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TOP 10 Bass Solos in J Rock / Visual Kei

lakeisle · 1800

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on: May 16, 2018, 02:33:22 AM
I know it is childish, but I feel good when X Japan or its member is ranked high in the ranking.
Our beloved Heath is in the ranking of "Top 10 Bass Solos in JRock"  (I like Heath so much)
and Taiji is, of course, No.1.

#10 MIYU - Amadeus (2001)
#09 J - Luna Sea (2007)
#08 KAZUNO - Moi Dix Mois (2003)
#07 REITA - The Gazette (2009)
#06 MASAYOSHI YAMASHITA - Loudness (1986)
#05 HEATH - X Japan (1994)
#04 SAGA - Alice Nine (2011)
#03 HITOKI - Kuroyume (1996)
#02 Xenon Ishikawa - Seikima II (1991)
Bonus TOSHIYA - Dir En Grey
#01 TAIJI - X (1990)


I translated some Japanese comments. There are a few controversy and disagreement about No.2, but not about No.1. Taiji's No.1 is uncontroversial.

Taiji, you are the best. I miss you.

- In the ranking, I can only admit that Taiji is ranked No.1.
- TAIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Taiji's talent is needless to say. His appearance is also No.1. ( ´∀`)
- Above all, Taiji is a god.
- TAIJI is stunning-- Is there any bassist who can grade up with TAIJI?
- What? Zenon ranked No.2!?
- I love Taiji's bass. I love Taiji. Taiji playing the bass is legendary.
- Xenon Ishikawa is another level. It is nonsense that he is in this rank.
- Taiji the best .
 ㄴ Taiji the world's best.
- This ranking is reliable because Taiji is No.1.
- After all, there have been only feelings of "deja vu" to those who appeared after TAIJI(I'm talking about the era, not the ranking). 
- I didn't know Heath was so good.
- No one can beat Taiji at slapping.
- Taiji is an exception. LOL
- I'm so happy that both Taiji and Heath are in the ranking!
- Is there anyone complaining of Taiji in 1st place?

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