Staring vacantly at
these painting, I thought about my family and the troubles I would have to face now on, and it made
me feel sad. Eventually, in this atmosphere, as if to accompany Moritani, I shed some tears. After that,
for some reason I felt relief. At dinner time, the staff brought some noodles to our table and talked to
us. “How was the art gallery?” “I feel better after crying.” “Is that so? I’m glad you feel well. We all
want to be like Ultraman. Saving the earth, Ultraman!” She said in a bright mood. “Ultraman?” “That
is right. I think we all, at a point in our lives, wish to contribute to people’s and the world’s cause. And
for that we have to study our heart.” “Oh, that is wonderful.” I was admired with the thought that we
came to this hotel for that reason. Moritani laughed and said, “I also want to become Ultraman!” “This
was a great time.” “I’m glad we came here.” In this lighter mood, we spent some time in Yakushima.
Time of check-out. The same staff from the art gallery told us. “In August, Masaya will hold a concert
in memory of Matsuda Norie at an art gallery in Tokyo. He has only invited a close circle of people.
Normally, not everyone can attend, but I was told you have permission to go. Will you attend?” After
the artist’s death, apparently Masaya hadn’t performed in a while and this would be the first concert
after that. Even though Moritani, in extreme happiness, said that she surely would attend, I said I
wasn’t sure because of my schedule. I signed a copy of one of the published essays I wrote and gave
it to the staff. Moritani told the staff we would surely come back and in this way, we left Yakushima.
The set up trap, Masaya After leaving Yakushima, in August of 1997, following Moritani’s word, “I’ll
definitely be there!”, I attended the concert after all. It was located in Minato, a comparatively large
western house, at the left side of a narrow street, nearby the embassy of Korea. Opening the door
there was a space where we took off our shoes, put on slippers and there was another door. Entering
the door, there was the long table of the reception. Behind it stood two women. Their outfit was very
alike to the hotel’s staff, none of them wore make up, and their hair was grown long. “We have two
reservations on the name Deyama.”

“Please wait.” The two staff replied quietly. After paying the tickets of ten thousand something Yen,
the staff instructed us to bring our shoes in small vinyl bags we received. I was nervous when we went
down the stairs to the basement floor and opened the subsequent door, dimly lit, healing music,
presumably Masaya’s, played in the background. In the cramped space, on the walls, there were
paintings. About 30 white plastic chairs lined up. Approximately 10 to 19 people sat in the first and
second rows, but I noticed that all of them looked down to the floor, their shoulders dropped, looking
depressed. Moritani and I sat in the last row. Soon Masaya appeared on stage. I saw his face clearly in
the simple, elevated stage. He looked to be in his forties, he wore a button down shirt, and there was
a white sweater hung in his shoulders. A much more refreshed look than what I had in mind. He spoke
a long time about doing a concert in some time and about the painter. Finally he moved on to the
songs. Suddenly a karaoke background music played. (What? He’s going to sing karaoke?) The people
in the front row, still looking downwards, started to cry. It was bizarre, I was in confusion, and when I
looked towards Moritani, she was crying like them. When the song ended, perhaps he was sick,
Masaya breathed in loudly. Picking up some tissues, he spit in them. He talked and then sang, and this
repeated for some time. The bizarre audience, Masaya clearing his nose, spitting in public... These
things bothered me. As the concert progressed, the mood became more and more bizarre, with some
of the audience’s shoulders trembling because of their sobs, I couldn’t concentrate on the songs. (This
may be the gathering of some strange religion) The thought crossed my mind. I looked at Moritani and
she was crying exactly like the other members in the audience, listening to Masaya’s songs. I was the
only one who wasn’t moved by it. (Expressionless, unable to cry, maybe the one who’s wrong here is
me.) A hour and half later, Masaya ended his talking and came out of stage. He walked towards me.
Standing by my side, suddenly he hugged my shoulders tightly. Probably 5 seconds passed. As I
thought, “What?!” I only heard the sound of his slippers climbing the stairs.

Bragging accompanied of lies and exaggeration As I stood up from my seat, one of the staff members
approach. “Masaya asks if you wish to meet and talk to him, do you accept?” Immediately, now a
seemingly happy Moritani said, “I want to see him”. Going to the second floor, there Masaya talked
and explained to us further about the concert. “I debuted to the entertainment world when I was only
a child. At 19, I opened a business, when I created the student tour business boom. In my early 20’s, I
owned many cafes and discos. I founded the Precia resort in the Yoron Island, pioneering the resort
boom. At 27, I was the youngest in history to be listed in the stock exchange. I obtained status and
fame in the competition, but all of this rivalry was empty. That was when a staff member asked me to
attend a certain seminar and it changed my life. I had been in the top, so I can perfectly understand
what you feel. There’s no happiness in there, it’s all meaningless.” Masaya spoke and gestured with
enthusiasm, and I was drawn to his story. Then, he talked about music. “I’m not signed in a major
label, but I sell many copies. Ask Sony or EMI and they’ll tell you how many copies are sold. I was
nominated for the Japan Gold Disc prize for instrumental album of the year. ” Speaking of prize, with
X, I won a prize as well. (As the best selling artist of Japan, even though we were still in the indies
time.) I was very impressed. Masaya continued. “Even though I’m not famous, I can make this genuine
work to touch the hearts of people. Well, if my looks sold, it would be very troubling for me. I sell to
those who really understand my true work for the Earth. That is plenty for me to continue. I also
present seminars, several people have taken my seminars. The age of healing starts now. Only real
works will survive in the natural world.” In rapid succession, he spoke with pride. But, exactly as it
happened on stage, he continued to clear his nose and spit on a tissue between breaks. Moritani also
shed tears at times, sniffling, she was completely absorbed in his talk. “I do not talk to just anybody
about the seminars, but I will talk about it specially for you.” Masaya began the introduction with deep
words. He told us that his father was a public prosecutor, who worked in a very strict way. In
opposition to the image of his father, Masaya entered the entertainment business. While his
relationship with his father was still frozen, Masaya attended the seminar and was able to accept his
father. After that, his father attended the seminars with him, and it was the first time that he could
hug his father. After the emptiness in his life crumbled down, he chose to work only for good causes.
As he repeated that it was an “special” seminar, I became more interested. “What kind of seminar is
it?” Moritani inquired with a glint in her eyes, Masaya still clearing his nose and spitting on a tissue.
“Well, I think we should leave it at this for today. If you want to know more about the seminar, you’re
welcome to come back here any time.” He kindly said that, and we returned home. “There’s so many
evil people in the world, but thankfully there are good people like Masaya.” Until very late, Moritani
and I talked about how wonderful our encounter with Masaya was.

Invitation to the seminar Moritani pestered me over and over to see Masaya again, and I also had the
wish to meet him. Again, we headed to the art gallery in Minato. This time, Masaya showed us the
room he lived with his late artist partner. “I don’t let anyone go in here, but I’ll show it specially to
you.” According to Masaya, she did not use conventional means, but painted with make up samples
of eyeshadow. Masaya showed us a doll, of approximately 40cm that belonged to her. Slowly, he
teared open the doll’s back and from there he took a bundle, measuring about 30cm, of black hair. It
was the artist’s hair. I shivered when I saw that. (Why is he showing us this?) As I looked to Moritani,
she was crying. I felt sad about it, but it scared me. Masaya said. “She wasn’t famous or influential,
but her paintings can move anyone who looks at them. It’s all because she took the seminar, and her
talent flourished. I too am making music right now, and my success is all due to the seminar. I had my
employees take the seminar, and as a result, we’ve become a company full of love. It’s why we’re
selling well too. If someone doesn’t take the seminar, they can sing all of the healing songs they want
and it will still be only a superficial fake. People who don’t take the seminar aren’t human!” He said
with pride. I felt uncomfortable with his decisive words. In a period of several days after the meeting
with Masaya, Moritani ranted over and over. “What Masaya says is really wonderful” “We should live
like Masaya” “Let’s hear more about the seminar” “We should really become healing artists like
Masaya” “How about singing Masaya’s songs? I think they suit you perfectly” Having quit X Japan,
unable to trust my family, friends and people around me, the only one I had faith in was Moritani. I
was lost, concerning my future plans. I felt a lot of hypocrisy from other artists who did social works.
“I want to change. I want to become a genuine healing artist like Moritani says, and work truthfully.”
I thought. One day, Moritani asked Masaya. “Can Toshi sing one of your songs?” “If he does not take
the seminar, he won’t become a true healing artist, therefore, he cannot sing my songs. It’ll only be a
farce.” Masaya said this with very distinct gestures. Moritani then asked him in a loud voice. “So, can
he take the seminar?” “After the seminar trainer, Matsuda Norie, fell ill, we don’t do the seminars any
more. But there is a place that does them, I can show you it.”
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The dialogue with Masaya that day took several hours. Being completely charmed by this person called Masaya, my interest in the seminar
increased. “I only want to take this seminar with Masaya. There’s no meaning to attend someone
else’s.” Moritani said with even more determination than I had. Not two hours later that we arrived
home, one of the reception staff called us. “Would you like to talk to Masaya?” She asked politely. “If
you truly want to, I can ask Masaya to have you take the seminar. Are you sure you wish to attend?”
Moritani, who heard the conversation over the phone, without saying, moved her mouth to say “Yes,
I’ll attend”. Without thinking, I answered. “Yes, I’ll attend.” “All right. I will tell Masaya that you wish
to attend his seminar. ” A few days later, we were contacted. “It has been decided that Masaya will
set up a special, new seminar. Please attend our meeting for further explanation.” They faxed an
application blank form.

Persistent invitation In early September, 1997, in the day of the explanation meeting, I was sick with
a cold. I had a fever close to 39 degrees. I was not in condition to go outside. I had difficulty talking as
well, so I decided to contact ‘Lemuria Island Records'(which would later become ‘Home of Heart’) by
phone. I said to the desk staff Yamada(name has been changed to protect identity) that I couldn’t go.
Yamada did not consent. “Can’t you go, in any way?” “Yes, it’s impossible.” Minutes after ending the
phone call, Yamada called me again. “This is the last chance to know the truth. You’re letting it go.”
She said persistently, but in a soft tone. “I really want to go, but I can’t even stand up.” I expressed my
decision and ended the phone call. Moritani said. “We inquired about it so much, you have to do the
impossible to go.” Again, minutes later, the phone rang. “Masaya is only doing it because you said you
wanted to attend. This is the chance, why won’t you attend?” Yamada’s tone changed to a harsher
one, demanding me to go. She did say more things, but because of the high fever, I didn’t pay attention
to it.

“Well, if I go in this state, I will be causing problems for everyone there.” I hanged up. Moritani insisted
we go. I said to her, “Go by yourself”. She became hysteric. “If the both of us don’t go, it loses all
meaning!” Once again, the phone. This time, Yamada showed strength in her words. “Aren’t you doing
the same as always, testing your luck? Is it possible that you are afraid to know the truth? At this point
in time, the seminar has already started.” “No, it’s not like that. If I could, I would be there. I have a
fever...” “Is that so? This is your last chance. Doesn’t matter if you are late, but please be here.” She
ended the phone conversation like that. Perhaps her obstinateness influenced me a little. “Surely she
is saying this for my sake.” I thought. Moritani said in a harsh tone. “Your ego is afraid of the complete
change that will happen in your life! Don’t lose to it, let’s go!” Surprised by her behavior, seeing that
woman desperately trying to convince me, I thought: “My body feels very sick, but I must go.”
Everything seemed hazy to me because of the fever, but I hurried to get to the seminar.
Signature, to the dark world I was rather late to the appointed hour for the meeting. It was at the
same place as Masaya’s concert had been. The same chairs there, And about a dozen people in there.
This explanatory meeting was a kind of simulation seminar, where we would learn what kind of
practices happened in the real seminar. First, it was “share”, where we would talk about our past and
experiences, then talk about what we felt in the present. First to demonstrate this was
Morikawa(name has been changed to protect identity), a man seeming to be in his thirties. Masaya
called his name and he sat where Masaya had sung in that previous concert. He wore dark framed
glasses, his short and stout appearance gave him an air of independence. He wore a shabby suit. He
was someone who did not give me the impression of cleanliness. “I studied in the Tokyo University,
but no matter how many degrees I had, my life was empty. If I didn’t study, my grandmother would
threaten me with a knife.” He proceeded to tell his experience of abuse and cry. I did sympathize with
him, but I felt uncomfortable about telling my own unfortunate story of the past, weeping in front of
all people. The other dozen people present all cried as Morikawa told his story. The thought from the
last concert crossed my mind again. (Isn’t this some strange religion?) Masaya took the microphone.
“Your experience may be different, but doesn’t it have the same elements? Please think back of your
own experience as your hear.” The next to “share” was the dentist Shirada(name has been changed
to protect identity), he was in forties and his face resembled Fuse Akira’s. The silver framed glasses
made him look like a doctor. “I had a family of psychiatrists, and I was afraid that the people around
me would find it out. I was also afraid that they would think I was one too, it frightened me. I thought
that by becoming a doctor and have people call me ‘doctor’ would make me happy. With great effort,
I became a dentist, but I did not find happiness in that.” He told us, in tears. As I heard, I thought:
“Thinking about it, I really do sympathize. Even though X Japan was so popular, it only brought me
troubles with money and those involved. I thought I was happy, but I wasn’t. Rather, my worries only
increased...” I felt my chest tight, thinking about it. In the dimly lit underground room, as everyone
cried, I started to feel miserable. Masaya’s voice echoed. “Do you have an experience like an inferiority
complex or something you suffered in childhood that you don’t want to tell? This is a place for
everyone to feel relief telling their story.” (Telling these embarrassing things in public requires a lot of
strength) I was impressed. And more and more, my interest in the seminars increased. After that,
Masaya explained about the seminars. Masaya said that he would be the main trainer. “There’s a duty
of confidentiality for trainers, I can’t say anything more than that about the seminar.”He couldn’t tell
us us the concrete aspects of the seminars, but he explained that if we took the seminar, “Eventually,
you’ll have known the truth. You’ll be aware of the reason why you were born and what is your duty”,
he repeated. When the talk ended, all attending were separated in groups. Moritani and I were
instructed to sit in a sofa further from the other people. We were presented a registration form,
Yamada told us to fill it. I felt a strong inclination to join the seminar, but I needed confirmation from
my schedule and because of the fever, my judgment was impaired. I thought that I would wait some
time and come back later. Moritani, saying that she wanted to participate, soon wrote her name in
the form. Near us, Yamada and other staff strongly persuaded me. “Choose now. It’s that trait of you,
not to choose things immediately. Break through that habit now.” Moritani pressed me for an answer.
“There’s no reason for you not to decide now. Your schedule will be resolved later!” I was indecisive,
the persuasion of the staff continued for an hour. This was my first experience in coercion to this point.
“That is your own pattern. We can see it through the face of those who do it. Are you living in fear?
Please choose already.” More words of persuasion came from Moritani. “If you don’t attend, nothing
will change!” Without having a place to escape, everything hazy by fever, I wrote my name in the
registration paper. The next day I paid our registration fees totaling 70000 Yen per person to the
specific bank account. In my heart I thought, “When the day comes I don’t have to go”. But that
signature, that could not be undone now, was my “ticket to the dark world”.

At last, seminar participation Why did I hide it... In 27 of September, in 1997, the day to attend the 3
day ‘Island Self Training’ seminar had come. Naturally, I hid this from all people I knew, I had come
this far. Moritani opened the doors to the headquarters of ‘Home of Heart’. I still hesitated. Moritani
dragged me there by the arm. When I was about to take off my shoes, I thought: “Yeah, I should go
back home”. I put on my shoes again. Seeing me putting my shoes on, Moritani handed me the label
my name was written on. I was in conflict as whether to go back home or attend. After a while standing
still, I followed Moritani and we descended the stairs to that underground room. Leaving our luggage
in a determined place, we sat in our determined seats. The chairs were the same as always, white
plastic. Dividing by sex the people who were there, except me, there were about 4 other men. Except
Moritani, there were about 5 women. I would get to know them later, but all men, except me, were
staff of Home of Heart. Apart from a woman who looked in her fifties, Fukada(name has been changed
to protect identity), all of the women were Home of Heart staff. In a white board, there was a paper
with the following, “This is a training for you to look at yourself”. Following, Masaya appeared. He
wore a a light brown tracksuit of a soft fabric and a parka over it. “Please feel free to spend the next
10 minutes however you want.” he informed us and disappeared. (He told us to do whatever we want,
huh...) I didn’t know what I should do, I was nervous. Observing the others around me, everyone was
looking down to the floor. They didn’t seem to be open to conversation, so I sat in the same way. 10
minutes later, Masaya appeared once again, he started to talk. “Something happened in these 10
minutes, it was your life! Did anyone wonder about their surroundings? Did anyone become worried
about what happened? Did anyone feel anxious about what they should do? Did anyone think about
what this could mean? That is your own life.” I thought, “what?”, that was kind of what I felt. All of
the listeners present dropped their shoulders and started to weep. I felt a strange thing. (Well, this
seminar is getting interesting.) It drew my interest. Then, the first thing that would begin, was the
“Meeting Practice”. “First, you will walk around the room with someone else, in silence. When the
two of you meet, without reacting, look at yourself. After, choose one of the three options to describe
your feelings and tell your companion. The options are [easy to approach] – [hard to approach] – [I
am not sure]. Please begin.” Masaya said in the microphone and all present began to move. I identified
almost all of my companions as [easy to approach]. [I am not sure] was only for one or two of them. I
actually wished to say [hard to approach] but I picked [I am not sure] instead. By the way, almost all
of the 10 or so people present continued to inform me that I was [hard to approach]. Each time they
told me it, I was in shock. The last companion was Moritani. I told her she was [easy to approach].
However, she told me that she [wasn’t sure] of me. These words sunk in my mind. I thought that in
her heart, I was someone who she felt familiar with. Surely I was thinking too much of it. But the way
Moritani said it... Masaya continued. “Was there someone who you didn’t want to confront or politely
bow to them? It may be that you were afraid of one of your companions and without even thinking,
you defended yourself. Was there anyone who lied, telling their partner that they [didn’t know] or
that their partner was [easy to approach], when in truth you thought that person was [hard to
approach]? Maybe you were afraid of how they would react if you told the truth. Did you tell others
that they were [easy to approach] because you think you are [easy to approach]? Maybe you were
trying to flatter them to have positive things said about you.” (I got it, that’s how it was. All my life it
has been like that.) I was extremely admired, and once again my interest grew. After that, it was time
for an explanation of the “grand rules”. It was a long explanation, taking about two hours. About basic
things that we had to pay attention for when taking the seminar. I fell asleep halfway through the
explanation. Like always, Masaya was still clearing his nose and spitting on a tissue between minutes.
Summarizing the contents, it was about “participating 100%”, “Follow all things that the trainer
instructs”, “don’t reveal to outsiders the contents of the seminar” among other things. After the long
explanation, Masaya asked us. “Onwards, please choose whether you’ll continue to attend the
seminar or not.” It didn’t matter to me anymore to go home at this point. For those who wouldn’t,
their registration money would be paid back. “Now, I ask all of you to stand up and close your eyes.
Those who wish to continue in the seminar stay standing, those who don’t wish to continue in the
seminar, please sit down.” I felt no presence of anyone sitting down. “Now, let’s do the reverse. Those
who wish to continue in the seminar, please sit down. And those who do not wish to continue in the
seminar, please stand up.” I had all willingness to continue in the seminar at that point in time, so I
stayed in the group of those who wanted to continue. “Very well, all members will continue.” Masaya
said, and we proceeded to the next training. In the time of our meal, the group of men sat in a circle
on the floor with the provided food set, talking about the painful childhood experiences of the others
who had previously talked about their experience in the seminar, and their improvement in life. I was
more interested than ever now. One of the men, in his thirties, an acupuncturist who would later be
my assistant, seemed to be very independent wearing a suit and silver framed glasses, but even he
talked passionately about the seminar.

Distorted recollections In the second day of the seminar, we began “Share”. It was a training to speak
in front of all present about sad experiences of your childhood. To me, the first time I had heard of it,
I thought it was all extremely bad experiences. In one of the stories, the person lived in a house in
their childhood that had an ancient room meant to lock up criminals. There, his family locked the
person’s uncle who suffered of a psychological disorder. The person had no choice but to be afraid of
their uncle, and to be afraid of other people’s uncles. They lived everyday wishing that their uncle
wasn’t there... That was one of the experiences shared with us. Masaya praised those who told their
experience with swear words, telling them, “Ok, ok, that’s good”. On the other hand, if someone told
an usual experience, he would ask them, “Didn’t such and such thing happen?”, “Didn’t your sibling
say this or that?”, “There isn’t anything outstanding in your story, so I can’t know you.” he guided.
With his guidance, the stories were distorted, exaggerated to an extreme or tragic orientation. Mine
went like this. “In my childhood, I had a complex because of my brother, who achieved many things.”
“Did you suffer any violence or abuse from your siblings?” “I did get slapped in the face, and one time
I was trapped in the futon mattress.” “So you were treated very badly. You spent your life in fear of
your sibling and tried to become a good child to escape from that. What about your mother?” “She
complained a lot about my father.” “Did she tell you to listen to her so you wouldn’t become a man
such as your father?” “Ah, yes.” ‘Did you become a famous star because of the things your mother
said?” “Since I was a child, I did hear from my mother things such as she wanted to have been famous
like Misora Hibari.” As I talked to Masaya, I started to truly believe that I suffered ill-treatment from
my siblings and that my mother had projected her wish to become famous in me.

Training to kill my parents and siblings (Note: please be aware of violence and grotesque description
in this and the following subchapters) The “therapy” to express all of my grief, anger and resentment
for my upbringing had started. I had to imagine a rolled mattress on the ground as my parents and
sibling and hit it hard with anger. At first I couldn’t imagine negative things. Even more saying negative
things to my parents and siblings. I felt bad and nauseated. Masaya said loudly. “You like positive
things, you like good things, that’s why you can’t say your true feelings or negative things. You have a
hindrance. A giant blocking. That’s why you feel nauseated. That’s something your parent planted in
you to make you obedient. Throw that away and become free! Destroy it!” I felt self hatred because
of my weakness. “Surely I wanted to be a good child. I didn’t fight but it wasn’t because I was a pacifist,
I hated everyone but was afraid to get revenge.” The other men in the group approached me and
stirred things up. “Look, your siblings are coming to get you!” “Your mother is telling you to become
famous, become a star!” “Beat them down so they can’t make you do what you don’t want! Do it so
they can never say that again!” “Ah! It’s all of damn your fault that I became such a weak idiot! Son of
a bitch!” Suddenly I screamed and fell on my knees, hitting the floor. I couldn’t see anything in my
anger, and I couldn’t stop insulting, over and over, my parent and siblings. One of the men attending
took me to a place that was the “therapy room”. It had a thick, soundproof door. Inside there was
luggage and other things, like some type of storage room. It was a small room with no windows, and
when the dim lights turned off, it became completely dark. It had been ordered to put me there lying
face down on the floor mat. I was given a toy knife from the man attending. “Eviscerate that mother
of yours! Shred it all to pieces! Take out your siblings’ eyes! Kill them so that they can never come
back!” “Wah!! Die, you son of a bitch, die, die!!” I screamed and cried like a madman, spitting all of
that hate. I heard Masaya’s angry voice from the microphone, the participant’s and staff’s screams
also echoed. I lost my sense of time. I spent over two hours there, fighting with the floor mat. My body
and mind surely collapsed because of that. My recollections had been warped and stained with hate.
Soon, my heart was transformed.

Practice with violence = Feedback “Dyad of wishes” “Complete training” “Imagination Meditation”
“Indian Game”. Having these practices in the second day, I thought that the seminar was great and
that Masaya was a wonderful person. All of the trainings, men and women were separated. I didn’t
know how Moritani was doing, but I could hear rather loud screams and crying. It seemed to be an
assertive training. We had a practice called ‘feedback’. ‘feedback’ was “even though the pure you is
wonderful, you will be reminded of how different you’ve become. If you don’t trust your companions,
you won’t be able to do it.” In the underground room, I was thrown into one of the ‘therapy rooms’,
and would stay lying on the floor, as the other participants surrounded me, tapping my shoulder and
some times hitting me, screaming close to my ear, showered with violent words. “You were beaten by
your sibling, I don’t even want to look at you in the eyes. You wanted fame and status so much, you
even went as far to be a star and because of your sibling, you’ve become a rotten egomaniac man!”
“Your mother told you to become famous and have status, and in your childhood, you wanted her to
acknowledge you, to love you and not to abandon you. You were tricked, you climbed to the top of
star status and the people who surrounded you like flies said that it had value, they spoiled you, and
that is why your chin grew, you became a monstrous chin man!” “Grieve over your pitiful self!” “It was
painful, it was sad but you wanted to be known!” Each of the participants surrounding me hit me in
the back, as I cried, they shouted. If I didn’t cry, they said, “If you don’t cry, you won’t hear what we
say, with that maniacal ego of yours, you’ll have turned into a monster of ego!” They struck my back
with force again. That time, Masaya’s song “Like a bird flying in the great sky” played loudly. “Cry!
Your terrible ego will subside!” I cried, mostly because of extreme fear, their hate and pain. “That’s
right! Acknowledge the evil person that you are!” “Cry more, grieve more! Grieve more! You really are
a deplorable person!” Masaya shouted on the microphone. “Even though you were a pure child who
came to earth to fulfill his duty, you believed that you were that parent’s child, you were turned into
that parent’s property, you listened to your parent, your ugly pride and strong ego grew as the industry
acknowledged you, you were used, desperately wanting to be loved. Grieve over your pitiful self! You
are a child of all things, and to fulfill your duty with all things, you were born out of it. But you believed
in your name, you believed in someone’s idea of [good, bad, win, loss], you believed in the industry’s
sense of value you damn big idiot!” In addition to the male participants, various women surrounded
me and they screamed hysterically as they hit my back with force. “Don’t mess around, you
egomaniac!” “You were disgusting with that glitter band, you inferior man!” Unmistakably, I heard
Moritani’s mad screams among them.

“You are the worst, lowest of all egomaniacs, worm!” With all of that abuse, all of the insults, and also
with my cries and screams, I lost consciousness. Everything became white. I didn’t know if this was a
dream of if this was reality. Everything became distant and I lost sense of time. Even with things at
this level, the prologue hadn’t even started yet.

Cultivated hatred against my family It was the third day of the seminar. I spoke to the other
participants about what I had became aware of. “Since I was a child, I had an inferior complex about
my brother, who had a cute face and was very popular. I became frightened of my elder brother’s
violence, and to tell the truth, I envied him. I was afraid, and I played, superficially, the good child.
Then, my other brother was extremely intelligent, and it made me have a complex as well. Afraid of
their violence, I pretended to be the obedient child, but I was also envious of my brother. They bullied
me, calling me trash. I often wondered if I was an unwanted child. I also heard often from my mother
that she wanted the third child to be a girl. Always in fear, I acted like a girl so that my parents wouldn’t
abandon me. I didn’t choose the path of music because I liked it, but because I sought my mother’s
approval in being famous so that my life could be valid. I wanted to run away from the pain in my
heart, so I chose the way that would make my mother like me. Since my infancy, I was afraid of
people’s values, so I always lived analyzing my mother and sibling’s expressions. I disliked my
uninteresting father who was a civil servant. I hated my ugly face with this large chin. I was afraid of
bullying and people making fun of me, so by following my mother’s wish to be famous in the
entertainment world, I would win from my brothers, I would be acknowledge by my mother and no
one would make fun of me. I thought that this would bring happiness to me, that I would live like this.
But even turning the tables on my inferiority complex, becoming famous, having the status of star and
having money weren’t enough to make me happy. I only had troubles, and I pretended to be a star
superficially, putting on a fake good face. It was very painful and difficult. I was afraid to say something
that would give it out. Whatever other position or recognition or however much money I made, I
couldn’t be happy. I realized that I only want to help the earth and help children.” As tears streamed
down my face, I said all of these words.

Inevitable doom concealed behind “Exaltation and Deep Emotion” The next seminar practice
consisted to pick a word that would summarize how to live from this moment onwards. It was called
“Name of Life”. My answer was “Love”. After a moment in silence, Masaya grumbled. “‘Love’ was also
the word that my beloved Matsuda Norie picked... It is possible that she is guiding Toshi...” (Huh, is
that so...) I felt my fate in this coincidence. And I became worried about Masaya. Masaya’s following
words of guidance proclaimed that I was going to “help build a world where children could live
smiling”. With that, “Name of Life” was over. “Until now, my life was wrong.” “I have a such ugly strong
pride(ego), but now I’ll live according to my [name of life]” “I’ll never return to that hellish life” “I’m
living a new life now, I was reborn” I felt very uplifted. Lastly, we had a “graduation”. All of us stood
with flower bouquets. I thought that Masaya would be the one who would be there, but in his place,
stood a woman who was one of his superior managers, Suzuta(name has been changed to protect
identity). Of course, like the other staff members, she had long straight hair and no make up at all. She
was short and wore silver framed glasses and looked to be in her thirties. She was moved and we
mutually shed tears. I was even thankful to the patient Moritani who brought me here. Full of emotion
and motivation, the seminar had finished.

Cursed, a chain of seminars As the seminar had finished, the Home of Heart staff members Yamada
and Shimizu(name has been changed to protect identity) asked me about my impressions, in front of
my eyes, suddenly, they held out a sheet of paper. It was written “Registration for ‘Creation Training'”.
“What, again?” I didn’t know that soon there would be another seminar, I was surprised. There would
be a 90 day period of seminars. The attendance day was soon chosen. After taking the first seminar, I
did think that something had changed in me. I did think that I should attend another. But 90 days was
just reckless. In that interval, I would have to go to Home of Heart many times in the week. I had many
commitments with my solo career, in my position I thought it would be impossible. “I have to take a
look at my schedule, I will contact you when I get home.” I refused. But, having refused, soon Yamada
scolded me. “Again with that pattern of yours, you should be careful. Is your egoist work more
important than knowing the truth?” Moritani, who sat next to me, stretched out. “If you don’t
continue, it’ll lose all meaning! If you don’t decide now, it’ll be like before! Toshi, you’ll attend!”
Shimizu continued: “You just attended a seminar meant to take that weakness out of you. If you return
to the world outside, everything will return to how it was before, is that fine with you?! This training
was started again because you truly drew it to yourself!”

With the lingering memory of the seminar, it seemed to me that my life before taking the seminar was
disastrous, a terrifying hell. (If I can, I don’t want to go back to these difficult days...) The elements of
anxiety were many, but with tension from my surroundings, I signed the registration, and filled the
forms for bank deposit payment for the 90 day period. The price for both of us was around 30000 Yen.
After that, Masaya told me that I needed to have more ‘therapy’, so I went to ‘therapy’. That was
extreme torture because I was hesitant to attend the next seminar. “No matter how good energy you
get from attending the seminar, you keep having egomaniacs around you! If your parent and your
siblings bring you back, your life will return to being hell! If you attend the seminar you will know if
you will return to that hellish life or not! Just already kill that parent and those siblings who made you
become such a coward!” The ‘therapy’ continued for many hours, and I, dizzy, returned home late at

Carrot and stick approach*, Brainwashing begins From that day, I got contacted by Home of Heart
every day. Immediately, a fax from Home of Heart arrived, about the seminar continuation. They sent
me the lyrics for two of Masaya’s songs, “May you choose love” and “Like a bird flying in the great
sky”. In his hand writing, Masaya wrote: “To the true leader of the future”. I received a phone call
from Home of Heart. “Masha-Masha(Masaya) said that you have permission to sing these songs. It’s
a special permission.” I was genuinely happy. But I felt depressed about the upcoming seminars.
Moritani said to me. “Maybe he has expectations of you. You have to take the seminars in order to
become someone who can sing true healing songs. That’s great! You’ll sing Masha-Masha’s songs!”
Moritani was jumping with happiness. Since her metamorphose from the time of ‘feedback’, I really
thought that she was doing it for me.

The feedback was the stick, but this was the carrot. I had no idea that the mind control(brainwashing)
had already taken place.

[*: ‘Carrot and stick’ is a method of psychological manipulation combining a reward with punishments. It’s not
guaranteed if the reward is ever given.]

Labor exploitation, a forced solicitation The following seminar contents consisted of asking to invite
as many people(this was called ‘enroll’) to the first seminar I participated, “Island Self Training”.
Excluding me, all of the participants were Home of Heart staff. I had to announce how many people
and promise(this was called ‘commit’) that I would bring them. This was the 90 day period training.
But each time in the week that there was a meeting in Home of Heart, it was needed to report the
current situation of your achievement. (Why must I invite people? I’ll reveal information to outsiders.
What will happen if someone famous like me does it? ...) Immense fear struck me. Once again I regret
having come to this place. The other participants had aimed for 5 to 10 people. I too, had promised to
‘enroll’ 10 or so people. But, Masaya did not approve of that. “I have enrolled hundreds of people.
With your egomaniac music, you could fill the Tokyo Dome with 50,000 people and now you can’t
work for the truth?!” He made the comparison to X Japan, and once again, I went through the violence
and abuse of ‘feedback’. The the staff members Shirota(name has been changed to protect identity)
and Komiya(name has been changed to protect identity) said. “You were the originators of that
repulsive visual rock!” “You’re a scoundrel who perverted young people!” Then, it was Moritani. “You
say you want to save people, the least you can do is have them attend the seminar! Why can’t you do
this right?!” The abuse continued, they forcefully hit me in the back. “No, it’s not like that”, I tried to
deny their intention of abuse, then one of the superior staff, Sato(name has been changed to protect
identity), shouted hysterically. “The reason why your shoulder is this stiff is because you have a
resistance, saying that ‘it’s not like that’! You’re a monster!” She violently struck me in the bone of my
shoulder. I still resisted. (Damn! It’s not like that, really! It’s not my damn fault!) This time, Moritani
screamed hysterically. “You’re still resisting? Give me a break, egomaniac! Your ego is so strong you’ll
never be able to acknowledge your errors, you deviant!” I couldn’t hide my shock at how Moritani
shouted with extreme anger and her violence. ‘Feedback’ was meant to be a practice of advice, but
gradually, the terror of going through ‘feedback’ took over my mind and body.

Even though in my mind I knew it was impossible, in fear of violence and abuse, I promised to ‘enroll’
thousands of people into the seminar.
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Thank you, nb. I heard that the site originally containing the translation was closed down. Hopefully, x-freaks continues to exist.

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Immersed in the darkest darkness Seeing my family and others around me as enemies, I also started
to view the music business in the same light. In rapid progression, I became very negative. A little
before when I started the seminar, in July of 1997, I worked on a CD and concert projects with violinist
Hakase Taro. But I also received extreme criticism from Masaya and Moritani. “You dressing up like
that is so awful. Until when do you plan to continue doing such disgusting things? You monstrous chin
man!” (After all, someone of such strong ego like me cannot sing songs in service for the world, I’ll just
be some kind of criminal and fall into hell. Someone with a subsided ego like Masaya can contribute
to the world beautifully with his songs.) It was deeply ingrained in my mind that Masaya was the one
I should worship. (I want to become a genuine Healing artist like Masaya, and for that, I should attend
the seminar properly to have my ego subside.) I thought, too. After I took the seminar, halfway during
the recording with Hakase, I went through a complete transformation. I rewrote all of the lyrics I
previously wrote, and requested the other lyricists to rewrite the other songs. Everything was
rewritten because of the seminar I took. The composition and lyrics for the song 「さようなら」
(‘Good Bye’) had the implication that I was saying good bye to my past and and the major recording

Withdrawal from the seminar In October of 1997, I received words of caution from my brother about
my duty to invite others to the seminar. “There’s been a report claiming that you are being
brainwashed, that you’re involved with a brainwashing cult. If that report gets published, it’ll be big
trouble. Is it true?” “I didn’t join any religion, and I’m not being brainwashed, at all.” “They also say
that you became an ‘advertisement’ for that cult, and you’re inviting people to the cult. What’s that
about?” “I’m not inviting anyone. I’m just recommending it to some friends because good things
happened to me.” “What about getting your fans involved? Please try to understand this from my
point of view!” “I didn’t say anything to the fans.” “If these claims get out there, it will have a huge
impact on your artistic life!” “It’s not true, so if they want to write about that, then they’re free to. It’s
not like I’m doing anything wrong, how about letting them write all they want to?” “If this gets
published, won’t it then cause troubles for Masaya and the others?” “............” “Your project with
Hakase will be released soon, not to say that it’s a big tie up with a cosmetics company. The companies
involved have high expectations of this project. If this turns into a scandal, you’ll have to pay a high
price in reparations!” I lost any response I could say. If this became a scandal, it would be very
troublesome for Masaya and Home of Heart. And if I continued with the invitations, there’s no doubt
a bigger problem would arise. One of Home of Heart’s male staff had a plan for me to invite the
thousands of people I compromised to. “You gather your fans at a concert and invite them.” I was
worried about this plan. I was reluctant, but said to my brother. “I’m not going to Home of Heart any
more. I have nothing more to do with Masaya.” I sent a fax addressed to Masaya. “In order not to
cause troubles, I am leaving the seminar for some time.” As for the answer, I was contacted by Home
of Heart. “Masaya says OK.” I was very anxious, thinking that they would call me to join the seminar
again, but I was surprised with the response. Somewhere in my mind, I also felt relief from
discontinuing the seminar. Even though, I quit the seminar, yet, Moritani, who attended it every day,
would make it so I didn’t miss anything. It was very like attending the seminar after all. When Moritani
returned home from the seminar, she would do it just like in the seminar. In our living room, she would
make me kneel on the floor and repeat the violence and abuse. The abusive words towards my
brother, who made me quit the seminar, were particularly very violent.

“Your damn brother wants your artistic rights, and for that, he won’t let you do what you really want,
he’s going to exploit you! He’s dangerous as someone from the mafia, that egomaniac person! You’re
afraid of your brother, you’re so afraid of society, you just do what they tell you to do! Not taking the
seminar, your life will only go back to the hell it was, pitiful egomaniac!” Moritani’s abusive word
against my brother had their effect on me, my hatred for my brother grew even more. “If you don’t
continue taking the seminar, you’ll only fall dead in that hell! It only serves you right!” I only became
more and more afraid of falling back into my hellish life, if I didn’t take the seminar. Not being able to
attend the seminar out of my own will, with Moritani always by my side, I could not distance myself
from the world of seminars.

The last escape route closed Not three weeks since I sent a fax with my resignation to the seminar,
Moritani said. “Let’s go just once to Home of Heart. Because they said we could just drop by to hang
around... I mean, we don’t have to take the seminar, but everyone is worried, so we could visit just to
say ‘hi’?” At this point in time, my relationship in work with my brother(manager) and the surrounding
staff people was so dire, that I couldn’t talk to them. I had no emotional reliance, and eventually, I
went to Home of Heart. Sitting on the floor of the basement room together with the Home of Heart
staff people, we talked. Masaya then appeared coming down from the stairs. Taken aback, I stood up
and lowered my head. “I’m sorry about the trouble I caused you.” “This is your home, you can come
back any time...” With Masaya’s kind words, at my side, Moritani wailed. I also shed some tears. I
knew that there would be no return, and my last escape route, my brother, would shut down.
The start of bizarre exploitation One month after my proposal to leave the seminar, reports of the
scandal hadn’t leaked to the media yet. I could safely release a new song with Hakase Taro, and that
song was continuously used for a cosmetics product’s commercials. “That’s blackmail from your
brother.” Moritani said. Then, she also told me. “Masaya said that we can start again the seminar we
left behind in the middle, ‘Creation Training’. He says that in order to avoid trouble, this time you don’t
have to invite anyone. So let’s make this a secret from your brother and others.” Once again, I began
the ‘Creation Training’ from start. After I paid once again the fees for the seminar, the 90 day period
training started. It brought me peace of mind that I was basically prohibited of inviting anyone. Yet,
this was only the beginning of the endless brainwashing. In rapid succession, the following seminar
trainings started. “Island Self Training” “Master Training” “Creation Meeting” “Masaya lecture session”
“Masaya radio recording” “Training for the reading of Masaya’s recommended book ‘Super Mind'”
“Braver Training” “Awakening Training” “Money Training” And so on, having to pay several hundreds
of thousand Yen, I frequently visited Home of Heart for these seminar trainings of various names that
increased almost every night. These trainings had each a different name, but in the end, all of them
consisted of abuse and violence. To me, Masaya became the supreme ruler. Day by day, the mind
control became stronger. Along with the seminars, many parallel products were released and I
purchased almost all of them, two of each for Moritani and I. “Masaya lecture tape” “Masaya lecture
video” “Masaya radio tape” “Masaya CD” “Masaya’s collection of photography” “Copies of Matsuda
Norie’s paintings” “Postcards of Matsuda Norie’s art” These things were all placed as one part of the
seminar. Tens of thousands became several hundred thousand Yen that I paid to Home of Heart.
Seal of blood When I returned to the seminar, Masaya and Moritani became increasingly violent in
their abuse because I couldn’t end my relationship with my brother. Masaya scolded me. “Just get rid
of that brother of yours quickly! I’ll get the phone and you tell him that now!” My brother wouldn’t
pick up the phone, so all kinds of verbal abuse were left on the answering machine message to him. A
few days later, I met with my brother to tell him about his resigning. I was left feeling sorry, because
this was my brother who left everything behind to become my manager and help me in times of
trouble. I asked fellow manager acquaintances to put him on a magazine or hire him into their own
offices. Then, I met my brother in a tea house near to Ebisu station, preparing myself to tell him.

“I’ll be my own office’s representative, so please resign.” “All
right. But first I have to see that all is in good order.” he readily answered. Several days after, we met
again late at night in my office, there my showed me a document to sign. “Please sign this.” It only hit
my eyes quickly, I didn’t really see what was written there. Just before I went to the office in Ebisu, I
was in the Minamiasa city headquarters of Home of Heart, where in the underground room, I received
more violence and abuse from Masaya and Moritani, I cried hard, and my consciousness became
blurred. In that state I proceeded. At the office, we had a meeting in a confined partition space. There,
my brother sat facing a rectangular gray table. “Here, we’ll seal this with blood.” He said, and threw a
cutter knife in my direction. With the sound of it falling, I returned to my senses and instantly became
frightened. “I have to end this quickly in a moment and get away from here” I thought. Flustered, I
wrote my name on the document, and holding the knife in my left hand, right away I drove the knife’s
edge into the flesh of my thumb. The deep red blood started to come out in drops. I pressed that
finger into the document. The dull pain in my fingertip moved fast. Raising his voice a little, my brother
said. “Is that really fine with you?” After I nodded in consent, looking down, my brother also signed
his name, cut his finger and pressed his seal of blood under my own. In the next day, I showed this
document to Masaya. “So these are the idiotic contents? You agreed to this and you won’t get any
money for yourself now. Tear this document and discard it.” The contents of the document stated
that all the money from the rights of X Japan would go to my brother, and all the derivation money
would also go to my brother. The money from my solo career now on would be divided. About 20% of
it would go to my brother and about another 20% would, surprisingly, go to my mother. My brother
also thought that I would not sign this document. Then, Masaya said. “Instead of getting rid of this
document, tell your brother that you’ll continue to work with him.” Masaya changed his tone to a
higher pitch, and I became confused. (Masaya must have profoundly thought about this, so much that
a simpleton like me could not understand it...) After, I told my brother. “Please turn this document
back. I still want to work with you from now on.”

My brother said in reply. “I can return the document, I can still work with you, but please do not
associate with Masaya or Home of Heart any more, promise this to me.” My brother instructed me to
communicate to Moritani, so that she could inform Masaya, that “Your brother(in-law) says that from
now on I have no relation in anything having to do with Masaya or Home of Heart”.
Exchange of money and energy Masaya’s lecture, “Money is the exchange of energy” was deeply
rooted in my mind after the abusive and violent actions(feedback). “A person with subsided pride like
Masaya uses money beautifully, to create and provide things in favor of the world.” “An egoist like me
uses money for the destruction of the world. Letting Masaya use money is a good deed for the world.
Having other people buy Masaya’s music and product will also be a good deed for the world.” The
year of 1997 had ended, and since I had married Moritani in February, in the short time of 10 months,
my life had turned completely to another direction. My income of royalties and wages of several
hundred thousand Yen had almost entirely gone to Home of Heart. When I realized, my money on
hand was very low. Then, Moritani spent many nights at Home of Heart because living with an egoist
like me was a hindrance in her training. Masaya, at the Home of Heart facility, lived together with
approximately 20 women(including minors and infants). The male staff people lived in the small room
of an apartment in Gotanda, Shinagawa. I lived with Moritani in a house we rented when we married
located in Setagaya. It had 4 rooms and 3 stories. I lived mostly alone, believing Moritani’s effort to
attend the trainings. Moritani, who attended the seminar longer than I did and participated every day,
of course was a ‘honor student’. Collecting my money, delivering the violence and abuse to me, she
became vigilant of my actions for them.

Haunted by their words December 31, 1997. I went to X Japan’s break up concert. In April of that year,
I asked to leave th band, in September, X Japan announced their break up. Honestly, I did not want to
do this concert, but I was called by X Japan’s management to perform. Several days before the concert,
many times the members of X Japan gathered in the studio to rehearse. Since asking to leave the band,
it had been a while since I saw them, but we didn’t exchange many words. At that time, I was attending
a seminar that would take approximately 6 days, from the end of the year to the new year, called
“Master Training”. “A beginner like you is not allowed to take this training. This is a training for
experienced people to learn the essence of the seminar. But Masaya says that you’re given a special
permission to attend it.” “The day that training starts is the day I have to perform with X Japan at the Tokyo Dome.
I can’t attend.” I ended the phone call angry, hearing from Home of Heart’s management about the
seminar. At the same time, I heard strong abusive words from Moritani, but in the end, I was given
special permission to go to the rehearsals and the concert. I did not attend that training. Then, the day
of the concert. 9 in the morning. At Home of Heart’s headquarters, in the basement room, for three
hours, I received particularly violent abuse and beatings. Crying and screaming, I had no singing voice
left. I also lost consciousness. On the way to the venue, in the car, I realized that this concert would
be broadcast live on TV. Masaya and Moritani said to me. “We’ll be watching the TV”. (What kind of
face should I have when I go on the stage? I can’t say anything unnecessary on stage.) I thought. More
than the unpleasant atmosphere with Yoshiki and the members, I worried about Masaya and
Moritani’s reactions. 5:30 in the afternoon, start of the show. The Tokyo Dome was dark, and the song
for the member’s entrance on stage, “Amethyst” by Yoshiki, played loudly. The loud cheers from the
enthusiastic fans filled my ears completely. But it faded as Masaya and Moritani’s voices echoed in my
mind. “That visual rock, X Japan, are a disgusting group in control! They are the incarnation of evil!”
When the intro of “Rusty Nail” played, with an explosive sound, fireworks sparked in the sky, the
band’s performance started. Yoshiki, like always, played the drums with his all, Hide, like always,
played his guitar magnificently. Suddenly I calmed down, and without thinking too much, I yelled.
“Let’s go!!”

The last gift from Hide When the first song ended, I lost my words, not sure of what I should say.
“Welcome to X Japan’s last live...” When I finally thought of these words, I lost any further words.
Then, I heard Masaya and Moritani’s voices. “You keep getting spoiled by those hyena-like fans,
making indecent faces, you worm!” In that moment, Yoshiki beat the drums with force. Without
thinking, I yelled. “Put your all into it!!” After a few songs, I had to talk to the audience again. I had a
blockage, I didn’t know what to say. Once again, these voices haunted me. “A criminal like you is
leading a hellish life”

At that moment, Hide, the guitarist, approached me. His bright red hair reflected on the glossy red
outfit. Holding the pop design guitar of red hearts, he shouted something to me. He gestured with big
movements of his hands. His shouts soon vanished because of the noise, but I could faintly hear them.
“Toshi, enthusiasm! Enthusiasm!” He had a lot of make up on, but he still had the characteristic
pouting smile. In the eight months since I asked to leave the band, I did not talk to any of the members.
At the rehearsal a few days before the concert, I couldn’t even look at them in the eyes. At the stage,
I couldn’t also look at the enthusiastic fans. I felt isolated. I felt guilt. My heart said that this was for
the best. I had many mixed feelings. And then, I was haunted by the memory of Masaya and Moritani’s
abuse and violence. But Hide, in that moment, made me shake off all of these things. To the packed
Tokyo Dome, to the members, and to myself, I shouted! “Let’s make this perfectly beautiful with no
regrets! The time to do this is now!!” I was childhood friends with Yoshiki. I spent many years together
with Hide and the other members, living our dream. I thought that I at least should have fun for the
last time, with my friends and the fans. Hide’s words to me were the best, but the last gift to me. This
communication of few words, in that instant, would also be our eternal goodbye. Five months after
this, Hide passed away. Clocking in at 4 hours, the last live ended, and we went to NHK Hall in Shibuya
to what would be X Japan’s last performance. I had no strength left to sing my final song with X Japan,
“Forever Love”, but mustering all strength I had left, I sang it and in this way, all my activity with X
Japan ceased.

Unforgivable seminar talk The day after the last live, right after new year’s day of 1998, I immediately
started my activity with Hakase Taro, appearing on TV and having 5 days of concerts in Tokyo, starting
from January 4. At these concerts, it would be the first time that I talked of sad and hurtful events of
my childhood, as I did for “Share” on the seminar. Before the concert, started, I received a telephone
call from Moritani and the verbal abuse started. Her loud, angry voice could be heard from the phone,
echoing in my surroundings. I locked myself in the anteroom’s restroom, still listening to the verbal
abuse from the phone. “The fans screaming for you are only making your ego worse, that’s the only
reason why you are performing this repulsive concert! Stop it now!” Concerned about my
surroundings, I pretended to cry, quietly sobbing. The staff came to call me for rehearsal, which started
now, but it didn’t stop. The worried staff members called me, I wasn’t getting out of the restroom.
“Toshi, are you all right?” “Yes.” I replied in a quiet voice. When the phone call finally ended, I
participated in the rehearsal, 20 minutes late. Sensing that I was in dark, heavy spirits, Hakase said.
“Good morning, Toshi!” All of the other band members greeted me at the same time. “Good morning!”
I just lightly bowed to them. This situation was probably very bizarre to those who watched. A few
days before the concert, my brother advised to me. “Do not tell absolutely anyone about this
seminar.” I went on stage. Showered by the spotlight, heavy rock music played. In the middle of the
stage, I stood there and talked. “Since my childhood, I had an inferiority complex. I thought that if I
became a star, a celebrity, I would be happy. I reached the top, but it didn’t make me happy.” My eyes
met with my brother’s and I cut the talk short. The contrast with what I said was too much for a rock
concert. For the fans attending, this was, no doubt, a surprise. Many times, Moritani came over to my
concerts for firsthand observation. Then, she would report everything I did and said to Masaya. As the
concert ended, Moritani told me to go to Home of Heart headquarters, so I left the concert venue in
Shinagawa and returned to the building of Home of Heart’s headquarters in Minamiasa. Sitting in the
dimly lit underground room, Moritani and other Home of Heart staff members surrounded me. Then,
Moritani hit my back with a loud “bang”. In reflex, I grumbled, “ugh”. Then, she started yelling.
“Bastard! Fawning over your fans, that disgusting energy of yours is what is making this sacred place
dirty!” As she screamed, many and many times she hit my back with force. I fell with my face to the
floor. I cried loudly. Then, mixed with hers, I heard Masaya’s voice. “Kaori(referring to Moritani) is
working very hard in attending the seminar, and until when will you continue to take part of that
rotten society? Until when do you plan to continue being such a bad disciple?!” Masaya kicked my
back. The violence and abuse continued for many hours, until they decided to stop and I completely
gave in. That night, it went on for over three hours.

Hide’s Death Morning of May 2 1998. I was at home when the mobile phone rang. It was from my
brother. “Hide passed away this morning...” I lost my words. “There will be a ceremony at Shinagawa.
It seems like all the members will be there. Yoshiki is
arriving tomorrow... Please, you should go too...” Hide died... I was so stunned that my thoughts went
blank. When the call ended, I told Moritani. “Hide died this morning... I must go there.” “Huh, what
about the training?” “Any way, I have to go there. Please contact Home of Heart.” The reply from
Home of Heart was, “When you show up at the ceremony, come back right away.” Alone in a taxi, I
headed to the ceremony. Getting to the front of the entrance, I got out of the taxi. There, I met the
staff member who worked as Hide’s chauffeur. “What happened to Hide?” I asked in a low voice. He
just put both of his hands on his neck, moving them tightly, without saying a word. I winced. “Hide
committed suicide?” I was very confused. I went into the building. Pata and Heath sat in chairs with
their heads lowered. The echo of sobbing could be heard in the room. Immediately I walked towards
the coffin. As I approached it, my heart raced. Hide’s parents, who stood nearby, looked at the coffin.
Hideto Matsumoto = Hide without make up, was sleeping in there. Very close to his face, I looked at
him. “Are you alive...? Are you sleeping?” His complexion was good. As if he could wake up any time
now. But, he wasn’t sleeping on a bed, but in a wood casket. This made me return quickly to reality.
“Hide...” I sat beside Pata and Heath. Our eyes met and Pata just said “Hey” in a very low, weak voice.
Heath only raised his face a little to me. “Thanks for being here even though you are busy, Toshi.”
Hide’s father’s eyes were red. “If you’d like, please spend as much time as you want with Hideto.” His
mother told me as she dried her tears with a handkerchief. “Ah, yes...” Not knowing what to say to
the very tired looking parents, I just bowed and looked down. Then, wails echoed. “Hide, wake up!”
“Why are you sleeping!” “Hide, don’t mess with us!” Hide’s band mates, who loved him dearly, stood
near the casket, raising their voices and weeping loudly. As I came back to my senses, still with my
head lowered, I said to his parents.
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“I’m very sorry for today, but I must leave now.” The shouts reminded me of Moritani. Hurrying, I
arrived outside and looked at the sky. The pale orange sky of sunset made me think of that moment,
when he smiled bashfully like always, and it faded away quietly.

Deeply rooted fear Riding the taxi back to Home of Heart headquarters, I called Moritani on the phone.
“I’m getting there right now.” “Come back right away.” She replied in a cold tone. Arriving at Home of
Heart, I went directly to the underground ‘therapy’ room. The soundproofed door had a cold gray
color. Turning the wide door knob, the door closed with a loud sound. There were about 30 chairs
stored in the 13 square feet wide ‘therapy’ room. The white board was there among other things piled
up. It was simply a storage room, with a gray carpet covering the floor. Moritani was already sat in the
dimly lit room. She started yelling at me and crying in her usual way. “Someone with an ego like yours
will never listen to what a humble person like Masaya says! Being a stupid egoist will only degrade you
to the extent of committing suicide like Hide!” (Hide would never commit suicide...) I thought,
remembering the talk with the staff member earlier, my body stiffened. Moments later, I heard the
door opening. Many Home of Heart staff members entered the room. “You probably realized
something about Hide’s death. At the moment you step outside, away from this place, mingling with
other egoists, your life will transform into hell and in the end, you’ll commit suicide!” (It wasn’t suicide,
it was an accident) “This bastard is still resisting!” Then, the violence started. Moritani put me to lay
with the right side of my face touching the floor, she straddled my back like as if I were a horse and
hit me in the back many times. Many hysteric managers screamed at me. I didn’t know what they
were saying because there were too many people. As they screamed, the violence and abuse started
again. Normally, I would cry and scream in this circumstance, but that day was different. The tears
wouldn’t come out. I couldn’t scream either. Yet, Moritani kicked my back and stepped on me very
heavily. With the impact of her stepping on me, for a brief moment I opened my eyes and saw the cuff
of someone’s pants and they removed their slippers. These were Masaya’s feet. Many, many times,
he hit me in the head and face with the slippers, the tingling pain echoed on top of my head. Then,
Masaya yelled together with the others. “You’ve seen that person dead, now you’re disturbed,
bastard! The future of egoists in a visual rock group like X Japan is suicide! You know that, you beast!
If you don’t participate in our trainings, the same will happen to you! Get this through your head!”

Many hours passed, still with the abuse and violence. But in the end, I was unable to cry or scream.
Vow at the funeral (Damn, I’m late...) I ran desperately. I was going to Hide’s funeral service in May 7,
since 9 in the morning I had been at Home of Heart, enduring the abuse and violence for over three
hours. In the restroom of the facility, I changed my tracksuit to a black suit. Keeping an eye on the
clock, it was past 12:40. My hair was still very unkempt, but like that I left from Home of Heart
headquarters. After running for 5 minutes, I finally got to the place the manager was waiting for me.
The manager was in a national made car I wasn’t used to see. I had to sell the Benz car that was used
to pick me up. “I came in my family’s car, sorry about it being a common car.” the manager apologized.
The funeral service would only start at 1 in the afternoon, but the ride to the temple would take 50
minutes. In the moving car, I calmed myself down. But I felt a sudden bout of throbbing pain in my
body. Looking down, trying to stand this pain, I fixed my hair with my hands. Getting closer to the
temple, there were many offerings of flowers for Hide from the fans. When I got there, the service
had already started, the priest was already chanting. “Toshi, this way please.” The staff members who
waited for me asked me to go through the staff only entrance door, guiding my disconcerted self to
attendance. Inside, the place was packed with staff members. My arrival caused a little of commotion.
I started to feel very apologetic because of the further trouble I caused. In the big altar, there was a
enormous picture of Hide, one where he appeared with bright red hair and heavy make up. Many of
his loved guitars were lined up, together with an infinite number of flowers. The, it was time for the
last song to Hide, “Forever Love”. Yoshiki’s piano sounded very quiet. When I started singing, my voice
was breaking. Probably because of how much I screamed and cried at Home of Heart in the morning.
But even so, I strained my voice to sing. Then, I grabbed the microphone, turned to the picture of Hide
and said. “We’ll live shining very bright for Hide now.” I questioned my words. (Can I really live a bright
life? Is that how I should live at Home of Heart?)

The last conversation with Hide The incense burned for a long time. As I stared at it, I thought of the
last conversation. That was September 28 1997, at the very middle of Masaya’s first seminar, late at
night. A while before that, in September 22, I had heard about the band’s breakup from the press
conference. I was watching television when I knew of it. As I saw that, the surprise of the
announcement struck me, but to me it was like hearing of some ordinary thing, not personally related
to me. “Ah, they broke up”, I thought. At the same time, I also thought, “So they couldn’t find a new
vocalist...”. Days later, certain weekly magazine published an article, saying that my office had
‘protected’ me, not letting me know about the band’s break up. Hide phoned me, angry because of
that article. “What’s up with that article?” I did not know about the contents, so I was surprised to
hear what they were. But I was far more shocked about Hide being angry at me like that, it was the
first time. “Hide, I didn’t know about these things. But my office did that. I’m very sorry. Forgive me.”
I apologized. As I had just taken the seminar, I talked about what I had realized of myself during the
seminar. The pain of my childhood, having turned my situation of inferiority complex into being a
celebrity, futile things, how I had many troubles with what surrounded me and so on. Talking about
my childhood, pain, suffering, inferiority complex to another person, was what we did at the seminar.
Hide was the first outsider to whom I “shared”. Hide listened closely to what I had to say, since he
knew about all of the troubles I had caused at the time I was in X Japan. At first, he was very angry.
But finally, I heard from him. “Toshi, let’s go out for drinks some time. Let me hear more about it all
then.” “Yes, sure. Thank you for calling me. Until then, Hide...” That telephone talk of about 10 minutes
was the last conversation I had with Hide. When I asked to leave the band, Hide raised his voice at me,
trying to stop me from leaving. At Tokyo Dome, in the last live, Hide took the hesitation away from me
on the stage. During the very severe recording, Hide sometimes showed up on the studio, and
encouraged me, who was sunk in a dark mood. Hide always had consideration for me, he was always
kind to me like a brother. I really wonder what Hide would say to me, if he saw me getting stranger
and stranger from being deeply brainwashed.

Good bye to him, in make up The time to take the coffin had arrived. We offered the last flowers to
Hide. I placed one flower very close to Hide’s sleeping face. It was not Hideto Matsumoto’s clean face,
but a heavily made up Hide. That was very heartbreaking. (Hide...) I touched his face softly. It was a
little cold. It was also a little soft. My bottled up emotions surfaced. Tears welled up. But I had the
courage to stay silent, but in my heart, I called his name again. (Hide!) The members and staff
surrounded the casket, holding it, taking it to the hearse. Exiting the building, Hide’s casket was shown
to the 50 thousand fans. The cries and screams calling his name seemed like they could break the sky
apart. Next to me, holding the casket, Heath suddenly fell to his knees. I supported one hand on the
casket, and with the other I held on to his arm. “Heath, are you all right?” I was in a dazed state, not
knowing if this was reality or if this was a dream.

The lie of the song dedicated to Hide With the weight of Hide’s death in my psychological state, I
continued with the seminars. In late May of 1998, with guidance from my brother, I transfered the
registry of my office and we exchanged a new contract. Then, Masaya told me. “You know what, I’ll
let you sing one of my songs. Telling people of your tragic childhood, painful times, inferiority complex
and then singing one of my songs will, even if a little, heal people’s hearts.” With that, I told my brother
and the staff that my new song would be Masaya’s song. Of course, they were strongly against it. “Let
me do what I want!” “If you don’t let me do what I want, we’ll end all business!” I answered their
opposition with what Masaya directed me to say. The release date was scheduled for July. Then, the
associated record company started to assertively promote the new song for it to sell. But, in interviews
and such, no matter how much I hated it, Masaya instructed me to say that “this song is dedicated to
my late friend Hide”. The song in question had been written and composed several years before,
naturally it had nothing to do with Hide. I also didn’t want to use someone’s death to sell a song. But
Masaya explained. “I don’t want to sell to major companies any more, but with you here, I have no
choice. Actually, if the world listens to this song, if many people do, there’s the possibility that many
of them will want to start living genuinely. Your singing filled with strong pride is the worst, but the
beautiful music itself will be good energy.” Then, he directed me to promote the song. In television
and in magazines, I would talk about myself now, compared to when I had dyed hair. “That time was
very tragic for me, that person died together with Hide”, I wonder how many times I repeated that
phrase. I would deny X Japan without any inhibitions. That was also under Masaya’s guidance. Of
course, my words brought anger to the fans. I heard many times that I was “the one who brought X
Japan’s break up and Hide’s death”, and that “denying fans was the worst”. But Masaya said, “Denying
those rotten, egoist fans of yours and X Japan fans is what you have to do for truth, it’s the right thing”.
Part of me was incredulous, but because of the violence and abuse, I believed that distrust of Masaya’s
teachings and speech were my biggest enemy, cased by my ego. “Yes, that’s it. Your thinking is wrong.”
I forcibly believed in that. I was more and more isolated now, not having my family, friends, staff, X
Japan members, and now excluding the fans who always supported me.

Staff training, Business starts When Masaya’s song was released in July, I was told by Moritani that
Masaya had given me special permission to participate in the “Staff training”. Finishing this training, I
would be able to, as Home of Heart staff, sell Masaya’s CDs and other products. At the time, I was
confused. As a seminar pupil, it would be the next step, but as an artist, even doing a job for a major
company, wouldn’t it be really bad if I started selling Masaya’s products as a Home of Heart staff
member? Not only that, but I would have to constantly tell my brother that I wasn’t selling absolutely
anything. Regarding my hesitation to work as staff, Moritani said to me with conviction. “From now
on, you’d be allowed to sing Masaya’s songs. If you don’t, you won’t be able to sing with true meaning!
You would just be another fake, are you really all right with being a fake healing artist?” In the end, I
paid the very large sum of money for the training and attended. In between promoting the song,
appearing on television, I started to call many places in all over the country to sell Masaya’s CD and
products. Hotels, lodges, cafes, restaurants. I called them one after the other. There had been times
that I even went disguised to some places. Weeks later, continuing to call many places, I finally had a
response from a cafe in Nagano prefecture that accepted to take in the CDs. I loaded the car with
various of Masaya’s CDs and some cases that were meant to be displayed. Moritani always observing
what I did, traveled with me. We drove to that cafe, 4 hours away, to deliver the products. I wore a
mask, a cap, and fake glasses. As my heart raced, I went in the cafe. “Excuse me, I’m from Home of
Heart and I’m here to deliver the CDs.” I tried to do my best not to be found out, but at the same time,
I was in a cold sweat in fear of my identity being discovered, thinking about how bad things would
turn out if that happened. Of course, all of the profits would go to Home of Heart. I worked for Home
of Heart for approximately 11 years. I believed that I was doing the right thing, that I was working for
the sake of the world. But, from general perspective, I had turned into Masaya, Moritani and the
fraudulent group Home of Heart’s biggest source of income.

Result of the ‘starving strategy’, into loans “There’s no money!” In the month when ‘Staff Training’
began, I had to pay Home of Heart. I went to the bank to receive the salary from my office. Even after
confirming my account’s balance, the salary hadn’t been paid. One day after, it hadn’t also been paid.
My brother, who was my manager, stopped paying my wage. Furious, I argued with him. “Pay me my

My brother, knowing that my actions became strange and that payment after payment went straight
to Home of Heart, leaving me with no money in hands, refused to pay, as a “starving strategy”. “The
way you’re handling money is bad, I can’t pay your salary.” My brother only said this sentence. As a
representative director, my brother wouldn’t pay me anything, no matter how many times I asked him
to. I became anxious. “Has he discovered I’m doing sales for Home of Heart...?” With no payment and
very little money left on hand, I had the necessity to pay for mine and Moritani’s seminar, Home of
Heart products. Saying that I had no money to a Home of Heart manager, I received specially violent
abuse. “If you’re working for a better world, you have to get money! Everyone is doing that! Go get a
loan and bring money!” I went to get my first loan. When I came back home in Setagaya from
Minamiasa, there was a building near the Sangendyaya station. In this building was a sign for a loan
company. Looking at my surroundings to make sure no one was looking, I entered this building, taking
the stairs for the third floor. Something like an ATM was there. In the screen, I requested accordingly.
I managed to get 150,000 Yen in this first machine. Immediately, I went to the loan company in the
second floor of the building. And in the same way, I managed to get more hundred thousands Yen.
Once again, in the same building, I tried it all one more time, but this time I couldn’t get any more
money. The next day, I found another loan company in Setagaya, and took 50,000 Yen. Mostly all of
this money went to Home of Heart as payment. I paid the loans gradually with very small quantities.
But, each time I paid a loan, I loaned more money, resulting in more loans. This continued for many
years. Also, I had credit cards from two companies. I spent all of it buying in Home of Heart. I couldn’t
afford the credit card expense in the next month, I asked the companies for a divided payment. Every
month I would pay them a small quantity. I had to raise money in some way or other.

Outbreak of “Brainwashing Turmoil” In September of 1998, I had been taking the seminar for a full
year. Then, there was an incident that would make it so that I could not leave Home of Heart. The
magazine “Weekly Modern” published a surprising feature, “The true nature of the ‘brainwashing cult’
that lured in Toshi, former X Japan member”, exposing my admiration of the seminar, claiming that I
had been brainwashed by the president, Masaya, that I adored the founder, Masaya, that I had
become their “advertisement”, selling products here and there, and that I had been inviting fans and
others around me to the seminar. When this article came out, there was a concert date for Masaya in
Orchard Orchestra of Shibuya, Tokyo. I would appear a guest in that concert, singing, with the strings
session, the song released in July and other Masaya songs. But there was fierce opposition from my
office. Their concern was that I had really become the “advertisement” for Home of Heart. Then, my
brother stated. “This is a contract violation, I can’t let you participate.” and sent me a document. I
said, “But, I’m participating as a friend of the song’s composer, and they’ll even let me sing with a full
orchestra, this is great publicity for me, there’s no problem with that.” My brother had warned Home
of Heart earlier, saying that he would not let me perform with them without permission. Masaya
replied, “Toshi himself says that he wants to perform with us. That is not our problem. Wouldn’t that
be a problem between he and his sibling?” I stopped trying to persuade my brother, who would do
anything to stop me, thinking that he could use the media to expose Masaya and I. Then, one week
before the concert, in September 7, the article in ‘Weekly Modern’ was published. “There’s this
ridiculous article published. That was all set up by your brother!” When I received that phone call from
Masaya, my heart beat so fast that I could hear it. “Such a troubling thing happened...” Frightened, I
apologized instinctively, my voice trembled. “I’m sorry...” “Wait for orders! And don’t come here
because the media may follow you!” One week later, in September 14, there was a second part to the
first article in this magazine, “Toshi’s Brainwashing”. There was also an interview in the contents that
I had given under Masaya’s instructions at the time of the first article. In the next day, there was
Masaya’s concert at Orchard Hall. I thought that, naturally, I wouldn’t participate in it any more, but
Masaya said, “After this article, if you don’t show up, it’ll be like as if you’re running away like if you
did a bad thing. The time to show up is now.” To my brother, Home of Heart explained that “Toshi is
a secret guest at this concert, no one knows he is appearing and he is not advertising us.” In reality,
under Masaya’s orders, I had announced this concert when I had been a radio guest and in other
appearances. Home of Heart staff had also announced this show and they informed others of my guest
appearance in faxes and such. Many of my fans had bought tickets to this concert already. The day of
the concert, Moritani arrived earlier to the concert hall as Home of Heart staff. She contacted us, “At
the concert hall, in the staff entrance, the media is there and already set up their cameras”. Because I
was going to perform without permission from my office, the manager wasn’t with me. Alone, I left
my house in Setagaya and went to Shibuya by taxi. I felt anxious. “I’m not doing anything wrong, let
people see me”, I repeated to myself. After the article was published, this was the first time I was
going to show myself in public. Many cameras from many television companies and reporters were
there waiting for me. I stepped out of the taxi, with no one there to guard me. I went into the staff
entry door, holding a large suitcase with my stage clothes. Immediately, cameras and reporters
surrounded me. “Will you participate in tonight’s concert?” “Yes.” “How do you feel about the
information that says you’re being brainwashed?” “That is not happening.” Answering the media’s
questions calmly as possible, I walked as quickly as I could and went through the staff entrance.In the
dressing room, violence and abuse from Moritani awaited me. “Because that damn brother of yours
wants your artistic rights, these hoax articles are being published, and it’s getting Masaya involved!!
You didn’t kill off that brother of yours and even though Masaya has nothing to do with this, you
expect him to do something about your brother? You weak man!” Cowering on the floor of the
dressing room, even though Moritani was saying this in a quiet tone, she struck me on the back with
insane force. I had mixed feelings, I was sorry about it all, but at the same time, I wanted to get out of
there. When Masaya’s concert started, thousands of people in the audience were my fans. When the
concert ended, I received orders from Masaya. “Go outside and say once and for all to the media that
you’re not being brainwashed!” Without anyone to help, I went outside from the staff entrance. The
lights for filming and the cameras flashed all at once. I was surprisingly calm, thinking: (This is just like
being filmed for a movie...) More of the media had gathered there since the start of the concert, and
approximately one hundred fans that worried about me were present as well. “Here’s going to be
troublesome...” As I searched for an appropriate place to take this urgent interview, a huge line of
people followed me. As I walked, many television cameras, flashing cameras and reporters surrounded
me. Many of the fans screamed. “Toshi, are you ok?!” “Toshi, come back!!” After walking for five
minutes, I found a space to go. “There’s many things being said about me, but I’m not being
brainwashed. I want to work with Healing music from now on. Yet, my brother, who runs my office,
does not let me do as I wish. Those things said about me are all false information that my brother
made up because he wants to take my artistic rights for himself.” I repeated the words Masaya
instructed me to say.
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Aggravation of “Brainwashing Turmoil” After the published articles in “Weekly Modern”, Masaya and
I received many request from television companies to appear on air, from variety shows to news
shows. Masaya directed me to ‘take the challenge’. “Take the interviews with the media. Say that
you’re not being brainwashed, say that this is all set up by your brother and the media with bad
intentions, that these magazine reports are fake! Say that Masaya is just a music producer friend who
saved your life, that you’re not in a cult religion. Say that Masaya has nothing to do with this. This is a
problem between your brother and you!” (Isn’t this only going to add fuel to the fire? I don’t want to
talk to the media) The thought was deep in my mind, but I had to comply. “If you don’t do this now,
you’ll become your brother’s slave. Are you all right with that!?” With Masaya’s warning, I was sure
that I shouldn’t run away. I started to give interviews actively. First, I went alone to a television show.
“You say that there’s no need for Masaya to come on this show because Masaya has nothing to do
with this”, I was instructed. The next day I was told to appear with Moritani, we appeared in interviews
saying that “Masaya is the person we owe our lives to”, always criticizing what my brother said. After
that, Masaya himself also appeared in interviews. He said, “I’m showing myself to the media to help
people realize the nature of truth. Maybe this is a chance the universe has given us.” When Moritani
and the Home of Heart management heard this, they shed tears of emotion. I thought with pessimism,
“The conditions here are good for us to get bashed....” But I also hoped that if Masaya said so, maybe
something good could happen. So, the three of us appeared on TV, gave interviews to magazines and
so on. Masaya always gestured a lot, “I just want to work for the good of the world. So, does everyone
want to make me a cult religion founder? If I say something, it’ll just be in vain, so I’ll let them say
anything they want!” He complained with emotion. Seeing that, Moritani cried. I said, “Masaya has
nothing to do with this. This is an issue between my brother and I. I’m not being brainwashed, I just
want to live a quiet life”, repeating the words I was told to say. To aggravate things, ‘Weekly Modern’
published a fourth article in succession against us. In it, they published detailedly a telephone
conversation I had with Masaya, who told me to “Say that everything is your brother’s conspiracy! Kill
your brother! Say that you’re leaving Home of Heart and that you have no connections with us any
more!” , a false withdrawal plan. In September 7, the first article was published. In the space of one
month, I had become the “topic of the moment”, with the press’ uproar and with TV apparitions and
interviews for magazines. Every day, starting early in the morning and ending late at night, there were
more interviews. I didn’t have time to sleep and all of my living expense money went to Home of
Heart. I started to get loans from other companies, my very little money left also started to disappear.
In these television appearances, sometimes we would get a guarantee payment, of approximately
30000 Yen. That became my only source of income. Feeling miserable about getting this kind of money
from television companies, eye spinning busy, under the stress to lie to people, and in addition to that,
the violence and abuse from Masaya and Moritani, day and night, my appearance became pitiable.
My face became thin, my eyes sunk.

I wonder how much persuasive power I had to tell the press that I wasn’t being brainwashed and that
I was happy. In the end, I became known as “The brainwashed man who is the publicity for a mind
control cult”. With that influence, I was cut off from a radio show I regularly participated after two
years and half. My mother and eldest brother also gave interviews, my eldest brother usually saying
“Toshi, come back!” in these interviews. Then, Masaya told me. “Your brother may have set up a
listening device, find a professional who can identify that.” Inspecting the area around my house, a
telephone listening device in the shape of a ballpoint pen was found in a wall. Taking it to the police
station, a damage report was filled about the installation of this device. At Home of Heart
headquarters, very obviously, another listening device had been installed on the telephone pole’s
switchboard. It was also taken to the police station. We still did not know who installed these devices
yet. But at that time, disgusted with these harmful action, I hated my family even more, who were so
opposed to Home of Heart, I could never forgive them.

A heavy cross The immense troubles and damage I caused for Masaya with this “Brainwashing
Turmoil” meant that I had to carry a heavy cross. “We were involved in all of this because you came
here. Before that we all lived in happiness, now we can’t even feed the children. Because of your
brother we are now seen as a cult religion. To save you, I can’t even do business any more. I can’t even
go outside any more.” Masaya scolded me. Moritani also, “Masaya risked his life to save you and you
return this debt with harm, you’re the worst kind of monster! People like you have such a strong ego
that can’t be fixed in any way. The least you could do is contribute with money, let Masaya use it,
because that is the only good thing you could do!” (I have caused so many troubles already, that the
least I should do is give them money) I seriously thought in that way. I heard from Masaya, “Fire all of
these egomaniacs that work at your office, make it a ‘truthful’ place!”. He directed, and introduced a
lawyer who he was acquainted with. We proceeded with the preparations for a complete renewal of
my office.

Extinguished “Brainwashing Turmoil” In early September 1998, the media continued with
“Brainwashing Turmoil”. Under Masaya’s orders, the lawyer fired my brother, who was the manager,
my mother, who was a company director, my father, and two ther employees. I was named
representative supervisor of all the three associated companies of the office. Moritani was named as
part of the management. The remaining 50,000Yen of the office went to my brother and others as no
refund severance payment and loan. I distanced myself from all of those who worked with me in the
office. When everything was paid, in the end of September, when the attention to “Brainwashing
Turmoil” had diverted a little, Home of Heart received a fax from a person identified as F. They claimed
to know who had set up “Brainwashing Turmoil”. “These series of news reports have all been set up
by N. and Toshi’s brother.” N was someone who had previously worked with my brother and I at a
book publishing company. F also worked with us at the time. There was no definite authenticity, but
at the time, I felt like I had been saved. (In the middle of all this bashing someone is supporting me) I
thought. In opposition to Weekly Modern’s articles, I had the magazine ‘Weekly Post’ publish a
rebuttal, with accounting documents and the leak from F. as the contents. It was the last time. Then,
Weekly Modern soon published another article, and the media tried to continue with “Brainwashing
Turmoil”, but Masaya said that from now we should not get involved with the media. In not more than
one month, “Brainwashing Turmoil” had been gradually extinguished. But, even though, I would be
forever associated with the worst label possible, the one of “brainwashed man”.
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Masaya and Moritani’s total control It was October 10, 1998. On the day of my 33th birthday, under
Masaya’s order, my office, “Yes Music Company” went through a name change, becoming “Toshi
Office Company”. The new structure was under Masaya and Moritani’s total control. I was
representative of the company, but that was only a name. Essentially, I had no authority, the influx of
money was entirely managed by Masaya and Moritani’s power. In the end, I only worked to get money
for them. That was the “good deed” I could do as an ‘egomaniac’. The company’s accounting, at first,
was done by Masaya’s old acquaintance, M. However, the accounting was actually under Moritani’s
and Home of Heart manager Suzuta’s control. An ex Home of Heart staff member, Ueda(name has
been changed to protect identity), was called back by Masaya. He assumed the position to be my
manager and their supervisor. As office staff, another ex Home of Heart staff, Shioda(name has been
changed to protect identity), a woman in her fifties, was also called back. The office building moved
as well, under Masaya’s order, because “it is a waste of rent”. It moved to my own house. Under the
pretense of being “employees”, Ueda and Shioda began living in my house. They didn’t get paid a
salary either, but instead, they could attend the seminars. The contract for the record company which
also worked together with the office was canceled, and for violation of contract, I promised to pay ten
million Yen in divided payments. Once this contract was canceled, it was transferred to Home of Heart.
With the end of all relationship I had with my family, I was now anxious about my new life, but at the
same time, I felt a glimmer of hope, thinking that this was one step forward to being independent. For
that, I must study what Masaya teaches, and for all troubles I caused to him and Moritani, I should
repay with “good deeds”, I thought. But, not even in a dream I thought that this was the beginning of
the road to destruction.

The reward One freezing night, in the end of November, I went to the seminar in my usual black
training wear. I took out from my closet a knee length black coat and worn it over my outfit. Like that,
I went to Home of Heart. That night, after the seminar, the abuse and violence happened again, but
this time, even my coat became a topic of problem.

“Those visual rock egomaniacs, always wearing black because their heart is black. You look like
Dracula, that’s just disgusting! Only people who are afraid and egomaniacs like wearing black! ” They
said many other things. When the seminar ended, as I was leaving, Masaya wore my coat, and imitated
me, singing. The female staff members gathered in the basement room all laughed. Masaya lived with
about 30 women in the Home of Heart headquarters. There also lived minors and infants. The main
factor that I could talk about my feelings to Masaya, was that sometimes he would show me a very
innocent side. As Masaya returned my coat, I left Home of Heart. Outside was very cold, but I did not
wear the coat. Holding it in my hands, I walked over the car in the parking lot. In the car, like always,
Masaya’s recorded lecture tape played. As I drove in silence, beside me, Moritani, who was coming
back home since a long time, looked straight to the front, her eyes tearing up. “Masaya saved you
from that family of yours, who didn’t love you and only used you to make money. Without your
brothers, we feel relief. But to media, Masaya and Home of Heart are seen as a cult religion, lost all
credibility and can’t do business any more, there’s no money getting in, we can’t even afford to eat a
meal!” Turning right to the intersection from national highway 246 to Setagaya, stopping at a red light,
Moritani turned to look at me. As her tears fell, she said, “However much money you pay Masaya, it
will never be enough! It’s now your turn to save Masaya and Home of Heart with as much as you can.
If you don’t do that, you’re not a man! Much more so, for the people you love, you have to be serious
and lose yourself doing this! I can’t help with anything, but you can attend the seminar trainings with
more urgency and support with all your energy!” Moritani made the appeal with a sad expression. My
heart was struck with such innocence. “Ok, I’ll do all I can.” I felt a great deal of responsibility stepping
over me, and I was full of apologetic sentiment to both Masaya and Moritani. The next day,
immediately, I sought for a way to make money. Money from my company and my own personal
money were already too scarce. Suzuta of Home of Heart advised me to loan a business fund from the
national finance corporation and for that, Suzuta helped me with the documents and I got the loan. I
also received more advice to loan money from the bank for such things like “buy a painting”. At the
time, I went to the Setagaya branch of Fuji Bank to get more loans. At the national finance corporation,
I loaned 5,000,000 Yen. At Fuji Bank, 3,000,000 Yen. Most of that money was paid to Home of Heart.
“None of this is enough! You should still be able to get more!” Moritani encouraged me. This time, I
loaned money from friends. I had no choice but to be afraid, as I had no previous experience of loaning
money from someone I knew. “Practice loss! Practice shame! The more embarrassment, the more
your ego subsides!”

Masaya scolded me, I gathered some courage and contacted a friend by telephone. I was refused by
many, but many stopped to listen to what I said. “I was crushed by the media. And now, to start a new
project, money is a necessity. Please, lend me your help.” I asked with humility, but the answer was
unanimous. “Isn’t this money going to some strange cult?” “No, definitely not. Those lies were all
made up by my brother!” I explained desperately. “Well, if you say so, I’ll try to do something.”
Eventually, I managed to loan the total sum of 20 million Yen from many of these people, yet, mostly
all of that money was paid to Home of Heart. When Masaya said, “When you cast your ego aside and
do this simply, the results show”, I felt happy. Even when Moritani said in encouragement, “Wow! You
can still do more!”, I felt happy as well. After that, I sold and put for online auction many of the stage
costumes I had at home, many souvenirs and prizes that X Japan won, and even the trophy X Japan
received when we participated in NHK’s Red and White song contest. I even started selling furniture
in my house to pay Home of Heart more money. Masaya said, “Your egomania is useless”, and to
gather even more money, I canceled my life insurance. One night in December 1998, after gathering
as much money as I could, as the seminar ended, Masaya told me. “I wrote a song for you. Want to
hear it?” “Yes.” I replied immediately. Masaya sang as he played an acoustic guitar. Before I knew it,
Home of Heart’s basement room, where the seminars happened, was packed with the female Staff
members. They heard the song prostrated before Masaya. When the song ended, I, Moritani, and the
staff all cried loudly. When Masaya finished singing, he said. “Sing this song, and heal all of the people
in Japan who have been hurt like you. Home of Heart will release your CD. Live truthfully from now
on. ” “Thank you so much. I’m so sorry...” I apologized as I cried loudly.

Touring begins The new single was scheduled for release in early January 1999. Under Masaya’s
instruction, in late January, Ueda, my manager, and I would fly to all corners of the country to promote
the single. Just like in the days of the ‘Brainwashing uproar’, we would actively take interviews with
the media of many areas and explain the circumstances of “brainwashing uproar”, advertising the new
song. At release of the single CD, the media from Kumamoto introduced me to a local music store,
where a CD signing event would take place. At the signing day, there were more people waiting to see
me there than I thought would be. Without make up, without costumes, without sunglasses, I was an
entirely different person than one imagined of the ‘visual’ rock style. I wore a light brown, tartan check
button down shirt, beige cotton pants, my shoes were loafers, and wrapped in my shoulders was of
course a light brown cotton sweater. To avoid as much as possible further “problems” with fashion, I
tried all I could to dress like Masaya, but in the end, that also became a “problem topic” in their
violence and abuse. Appearing in public with that appearance caused commotion between the people
at the store, some of them burst into applause. I sat in a chair that was placed at the corridor of the
CD shop and greeted them, “Hello everyone from Kumamoto. I’m Toshi...” I started telling them the
story of how I had an unhappy childhood, my inferiority complex, how I became a rock star but there
wasn’t any happiness in that, and how I met Masaya’s music and it changed my life. Then, I played the
guitar and sang. “That Toshi from X Japan is singing at a local CD shop” As I performed in this event,
the rumor spread and in no time, many more people came to the store, a line of people formed outside
the CD shop. I started to sign the CDs, all of the 200 copies sold out successfully. The 200,000 Yen
resulting of these sales, immediately went to Moritani’s controlled bank account in the next day. By
doing this, Masaya had found out yet another way to make money, and ‘false’ touring, consisting of
mini concerts and CD signing events under the name of 「詩旅~うたたび〜」(“Song Travel“). CD
shops, shopping centers, supermarkets, musical instrument stores, rental video stores, inside these
stores, outside these stores... Anywhere that there could be an event, I would ask for an appointment,
in all business places of the country, as long as if there were people who would be there to pay. After
that, one after the other, expensive CDs were released, I would also perform independent concerts,
request more events, and held periodic concerts all over the country. As long there were people to
pay money for it, there was work every day. In that time, I also took numerous interviews with the
media, in the effort to wipe away the ‘brainwashing uproar’. Starting he year of 1999, I had a lot of
local work, and there was little opportunity to go back home, so Moritani was living full time together
with Masaya. Besides the basement room where the seminars happened, the Home of Heart
headquarters prohibited all men except for Masaya himself. I didn’t know how Moritani’s day to day
life was, but I prayed that she was studying hard and training Masaya’s teachings. In the two years
between 1999 and 2001, I went to over 500 places throughout the country as part of the touring. The
money from that also increased gradually. During 2001, I was making 10 to 20 million Yen alone. A
minimum from that value was spent with my living expenses and other expenses, under Home of
Heart staff Suzuta’s order, the rest all went into a bank account and Moritani would manage it. But
the money for my personal loans and company taxes and loans was never paid. Without knowing it,
my personal and company debts only grew...

Reality of the fake volunteer work From the year 2001, the touring business also spread from CD shops
and other stores to an elderly welfare institution. At the end of 2000 to the New Year’s day of 2001, I
went to a Home of Heart in the city of Nasu to attend ‘Master Training’. It was the final day. Masaya
said, “As you still have time, use that time to go to visit the elderly and heal them. Your training is to
go to these places that X Japan wasn’t well known”. Superficially, that was only fake volunteer work,
it was nothing but an order to go raise the sales of CDs and other products. By late 2000, the sales in
CD shops, shopping centers and other stores countrywide had reached the peak. Perhaps Masaya was
now aiming to do business in welfare institutions as a breakthrough solution. Immediately, a volunteer
visit was arranged at an elderly health institution located in Yokohama, as a end of year mini concert.
Being my first visit to a welfare institution, naturally I was nervous. Just like Masaya said, it was an
environment where no one had heard of X Japan before. I became very anxious. The place where the
concert would happen was at a small lobby space. There, I adjusted the microphone from a set of
karaoke equipment, put on the guitar strings, and adjusted the sound settings. As I did that, I thought.
(What will they think of me...? Maybe they’ll say they won’t listen anymore halfway and leave... They
may get angry and say that it’s annoying...) I was struck by a feeling of nervousness that I did not even
feel when performing to 50.000 people at the Tokyo Dome. The elderly spectators started to arrive
and take their places on the previously lined up chairs. Also, about 10 of them came on wheelchairs.
The first row was made up by the wheelchair users, and they all looked at me with suspicion. That
time, the staff explained closely to a lady’s ear, in a loud voice, that “A former member of X Japan is
going to sing”. The lady nodded, but I wonder if she knew. It was finally time to start the performance,
and I appeared before the audience. There were about 30 of the elderly present in both chairs and
wheelchairs, and around them, 30 of staff and those who I suppose are the family members. “Hello
everyone. My name is Toshi. Previously, I sang in a rock group, X Japan.” I told them about my
childhood, being bullied by my siblings, my inferiority complex, having another complex because of
my appearance. Then, how I became a rock star, but in reality that was all empty and turned out to be
a battle for my artistic rights. “Recently, my brother, who wants to have my artistic rights, used the
media with bad intentions, calling me a brainwashed man, even though that isn’t true, also attacking
the person who saved my life with lies. I’m already out of that battle for artistic rights, I just want to
live a simple life from now on. I just want to sing the kind of true songs that saved my life.” A man in
a wheelchair in the first row cried loudly. A very elegant looking woman in the third row also wiped
her tears with a handkerchief. Another lady in a wheelchair cried. The family members and the staff
members also cried. When the performance ended, I left the guitar on my chair, and without too much
thought, I approached the man who cried in the first row. I shook his hands. The old man couldn’t
speak clearly, but I am sure that he said, “Thank you”. I replied, “Thank you sir...”

Then, I heard from many of the audience members, “Please, shake hands with me as well”, as they
extended out their arms. I went to each of them. “Thank you, lady...” Until that, it all went very well.
But, the family members and staff formed a line to buy the CDs at a stand. The elderly also seemed
interested in purchasing the CDs. The director of the institution also purchased Masaya’s BGM CD. The
sales went up to 100,000 Yen. Of course, the purpose of this was to sell the CDs using the pretext of
volunteer work. Go to an elderly welfare institution and make them happy. That alone was a good
thing to do, probably. But the real goal was only to raise the sales. Singing these songs, telling an
emotional story, would certainly make anyone feel sad and the pain of loneliness, the family members
of these lonely elderly people, the very hardworking staff member. Surely, anyone would cry. Then,
make these people, in that emotional state, buy the products. This was even worse than a fraud, I was
pretending to be a ‘good’ person. As I was in conflict with my own hypocrisy, I had a smile on my face,
signing each of the purchased CDs. In fear of suffering that terrible violence and verbal abuse if I didn’t
give the money of these sales to Moritani... In fear that if I separated from Masaya, my life would turn
back into the hell it was... With the responsibility in mind that because of my family, Masaya and the
others of Home of Heart had went through so much troubles that now they couldn’t even afford
food... A sense of duty that I should spread Masaya’s music to all people... Thinking that if people paid
for a genuine work like Masaya’s music, it would contribute to their own good... Many mixed feelings
went through my mind. In the end, I got my hands dirty with the cowardly action of exploiting people’s
weaknesses. But it continued to all of the elderly welfare institutions of the country, welfare
institutions for people with disabilities, orphanages, hospitals and medical care facilities, prisons,
reform schools. In one day, I visited roughly 5 or 6 places. From the 5 year space to the year of 2005,
I visited 5000 institutions and more, selling products. I believe that the amount sold in that period was
not less than three hundred million Yen. Of course, without the except of a minimum to cover my
living expense, with the order of Moritani or Suzuta, I would go to the bank and all of this money would
go to Moritani. In that time, since early in the morning, I held a suitcase full of CDs, a guitar case, and
went over to many places to sing. This was harsh labor, and I didn’t even have time to rest, as even as
I was walking or in transport, I would get abusive calls from Moritani. The phone calls continued from
late night to early morning. If I slept plenty, it would be at around 4 hours of sleep. If I slept little, it
would be around 1 or 2 hours of sleep. I didn’t have time for myself or even a day off. I crossed my
physical and mental limits. My money, mind, physical force and judgment were all stolen. I was chosen
to be Moritani and Masaya’s money making robot.

Discovery of the child abuse case “Is there child abuse at Home of Heart!?” Suddenly, I saw a television
camera and a reporter with a microphone dashing towards me. It was June 2004, at the end of an
event, when I was about to get in a taxi. I was surprised with the suddenness of it all, but I was already
annoyed with the media from the days of ‘brainwashing turmoil’. I told the driver, with fast paced
words, to “please hurry out of here”. As the driver closed the car’s automatic door, the reporter held
the door with his extended hand, pushing the microphone to me. “What’s the truth about the child
abuse?” “Huh?” I had no idea what he was saying, and as I tried to close the door, the man entered
the car halfway, in a way such that the door wouldn’t close, pushing the microphone to my face, it
almost hit my nose. Beyond his back, the television camera was also in front of my eyes. I thought that
they were doing this in a kind of rude manner, but of course they wanted me to have an emotional
reaction. I said in a calm tone of voice. “This is all very sudden. This is dangerous, so please move over
there.” The reporter yelled in a rough way. “Is it true that Home of Heart and Toshi Office are
committing child abuse?” “No such thing is happening! Please move over!” I tried to close the door,
but he wouldn’t move at all from the door space. He pushed the microphone to my face again, the
camera also approached. Because of that, I raised my voice, irritated. “That’s enough!” With my
emotional response and expression, he finally got out of the car. Soon as the taxi sped up, I thought
that I must contact Moritani right away. I was terrified that this new case would become material for
their violence and abuse. For a moment, I hesitated. But after four years since negative attacks from
the media, I pressed the dial button on the mobile phone nervously. “Abuse?” As Moritani heard the
an outline of the situation, she immediately said in a cold tone, “I will contact Masaya right now”. With
the taxi in movement, I was terrified, thinking about what kind of things she would tell Masaya. After
10 minutes or so, my mobile phone rang. It was Moritani. “For now, contact a lawyer, inform the
situation. Are you going somewhere now?” “Yes, I’m in a moving taxi.” “Ok, contact us later.” I was
afraid of what kind of things the media was stirring up. But what frightened me more than the media
was how violent the abuse from Moritani and Masaya would become. The next day, I was in the city
of Asuke in Aichi prefecture. I was in the city, near the Kourankei valley, famous for its autumnal
scenery, to perform a concert. The first floor of the place was a blacksmith business that had been
established back in the Edo period. The second floor was a cafe where I would perform. It was an
eccentric place, but at the same time, it felt like home. The owner greeted me with a smile. “It’s still
cold around here, huh? Looking forward to the concert.” “Yes, I’ll do my best.” In the area of
mountains, even though it was already past spring, that day was very cold as if freezing. The sky was
deep blue, the air was clear. “Huuh...” Without realizing, I inhaled deeply the fresh air that should
improve my mood, but because of yesterday’s happening, it turned into a sigh. I had two events for
the day and night. The cafe was crowded with about 50 people. When I returned to the dressing room
after the end of the day’s performance, my mobile phone rang. “The child consultation center and the
police are coming here now. They’re also going to Toshi Office. They’re taking the children.” I rarely
ever got a phone call directly from Masaya, his voice on the phone surprised me. The place he referred
to as ‘here’ was the new address from where Home of Heart and Toshi Office moved to in August of
2001. Before it was located at Tokyo Minato, Minamiasa and now it was at Tochigi prefecture in the
city of Nasu. ‘Here’ was a room in an apartment located in Nasu’s neighboor city of Kuroiso(Now, Nasu
Shiobara). Masaya was probably making the call from his personal room at the headquarters. He
talked almost whispering, as if to hide the contents of the conversation to anyone outside, denoting
how serious the issue was. “Moritani is now holding the baby in resistance to the child consultation
center so they don’t take her away.” The baby Masaya speaks of is a girl born out of a relationship
with one of the staff. “What?!” I was in another room near the dressing room, feeling the cold air. I
was at a loss for words. “Lawyer Kito and the others already set the traps! Because of you, even the
children are being taken away!” Masaya said that and ended the call. Like in the time of ‘brainwashing
turmoil’, the media was also involved in this case, and lawyer Kito, knowing of Home of Heart’s
dangerous nature, informed Tochigi prefecture’s child consultation center that “Masaya has ordered
the children’s mothers who live with him to not let the children go to school. The children are made
to work forcibly. They are restricted from going out. At the related ‘Toshi Office’, it is reported as child
abuse that a mother, in accordance to Masaya’s teachings, is raising a two year old boy in a cardboard
box of about 1 meter wide and tall.”. The consultation center started an investigation with these
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Shocking news In April 8, 2004, after the end of two volunteer concerts at welfare institutions, I was
putting things in order. Right after the concert, the elderly were already gathered for their lunch. Then,
over the television, NHK Daytime News was on. “There have been reports of child abuse at a self-
improvement seminar center “Home of Heart”, located in the city of Nasu, Tochigi prefecture. Tochigi
prefecture’s child consultation center has been investigating the case for eight days, based on anti child
abuse laws. Five minors and infants have been taken under protection...”

I stared at the television screen as I heard that voice. It showed images of the Home of Heart

“The infants were put and raised inside a cardboard box, the children were made to do heavy physical
labor, their meal times were set at late as 1AM or 2AM. The children are old enough to attend school,
but they didn’t go. The lawyer who discovered this information, will, on the 9th, plead for human rights
relief at Japan Federation of Bar Associations. Compensation for damages and prosecution is also
being considered.”

It was the first time I felt pain with the heaviness of these news. After that, along with a press
conference with lawyer Kito and police, they showed images of what was believed* to be Home of
Heart’s interior and previous saved footage. In these news, they also explained Masaya’s basic
teaching principles, showed testimonies from injured parties, staged images of the children’s
conditions. Contents acknowledging “Home of Heart is a dangerous cult group which abuses children.
With intimidation and violence, they force members to give out money.”
The previous time with ‘brainwashing turmoil’ was the level of variety shows and weekly magazines,
but now, this was news of a social issue, a “case”. The influence of ‘brainwashing turmoil’ could never
be compared to the influence of this. After that, a series of police reports, civil case trials and offense
and defense of lawyer Kito and the injured parties began.

Muddy trials begin In March 2004, a website called “Analyzing the problem of Home of Heart and
Toshi”(Popularly known as ‘HTP’, Presently named as ‘Analyzing the problem of Masaya and Kurabuchi
Toru Group’) appeared on the internet. It is thought that this website was created by an injured party
named A. The contents of the site accused Masaya, Home of Heart, and Moritani of giving the person
money, emotional damage from it, and blamed their ‘advertiser’, Toshi. When the site creator started
consulting with lawyer Kito, the ‘child abuse case’ was disclosed to the media. In response to lawyer
Kito and the Home of Heart injured parties’ use of the media, I received Masaya’s orders. “Go to the
media and deny everything” “Refute all of these things on your own website” The next day, I took an
interview in a television variety show, and published contents that Masaya demanded, staying awake
all night long writing it, sending it to the Home of Heart management for approval and finally placing
the counterattack on the website. It included things like, “A former fan and staff was harassing us with
stalker actions, and has joined herself with a manipulated, corrupt lawyer, seeking her interest”
“Masaya said to me, “Don’t fight”, however, I will not allow this, and I will not forgive these people.
We will fight to the end.” Then, an apology fax was sent to the persons involved with the previously
scheduled concerts and events, but one by one, all of them were canceled. After that, as the news of
lawyer Kito’s criminal charges in Tochigi police for “confinement” and “violation of children’s welfare”,
then at the Labor Standards Supervision for “violation of labor standards”, I posted on my own website
another rebuttal. Then, because of the contents of that, in April 2004, lawyer Kito and the injured
parties sued Masaya and I for defamation on civil lawsuit, also a civil claim for damage reparation. As
lawyer Kito and the injured parties and the media continued their pursuit after Home of Heart, this
time I received Masaya’s instruction to sue the injured parties as myself and Toshi Office. In May of
2004, I sued the injured parties on civil lawsuit for “obstruction of business” and “defamation”. After,
still under Masaya’s order, in June of 2004, I presented to Japan Federation of Bar Associations a
demand for disciplinary measures against lawyer Kito. Then, in August 2004, another injured party
claimed for damage reparations, “More than the damage from the ‘feedback’ with violence, I was
forced to loan money in a quantity about as high as 13 million Yen.” The reparation price was of
approximately 2 million Yen. After that, in a space of about 6 months, a series of muddy civil trials

Reality of the child abuse case I had only been one time to the Home of Heart new headquarters now
located in the city of Nasu, I don’t know what the conditions inside were. One of the children lived
with the women living together as a group. Two children lived at the Home of Heart lodge in
Yakushima. One infant from the relationship between Masaya and a staff member, and a total of four
children lived together. That was what I guessed from conversations between Masaya and Moritani.
At the Toshi Office apartment, as the seminar training happened at the time, under Masaya’s order, a
woman lived there as an employee with her daughter who was about 10 years old. I also heard that
another woman and her 2 year old son lived there in a different room. Even though I was named as
the supervisor of Toshi Office, I could not even go there without Moritani’s permission. Perhaps I went
there twice, only to check my luggage, spending very little time. I had no idea what sort of things
happened at the office. Masaya’s lecture always had negative stance towards school. “Only deviant
parents make their children go to school.” “School is only a place for bad relationships and bullying.”
“School brainwashes children with erroneous knowledge, spoiling their innocence.” “No one will teach
genuine things to children at school, the only way to learn about truth is through Masaya’s seminars.”.
Even when I was getting verbal abuse from Moritani through the phone, late at night, halfway, the
children would also speak on the phone, also taking part of the verbal abuse. When I knew of the news
about the children being raised in cardboard boxes, the mothers denied it, but I don’t know whether
it was true or not. At the time, I thought, “If this is really true, it’s dreadful!”, but at the same time, I
suppressed that thought because I thought it was wrong. “Having thoughts contrary to what Masaya
say is caused by my egomania. That alone is wrong. Masaya is always correct.” That was the result of
the abuse and violence’s mark. I always suffered with conflict. Eventually in the child abuse
prosecution, I was declared without suspicion and was not indicted. That result proved that I had no
connection with this case. But Masaya and the others were judged as ‘without suspicion’ or
‘inconclusive findings’, leading to ‘inconclusive proof to be indicted’ and the case was dropped. The
children returned from the child consultation center to Home of Heart conditionally. At the time, I
may have played a role into the children returning to Home of Heart and this, even now, is what weighs
the most in my mind. When I think of these children being shut off from the world, not knowing
anything other than Home of Heart, and turning into robots for Masaya’s convenience, it makes me
feel truly miserable.
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Invitation to rejoin X Japan In August of 2006, I was performing a concert in a city in the mountain area
of Nagano prefecture. Before the show, I was preparing in the dressing room, alone. Suddenly, the
door flew open and a man entered the dressing room. “Toshi! It’s been a long time!” The man who
suddenly entered the room sat by my side. Surprised, I turned to look, and the person who was there
was one who had been my personal office manager and X Japan’s manager, but because of troubles,
had been fired. It was that Takeda. The person I least wanted to see again. The atmosphere was tense
just like before, since these 12 years ago. He spoke very fast, like a machine gun, of his current affairs.
“I have a concert soon, I need to make arrangements, could you please leave?” I said that, wishing
that he would leave fast. But suddenly Takeda said this very quickly. “The truth is, Yoshiki says that he
wants to do X Japan stuff again, don’t you want to?” If Moritani knew I had seen Takeda, it would
become a topic for the violence. “You met with a suspicious person and now you are giving off bad
energy.” When I met Moritani at the auditions, Takeda had been suspicious of her. In a way, he
could’ve saved me. But, because of the trouble he made, Moritani heard many bad rumors about him.
If she knew that he came to talk to me about X Japan’s revival, I don’t know how extreme the abuse
and violence about it would become, since I was already told that “X Japan corrupted the world’s
young people”. Trying to make him leave as soon as possible as not to make my supervisor, Ueda,
know of it, I forced him out of the dressing room. “I have no willingness to do it! Don’t show your face
to me ever again!” However, in the next month, September, when I had a scheduled concert at a small
piano salon in Minato, Tokyo, Takeda appeared suddenly again. “Hey! Toshi!” “Why are you here?”
As I asked that, A took a peek at me from behind Takeda. “Hello, Toshi. It’s been a while.” A’s hoarse
voice hadn’t changed since 1992, when they had been my solo career director and then helped me a
lot at the times of the ‘brainwashing uproar’. A had also been Toshi Office’s supervisor. Seeing A after
6 years was also something I dreaded. But without choice, I let the two of them into the dressing room.
Their purpose was to ask me if I didn’t want to participate in X Japan’s revival. I refused. “It truly
doesn’t matter what you say, I don’t want to do it at all. Please don’t show up again.” Saying that,
Takeda sharply replied. “If you accept, you’ll be paid three hundred million Yen. You’ll be immediately
paid half of it.” “Doesn’t matter, I don’t want to do it. You’re only being an annoyance, please leave!”
I shouted in anger. They left. After that, I received a phone call from Moritani. “Takeda went to the
headquarters in Nasu to speak to Masaya... Masaya doesn’t want to see him, he’s pretending not to
be there. Has Takeda visited you?” “Yes, he also came here.” Masaya was now on the phone. “What
did he say to you?” “He asked me if I wanted to be in X Japan again but I told him to leave and never
come back.” “Ah, I see...”

Later, speaking directly to both Masaya and Moritani, Masaya asked me. “What did Takeda say to you,
specifically?” “If I re-joined X Japan, I would be paid three hundred million Yen. And initially they would
give me half of that. He said he’d be willing to risk himself to save me from the media’s criticism.”
“Hey, Ueda, did you hear that too? Did he really say three hundred million?” Ueda, standing next to
me, confirmed everything. Then, Masaya spoke terrifying words. “Then, in this case, let’s hear what
Takeda has to say.” In October 2006, a meeting was Masaya and Takeda was arranged. Moritani and
I were also present. It took place at a hotel room reserved by Takeda in Shinjuku district. Up in the
highest room of the 45 story building, the indirect soft light tinged the black and white decorated room
in orange. Looking at the big window, the lights of the skyline and the headlights of the cars on the
streets seemed to be like miniatures under our eyes. Back turned to the window, we sat in the sofa.
Masaya in the center and Moritani and I beside him. Takeda was sitting facing Masaya, leaning
forward. “Toshi has caused you a lot of trouble. I apology on his behalf. But thank you for taking care
of him until now. I’m putting my life on the line to protect Masaya and Kaori-chan(Moritani) from the
media.” Takeda looked down. I thought, “there’s no need to praise them”. Masaya also spoke. “Just
because I own Toshi’s artistic rights at the moment, his family and many other people around him with
bad intentions have sought to take back his artistic rights, claiming to the media I am a cult, claiming
that there’s been child abuse... I’ve been involved with a lot of these ridiculous incidents. But Toshi
always wanted to work with me... Toshi and Kaori have both come to me on the verge of suicide... I
had to save them...” “At the age of 27 I already was the youngest person in history to be listed in the
stock exchange...” He told that same old story. Then, Takeda said. “Well, about X Japan’s revival... The
contract money is of three hundred million Yen. Half of that value can be paid immediately.” Masaya
also leaned forward. “Toshi says he doesn’t want to return to X Japan never again. However, I can
persuade him. Because, in the end, I own all of his artistic rights. But, he also has to continue with his
solo healing music schedule.” Masaya now spoke looking at me. “Aren’t you glad that Takeda
apologized on your behalf and is offering to protect you from the media...” After a while, we exited
the room. Masaya ordered “we’ll talk about this in the car” and we took the lift to the underground
parking lot and to the car. “Your family and other evil people attacked me through the media because
your artistic rights of X Japan are very valuable and they think they can steal that. You know that... If
you performed X Japan’s comeback with my lead, it will only reinforce that your artistic rights are
mine. Then, your family and other people would quit the attacks. Then, my name would be clean again
and I would also be able to have a comeback. So, go ahead and get the half immediate payment. And
just go on with it until you get the remaining half. You get it!”

Masaya’s plan about X Japan’s revival (In the end, it’s all about money?) I couldn’t comprehend these
words. X Japan had been so demonized, I had been beaten and abused as far as being called a “criminal
against the universe” because of it. Of course, it was burned deep into my mind that “whatever
Masaya says is universally right” and that my feelings of opposition and doubts were “ugly things that
only egomaniacs fell”. I tried to erase the doubts from my mind, but shadow of the realization that I
was going to return to X Japan always haunted somewhere deep in my heart. Moritani’s abuse and
violence also made sure to deepen that. “You couldn’t bring money from righteous work so now you
have no choice but to get money from that rotten X Japan! Yet, if you let that rotten money be used
by Masaya, he will only turn it into something beautiful!” After the harsh violence and abuse, Masaya
made me write a will. I was ordered to “write that all of the money you own will be inherited by
Moritani”. “Also that nothing of it will ever go to your mother or your siblings, even if you die”. Later,
a lawyer went to Home of Heart to receive that will.

First conversation with Yoshiki after 9 years In October 2006, when I heard from Takeda that Yoshiki
wanted to work as X Japan again, I couldn’t believe it. With Masaya’s order to work in X Japan’s revival,
the first step was to directly make sure that Yoshiki was really intending this. After a long time, I
pressed these numbers on my mobile phone. “I wonder what Yoshiki is going to say...” A little nervous,
I pressed the dial button. “Riiiing... Riiing... Riiing...” The international call sound rang about three
times and then it was picked up. “Hi, studio.” “May I talk to Yoshiki? This is Toshi speaking.” “Hold on.”
My heart was beating loudly. 30 seconds passed and it seemed to be such a long time. Then, I heard
that voice. “Hello.” The last time I spoke directly with Yoshiki had been roughly 9 years ago, in April
1997. In the last live and at Hide’s funeral, we did not have a proper conversation. “Yoshiki, it’s Toshi...
It’s been a while...” It was an awkward conversation, but I knew that already. After light exchange od
situations, I said what I was meaning to say with all my courage. “By the way, I heard that you’ve been
wanting to reform X Japan...” “Huh? I don’t remember saying that. Rather, I heard that you wanted to
do it.” (So that was it.) This was all planned by Takeda, telling me that Yoshiki said he wanted to work
as X Japan once again. “Ah, I see. That’s ok then.” “Toshi, I’m going to Japan later this month...” “So,
we can meet when you get here.”

“Ok. We’ll stay in touch.” “I’m very happy that I could talk to you after all this time. Thanks, Yoshiki...”
After many years of being prohibited from contacting Yoshiki, I was truly happy that I had spoken to
him, even though there were various expectations. Soon as I ended the call with Yoshiki, I called
Takeda. “I heard from Yoshiki that he never said anything about X Japan. Don’t go around making up
things!” After Masaya had given me the order, I knew I wasn’t supposed to meddle with this, but I
would not allow anyone to make up lies using Yoshiki as an excuse, it angered me greatly.
Money from Takeda On October 19 2006, Toshi Office received from Takeda’s representative
company the value of one hundred million Yen on the Mizuho Bank account. After that, I was
contacted by Home of Heart’s staff Suzuta. “Call Mizuho Bank and ask them where can you go and
withdraw the money.” “Yes...” I called the bank and they informed me that in their main address I
could withdraw 30 million Yen and at their Nishikasai location, I could withdraw 35 million the
following day. I told this to Suzuta. “Then, tomorrow at 9 AM we’ll go to their main office and at 10
AM we’ll go to the Nishikasai office and take the money. Tell the bank this.” I informed the bank of
the money withdrawal. The next day, Suzuta drove the minivan, with Moritani coming along, from
Nasu to Tokyo, headed for the enormous bank office. The Mizuho bank office was a very tall building
located near the Hibiya park. Looking up at it above the trees, the building seemed to touch the clouds.
Arriving at the building, Suzuta parked the minivan as Moritani and I got off the car and entered the
building. Suzuta waited for us at the parking lot. Moritani walked very close to me, whispering
directions. “Get this done fast.” “Yes.”

“Place the money inside this bag.” I took a fabric hand bag from Moritani. Then, she gave me more
directions. “Get the 30 million, then the 35 million and pay them to Home of Heart’s bank account.” I
asked for an application to begin the withdraw procedure. Moritani took out from her purse a
bankbook and a seal. She placed them beside the document I was writing. When our designated
number was called, I handed the document, bankbook and seal to the staff behind the counter. “I
contacted the bank yesterday, this is on behalf of Toshi Office.” “It’s about cash withdrawal, right?
Please wait a minute.” Moritani sat by my side, without any expression and looking straight forward.
“Toshi Office, thanks for waiting.” The staff placed the 30 million Yen on the counter. All of it were 1
million Yen banknotes in a bundle. After making sure there were 30 bundles, I placed them in the
fabric bag. Immediately Moritani whispered. “Is there really 30?” “Yes...” Halfway to the exit, Moritani
quickly grabbed the bag I had placed the money inside. Getting to the parking lot where Suzuta waited
for us, first Moritani got inside the car, in the backseat and I followed. We started to head to the
Nishikasai Mizuho Bank. During the drive, Moritani held the money very closely, not speaking a single
word. After a 40 minute drive, we arrived at Nishikasai Mizuho Bank. Just like in the main building,
Moritani walked very close to me. As I started to fill the application for withdrawal, once again she
took from her purse the bankbook and seal, giving them to me. She gave me another fabric bag and
signaled with a look that it was for me to place the money inside it. This time it was 35 bundles of one
million notes. Placed on the counter. As I counted them, Moritani also counted, whispering by my
side. I placed them in the bag, and now I handed the bankbook, seal, and money to Moritani. When
the money withdrawal procedures ended, I felt a little relief. I also felt a little puzzled at how I was
supposed to handle such a large quantity of cash. But I felt a heavy depressing feeling, since from now
on, because of X Japan’s return, I would have to associate with Takeda and I didn’t want to. After that,
in November 13 2006, Masaya, Moritani, Takeda and I met in that same hotel room to receive three
hundred million Yen, which was immediately paid to Moritani. In December 18 2006, Toshi Office
received from Takeda’s company 10 million Yen more. Once again, Suzuta, Moritani and I drove from
Nasu to Mizuho Bank in Ebisu. Under Moritani’s order, 5 million and 4 million were divided and paid
paid into ‘Amazon Public Company'(A company related to Home of Heart, Moritani was the manager).
1 million Yen was withdrawn as cash and paid to Moritani. The remaining Ten million were a direct
payment in that hotel later. Going into the room by myself, Takeda was, like always, very enthusiastic.
Talking on and on about future plans. He leaned against the huge window and said. “If you wish to
quit, you can quit any time. By then, I will have the next vocalist ready, so until he’s ready, please ake
care of things.” (How could that happen without Yoshiki’s agreement? Don’t do things by your own
way!) I received the cash, and I left the room like as if I were running away. Then, the ten million in
cash was paid to Mortiani, who awaited for me in Suzuta’s car at the parking lot. With this, the
promised one hundred and fifty million Yen was completely paid. First through me and Toshi Office,
then into Moritani’s control. After I paid the money, I was verbally abused in the car. “Masaya is
making you participate in X Japan’s return, so Masaya owns this money. You’re not having a single
cent of it! If Masaya charged you for all the nuisance you caused, nothing would be enough. Go and
get more money!” Moritani and Suzuta left me alone, and I went to a business hotel in Minato. The
stained dirty walls had no window. There was only an old single bed inside this dreary, confined space.
I laid on the bed and closed my eyes.

(How are things going to be like after this...) Unfamiliar feelings of anxiety and despair took over my
mind with the surreal ‘X Japan return’ prospect.

Meeting with Yoshiki after 10 years In late October 2006, Yoshiki returned to Japan, and a meeting
was scheduled at the reception of the recording studio. After not being in contact for a period of 10
years, my thoughts rushed, I had no idea of what I should say. To Masaya and Moritani, Yoshiki was
“the causer of all evils”, they kept repeating that, nothing but an effort to forcibly erase the memories
from my mind. But those feelings and memories since my childhood and through many years came
back in a flash. Masaya’s order to participate in X Japan made me hesitant, but after 10 years, when
Yoshiki turned to look at me, it was like as if I was transported back to my childhood. An incredible
sensation. “I want to work you you again.” Maybe it was will bad intentions from Masaya and the
others that I was saying this to Yoshiki, but perhaps it was “something” from all of these years, that
no one other than Yoshiki and I could interfere with.

Takeda’s fall In December of the year 2006, there were some sudden news. Takeda suffered some
kind of accident and had to leave the project. (Well, it’s not surprising if Takeda is guilty of
something...) A, who came to visit me together with Takeda in the beginning, was now continuing the
project as Takeda’s replacement. In March 2007, A told me. “Why don’t we phone Yoshiki in Los
Angeles and set up a meeting?” I called Yoshiki in LA. “Yoshiki, I would like to speak to you in LA.”
Yoshiki adjusted his very busy schedule for this and replied. “The middle of the month will be a good

Meeting in L.A. 16 March 2007. I was at the lounge of Yoshiki’s studio in North Hollywood, Los Angeles.
I had been previously here in April 1997, to tell Yoshiki about my resignation. We sat around a large
round table, facing each other. Neither of us knew what to say. Yoshiki, mindful of me, started talking
about solo activities since then. Then, my mobile phone vibrated. The liquid crystal display informed
it was a call from Moritani. “Yoshiki, excuse me a little” I left the lounge room and turned left, into the
bathroom and then inside a stall and picked up the phone. “Yes, hello.” I placed my hand over my
mouth as not to echo the conversation. “Masaya should know all of it.” “Hello, what did Yoshiki say?
Is he really up to do this?” I was asked by Masaya. “Yes, I will speak to him about that after this.” “You
have to say that because of you, Masaya, the person who saved your life, was terribly slandered, begin
seen as a cult leader and child abuser. Therefore, with X Japan’s return, Masaya and Home of Heart
must be protected, then you’ll agree to reform X Japan!” “Ok...” (Even if I say that “I agree to reform
X Japan”, they already have received one part of the promised money. Masaya and the others want
to do this, but will Yoshiki passively agree to their conditions? Yoshiki probably knows about the
brainwashing and child abuse cases. If I say something too outrageous, it’s possible that Yoshiki will
not be up to this any more...) Until I ended the phone call and returned, distrust of Masaya’s words
went around in my mind. As I returned, the conversation with Yoshiki began again, but was interrupted
once more after ten minutes, when my cell phone rang. Again I left and locked myself in the restroom.
Sensing my doubts, Moritani started the abuse suddenly. “All it takes is to meet an egomaniac like
Yoshiki and now you’re already thinking you’re above all! What are you doubting? Whatever doubt
you have, whatever idea you have, a fickle egomaniac like you will never be comparable to Masaya or
his deep ideas of everything! You must listen to what Masaya has to say, you trash!” After the 10
minute or so abusive call, Yoshiki noticed the gloomy mood I was in and asked with worry. “Toshi, is
everything ok?” I started telling Yoshiki the usual story of how I met Masaya, how Masaya had saved
my life and its details when I got yet another phone call. Perhaps Yoshiki thought that these incessant
calls were unnatural. “That’s a lot of calls.” “Sorry, there’s some urgent business back in Japan.” He
didn’t say anything, but it’s likely that Yoshiki felt that I was once again under Masaya and Home of
Heart’s control. After a while, Yoshiki said. “There’s a song I wrote, in Hide’s memory, do you want to
hear it?” “Yes, of course I’d like to!” We both went into the recording room Yoshiki was so proud of,
cramped with recording materials and tools. Yoshiki made me sit next to the very high class mixing
controls. That was the place were the sound could be best heard. Then, just like the same as ten years
ago, he showed me the song lyrics written in his own handwriting. Every time a new song’s lyrics had
been completed, Yoshiki showed the to me in his handwriting. This song, written in memory of Hide,
was titled “Without You”. Yoshiki, in the background, pressed the ‘play’ button on the computer.
When the song quietly finished, Yoshiki said gently. “I wish you’d sing this song.” “Then should I try?”
Yoshiki went to the grand piano’s keyboard and like always, I stood by the right side. “How about this
key?” The key most suitable for my voice had been chosen. This was Yoshiki style key choice. “I think
a more difficult key would be better. Rather than a key I can sing comfortably, a higher key would be
best.” When I finished singing, and when Yoshiki stopped playing, we were insilence for a while.
“Wonderful.” When Yoshiki finally said this, without thought I honestly asked. “Do you want to work
as X again?” “... I don’t know yet...” When I returned to Japan, Masaya ordered me to inform on my
website that I had met Yoshiki in LA. With that notice, many fans and media speculated about the
rumors of X Japan’s return.
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positively unsure。

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Reply #12 on: February 12, 2019, 08:12:20 AM
Our first drink In a space of 5 months, the plans of X’s return had not progressed much. A, and their
partner B, advised me again. “Meet Yoshiki once again and talk about the plans.” I also received orders
from Masaya to “do it”, and in mid August 2007, as Yoshiki arranged his schedule, A, B, and I flew once
again to Los Angeles. The day of our arrival, I contacted Yoshiki. “Why don’t we go drink and eat
together?” With my invitation, Yoshiki reserved some time and a restaurant for us. It was a japanese
food restaurant in bar style I used to go a lot when I lived in LA. Now the management had changed
and it was now a high class japanese food restaurant. I had no more recollection of the times we had
been out to drink together previously. Maybe the first experience. When the waited came to get our
orders, Yoshiki ordered a drink that he apparently always chose. Since I had been under Masaya’s
control, I could not drink. But, I ordered a beer. “Toshi, can you drink?” Yoishiki asked, even though
ten years ago, alcohol was never my strong point. “Yeah, because today we’re here after such a long
time, I guess I’ll have a drink!” “Cheers!” Then, Yoshiki talked a lot about the old days, going from our
childhood, middle school, high school, to the time when X was an amateur band. Yoshiki looked like
he was having fun, sometimes laughing until the tears came out. I too laughed, feeling like a child

After getting into a relaxed mood, inevitably we would have to move on to the topic of X Japan’s
future. “Yoshiki, do you know? There seem to be many X Japan fans all over the world.” “Our music
had spread around the world. Even though we’ve been doing nothing...” I said to Yoshiki once more.
“Let’s work as X again.” That time, I was probably asking it honestly, as a long time childhood friend. I
said the words without thinking about it. Yoshiki replied, speaking very fast. “I just finished a very
exhaustive recording for a Hollywood musical movie, so I can’t think about X right now. I have
optimistic feelings towards it, but I can’t answer right now. But the song you sang at the studio,
“Without You”. I want to do that one. We’ll start by recording that one first.” It’s likely that Yoshiki
had to deal with the emotional part of it and his busy schedule to organize X Japan’s return. But maybe
the biggest cause of Yoshiki’s reluctance in his decision was the problem of Masaya, Moritani and
Home of Heart’s control over me.

Yoshiki’s decision, challenging the world End of August 2007. As I returned to Japan, I saw rapid
development in Yoshiki’s decision to reform X Japan. Yoshiki contacted me, noticing that there was a
big chance that X Japan’s song could be used as the main theme song for a new movie of world famous
series produced in Hollywood called “SAW”. Yoshiki had in his mind that this was the perfect way to
make X Japan’s return and also world debut. However, he told me that there couldn’t be any delays
and the song had to be recorded and finished in one week. Then, Yoshiki asked me with emphasis. “I
can really believe in everything you say, can I?” “Yes, of course...” I did say this with a guilty conscience,
but even if I was not under Masaya and the other’s control, it was my true wish that I could work with
Yoshiki again.

“Then, we’ll start the recording soon!” Hurriedly, I was going to record. And I was going to sing
Yoshiki’s song again since 10 years ago. The title of the new song was “I.V.”. It was a heavy song, but
at the same melodious, with a complex range and classical development. This song showed the
nuances of Yoshiki’s musical sense as a result of living in America for many years. A very appropriate
song for X Japan’s revival. The lyrics were entirely in english. (Will I be able to sing this song after 10
years of singing only healing music?) I had some insecurity, but my only choice was to sing. Yoshiki,
after years of projects and working as a producer of many artists around the world, now gave me
precise directions and advice on english pronunciation, bringing out the best of my vocal performance.
As a result, in early September 2007, “I.V.” was chosen, from more than 200 other songs by many
other artists worldwide, to be “SAW 4′′‘s main theme song. This was also the moment when X Japan’s
return was decided for its merits.

First activity with X Japan, open video shooting In October 18 2007, an “urgent notice” was posted on
X Japan’s website, informing about the band’s activities starting again, the choice of theme song for
the worldwide exhibition of the movie “SAW4”, and that X Japan had now launched worldwide.
Furthermore, in October 22, there was also the announcement that the band was filming the promo
video for the new song at the rooftop of Aquacity in Odaiba, and the fans could see the progress of
this filming in a large screen that was placed at a park of the building grounds. Until then, I had been
working with much effort everyday, with no make up and plain dress. And now, unexpectedly, I
returned to the rock world. Masaya told me to wear sunglasses and other orders regarding my style.
All this time, I had been made to say and contradict myself that “If I can sing the songs I really want to
sing, as how I really am, then I am happy”, and, “If I can allow myself to live without any false
appearances, I am happy.” Then, the “useless egomania” had been erased from me, but yet I was,
once again, the rock vocalist Toshi.

On the large stage on top the building, 6 tons of artificial rain fell. The filming of the promotion video,
which had cost a total of 350 thousand dollars, started. One of Hide’s favorite guitars was there as his
representation. More than 10 thousand fans had gathered at the park to watch on the screen. After
the filming ended, the band members gathered and went to the park to a special message for the fans.
Yoshiki took the microphone. “X Japan’s world debut has been decided. If it’s successful, we’ll be
aiming for a concert next spring.” He raised his voice, shouting all at once. Yoshiki moved the
microphone at my direction, but I didn’t know what I should say and I had no words. I was in fear that
my words would become problems to Masaya and Moritani and that it would earn me abuse and
violence, so I did not say anything. This was the grand opening for X Japan’s return, with Yoshiki’s lead.
A light towards escape from brainwashing Until October 2006, Masaya and Moritani had been
profiting, and I lived in a state of poverty, as the “touring” I did became each time more exhausting.
However, I had been going to welfare institutions with the objective of selling CDs until then, and
suddenly I was told to stop. “You’ve been wasting a lot of money doing that work in welfare
institutions, but you’ve met a lot of business owners who support me(Masaya). Now you have to sell
them concert tickets and my healing products and hotel memberships. And of course, you will also
raise the sales from shopping centers, events and concert appearances with their payment and CD
sales!” After I was told that, everyday, in the spare time I had between touring, I had meetings with
many business owners, sometimes I had a meal with them, requesting their efforts to help with the
activities. From 2006 to 2009, it’s likely that I met more than 4000 people of the most varied areas. In
that number, I met the directors and managers of big enterprises and also many famous politicians.
Actually, the frequent interaction and exchange with my old friends and people involved in X Japan’s
return and these of business, which I had been forbidden until then, was the light that showed me the
way out.

X Japan’s revival concert On the 28, 29 and 30 of March 2008, X Japan’s concert was scheduled at
Tokyo Dome. In the beginning of March there were also the rehearsals. Ueda had been at the lobby
outside of the rehearsal studio, and inside of the studio, where only the members and concert staff
were allowed to enter, I could turn off my mobile phone’s battery source, not getting any calls of
harassment from Moritani. Performing with my old friends even made me feel a little bit less tense.
Even Yoshiki, who I knew since our childhood, as the leader of the band, worried about me, told me
this at every opportunity. “I’ll accept you the way you are, and we’ll do this together. I’ll lend you my
strength.” The concert tickets to about 50,000 seats had been sold out almost at the same time it went
on sale. The first day of the concerts had been delayed for more than two hours. The reason was that
there had been found technical problems in the sound source of the hologram that would be used as
Hide, and the adjustments took time because of the difficulty. Combining Hide’s image and playing to
our performance had been already nearly impossible. But in the time before the concert, I received
Moritani’s abusive calls incessantly, and had to dismiss staff from the dressing room, such as the make
up staff and the stylist. As I sat in the chair facing the mirror, I listened to the abuse. 8:17 PM, it was
finally time for the concert and I went to the stage. In 10 years, the last song I had performed on the
Tokyo Dome, in December 31 1997, was “The Last Song”, which was now the opening song. As the
intro played, I started singing. “終わらない雨 抱きしめた 夜が朝を迎える・・・” I was then
surrounded by the shouts of enthusiastic fans. I sang on my voice’s limit. I guessed Masaya and
Moritani were probably watching the live broadcast, hanging on to every word I said and the way I
acted. After these three days of concerts, the next day I returned to my own touring and CD sales.
Until then, Moritani ordered me to take the unreserved seats on the train and stay at the cheapest
business hotel of the area. Moritani continued telling me to do this, however, Masaya’s high ranking
staff Matsumoto(name has been changed to protect identity), ordered that I take reserved train seats
and stay at regular cheap hotels, to catch the attention of the media. “An artist who performs at the
Tokyo Dome shouldn’t look so cheap.” After meeting those business owners, many times they bought
the tickets and supported me in many ways, many times treating me to meals, letting me stay in high
quality hotels, giving me tickets for high class train seats, and even gifted me money. Because I couldn’t
freely have money of my own, I did not pay the money I was gifted to Moritani, instead, I used it to
pay my loan debts and to pay a part to sellers. After I met all these people, a small part of that wall in
my heart that Masaya and Moritani built started to crumble. I started to feel towards them some
doubts that until then I had never felt.

Outside contacts expand Following the Tokyo Dome 3 days, in May 3 and 4 2008, a memorial concert
for Hide, titled, ‘Hide Memorial Summit’ took place at the Tokyo Ajinomoto stadium. In that concert,
X Japan and many other fellow bands gathered for a session performance. There was a rehearsal
previously, and being able to turn off my mobile phone’s battery source made me feel relieved, even
if only for a small period of time. I also had fun playing and talking to X Japan members and the other
bands’ members since so long ago, it was very nostalgic. “Toshi, it’s nice to work with you.” The other
bands’ members were all very polite. There had been many of them that I had known for a long time
but also many I was meeting for the first time, but everyone came to greet me. Many of the vocalists
of younger bands also asked me a lot of about singing techniques. It may be a trivial topic of
conversation, but to me it felt fresh. In these few hours of rehearsal, I felt free from the curse of
Moritani’s abusive phone calls. First with Yoshiki and now to be performing with band members I knew
for so long and interacting with new bands and making new contacts. For so long, I had been shut off
from this. And now I felt this was the chance that I could open little bit more of my heart.

Masaya’s mistake In December 9 2008, at approximately 1:45 PM, I got out of a taxi near Tokyo High
Court. That day was the trial for the lawsuit of one injured party against Masaya, Moritani and Home
of Heart. Masaya, as the accused party, was going to be interrogated that day. Before going to court,
I received severe violence and abuse from Masaya and Moritani. “Why do I have to be judged by these
corporate egomaniacs!? Do you know what it means to be judged and have to bring along my father
who is an official of the Ministry of Justice!?” Then, Moritani shouted hysterically. “It’s all your fault!
You don’t know how much this is humiliating to Masaya! You monster!” They made me fall and started
to trample over me aggressively, kicking me many and many times. I cried as I apologized continuously.
Day of the trial. 15 minutes before the trial, starting at 2 PM, I received an order from Moritani to go
to where it would be held. Arriving there, she also ordered that we go inside together, holding hands.
At the door, I waited her arrival. Lawyer Kito, on the side of the accuser, pointed out at the trial. “After
Moritani and Toshi married, soon they lived apart. Moritani lived with Masaya in the city of Nasu,
Tochigi prefecture, as a devotee. She lives together with Masaya and many other women devotees,
being the closest to Masaya. Toshi is an extreme devotee who was, in the most literal meaning,
controlled by Moritani and Masaya to work, being exploited of all the money.” Unmistakably, that was
the truth. However I was ordered by Masaya and Moritani to “act as if Toshi and Moritani are a couple
in the best terms living together”. In Moritani’s blog she posted many false entries about us happily
living together. A duet CD with Moritani was also released, I performed together with her at my dinner
show, acting the role of “friendly couple”. When the trial began, in the courtroom, at Masaya’s
interrogation, I was shocked by his actions and speech. Before the trial, I had expectations of Masaya.
(Masaya is different from an egomaniac like me, he will speak and act firmly, even in court he will be
prepared to say good, truthful things and everyone will be overwhelmed by it.) That was a very
headlong way of thinking. At the Tokyo High Court courtroom, I sat at the accused side. Moritani and
Home of Heart staff also sat there with me. Moritani held my hand as the judge could see this. The
interrogation began. Masaya entered the courtroom. The feeling of tension was heavy. He stood
facing the presiding judge, he was asked his address and full name. “My address... Well... Um... I don’t
know...” (What?) I stared at Masaya’s fidgety behavior with my own eyes. After that, he was also
questioned by accuser side lawyer, and Masaya started to deceive them with crude lies, getting too
desperate. It was a pitiable sight, I felt embarrassed by it. Then, the presiding judge said with
disapproval. “You should be someone who knows self control. Please act with appropriate manners.”
Seeing Masaya’s behavior in a rigid public setting like this was a shock. The things he said to me in a
private place and the way he was acting now was too different. Moritani said things like, “Lawyer Kito
and the others are getting intimidated. They’re getting pale..” But I didn’t feel that at all, whichever
way I looked at it, it looked more like we had no chance. But even with that suspicion, I thought that
someone wit an ego like mine couldn’t understand Masaya’s deep thoughts. But there was no doubt,
that Masaya’s actions and speech in this interrogation and also Moritani’s words only deepened my
growing distrust.

Right wing organization propaganda truck In late January and early February 2009, for about two
occasions, near the apartment of the Tochigi, Nasu Home of Heart and Toshi Office headquarters,
located in the Tochigi Nasushiobara town, there happened an incident of a right wing organization
propaganda truck. I was in the area, doing my sales activity when I received a phone call from Moritani
telling me of the incident. “There’s a propaganda truck of a right wing organization and they’re in front
of the Home of Heart headquarters shouting that Masaya brainwashes people and abuses children!
It’s your fault we can’t step outside because people are scared of us. Do something!” I received from
Home of Heart data of this, including pictures and video. I took them for consultation to the
metropolitan police’s officer in charge of violent organizations, who I had known for some time. In the
end, this incident occurred due to a bank trouble between a company that Masaya managed and the
leader of this organization. Masaya told me, detaching himself from the matter, “Those things from
the past have nothing to do with it. That mafia group is actually only aiming for your artistic rights. As
long you are here, everyone will keep an eye on us.” I thought, (It’s all my fault again...) However,
these organizations are a problem that all artists and others in the entertainment business should be
wary of. Masaya made his bank troubles linked with such organization look like it was something I
caused, involving me in the incident. This was another time when I felt distrust towards Masaya.
Growing suspicion In February 13 2009, I took the first train leaving Tokyo and going to Nasushiobara.
Some hours before that, late at night, I received a phone call from Moritani with instructions.
“Tomorrow at 9 in the morning, you’re going to film a music video in Nasu.” When I reached the
Nasushiobara station, after getting through the ticket gate and taking the escalator, cold wind blew.
It felt like it was freezing my face. After exiting the traffic circle outside the train station, there a deep
navy minivan with the back and headlights flashing waited for me. There was fallen snow outside. As
I was told, I sat at the backseat and Suzuta dove the minivan.

“Masaya’s new house is now built, we’re going there to film the music video.” “Where is it?” “Very
near Rindo lake, next to the Teddy Bear museum.” “How long will it take to arrive?” “30 minutes or
so.” “Yes, thanks.” After that, I looked at the scenery from the window in silence. The fields and groves
of many trees spread in all directions. Snow fell softly, the rural scenery continued endlessly. “I wonder
what kind of house Masaya’s house is...” August 1997 was the first time I went to the Home of Heart
headquarters building in Minato, Minamiasa. It was a western style building. There, I talked to Masaya
twice in the ‘healing room’ at the second floor. In the next month, when I attended the seminars there
many, many times, the whole building was prohibited to the entrance of men, except for the basement
room where the seminars happened. I did not see the room where Masaya, Moritani and the other
staff slept. I had no idea if there were any other rooms. In summer of 2001, Home of Heart moved to
Nasu city in Tochigi prefecture. The headquarters where Masaya and Moritani lived were also
prohibited to men, but only once I had been into the entry living room at the entrance. Other than
that, I didn’t know what kind of day-to- day living Masaya and Moritani had there. There were more
buildings in the Nasu city, but they were also prohibited to men. Toshi Office, where only my name
represented it, was located in a single room rented in an apartment, and I had been there only two or
three times at all. Masaya and Moritani’s lives were to me, surrounded in mystery. However, I believe
that today I might know a little bit of how Masaya’s daily living was. After a 30 minute drive, turning
left at the national highway, we went up a hill road so narrow it was hard for even one car only to fit.
Getting out of there, suddenly, there was a huge building designed like some kind of art museum.
“Wow...” Struck by the building’s extravagance, that word came out. Then, Suzuta said,

positively unsure。

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Reply #13 on: February 12, 2019, 08:14:45 AM
“Externally, it’s being used as a showroom for Home of Heart related products.” Getting out of the
car, the front door to the building opened. On the left side, there was a clear glass-sided space. Parked
there was a brand new BMW car. It was an indoors garage. Another door opened, and we went in.
The ceiling was far above, a wide space all in white with marble flooring. There was a large sofa in
modern style, and Masaya and Moritani sat on it. I could hear the sound of the video recording
materials being set up at the interior space of the dining room. On the right side of the living room
was a glass-sided space. The same instant I looked at it, Moritani said happily. “That is an indoor
swimming pool. Isn’t that awesome! I’ll swim in that pool too.” A new imported car, a building exactly
like an art museum, gorgeous interior, and a pool for Moritani... The same time I was astounded by
the gorgeous quality of the interiors, my mind went back to Moritani’s past words. “The money is not
enough, we don’t even have any to feed the children! I am on a bed of nails! I want to kill myself!” I
saw the images of her telling me this with sadness, the tears that she shed. Moritani then said that
she would show me the rooms and started to climb the stairs to the second floor. I followed her, but
my heart was full of doubts. There was a bedroom there. In the bedroom, immediately an extravagant
king size bed came into view. Maybe it had been the bed Masaya had been sleeping until now, the
mattress was a little out of place. Inside that room, was a washroom, probably, were I could see for a
moment that Masaya’s sweater, one that I once saw Moritani wearing, had been piled up. (Huh,
Masaya and Moritani are living here?) Suddenly, I felt dizzy, like as if my head had been hit with an
iron hammer. My field of vision turned into pure white. Like a swaying lantern, many doubts hidden
in the back of my mind returned to me. In 2008, Masaya and Moritani opened in Nasushiobara city a
beauty salon, a stone sauna space, and a small, but luxury hotel for women’s use only.

Masaya ordered me to sell hotel memberships, and one person who bought it, for hundred thousands
yen, was an acquaintance of mine, a business owner. But she never went to the hotel. Even though I
sold the memberships to many others, I never heard of anyone staying at the hotel. I wonder what on
earth that place was being used for. Also, in Tokyo I used to see both Moritani and Masaya always
driving luxury cars, such as 2 different Porsches, Volkswagen Touareg, Bentley, and others. About the
cars, Moritani told me that, “We(Home of Heart) are poor, so when we go on business to meet people,
or go outside, we must make everyone think that we are rich. Business is more successful that way.
So we must drive luxury cars. When we go on meetings we also must go on different cars each time.”
And I believed in all of that. Thoughts of distrust were spinning in my mind. A buzzing in my ear
suddenly became louder and louder. When I realized, I had both of my hands covering my ears. “Hey,
get down here quickly!” I heard Suzuta’s high pitched voice. When I returned to my senses, I went
down the stairs. When the filming for the video in the living room ended, I took the train back to
Tokyo, always watching the scenery from the window vacantly. I had no strength left to think about

Days of conflict Entering 2009, X Japan had much activity. In January there was the first overseas
concert in Hong Kong. In two days of concerts, with 20,000 people attending, it had been a success. In
late April, the concert in Taiwan had 10,000 attending. As X Japan’s vocalist, not only in Japan but in
many countries of Asia had made me more well known. Still, I was living in such way that I asked
designer friends to make me stage costumes and normal clothes, either free of charge or by loan. For
meals, there were times when I was invited to eat with friends that were business owners and their
business partners. If not, every night, I went to the convenience store and bought one rice ball, oden
style food, one pack of vegetable juice, and one bottle of oolong tea. 500 to 600 yen covered my food
expense. Once in three days, I would send my clothes to the coin laundry, spending 300 yen.
My cost of living, covering these things, along with transport and lodging, with only the essential basic,
for a month was at around 30000 or 40000 yen. With that lifestyle, I went to perform with X Japan at
the Tokyo Dome in May 2 and 3 2009. But even at that time, I had no rest from Home of Heart business.
Days before, in April 29, I held two mini concerts and CD signing events in a shopping center in the city
of Izumisano, Osaka. Following, in May 4, I also held two mini concerts and CD signing events in a
shopping center in the city of Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture. In May 5, two mini concerts and CD
signing events in a shopping center in the city of Omuta in Fukuoka prefecture. May 6, two more mini
concerts and CD signing events in a shopping center in the city of Moriyama in Shiga prefecture. After
touring Asia and Japan, having many spectators and X Japan becoming a major presence, before and
after that, like always, doing my own concerts at shopping centers, of course I felt distrust. But
Moritani would continue with the violence and abuse to erase that out of me. Even though, in m heart,
I still continued to feel suspicions growing bigger.

Trial decision The decision for that trial, where I started to feel enormous distrust of Masaya, would
be out in May 28 2009. This was one of the trial battles between injured parties and Masaya, Moritani
and Home of Heart since 2004. It was the first result from the High Court. I knew of it by reading news
on the internet.

“Leader of self improvement seminar institution Home of Heart(Tochigi Prefecture), Masaya or Toru
Kurabuchi, is accused of stirring up anxiety by declaring that “Whoever leaves the seminar will only
live a hellish life outside of it” and also of exploiting great quantities of money. A woman(41) of the
same prefecture is legally requesting reparations worth 21 million yen from Home of Heart, Masaya,
Kaori Moritani, the vocalist of X Japan, Toshimitsu Deyama(Toshi), and of all companies related. The
Tokyo High Court, on the 28th, has decided on the reparations value of approximately four hundred
thousand yen increase, a payment order of approximately 15.8 million. Judge Ootani Yoshio has
pointed out founder Masaya’s continuous use of violence and terror, forcing victims to pay all of the
money in their possession to Home of Heart and “reforming” people. It is acknowledged that these
practices are unaccepted in social standards.”

I was astonished. I personally wasn’t one of the accused. I didn’t know what position I found myself to
be in the injured party’s accusations. But, of course, the news had to involve my name in it. I received
shock from the information before me. Then, the tears started to well up. It was when I felt a violent
pain as if my ribs had been tightened. As I thought, I couldn’t breathe. I crouched to the floor. I stayed
there, in that way, for about ten minutes without moving. After that day, I started to feel the same
pain along with palpitations and a terrible headache, my body started t react abnormally. Abuse,
violence, chronic insomnia. Traveling the entire country without one day of rest, moving continuously,
transferring money over to Moritani. 12 years had passed. Soon I would be 44, certainly a middle aged
man. Did I still have a normal sense of judgement? (Aren’t I too much alike the accuser, who “paid all
of her money in possession to Home of Heart and was ‘reformed'”?)

Hatred towards Masaya At this time, Masaya, Moritani, and high ranking staff Matsumoto(name has
been changed to protect identity) came to Tokyo and, like every time, stayed at a suite room of a high
class hotel called Conrad Tokyo. At the time of their lodging, I was called into the room after my work
for the day ended, there I received intense abuse and violence from Moritani. When I was called into
their room, I saw them having a feast which Masaya had ordered from room service. One day, there
was a round table, near the window, that was served with many dishes. Moritani put me with my face
on the floor and as I received the violence and abuse, I could hear the sounds of them eating. After 30
minutes, the violence and abuse from Moritani was over. I stayed there, lying on the floor as I cried.
Masaya then told me. “Hey, chin man, you eat too.”

I raised my face and looked at Masaya. I saw him stuffing his face with steak, his cold eyes looking
back at me. He sat and his fat body bulged in a slouched way. Seeing him in such a wretched way made
a cold shiver run down through my spine, as I knew again what was to feel disgust and hate. 12 years
ago, when I met Masaya, he had a handsome face, he was tall, slim. I thought that he had the vision
for a new era in business and that he was a cool, youthful entrepreneur and artist. But now, there was
no trace of that in Masaya. “I already had enough so you eat now, chin man.” He persuaded me to eat
what was left of the meal. Of course, I had no appetite for that. “Excuse me, I’m not hungry.” I replied.
At this point in time, I noticed ‘something’ in me was surely starting to change towards Masaya and
also Moritani. But I was afraid of this, and I didn’t dare to think of it, sealing it away deep in myself.
Their goal was money Until now, in these 12 years, almost every day I had to go to the bank to pay or
transfer the money I had on hand to Moritani. After X Japan’s return in 2008, once in two weeks,
Masaya would come from Nasu to Tokyo and I would pay the money for Moritani. In a month, if there
was “little” money, it would be at around several thousand million yen. It there was “a lot” of money,
it would be at around several billions. The only way I could escape from the abuse and violence, each
time increasing in severity, was to pay Moritani One day, late June 2009, after going through a lot of
work to make 5 million yen, I was going to pay it directly to Moritani. She aggressively snatched the
money from my hand, shouting in hysteria. “This is not even close to being damn enough!” Some days
ago I had paid her in cash 3 million yen. That was when it happened again. All of a sudden, my ribs felt
like they were being squeezed, breathing became painful, my forehead became damp with cold sweat.
My face contorted from the excruciating pain. But, Moritani started with the verbal abuse with no
concern at all.

“Because of you, everyone is having it rough! You chin man!” The cold sweat ran down the back of my
neck. Grasping my fists, I was shaking. But I felt courage surging from inside my stomach and I couldn’t
hold it back any more. “In the end, it’s all about money, isn’t it?!” This was one of these moments
when I felt the strong sense of doubt I had accumulated show. This was the first time I shouted back
at Moritani. After a while of silence, she said in a cold tone. “Would you say that to Masaya, face to
face?” I didn’t say anything. I still felt a lighter pain around the ribs but I could barely breathe.
Unexpectedly, Moritani dramatically changed, now she started to cry. “I just want you, Ago*, to do
good deeds. I fully support you, Ago. I’m doing all this hard work to support you.” *Ago = chin I could
only hear lies in these words. When she told me things like this, I usually felt very apologetic. But now,
I only saw it as some type of acting. Moritani was now, to me, a frightening demon who came to steal
my money.

Decision to escape Days later, in July 3 2009, I had a concert in Meguro Gajoen, Tokyo. As I sang, I felt
uneasiness about what kind of cruel treatment there would be, as I had replied back to Moritani some
days ago. “In the end, it’s all about money, isn’t it?!” After the concert’s end, I was taken by Suzuta to
Masaya, Moritani and Matsumoto’s hotel room. In the room, I received severe violence and abuse
from Masaya and Moritani. Masaya said. “It seems like you have set yourself against Wanku(this is
how Moritani was called in Home of Heart)” “Do you know I could sell you to the mafia! You may be
even worth something, maybe 3 billion! I’ll sell you to the mafia and you’ll pay for all of your sins!” As
he threatened me, I was on the floor, with my face to the ground. Many, many times, I was stepped
on with force. Then, Moritani started to step on and kick me in the same manner. As I endured the
pain, I thought. (Isn’t this just pure violence?) In the beginning, I believed that the abuse and violence
would make me become a better person. But each time, it became more aggressive. Now, it was only
plain violence. And then, there was the verbal abuse, or psychological violence. I was controlled by
the fear of these two types of violence. And now the threat of “being sold to the mafia”. Masaya
always put emphasis on him being good terms with a mafia leader called S, who would help him with
several million yen at the time he claimed to own many disco clubs and cafes in Roppongi. Masaya
also claimed to be on good terms with a mafia boss. I always shivered when he threatened to sell me
to the mafia, it sounded like a legitimate threat. I don’t know if it was because I was being stepped on,
or because of that pain in my ribs, but I started having difficulty breathing. The cold sweat and tears
made my face messy. (At this rate, I’m really going to be sold to the mafia...) (For how long will I have
to live trough these hellish days?) (Why am I alive?) (I can’t handle this any more.) (I have to run away
from Moritani and Masaya somehow.) As my consciousness faded, I finally took the decision to escape.
Severing contact with Moritani The next day, July 4, I did not sleep much. Early in the morning, I left
to Okinawa for an appearance in a pharmaceutical company’s event. In the flight from Haneda airport
to Naha airport, the other passengers all seemed like they were on vacation. The atmosphere in the
flight was relaxing, but I had pain from being kicked on the back the previous night, the usual pain in
my chest, and throbbing pain in a part of my face. As I tried to withstand these pains, I stared at the
window, thinking in nothing else but how I would plan my escape. (But, no matter which way or how
I escape, there’s no doubt that Moritani would go after me...)

When I closed my eyes, I saw her evil expression. Feeling nauseous, I stood from my seat and locked
myself inside the toilet. With my thoughts in chaos, the plane reached Naha airport. I was warmly
greeted by the company owner in Okinawa. “You seem to be very tired, are you feeling well? Apart
from the concert, I want you to take yor time to rest here in Okinawa. This is my gift to you, wear this
and maybe you’ll feel a little bit like it’s a vacation.”

positively unsure。

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Reply #14 on: February 12, 2019, 08:17:33 AM
Maybe sensing something that I felt, addressing
me with worry, the company owner gave me a green aloha shirt. The owner’s easygoing personality
and typical traits of a person form Kansai made me feel rested. But that day, not even the company
owner’s smile or the blue skies and sea of Okinawa could make me feel better. The next day, due to
another event, I took the plane from Okinawa to Osaka. During the flight, I also kept thinking in ways
to escape. But I feared, “What would happen if I get caught?”. Each time Moritani’s terrifying face
flickered in my mind, I felt nauseous and had to lock myself in the toilet over and over. After the work
was done in Osaka, I took the night train with “manager” Ueda. In order not to make Ueda sense
anything, I played along as if everything was normal. When I reached Tokyo, I was contacted by
Yoshiki’s manager. The manager informed me that Yoshiki, in Los Angeles, had sent an urgent request
that I sing X Japan’s new song. Parting from Ueda, I took a taxi alone to a recording studio in Ginza,
Tokyo. When I got there, the engineer, S, who had been making preparations, approached me and
said, in shock. “Toshi, you look terrible. Are you ok?” I nodded weakly, and was told to wait at the
lounge for news from Yoshiki. I lay down and rested at the lounge, closing my eyes and thinking. (If I
stay recording until morning, I’ll have an excuse not to pick up Moritani’s calls. I don’t have to pick up
the phone that time. Tomorrow, 6, I have a meeting with a clothes maker, and I don’t need Ueda to
accompany me. Then, in the next day, 7, I can suddenly cancel my appointments and have nothing for
the day. Meanwhile, I won’t pick up my phone and I’ll disappear somewhere.) (But, what if Moritani
catches me? What kind of punishment will I have? Will I be sold to the mafia...?)

Being sold would mean that Masaya and Moritani would sell my office to a mafia group they knew,
Masaya would secure the profits and I would have to work for them, bring them money. Under the
control of the mafia, I would have to work my whole life. Money‐hungry as Masaya and Moritani are,
they would be very satisfied with this. But, if it turned to that, I would rather die. (There’s no other
timing. I must run away!) With that determination, I stood up from the sofa. Then, I heard a knock on
the door. I held my breath, my heart raced as if it could stop as I immediately thought, (Is it Moritani?).
Then I heard the voice of Yoshiki’s manager from the door. “Toshi?” Timidly I replied “Yes”, quietly.
“I’m sorry you came all the way here, today the set up with Yoshiki over from L.A. isn’t working. It’s
been cancelled today.” “Ok, I understand...” I replied quitely to the other side of the door. It had been
cancelled after I had waited two hours. After that, I still stayed at the lounge, deep in thought. I jumped
as the cell phone rang. It was Moritani. I could say I felt like a soldier, heading to the front line in battle,
I was ready to do or die. I did not pick up the phone. After that, until 3 AM, Moritani continued calling.
I still did not pick up. It was the first time this happened since I met her. Every time there was an
incoming call, I felt nauseous, some part of it because of fear, and had to to go the toilet. In this state
of body and mind where I was being chased, I didn’t feel like I was alive. After a while, the phone calls
lessened. I left the studio, where I had been until 3 AM, and went to my room. The night was over and
I did not sleep for one minute. After 9 AM of the next day, I started getting Moritani’s phone calls
again. I set my phone to silent mode, but every time I felt it vibrating, of course I had nausea(I was
terribly afraid) and felt ashamed of myself. In the afternoon, Moritani called over and over. She left
messages on the answering machine, angrily ordering me to pick up the phone. I shivered when I
heard her voice. She also sent many text messages ordering me to answer. At night, the phone rang
again, but when I looked to see if it was Moritani again, this time it was Yoshiki’s manager. “Yoshiki
really wants to record the song tomorrow, starting from 9 AM, how are your circumstances?” This was
not a direct conversation, but a message the manager left on the answering machine. Recording was
impossible. If I agreed to record, there was a high probability Moritani would know of it and find me.
Soon I contacted Yoshiki’s manager with a refusal. The manager replied, greatly troubled. “If the
recording is not done by tomorrow, it’s going to create a very worrisome situation in America, there’s
a deadline for it. This is a urgent request from Yoshiki and all of the X Japan staff. Can’t you do anything
about it?” “Oh, is that so? In that case, I will try to fit it in my schedule. I’ll contact you later.” What
should I do... I thought that I could run away from Moritani and Masaya. But I understood that in this
situation with Yoshiki, I had been cornered. “All right. I’ll be at the studio tomorrow until 9. But please,
don’t tell this to anyone.” “Understood. Thank you, thank you so much. You’re helping a lot. See you
there.” Please! Don’t let Moritani know of it! This was my last hope.

Kidnapping and confinement. 7 July 2009, a day I will always remember I continued without sleep,
now it had been many days. I did not eat or drink. I was falling apart, physically and mentally. On July
7, 10 minutes before 9 AM, I arrived by taxi at the entry of the recording studio in Ginza, ‘Onkio Haus’.
“God, please don’t let Moritani find me.” I closed my eyes tightly and wished to God. I examined my
surroundings, but there was no one around. I left the taxi, fearful. My feet trembled. In quick, small
steps, I turned to go for the building’s back entrance. I stood before the first floor elevator. I looked
around, but the building lobby was very quiet, since it was early in the morning. I took the elevator,
pressing the button to the third floor, which was the floor of the studio. My fingertips trembled, my
heart pounded as if it was going to explode. Soon, the door to the third floor opened. “Please!” I closed
my eyes tightly. “Ah!” The instant I opened my eyes, I stopped breathing. Moritani stood in front of
me. Her eyes were stiffly lifted, cold like a demon’s, glaring at me. She tried to grab my arm, but I
shoved her hand away roughly, running to the studio’s door in a straight path. Moritani, in silence,
tried to grab me tightly by the arm again, when I pushed her hand away again and managed to open
the heavy soundproofed door’s handle and get inside the studio. There was some resistance from her
but I could close the door. Moritani wouldn’t get past the studio’s door. There, in the studio, the
engineer and assistant had already made the preparations and had been waiting. “Good morning,
Toshi.” The engineer, S, who was sitting, turned around to greet me. S saw me desperately getting
inside the studio, with my face very pale. “Is everything ok?” S asked me. Soon, a satellite connection
was stabilished with Yoshiki’s studio in L.A., and the vocal recording began. Of course, I didn’t want to
leave the studio, I didn’t even want to take a toilet break. After a few hours, I had no choice but to
open the door. Taking a look at the condition outside, and in the lobby lounge, Moritani was sitting on
the sofa, when our eyes met. She glared at me with a terrifying glint in her eyes. Soon she stood up,
and approached my side. She grasped my arm and stood very close to me. “Hey...”

Since there were other people, she was saying this in a very quiet voice. Ignoring her, I walked over to
a restroom nearby the elevator. There, I thought. How should I get away from Moritani? It’s likely that
she contacted Home of Heart managers and they are waiting for me outside. I must do something.
When I left the restroom, she was standing there. I thought I’d stop and say something, but I
proceeded to go back to the studio. When the clock finally stuck 12, the recording continued. Even
though it was a long record session, I desperately wished that it would never end... Eventually, at 10
PM, the recording was over. I thought as I prepared to leave. At any rate, the only thing I can do is run.
With that decision, I opened the studio door. Immediately Moritani approached me. Then, she held
my left arm firmly with both hands and brought me with incredible force to the elevator. When the
door to the first floor opened, just as I thought, I was surrounded by Home of Heart staff.

Plan of escape failed It’s over, there’s no escape now... Moritani dragged me by the arm, and faster
than anything I had been thrown into the back seat of a minivan. “Masaya is waiting for you in Nasu.”
Moritani said as I was kidnapped. Inside the car, heading to Nasu, Moritani said. “What the hell were
you planning, bastard! What kind of intention did you have to do this!” As she yelled, over and over
she mercilessly struck me with her fists, as I was made to be crouched in the space under the car seat.
This assault continued for the two hours and half it took to arrive in Nasu. The car finally stopped.
When I was taken out of the car, we were at that gorgeous building in the mountain recesses, which
was Masaya’s new house. We went inside, Moritani still holding my arm, passing through the indoors
garage and into the living room. Masaya was sitting in the sofa, placed on the vast white marble floor.
“Kill this chin man!” When Masaya said this to Moritani, I was thrown on the ground and Moritani
screamed furiously as she hit my back.

“For how long will you cause us trouble! You monster!” Other people joined, kicking my back. I heard
Masaya’s voice. “I sell people like you to the mafia!” My back was stepped on with force. Not being
able to breathe because of the extreme pain, I started to lose consciousness. After that I don’t know
for how long the violent acts continued. If things stayed like this, I would really be sold to the mafia. I
had to run away, somehow. At one point in time, when I was still unconscious, I heard Masaya’s voice.
“What now?” And then I returned to my senses. Would I get out of this place...? Promptly, I said,
kneeling down, my head touching the floor. “I’m very sorry. Please, continue. I’m sorry.” Today I
couldn’t attempt to escape any more. I had all of my freedom stripped away from me. From tomorrow
until the day I died, would I continue to live everyday as a slave? “Get out of here!” With these few
words from Masaya, I staggered, trying to get back on my feet. So this was what was really like to feel
despair... Maybe it was from being hit on the head and ears with a slipper, but I heard a loud buzzing
sound that wouldn’t stop. I felt a throbbing pain in my eyes, my field of vision was blurred. With great
effort, I left the building. I was placed inside a car and left at the front of a business hotel in
Nasushiobara city at around 4 in the morning. After getting inside the hotel room, I couldn’t even get
on the bed, instead, I leaned against the edge and once again my consciousness faded for a while. My
face was swollen, my cheeks cut, and I felt immense pain in my back and ribs. I had trouble breathing,
and with that a violent coughing fit, which caused even more pain to my back and ribs. Looking outside
the small window from the narrow room, I could see the sky starting to brighten.
(Why did my life become like this...) The corner of my eyes became hot, I wiped my tears away many
times over with my hands.

The first time I showed my true feelings On the day of my 44th birthday, in October 10 2009, at noon,
I had a meeting with an acquaintance who was planning to hold a personal event. After I received the
guarantee fee of 1 million yen, I phoned Moritani, who was in Nasu, to inform her of it. Soon after,
Masaya also called me. “For chin man’s birthday present, Wanku is coming over.” I knew it meant that
she would come over to take the money away from me. The night of that day, I went to a birthday
party an acquaintance had set up for me at the highest floor of the Armani Tower, in Ginza, Tokyo. It
was a party in form of event that gathered around 100 of my fans. Just before I appeared, I saw
Moritani in the dressing room and suddenly I felt an abnormal itching sensation all over my body. I
went to the toilet and scratched my arms, legs, back until I was covered in bloody scars. It was so
evident, I couldn’t, under absolutely any reason, take my jacket off in front of all the people there, as
my white shirt had blood stains. Along with my bad condition of the excruciating rib pain, difficulty
breathing, palpitations and headache, I now had frequent itchy rashes all over my body. I paid the 1
million to Moritani and she quickly took it off my hands, without saying anything such as “happy
birthday”, and left. She probably went back to the car with Masaya and they went off to who knows
where. In October 19, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, I was performing a joint cncert with a piano presentation.
During the rehearsal and before the show, the pain in my chest became too much to bear. I felt dizzy
many times. After the concert, the company president offered to take me back to my apartment. As I
got out of the car, it was the first time I told someone what I felt. “I don’t think my body and mind can
take it any more...” “Huh, are you ok?” Without answering the company president, I closed the car’s
door weakly.

positively unsure。

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Reply #15 on: February 12, 2019, 08:45:26 AM

My physical condition worsens In October 22 2009, my body finally pleaded for help. During a certain
event, I felt the pain in my chest. I crouched down on the spot, not being able to move for a while. I
was taken to the hospital and laid on a bed. My condition had turned so bad, that my voice was gone,
and it became hard to speak. After 12 years of mental and physical torture, my body and mind finally
had a breakdown. In fear that Moritani would track me down, I requested no one contacted her, by
phone or in person. However, the president of the hospital that helped me now, Mikami(name has
been changed to protect identity), in the best of intentions, informed Ueda of my situation, letting
Moritani know where I was staying. Exactly as I thought, she persistently phoned the hospital over and
over, demanding rudely to “wake him up and get him on the phone!”. “This is the first time in all
several years of work here that I heard someone be so rude as this. I don’t know what the actual story
behind is, but the hospital will protect you as our patient” Mikami told me, representing the hospital,
with an astounded expression. When I checked my mail, I had many messages from Moritani that said
things such as, “The hospital keeps passing around the telephone but I never get to you. That’s
extremely rude. Their services are awful. You must contact me.” “Don’t tell anyone you’re
hospitalized.” I had been used to her abusive emails, but of course, to someone who had never seen
them or knew of what happened, it would appear as completely abnormal behavior. Every time the
image of an angry Moritani flashed in my mind, I trembled in extreme fear. If Moritani discovered me
here, everything would happen again like in July 7... I have to run away this time... “I’m getting out of
here right now. Moritani will surely come here and take me back!” “Toshi, what are you saying? This
is a hospital. Calm down. No one is coming here. Even if she came here, she wouldn’t be allowed
entrance here.” Mikami said with an expression of surprise. I shook my head negatively, and as I spoke
my voice trembled. “She will come! I really don’t know what I did to deserve this.” As I said that, I
dressed myself and left the hospital room. “Wait! Wait a minute!” Mikami said bewildered as he
chased me. Without taking a break to look back, I walked quickly through the hallway. I could only
think with conviction, (She will definitely come!) I headed for the emergency exit, through the quiet,
dark hallway. “Wait, where are you going? Just wait a little, I’m going to call a friend!” With Mikami’s
words, I stopped in my tracks and returned, momentarily, to reality. I turned to look back, and lowered
my head. “All right, all right.” “Riiing... Riiing...” No one picked up Mikami’s call. I started to walk again.
“Where are you going?” “I don’t know.” “For now, just get in my car! We’ll talk there.” As I got inside
the car, Mikami’s phone rang. “What’s happening? This late at night...” I heard a woman’s voice from
the phone. “My friend wants to spend the night over, but I can’t tell you the reason now.”

“Who is it?” “We’ll talk about that later.” “Well, but who is it?” “I’m going, ok?” “Wait, I’m asking you
who is it!” “Listen! When I get there, I’ll explain.” Mikami cut the call, and accelerated the car. The car
swayed through a mountain road with almost no lights, and then, in the darkness, a light of a building
could be seen.

Door to escape When Mikami stopped the car, a large, western style gate opened. We headed for the
front door. I followed him. Using the interphone, we waited a little. No one seemed to be around.
Mikami knocked on the door many times, making a loud noise. But even with that, there was still
silence. It was when we heard a voice from inside. “Quiet... Quiet!” “Father is asleep, you get inside
from here.” There was another building at the back. The shape of a woman could be seen at the
halfway open door. When Mikami and I arrived at the door, the woman said. “Come in.” And she
welcomed us into the building. “What happened? What is going on?” “I think you know him, let him
stay here a while.” “Who is it?” The beautiful, elegant lady was surprised when she saw my face. I also
knew who she was. Before, at my concert, I had been introduced to both Mikami and her. I politely
bowed to her. “Ah, Toshi! What is the meaning of this? Please, you should explain. How am I going to
explain to father that a celebrity is staying here?” “Ah, Toshi, this is Oda (name has been changed to
protect identity
).” “Oda, don’t mention about a “celebrity”. Can you keep secret about it? Please!”

“Understood. Tomorrow, Mikami will speak to dad. But it’s best you leave today. If father sees a
stranger inside the house, he’ll get angry at me.”

“Can’t you do anything about it? It’s urgent!” “It’s too late at night, it’s impossible.” “Ok. Then, I’ll
need you to stay here, waiting, until morning.” Mikami was very pushy. “All right. I understand.” I was
about to say ‘sorry’, but my voice was so weak, no one would hear it. “Anyway, please explain. Why
did you come here?” She asked me. “I came from the hospital.” “Why?” “Someone is after me.” “Did
you escape?” “Yes, I escaped now.” “Huh? Explain this properly!” “I’m serious! I was running away,
and I got here because I escaped.” “Ok.” She said, a little flustered. “We’re tired now, so let’s end
things here for today. Tomorrow we’ll talk about this clearly. Sorry if I’m being shameless, but could
you give him a hot drink?” Mikami asked to Oda, and she replied with a hint of annoyance. “Sure.”
“Sorry.” I apologized. That night, I was allowed to stay at a guest room on the second floor of the
building. I lay on the enormous bed. Mikami sat on the sofa. Mikami was about 10 years older than
me. He had a very calm and collected dandy. He involved himself in my complex issue and treated me
very kindly, even though I had no money to offer. I was thankful and I felt I could trust him. “Mikami,
I’m sorry for all of this. You even went as far as letting me stay for free at the hospital. Thank you.”
“Toshi, you’re allowed to stay at the hospital any time. Well, I also heard a lot of bad rumors about
you. I heard that you were deceived. After today I understand a little more of it, those people seem
to be a huge nuisance. If you stay here, no one will know of it. In this time, you can rest assured and
think about your life from now on. Oda may be a little angry right now, but she is a good person who’ll
surely lend you strength.” Without being able to sleep, I thought about various things. Maybe I ran
away this time. Maybe I really escaped from that hell I would have to live for who knows how much
longer. After these hours, as I expected, Moritani had shown up at the hospital early in the morning.
“Of course she would come. Just as I imagined.” I thought about the day I was kidnapped and my back
froze. Moritani searched the entire hospital looking for me, apparently going as far as going inside all
of the rooms. Even asking for my location at the reception desk and nurses’ office. Perhaps she was
trying to kidnap me once again, but the blackened minivan was parked outside the hospital, besides
the driver, there was another man with them. I received many messages from Moritani such as, “I
know you’re pretending to be out. I know that you, Ago, has asked the hospital to play along.” “If you
plan to be hostile like this, I have my own ideas too.” When Mikami told me of the content of these
messages, he noted. “Toshi, if I were sick, if it were my wife, she would first be worried, then ask about
my symptoms and then prepare what was available and bring them to me. That is the normal behavior.
But your wife doesn’t show a single bit of that kind of emotion. She wasn’t even willing to pay for your
stay at the hospital. She did not thank the hospital, instead, caused a lot of trouble. I’m truly shocked
at her extremely abnormal acts.” Mikami was always cool headed. But as he said this, he showed a
serious expression. Everything he said was spot on. If I stayed at the hospital, Moritani, with that
threatening attitude, would have already kidnapped me and taken me back to Nasu. I wonder what
would’ve happened to me. Maybe they would really sell me to the mafia. I couldn’t return to the
hospital after all that happened. There was no turning back now. “For now, let’s ask Oda once again.”
Mikami told me that and we left to the main house. Oda called us. “Please, I beg you! One week, no,
three days! No, just one day is fine by me! Please!” I pleaded desperately, lowering my head as I asked.
“I also ask this of you.” Mikami also lowered his head in the same way. Oda looked rather troubled,
but at that moment, the father had returned from a walk.

Inside the mirror “What’s going on?” I saw a very striking figure, he had silver hair, his back was in
excellent shape, and wore a very elegant red sweater. More or less 80 years old, this elderly gentleman
showed a strict, but softened expression. “Father, it’s been a while. Thanks for that one time.” Mikami
lowered his head. “No, no. It’s my honor. Well, have a seat.” “I’m sorry for the suddenness of this. But
I wanted to ask if my acquaintance could spend some time here. I ask this, perhaps you could be of
help to him. Well, um, if it’s possible, one week... He won’t give you any trouble. I offer to pay for all
of his expenses. Do you accept?” “Hm... Is the person in question him?” I stood up and lowered my
head. “Yes, I’m pleased to meet you. My name is Deyama.” He had a gentle expression, but I saw a
glint reflected in his eyes. “You were the one who wasn’t feeling well?” “Yes, there’s been a lot of
accumulated fatigue.” There was a brief period of silence. “Well, there must be a reason to it. I don’t
mind if you stay for 2 or 3 days. So, make yourself at home. There’s no need to pay either.” “Thank
you so much!” “However, this is for 2 or 3 days.” “I don’t care, I’m truly thankful.” The father stood up
and returned to the main house. “Mikami, Oda, I’m sorry for all this.”

“Well, isn’t it good!” Mikami patted me on the back. “Well, I have to go to my company and then I’ll
go to the hospital. I bet there are a lot of procedures I should take care of.” “I’m sorry. Thank you.”
With that, I felt a little bit relieved. With Moritani haunting that hotel, I managed to escape following
Mikami and ended up here. And if I was going to continue running away, I now had to cancel all of my
concerts. How was I supposed to do this?

After the sunset, Mikami arrived. He talked to me. “Toshi, don’t think of anything now. Just rest. You
can now calm down about what happened.” “Um, you’re sure no one followed you, right?”
“Absolutely no one. Be assured, it’s all right now.” “Mikami, what have I done until now?” “Just relax
for now. We can’t have your chest hurt like that again. Just rest quietly. Tomorrow I’ll show up here
again, until then, have a good rest.” He said as he left. On the wall of the second floor there was hung
a large mirror. In the mirror, I saw a man who only worked for money. He had a pale face and dull
eyes. His face was thin. There were many darkened marks all over his face from being beaten. I
touched my cheeks with both hands. When I went on stage, everything was hidden under make up.
But now, I stared at my pitiful state under a dim light. I lost my words after a day so long like this one.
(I don’t want to think about anything that happened in all these 12 years. I want to erase it all from
my mind. I wish my existence as ‘Toshi’ could disappear from this world as well.) I thought with
conviction as I looked at the mirror.

Hours slowly passing by “Toshi, have you eaten already? It’s evening already.” Unbelievably, I had
slept until the evening of the next day. When I went to the first floor, on the table was soup and some
rice balls. I sat down slowly and took a rice ball. The rice was still warm from the fire. Until now, I never
had such a calm time like this. I was very thankful, from the bottom of my heart, for such a meal and
for their kindness. I took a bite of it. I appreciated their gentle thoughtfulness. I felt warmth in my
chest. I took my time to eat the two rice balls. Thinking about it, I had not eaten anything in these two
days. Mikami arrived. “Toshi, did you sleep?” I didn’t want to hear Moritani’s voice, I didn’t want to
see her face. I didn’t want to see her again. At this point my only thought was to run away from her.
Mikami was worried about where I would go after this, he told me he was going to ask if I could stay
a little more than 3 days. However, I thought that this would be impossible. That night, Mikami was
talking to the father. It was around 7 PM. After that, Mikami came to the room I was staying, in high
spirits, and informed me, with an expression of relief. “Toshi, I asked if you could stay until next month.
Isn’t it great? We can think carefully of what to do after that.” “But, is that truly what he said? You
didn’t force him to let me stay, right? Mikami, I don’t have money or clothes. It’s really shameful to
be like this in my age.” “Well, for now, don’t think about that. Think about that after you wake up
tomorrow. Put your body and mind to relax.” That night, I didn’t sleep. I thought until morning.
Outside was already getting lighter, just a little more until daybreak. After a while, I heard the gate
open. It seemed like the father was back from his morning walk. I looked from a space between the
curtain and window. “I’m home.” “Welcome back, was it too cold?” the wife replied, from the front
door. They seem to be a normal, pleasant couple... I decided to go outside. I opened the door quietly,
and went to the gate as not to be seen. “Are you going on a walk?”

Suddenly the main house’s door opened. It was the wife. She smiled sweetly, always very calm. “Yes,
I’m going on a walk.” “Be careful, it’s a mountain road.” “Thank you.” I left the house from the left,
and walked for a while until there was an uphill road. I turned on the right and there was a beautiful
mountain range. I also heard the birds singing. It was cold! The cold season was already here... I
stepped on the fallen leaves, through the path. It seemed like not many people walked here. It was so
quiet. The time seemed to go by very slowly, as if it had stopped. As I walked, I saw a huge tree. I
thought of my childhood and searched for a sharp stone to write on the tree. October 2009... I
wondered what day it was. Probably the month was about to end. I could stay here for a little more.
But, what would my life be like in a month? On the way back, my legs felt heavy. Finally, I could see
the gate. I went inside through a smaller gate on the side. I went to the main house. Outside in the
cold, at the garden, was the father, doing some repairs. “Welcome back, did you have a good night of
rest?” “Yes. I stayed awake.” “You’re young, so that’s not a problem.” “I...” “What is it?” “I... ...” The
father looked in my eyes. I also looked at his eyes. We stayed in silence, but I felt a strong sense of
calm stability in his eyes. As if nothing happened, the father started to go back to the main house.
(Why didn’t I say anything?) I regretted. Yet, I didn’t know what I wanted to say.

Escape from brainwashing I continued to receive the usual rude messages from Moritani. “Think about
your actions, get this through your head, there’s no one who loves gossip other than nurses.

Understand this and get out of there, I’ll be waiting outside to take you back.” “If this turns into a
uproar, that will mean trouble. Go back to Nasu.” “You blindly believe what these stupid doctors from
the countryside say, now that is what means to be brainwashed. These idiot doctors are only
pretending to be serious.” How could someone write such things... I truly despised Moritani’s
personality, her lack of compassion and love. Since I had the breakdown, I finally woke up to their true
intentions, along with the distrust I already had of Masaya and Moritani. Their goal was only to get
large quantities of money from me. Their talk of helping the world and children’s future, the abuse
and violence of the seminar trainings were all only a way to control me, making me do endless hard
labor, to turn me into their money making machine. It was all a deceiving act. in July 7, 2009, I tried to
escape after realizing that, but I failed and was kidnapped and taken back. That time, I despaired. (I
can’t run away any more. After this, I will have to live in this world of darkness...) However, if God was
giving me an other chance to follow a path in life, I wanted to desperately build a new road. But not
running away any more. I decided with conviction to escape from all these 12 gloomy and long years
of risking my life. In October 26, 2009, I sent a letter of farewell to Masaya and Moritani. The following
day, October 27, ghastly, I wrote of my state to K, who agreed to be my representative under the law.
“K, please be my guardian. They don’t know the harm they have done. I will count on you.” I consulted
K about the explanation of the various topics, such as parting from Masaya, Moritani, and Home of
Heart, divorce from Moritani, restoration of the bankbook, officially registered seal and documents
under Moritani’s control, and finally, about the money influx that was hidden from me. The first thing
K noticed me, as my representative, was to not have any more direct contact with Masaya or Moritani.
Unmasked greed Having someone as my representative resulted in Moritani and Masaya knowing that
they would not be able to avoid the situation. They quickly changed, everyday sending to my
representative pestering demands for money, money, money. I was shocked by their fickleness.

Masaya’s fax to my representative contained things like, “Home of Heart (Masaya, Moritani) have no
more daily income, no more money. Since Home of Heart cannot afford these, Toshi should pay for
the tax of Toshi Office, Toshi’s personal taxes, Moritani’s taxes (totalling 3 hundred million Yen), along
with house expenses, loans and other expenses.” “Toshi will have to pay for the judgement expenses”
“Since Toshi left, there is no money, please introduce to Home of Heart someone who can pay the
expenses” “If it happens that Toshi and Toshi Office go bankrupt, make it so that Moritani won’t be
demanded to pay the money loaned of about 1 hundred million yen. Also, don’t bring a tax officer
here.” “All of the concerts and events, after this, scheduled with Home of Heart(Masaya, Moritani)
must be repaid. Toshi will repay.” “The CD and other product sales must continue.” “When Toshi is
cured, if he says he wants to sing Masaya’s songs, I will let him sing.” “Toshi cannot cause any more
troubles to Masaya, so post a notice of division from Home of Heart on the blog.” Masaya and
Moritani, more than anyone, knew that I did not have any money. Taking my money and then
demanding that I pay, when I was on the verge of bankruptcy was the most coldblooded thing they
could think of. Until now, I only felt the desire to run away, but that had turned into anger. The
representative was at a loss of words when he saw the documents from Moritani. There was an
overdue payment of taxes, on my personal behalf and of my office of several hundred million yen,
obligatory overdue payment of loans that Moritani processed. Furthermore, the health insurance had
not been paid for many years.
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Reply #16 on: February 12, 2019, 08:51:19 AM
“For how long hasn’t the health insurance been paid?” “Maybe more than 10 years, I don’t think
Moritani ever paid for it...” “Didn’t Moritani and co. live in luxury with your earnings? It’s truly cruel
that they never paid for your health insurance even though you provided so much for them...” After
many demands from my representative, my officially registered seal, bank seal, and deposit bankbook
from my personal and company use were returned from Moritani’s company(Toshi Office, which I
acted as a supervisor for). As expected, there were only left a few hundred Yen, she had taken out all
of my deposits. I was left with virtually no money. As my wife and as a manager of Toshi Office,
Moritani was essentially unaware that she would have to return the money that was unfairly taken
from me through Masaya and Home of Heart. Perhaps the only way was to declare personal
bankruptcy and bankruptcy of my company. However, according to my representative, I needed
money to declare bankruptcy. With the hindrance of about 80,000 Yen, my mind was in chaos.
My decision to stop singing In early November 2009, I returned to the house in the mountains of the
people who had been great help to me. Of course, it was secluded living, but I felt a great sense of
safety there. I could sleep, even if for few hours. I still received emails from Masaya and Moritani
without fail. The content of one of the emails from Moritani was a threat, “We contacted the mafia”.
I wondered how Moritani could do something like this, as a human being... This was a truly pitiable
thing for a person. I also hated myself for trusting her at one point. With my singing, I managed to
build valuable artistic rights. This was what caused my relationships with my family and friends to
crumble. I didn’t want to go through all of that a second time. But, that was all a lie invented by these
greedy people (Home of Heart). The circumstances of these troubles were also driven by antisocial
influence. My mind and body were at their limits. I felt like I wasn’t tough enough to live in this world
of the masses. I always linked singing, since I was a child. Coming back home from school, I strummed
notes on a piano and guitar, and I often sang at home. I then formed a rock band with my friend
Yoshiki, I left my town to live the dream. I bet all I had in the band, recklessly running wild. Until we
finally got on the stage of the live houses in Tokyo. The first few payments went all to the band
expenses and for the stage set. We didn’t have money, but we didn’t have status or reputation. I didn’t
care about the daily life we had with just barely anything. It was fun to just desperately pursue the
dream of singing. That was happiness. Then the dream became true. But for the dream to become
true, there was an exchange. Something important was lost. The troubles started to increase, and as
a result, everything was lost. I didn’t know what the meaning of singing was.

I should put an end to all of it. Stop singing. That was my decision.

It was then when I was contacted by my representative. I was invited by X Japan’s management to
film a music video in Los Angeles. At first I refused, due to sickness. But when a further contact came,
telling me they wished I would be there, I listened.

The last meal It continued very cold when November started. Early in the morning, there was a knock
on the front door of the separate house that the family kindly let me stay. “Good morning. There is
something I would like to tell you.” “What would it be?” “It’s about what was promised. Could it be
until the end of this week?” The father’s company workers, including himself, were all retired police
officers. They asked Mikami about many ways to protect me. Someone like me, staying at such a safe
place was only causing too much trouble. It would be too much of a burden if I stayed longer than this
month. I truly admired them. But they shouldn’t be obliged to help me anymore after this month. “Ok,
I understand. Thanks for taking care of me for such a long time. You saved me.” “But I’m sorry we
couldn’t do more than this.” “No, that’s too much. Could I meet with the father and his wife

I really wanted to thank the father for all that he had done for me, even if I could barely look at him.
“Yes, no problem. Father says that he would like to have a meal together with you, would you like to?”
“Huh, with me?” “Yes, if you’d like.” “Thank you very much. Of course I accept, please.” “Well then,
tomorrow at night. How about that?” “That’s fine to me.” “At about 6:30, we’ll be leaving.” “All right.
Thank you.” With these words, the door closed and I became quietly alone. An entire month had
lapsed so fast. I thought about everything that happened until today, for several hours. What was my
purpose in life, what I lived for. What was important to me. I escaped from the ugly reality of the sweet
healing world. But, I couldn’t live an honest life doing that kind of work alone. Why? Why did this
happen? If I could go back in time, I would like to go back to that time when I was a innocent child.
However, no matter how much I regretted it all, I couldn’t retrieve the things I lost. My stay for a
month at this house in the mountains was a grand division in this point of my life, and now it was time
to leave it behind. When I realized the last day approached, I thought I’d put everything in the order I
found back in the room. But there was nothing to be rearranged. I just stood there in a daze in the
harsh cold hours. With nothing to take back with me, I wondered how I should live my life from now
on. Inside my mind, I screamed, (This is the end!)

A miraculous encounter The next day, when it was about the appointed hour of dinner with the father,
The wife called for me. “If you’d like, you can come here.” Maybe I looked a little poorly dressed, as
she handed me over a men’s coat and leather gloves. Around the mountains, on the exit of the house,
it was already sunset, and was a little dark. It was too early in the season, but pure white snow fell
quietly. When I pulled the sleeves of the borrowed brown coat over my arms, I thought I felt the
nostalgic scent of my father. Instantly, I thought about my own father, who I could not see for many
years and had parted forever, and I felt like crying. When I got inside of the taxi that arrived to pick
me up, it went down the mountain road. Without speaking to the father that was already inside the
car, only the sound of the car speeding could be heard. The snow fell on the glass window and
disappeared shortly after. Like this snow, I thought that maybe the best for me was to vanish too. The
hot tears fell on the gloves and spilled on my knees. The car went to a narrow road and we stopped
at the restaurant building. Opening the antique door and going inside, there were large glass windows.
There was a large counter from where you could look at the night skyline. Before me was a flowing
river, and the city lights reflected beautifully, fleetingly, on the glass window. I could also see on the
evening, in the glass, father’s and my own dim reflections. I should say something. “Thanks for today.”
“Please excuse me.” “I’m sorry.” I could only express these three things that I had in my mind. “It’s ok,
do you want to drink anything?” I didn’t drink very much, but if I drank now, I didn’t want to risk saying
something wrong. “No, thanks. I don’t drink.” I replied. “I see, I’ll have hot, dry sake.” He asked to a
graceful woman wearing an elegant kimono. “Then, I’ll have one as well.” I was so nervous that I
became incoherent. We ordered sashimi and poured the sake for each other. When I drank it, I
immediately felt the rich sweet and hot aroma. I poured more sake for the father, it was something I
was not used to do.

The time passed and we still did not manage to have a proper conversation. “What do you do?” “I’m
a singer.” “A singer, huh.” “What is your name?” “My name is Toshi.” “What is it?” “Toshi.” The silence
continued. In front of my eyes, father kept holding the bottle of sake, without moving, and asked
again. “Toshi, is it?” “Yes, Toshi.” “Toshi...” “Yes.” “I see...” A little while in silence. “A long time ago, I
lost my son, who was also called Toshi...” The father then drank the remainder of the sake in one go.
I didn’t reply. The father stared at the night scenery. I did the same, and as I looked at the window, I
felt how ephemeral life was. Maybe I was drunk already, but my face felt warm. When our meal ended,
we called a taxi. “Your car is here.” “Ah, thank you.” The lady in kimono brought father his grey coat
and he put it on. The father was very calm, his gestures always very nonchalant and refined. This was
the first deep impression I had of ‘dignity’. Our shoes were lined at the narrow front door space. We
put our now cold shoes back and left the restaurant. Outside, like when we arrived, the snow still fell.
I did not put my gloves back on, instead I gripped them firmly, as to never forget about them. The car
went up the mountain road and we arrived at the house’s front.

As we got out of the car, I lowered my head. “Father, thank you so much.” The father did not turn
back, but got out of the car and headed to the gate. The snow that fell from the pitch black sky landed
softly on the shoulders of his grey coat. I followed with my eyes the snow falling down, flickering with
the street lamp lights, but always staring at father’s back. I repeated. “Thank you so much.” My chest
was warm with loneliness I never felt. That was when I heard a quiet response. “You can stay more if
you wish to.” Huh? I heard that, surely I heard that. I can stay a little more...? Maybe I misheard it...
But, I replied loudly. “Thank you so much.” Without turning to me, the father opened the gates and
went. I returned to the separate house, filled with happiness, but my tears also overflowed. Who knew
today would turn into such a happy day... I shouted in my mind, (Yes! Yes! Thanks!)

The first tea ceremony Early in the next morning, it was the first time I knocked on father’s house’s
door. “Excuse me, it’s Deyama.” It was so that I showed I wanted to talk. Is this really fine? Won’t I be
a nuisance? “Good morning, you’re up early.” The wife showed her face. “What would it be that you
are here?” “Is father around?” “Yes, he is.” “I would like to talk to him...” “Just wait a little bit.” “Come
in.” I heard her say. I went inside, took off my shoes. I opened another door at the end of the hallway.
I walked through a bright white living room and further inside the house, at a room on the left, the
father was there, sitting. That was the tea room. In this quiet morning, he was performing a tea
ceremony. I sat before the door and greeted him. “Good morning.” “Good morning, did you wake up
early today?” “Yes, thank you very much for last night. The food was great and it was just a wonderful
night. I am here to confirm what was said last night. Is it really fine if I stay here a little more?” “Yes, I
said that.” “Really? Thank you so much. I’m very grateful. Then, today, I wish to talk about the things
that happened to me until now.” “Right.” The father stopped what he was doing, his straight posture
changed a little, turning his knees to my direction. I looked directly at him. The wife looked at me,
sitting in front of the tea room’s door, with worry. Isn’t it unpleasant if I talk about it here? It’s early
in the morning, but I only have this time to talk about it. But the atmosphere will be ruined... I
hesitated, but I decided to talk about it briefly. “For 12 years, my wife deceived me into giving her my
company and personal income. It was all taken away from me. I collapsed, at the limits of my body
and mind, and after that I was brought here and you have taken care of me.” “I see, you had such a
difficult problem even though you’re still young. Come here and have a cup of tea.” “Ah, of course.
Excuse me.” I walked over to the hanging scroll and sat. I heard the quiet sound of the water boiling
in the pot. Once again, I looked straight at the father. What was this silence? This was entirely different
from the word of dirty words and violence that I was so used to. “Here,” I heard a voice. In front of my
knees there was a cup of tea, inside was green tea. With the father’s graceful gestures, I felt a little
embarrassed. How should I hold the cup? As I asked myself that, father said. “There’s no need for
concern, just drink in your own manner.” This was the first time I drank tea like this. I took the tea cup
in my right hand, and then held it with both hands. I looked at the tea and took a sip of it. “Bitter...”
“Is it bitter?” “Ah, no, it tastes great.” “Ah, is it good?” “Yes, it’s nice.” With these casual words, the
wife smiled. With the events of this beautiful morning, I, naturally, felt a warm sense of safety in my

The last tears The next day, after hearing of my talk with the father, a flustered Mikami came to see
me. “Toshi, that’s some great news.” “Thank you so much.” “Toshi, for a long time you wandered
through a very different world. In a very young age, at your twenties you were at the top of the
entertainment world. I may say this in a rude way, but you only know that world. And then these
people skilfully used you, having you to gather money. And in the end, they took everything away from
you. That was a living hell. But, what are you going to do now? I’m not a person of the entertainment
business, so there isn’t a lot I can do for you. But I can think about what you’re going to do together
with you.” “Yes, I don’t want to go back to that world anymore.” “I see. Well, even if you are bankrupt,
you need money. And for your living now on, you need money too. So you could try working.” Starting
with my stay at Mikami’s hospital, I had already loaned a lot of money. I didn’t want any more troubles
further than that. Mikami said that he would talk to me again in the day after that one. That day, the
sky was unusually blue. “Toshi, let’s go to a tea house in the city, they have an art exhibition there. It’s
a quiet place where not many people go to, I guess it’s all right.” When we arrived, in Mikami’s car,
we went inside a big building. Inside there was a small art exhibition. That was the tea house corner.
These were seats around the low tables. The menu had only varieties of green tea and japanese style
sweets. Inside the garden, there was an antique, historical tea room. “This is such a relaxing place.”
“Sometimes Oda brings father here.” “I see, it’s appropriate.” Just then, father appeared. “Ah sorry to
let you wait.” I ordered tea and japanese style sweets. The father asked for a certain brand of tea. A
waiter asked for our orders. Then, Mikami suddenly started to talk. “Father, what about here?” “All
right, all right. Just let me drink this here.” “Ah, I’m sorry...” “By the way, Toshi, what is your age now?”
“I have turned 44.” “I see, you’re young.” “Not at all, this is already quite an age.” “Hahaha.” The father
laughed. “If you’re old, then what am I?” “I’m sorry.” “Toshi, what do you wish to do now?” “I don’t
know. I plan to find a different job and work.” “I see. What do you want to work with?” “I don’t know.
But, I don’t want to work with that kind of thing.” “Do you dislike singing?” “It’s not that, but singing
is what made me end up like this.” “Hm...” “Since I have lived for so long, I may know more things
about the world than you do. If you feel troubled, feel free to consult me.” “Yes, thank you.” Then,
father said. “I’m leaving now, but what do you think about this place?”

positively unsure。

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Reply #17 on: February 12, 2019, 08:54:31 AM
Father handed an envelope to Mikami. Then, he quickly stood and left. That was money for my current
living expenses and for the procedures of bankruptcy. I had so many people to rob me, but now I also
had people who gave me money. Mikami said to me. “Go say thanks to father. You are already part of
the family.” When I reached the house in the mountains, in front of the house, the wife was sweeping.
I lowered my head to her. Like always she smiled, seemingly very happy. I waited for the father to
arrive, and once again knocked at the door of the main house. When the door opened, father was
standing there. “Father, I’m sorry about all these things. Of course, I will pay the money back. Just
please wait half a year. Somehow I will pay this money back.” I told him of my thoughts. Then, he said.
“Toshi, from now on, you will have to face a harder life than you had before. Please use this money in
this long, stormy path. From now, you will realize that life is short, but still long.” With his words, I
crouched down at the door and cried. As I cried, I repeated. “Thank you, thank you so much.” Father
said, “Don’t cry any more, don’t cry.” He said this with gentleness, just like as if I were his own son.
“Sooner or later in life, for anyone, there will come the time to say good bye. Until then, no more
sadness... Save your tears for when that time comes.” I suppressed my crying. Without saying
anything, I lowered my head and left. Then, I decided. I would not cry any more. As an adult, it was
impolite to cry in front of others, it was unsightly for a man. I was now a completely different person
from when, until now, I cried with Moritani and Masaya’s continuous abuse.

Scars of violence In the middle of December, the leaves on the trees had fallen welcoming the winter
season. The promised work with X Japan was looming, but I didn’t know if Moritani would appear
there and what kind of actions she would take. Without answering, I worried about what to do. I went
to discuss the issue with the father. I visited him at the main house. “Father, I’ve been with a rock
band called X Japan since I was a child. They have been telling me they wish I come to Los Angeles in
America to work with them. As I told you the other day, I’ve been thinking I don’t want to work with
this anymore. However, I am not sure if I am able to find another job so soon. It leads me to think that
I have no choice but to do this.” “I understand. If you dislike it, you can choose to stop. But, if you still
have strength to continue, you can do it. Since your friends are waiting for you, you should go to Los
Angeles. You’re still young. Different from me. You still have strength to work. Don’t think too much
about it and leave, one step at a time. If you think about it, you will regret.” “I see. I will try to think
about that.” “If anything happens, contact us immediately.” “Yes, understood.” I decided to go to L.A.
That night, I went to talk to Mikami and Oda. “Toshi, are you going to L.A? I heard it from father.” “Yes,
I will.” “Is there anything I can do for you?” “Well, I don’t have anything to wear for the filming in L.A.”
“Huh? What will we do? There’s not much time until you leave. Can you wear a suit?” “Anything will
do. I don’t even care what is it. But I can’t film something with what I’m wearing now.” “Well, that’s a
problem. Here, let me have a look.” Oda said that and went to the main house. When she returned,
she held a pile of clothes in her hands. The father’s hats, suits, coats, shoes, boots, shirts, ties and even
women’s blouses, coats, sunglasses and other accessories. I was surprised seeing so many cool clothes.
“Father is quite stylish.”

I chose some of the items and tried them on. Mikami said. “The size doesn’t perfectly match yours,
but they will do... But Toshi, you have to do something about the scars on your face.” I had many
marks left from the violence I received from Moritani. Some of them were large and darkened, I
noticed they couldn’t be well hidden with make up any more. Oda said. “I know a doctor, let’s go there
as soon as possible.” “I accept. Please take me there.” Before I went to L.A, I received treatment to
lessen the scars. The doctor said, “I can’t get rid of them completely for the day of your filming, I still
think they may show at the video image. It takes about one year to heal completely...” But I wanted
the scars on my face and the dark scars on my heart to heal as fast as one day only.

Departing to L.A. I put in a loaned truck my stage clothes and other travel articles. I was going to L.A...
Maybe for the last time... Just this, just once more... Anyway, I was going. In the morning of December
31 2009, I was at Narita airport. I departed with troubling thoughts, not recovered yet. Blue sky, dry
wind, exhaust fumes, the towering palm tree in straight lines, nothing had changed in Los Angeles.
The next day, I went to Yoshiki’s studio in North Hollywood. Yoshiki said he’d like to talk to me. Yoshiki
invited me to a meeting room, inside the studio, further inside than the office. With all my might, I
opened the soundproofed door. “I heard a little about it, but you went through a lot of hard things, is
that right?” “Yes.” I strained to reply, my voice had become hoarse and difficult to project. “Ah, you
shouldn’t strain your voice.” “Ok. Actually, a lot of things happened, but I managed to escape from
Masaya and Moritani.”

“Escape? I see... That was a good thing to do. I always worried about it. How are you feeling?” “Yes, I
also think it was right. I was deceived by Moritani and Masaya, they got all of my money. They only
left me a colossal tax and loan debt to pay... When this work ends I’ll continue with the procedures
for my declaration of bankruptcy.” “Right... I had a lot happen to me too...” I was disoriented by his
words. “Yoshiki too?” I, with my decision to stop singing when this ended, could not reply to his words.
Born To Be Free The day after when all of the filming ended, I set up to go out for a meal with Yoshiki.
I was reluctant to bid him farewell. After that, we ended up going to his house. Yoshiki sat in the
passenger seat and I sat in the back seat. We headed to the north, San Diego Freeway, known as 405,
but the way was crowded with traffic. The driving time wa long, but we barely spoke to each other. It
was a while since I had been to Yoshiki’s house. How many years... Opening the automated gates with
a switch, the car sped through the long slope and then I could finally see the house. The pure white
door opened. At a shelf in the entrance, many of Yoshiki’s neck braces in white and black could be
seen. I was surprised at the numbers of them. There was a piano in the middle of the vast, light living
space. Was there where he often composed? Many pages of musical scores were placed there.
“Yoshiki, would you show me around? It’s been a long time.” “Of course.” Climbing the carpeted pure
white stairs, there was a training room on the second floor. A large bedroom joined to a marbled
bathroom which also had a jacuzzi. All rooms were tidy and in order. Going back to the first floor,
Yoshiki brought a wine from the wine cellar. “This is red wine from Yoshiki Wine, it’s delicious.” “So
cool that you have a wine brand.” “Where’s the wine opener?”

As he searched for the wine opener, he spoke funny things to himself, “You know this television? It’s
fit inside the wall. What am I supposed to do if it breaks?” He brought one of the numerous bottle
openers from the kitchen. “Here!” He served the wine in two large glasses to the brim, and we toasted.
As we drank the red wine that was one of his works, we talked about our childhood until daybreak.
After many hours passed, Yoshiki approached the piano placed over the white floor. “Toshi, I made a
new song. Do you want to hear a little of it?” There was a handwritten musical score. It was titled
“Born To Be Free”. “Born to be free... Yes, Yoshiki. That’s how it should be. That’s a great title!” The
beautiful melodies and my voice echoed inside the room. I wished it would continue forever... Over
the large window, a blue lamp’s light reflected sparkling in the pool. I stared at the sparkling light for
a moment. I had nothing to lose any more. The only thing that was my legacy was my singing. I would
give singing another chance.

A press conference of anger January 15, 2010. I returned to Japan. A new reality began. The next day,
I promptly consulted my representative, informing that I wanted to set up a press conference. In
January 17, I wrote to post about the truth, the events so far, my present condition and my feelings
on a social networking site. If I pressed the key, all of these hidden things would come out in broad
light. I had been dragged by Moritani and Masaya into such a long time of a living hell, and now a new
battle would begin. My fingers trembled, but I firmly hit the enter button.

(Published notice) To all, A few days ago, there was information published by one part of the media
regarding my divorce. Along with that, I would like to express my feelings about the last 12 years.

1. About the last 12 years During my activity since 1998, in the space of 12 years, all the money from
sales in that time went to the public companies Home of Heart and Healing World(Which is one of a
series of companies related to Home of Heart, employing the same staff). With an extremely busy
schedule, I worked continuously without even one day of rest. Excluding a minimal amount for my daily
living expenses, all of the money from concerts, wages and money from X Japan was never given to
me. The large amount of money earned working was all taken away from me until recently. Currently,
I am receiving assistance from friends and acquaintances to pay for my living expense. Even when I fell
ill, I only received assistance from my friends.

2. About Toshi Office Even though I was named representative of Toshi Office, it was under
management of Home of Heart. I did not have any rights to be an administrator or manager. Even
though I worked every day to transfer money to Moritani Kaori, Home of Heart, and Healing World,
not knowing of any details, I find myself with an enormous tax and loan debts. Until now, I worked for
Home of Heart as an employee with no compensation.

With pain in my heart, after living these bitter 12 years described above, I wonder why I believed that
producer MASAYA and Moritani Kaori ‘saved’ my life.

After going through such a long time of troubles, both my mind and body are fatigued.

3. About Moritani Kaori Since about 10 years ago, we have not lived as a married couple. Besides
meeting only in places of work, I do not know anything about Moritani Kaori’s life.

Moritani Kaori chose to live together with Masaya, rather than with me. Since then, they have been
living for a period of 10 years in the city of Nasu. I have been living alone in a small apartment in Minato
Siba, Tokyo. I declare divorce to cancel this fake marriage with Moritani Kaori. On her blog, Moritani
Kaori lied the publications where it seemed like we lived happily as a couple, performing duets and
such other activity. I am extremely tired, psychologically, of all these lies.

4. About trials In these 10 years, I have only been, personally, one time to the Home of Heart in Nasu,
and about 3 or 4 times to the Toshi Office in Nasu. I have no knowledge of what kind of things happened
in Home of Heart or Toshi Office, I also have no knowledge of the contents of the trials. My name has
always been involved with these civil trials, causing me distress worry.

5. Present conditions In the present condition, unavoidably, I have declared personal bankruptcy, and
have been pronounced bankrupt. With the advancing procedures regarding bankruptcy, many things
I did not know about money and management have been made clear to me about Home of Heart,
Healing World and Toshi Office. I honestly wish to cooperate with national institutions to help explain
the truth.

I feel as if I woke up from long years of being deceived.
Further from that reality, I did not understand what I was going through for many years. I was forced
to do hard labor, every day for a long period of time. My body and mind suffered, and with all of these
things accumulated, I have become sick.

I apologize to all that I have, unavoidably, due to work and in opposition to my true intentions, lied, in
my speech and conduct and published lies in my blog.

In all of the 44 years of my life, the past two months and half have been the longest. In this time, I have
been thinking carefully, I have known what is truly important to me, and I decided to start my life again.
I will never, in my lifetime, forget this sentiment, and even if it’s modest, I want to live my life without
lies. I truly thank all of you who have supported me until now. From now on, please continue to keep
up with me.

January 17, 2010 TOSHI

positively unsure。

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Reply #18 on: February 12, 2019, 09:00:59 AM
The next day, January 18, the press conference was held at my representative lawyer’s office. More
than 100 reporters and television cameramen gathered at the office. For about one hour and half,
along with my representative, I answered questions about dissociation from Masaya, divorce with
Moritani and personal bankruptcy. The contents of this press conference spread into something big,
making the news of television channels, newspapers, magazines and other media in the next day.

The victims’ hidden circumstances On the day of the press conference, my representative was
contacted by lawyer Masaki Kito, wishing to speak to me about the contents of the conference. Lawyer
Kito already worked for six years in effort to help a group of victims called “Analyzing the problem of
Masaya and Kurabuchi Toru Group”. The judicial war between the victims and Masaya, Moritani and
co. continued. However, I hesitated meeting lawyer Kito. Several months ago, I fought against him and
the victim group, on the side of Masaya and Moritani. Even though it under Masaya and Moritani’s
orders, I had acted and said very rude to lawyer Kito and the injured parties. I didn’t know whether it
was a good thing to see him face to face again. I had already been such a nuisance, I couldn’t just show
up. What should I do? Without an answer, I contacted the father. After explaining it all, the father
spoke. “If the lawyer wishes to see you, he must have some kind of idea. If you feel sorry about what
happened, take this opportunity to apologize. Go to the meeting.”

With these not too severe, but direct words, sensing my weakness in fear, I immediately contacted
my representative, wishing to have the meeting. I truly felt like apologizing, but I was anxious about
my pitiable state. I was afraid of what kind of words he would say to me. But, whatever he said, the
one who was wrong here was me. With my stomach in a knot, I went to lawyer Kito’s office. There,
lawyer Kito and many of the victims gathered, waiting for me. When I entered the room, the first thing
I did was to lower my head to lawyer Kito. “I’m very sorry about all the times I was impolite. Please,
forgive me somehow.” “No, no. It’s fine.” he replied with a smile. I also bowed to the victims. “I’m
truly sorry.” I thought that they would feel distrust of me, but like lawyer Kito, they welcomed me with
an open attitude. I felt very relieved. “We’re glad that you got out of there...” Lawyer Kito spoke with
deep emotion. “Everyone who gathered today here wanted very much to tell you about their actual
circumstances. Please listen to what they have to say.” One of the victims looked at me with a deep
facial expression. This person had criticized me for many years. “Toshi, I am so happy that you escaped.
From now on, you can help us in the fight against Masaya, Moritani and others. Let’s do this together.”
“Thank you.” “I brought by Moritani, I took the seminar trainings and with violence and abuse, I was
in a state of mind control. I was worn out, mentally and physically. I became an injured party with
about 10 million yen of through their exploitation and imaginary loans.” “This may be hard for you to
hear, but what shocked me the most was... I was in Nasu, taking the seminar, when Moritani started
to verbally abuse Toshi on the phone. I was next to Moritani. Then, by Moritani’s order, I too had to
partake in the verbal abuse. I don’t know for how long it went, but she passed the phone to me and I
closed my eyes and desperately shouted abuse. Sensing that things were strange around me, quickly
I opened my eyes and saw, on the side, Masaya and Moritani on her bed. I was so shocked with the
suddenness of what I saw that I felt like I couldn’t even breathe. But in fear that if I stopped with the
verbal abuse against Toshi, I would go through violence and abuse, once again I closed my eyes tightly
and continued. But I was so shaken, that I have no idea of what I saying to Toshi. When Moritani’s
business finished, she took the phone from me, acting as if nothing happened and once again started
verbally abusing Toshi.” When I heard this, I finally understood the real relationship between Moritani
and Masaya. If I had known that something like this happened before, I would not have given any
more money to them. I was speechless due to the shock I felt. The other victims told their experiences.

“I was brought by Moritani, and to join Home of Heart, many times I was made to participate in
indecent acts with Masaya.”

“I was put under a state of mind control through the abuse and violence, and I have a loss of 13 million
yen. My daughter was also verbally abused and I can only be regretful as she still has trauma from it.”
“I also have a great loss of money, but what I despise the most is that when I took the seminar, my
daughter, who was not even 3 years old, was taken to a dark room and put into a cardboard box, they
closed the box and confined her there. This is a horrible experience to a child. Today she is still afraid.”
“I was coerced to have a divorce, and lost a lot of money. My 9 year old daughter was prohibited of
attending school. During that time, my daughter took care of the infants. She was ordered by Masaya
to put these infants inside cardboard boxes.”

“I left my house, and came to live together with them at the Nasu headquarters. But before I could do
that, my daughter and the other injured parties told me not to go and saved me. However, I still
suffered money loss, and had to get many loans of great quantities of money. Three of other injured
parties at the time were forced to declare bankruptcy, one of them declared voluntary liquidation.

They took advantage of a troubled woman like me, took all of my money, causing the destruction of
my family, my divorce, bankruptcy, and psychological distress. My whole life became a mess.” “Maybe
if you work again, Toshi, you’ll be able to rebuild your money and life. But to me, I lost my spouse, I
lost my children, my money, and my life. I can’t have all of this back.”

What have they done to such people? I may still have a chance, but they are worse off than I am. I still
heard stories that started with “I was brought in by Moritani, and I lost huge quantities of money...” I
was horrified by the way they described Moritani’s method of invitation. It was exactly like the way
she acted with me when I met her, before I joined the seminar. (Was it all planned from the start!? I
should have noticed sooner) When the stories of the victims ended, I felt like as if all strength had
been drained out of me. These people still are in a judicial war with Masaya and Moritani for such a
long time even with their present losses. I stood against them, not knowing about these things or the
pain they felt... I just did as Masaya and Moritani ordered, thinking it was the right thing to do... I felt
apologetic, but no matter how much I apologized, it wouldn’t be enough. I couldn’t raise my face to
look at them either. I asked lawyer Kito. “What can I do now?” “There is something I ask of you. I am
the one who wants to end this judicial battle the most. There can be no more victims. For that, let’s
have an urgent press conference. If you feel confident, please help us out. I want you to unite and
stand together with us and the judges.” “I got it. I will of course do that.” I decided to myself that if
there was anything that I could do to help, I would.

Masaya and Moritani’s hidden circumstances After that, I also met and apologized to those whom I
had not seen for a long time. All of them told me that they were happy to see me out of there. Then,
I heard of the things that they couldn’t tell me until then. Y, manager of a big hotel enterprise group
told me: “I received a phone call from Moritani, she asked for a hotel room in Osaka for Masaya and
her. I couldn’t tell this to you.” T, boss of a company listed on the stock exchange told me with a
puzzled expression: “I received a lot of fax letter with heart symbols addressed to me. There were also
many more strange incidents. When my wife saw Moritani, she advised me not to trust her.” O, owner
of a famous gallery in Tokyo said: “Masaya has been well known as a swindler for many years.” N, staff
of a entertainment production company explained: “Everyone knows that Moritani is someone to be
extra wary of.” I also heard many similar stories from many others. I wondered why no one told me
of these things... Why! But if I were in their place, I wouldn’t tell either. “The responsibility of telling
the truth is too heavy...” My chest was in pain from the regret and sadness that I felt for the
inconvenience I caused to them.

Investigation of the nature of Moritani’s incident Continuing with the procedures for bankruptcy, a
court was chosen so that the process could begin. My bankruptcy trustee representative claimed for
a restitution of damages from Moritani and Masaya’s unlawfulness. Of course, I had no objection to
that. For the judge’s setup, I started writing a “document of statement”, where the victim’s
experiences were explained, as proof. However, this document made me feel greatly depressed, as I
realized the number of Moritani’s damages. Since we met, she had been doing this for about 16 years.
Organizing the data and evidences, Moritani had known Masaya before we met, and there was a big
possibility that they planned beforehand to bring me in. A lot of things started to make sense to me.
Knowing about Masaya and Moritani’s circumstances, hidden from me, I was attacked by flashbacks
of the scenes of violence and abuse that I suffered. I became, psychologically, excessively insecure, I
felt the pains on my chest, and I had headaches and felt nauseous. “They’re still doing these things!”
Alone in the room, preparing the documents, suddenly I screamed in anger, throwing the piled up
documents above the desk around the room. That time, lawyer Kito had offered me a room in his
office, so that he could help me and the other injured parties with the data organization, proof, and
statements. When I was working on the “document of statement”, I handled all kinds of documents,
but many of these documents stated Moritani’s frauds. The money she stole from me in all these years
amounted to more than one billion yen. A huge quantity of money had been also stolen from the other
victims. I wish the taxation bureau would investigate about the money Masaya and Moritani have

After that, with the devoted support of lawyer Kito and the injured parties, after one year, I was able
to complete the “document of statement”, and my bankruptcy trustee representative sued Masaya
and Moritani, demanding restitution of damages in court. Masaya and the other are still today, under
a different name of “MARTH Productions” selling products under my name, such as “Toshi”, “Toshi
Healing”, “Toshi with T-Earth”. Masaya still uses my name, “Toshi”, and pictures of me, on his official
website. He also publishes notices as if we were still ‘friends’, in order to sell CDs. The sales of their
CDs, books and healing goods are their source of income, which is how they continue with their usual
practices. They must be stopped. That is the purpose of this book.

The press conference with the victims In April 23 2010, I participated of a press conference together
with lawyer Kito and the other victims. The first person to hold a press conference about losses from
cult religions and fraudulent practices was Iiboshi Keiko, in 1992, and Yamasaki Hiroki in 1993, in
explanatory meetings regarding the Unification Church. In 17 years, a press conference about this with
a celebrity was a very rare occurrence. Together with lawyer Kito and the victims, before many press
members, we told the full story of the damages from Masaya, Moritani and others. With the heavy
burden of the damages for periods as long as six years, the suits against Masaya and Moritani rapidly
developed into settlement, decided in favor of the victims. Masaya and Moritani had to raise the white
flag. With the settlement, I felt like a light had shone to me, opening a new path in my life. When the
press conference ended, I stared at Tokyo’s night skyline from the window of the hotel I stayed at.
What is that people search for? In every walk of life, everyone’s wish is to be happy. After leaving that
world of status, reputation, and greed for money, I can look at it now from a different point of view. I
can now see clearly the dirty spirit, the ugly actions. I understood that there is no happiness in that.
But, what is true happiness? How should I live the remaining short time left to me? I profoundly
thought about these things for the first time.

True affection I finally found After the end of the press conference, I quickly returned to the house in
the mountains. I wanted to tell father as soon as possible about the things that happened. I drove
through the mountain road, late at night. When I arrived at the pitch black gates, I stepped out of the
car. “It’s so cold” The trees still had a thin coat of snow on them. The beautiful silver sparkled as it fell.
I quietly approached the gate, and looked at the dim lights of the house. “It’s father!” As fast as I could,
I opened the front door without even knocking, walking inside the house. As usually, in the tea room,
I saw the figure of father, sitting quietly, perhaps waiting for me at such late hour. “Father, I returned.”
For some reason, I felt relief breathing in the familiar scent. “I safely completed a task today, with your
help. Thank you very much.” “I’m glad about that...” Father as there, before me, smiling gently.

“Father, there is something I’ve been thinking about today. Would you hear me out?” “What is it...?”
“What do I do to live happily?”

“Let’s see... That would be living with honesty and integrity...” “Honesty...” “Yes, honesty.” Hearing
these deep, dignified words, I felt my face hot. But I decided wouldn’t cry... However, with everything
that went so far, I cried, with all my might, in my heart.

There are ‘encounters’ in life. To all people, one day the time to say ‘good- bye’ will come. I lost all
that I had, and when I was about to give up, I met wonderful people through a ‘miraculous encounter’.
Changing my ideas, I summoned all the strength I had left and took my first step.
I strongly believe that “anyone can start over again, any time”.

However short today might be, to me it is my remaining ‘life’. I wish to live with honesty and integrity,
here and now.

positively unsure。

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Reply #19 on: March 19, 2019, 04:27:19 PM
Thank you so much!!! <3 8)

~Dry your tears with love~

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That's pretty messed up. His final hospital sneakout was the lifesaver for him


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What the heck?  I don't trust those links, at all!

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They were bots. I removed their posts.

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