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Reply #90 on: June 27, 2019, 06:02:45 PM
Bringing this alive because I've been wondering the same thing as Axl I am also wondering where teemah is. Also, I agree somewhat with the OG poster, but I also wonder... what label is X signed to? Is there a possibility of a label holding them back? A either wa, this post brought back memories of my first post on here and everyone fought... over Yoshiki. He seems to be the main cause of arguments on here lol
Yoshiki is the main cause of arguments because things he has done after X reunion. He promised X Japan's album will be release soon but after 10 years, still no sign of X's album. The lastest time he mentioned about album is last year "the album is done. I wait for right moment to release it". Ok wtf? The right moment? "Next year, next spring, next summer, the end of this year,..." seriously you said that too many times in those years waiting for albums. You played with fans' emotions, you don't respect your fans Yoshiki.
About Teameah, I saw her still active in AO3. She comments in some of fanfics there recently. In this forum, I'm not sure if she's still active...
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Reply #91 on: June 27, 2019, 10:31:47 PM
I am itching to hear this album and I don't think he should've said anything about it in the first place because when you keep pushing something back people will get upset with broken promises.  Maybe he is scared it won't be received well maybe there is something we don't know about that keeping it from getting released? but it's been over 10 years now. There will be people that love it or hate it so if that's his reason he needs to not think about that. Like I said though, we don't know, but a lot of people are disappointed, rightfully so.

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Reply #92 on: May 20, 2020, 05:15:49 AM
I have not been on this forum for a long time, and here I’m, having decided to walk away as a fan of almost 26 years.

The main reason of my decision is My Y.  All these years while keeping my promise of attending their concerts, which I did, I had grown to despising the man with a passion.  Before some fangirl of his lashing out at me, I used to be his ardent fan, not only did I go to Japan to see X concerts, I had also  made most of my effort to see him whenever i could, such as classical concerts in 2016 & 2018 and We are X premiere at Roppongi where he was there taking qns from live audience after the movie. I even made trip to Taiwan to watch them again (less then a month after the show in early May 2009)and I live in HK.

He is a man of empty promises and of 90% of his fans I knew on twitter and IG are his new fan(girls) and none of them care about X but Yoshiki. To me I started following X because of their music and not for a particular person. Oh in fact I leaned more as a hide follower if I had to pick back then after X disbandment and I somewhat had started followed Yoshiki after hide’s passing. Luckily I’m never the type of fan like those fangirls who would  post multi hearts or 😭whenever Y posted sth and i’m not in his Yoshikitty shite either. He pissed me and many of his long term fans off with his endless empty promises, which at one point some Japan fan had a table of his bs about the new album since 2008 and it went viral on twitter. Not sure if any of you aware, he even went so far that he would commit harakiri (seppuku) if the album did not release in 2010 if I remember correctly. Fast forward to recent lives, esp the no audience live which I was supposed to watch after having watched the second show, it was widely reported that he lost it during their rehearsal that morning after being informed that the shoe had to be call off due to typhoon and from what I gather, he in fact wanted the show to go ahead.  Someone I know who were at the vip rehearsal said he was pretty normal until midday so my guess was he didn’t want the show to cancel.  However it was already reported that the weather in Chiba would get even worse on last day of X show, and I’m not sure why he wanted so bad to go on, be it money related or other reason, cancel had to be the only option since many fans were from other prefectures and they had go get home before the trains suspended eventually.  I remember vaguely that there were all sorts of rumor flying around and it was a complete mess. The ticket site UDO even went down shortly after the announcement and it was already 1ish.  The fan who I know at the vip rehearsal cried her eyes out because it was her first X concert and she arrived only a few hours before just in time to make it to the rehearsal. I for one was disgruntled his decision or lack of decision for his fans.  However he has somewhat become a spokesperson in Japan music trying to make an impression recent coronavirus pandemic, posting shites everyon ig everyday and trying to earn most fans and what fucked me off about him was his outspoken blast at other groups esp Tokyo Incident led by Ringo Sheena. I mean what has other bands/groups decision of lives had anything to do with him? They have their difficulties and decisions to make and he should have keep his gobs shut. 

Sorry if i’m getting random since i haven’t been posting on forums for too long but I do have a lot to voice before bowing out. Oh i’m glad that i’m out since I’m so into Buck-Tick now, who is a kickass band and making music nonstop for over 32years, and their 22nd studio album is coming soon, and they make some incredible music as well. To bad I start following them too much too late, but i’m loving
them.  I used to follow HYDE esp VAMPS as well but they are no comparison to the diversity of music genres BT incorporated throughout their music journeys. I’ll be back if I have more on Y and my take on their shows.

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Offline Ekapri

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Reply #93 on: May 20, 2020, 07:10:00 AM
Hi holly.x
I can't blame you, i feel so frustrated about yoshiki. Sometimes as normal human i can't understand what his doing. About his promise well i already numb.
This morning i saw somebody posts about Toshl,i can't believe what i see. He's singing,dancing & the other guy even carry him. Usually i'm ok with X members activities,but this video trully make me sad. Like he's not Toshl. I think i'm getting random too

Offline magucathy

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Reply #94 on: May 20, 2020, 10:14:24 AM
I can totally understand you. Being a X fan since almost 30 years, I have the feeling that we have been 'played' by them ever since.
Anyhow, I am not a fan girl, I like their music, like the energy at their concerts. If they will release a new song, I will listen. If they will have a concert, I will try to go and scream a little but. But that's all.
I don't have much hope for anything, then I won't be disappointed.