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1990 Rockin'On interview : About arrangement of X music

lakeisle · 2928

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This is a very interesting interview. I think Taiji was a great arranger as much as Yoshiki is a great composer.

(the preface omitted)

市川哲史 : Did you make opinion like "Would not it be better to change the sound or style that X've been doing so far?"

hide : You know, I was pretty much in charge of guitar arrangement. It was quite entrusted to me and Taiji.

市川哲史 : So far, the guitar has sounded like 17-year-old kid's playing quickly.

hide : Well... I think... um...

市川哲史 : Did you put riffs or cuttings into the music then?

(*cutting : Japanese call some kind of mute technique "cutting".
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=89&v=DrcXgyjR5qU )

hide : Well, I'd say cutting or arrangement itself had no composition in the so-called "Instrument" part.

市川哲史 : Then did your band play just a song melody?

hide : Yes, but melody is still important in the present X. 

市川哲史 : Do you mean that there was a considerable lack of instrument elements, right?

hide : Indeed. They didn't play "Kurenai" at that time. So I asked "Why aren't you doing that song? That's a great song. Let's arrange it together". So the arrangement of the song became the current version. Taiji was very responsible for arranging that song.

市川哲史 : So after hide's joining, the band became activated, right? You suggested that the basics of songs are good, so let's arrange more.

hide : Right. But that was what Taiji had been concerning until then. I think that our band became more active because there were multiple members who insisted the change in arrangement.

Taiji : However, the songs themselves have changed drastically after hide's joining.

- How have they changed?

Taiji : It's changed greatly. In short, there are senses similar to mine musically to hide. So it is easier to be accepted (by Yoshiki) when both hide and I suggest musical opinions together than when I suggest alone. By hide's suggestion, the width of the music was expanded again. That was amazing. I thought hide's existence itself is suitable for X. I thought as long as we have him in the band, X will change.

- In other words, the core of the present X was completed at the stage when hide and Taiji joined.

Taiji : Yes. Yoshiki's melody is poppish. But it changes depending on the arrangement of the back members and Yoshiki's arrangements. It changes into rockish. There was no that kind of technique before hide joined. 

- Did you assert like "This song is useless because it is too poppish. I'll arrange it." back in those days?

Taiji : I did it. I did it at that time. The format of "Orgasm", the opening of "X" or the arrangement of "Kurenai"... I arranged all those songs.

- You had a sense of mission? Something like "If I don't change, who will change?"

Taiji : Yes. I tried it and ended up thinking that the foundation (between Yoshiki and me) was different. I arranged songs as a rock style, but Yoshiki arranged for melody to be main. Rather, I thought, "This is good", at that time.

- What's good? Yoshiki's arrangement?

Taiji : I thought "The difference in conflict is good". That's why Yoshiki let me do a heavy metal arrangement. In short, he supported my arrangement entirely. Toshi supported me too.

1990ロッキング・オン 市川哲史

−− Xがそれまでやってた音とかスタイルとかをこうした方が良いんじゃない?とかって意見したんですか?
ヒデ : あのね、ギター的なアレンジは結構任されたのね。結構俺とかタイジとかに任されてた

−− それまでのギターっていうのは、その例の17歳の子が速弾きでピキピキ弾いてるだけみたいな感じだったんだよね?
ヒデ : ん−…って俺は思ったんだけどね

−− じゃあリフとかカッティングとかが入ったのはヒデが入ってからなんですか?
ヒデ : ん−カッティング云々ていうかアレンジ自体がね。うん。なんか構成がなかったんだよね。所謂インストで聴かせる部分ていうのが

−− じゃあただ歌メロで走る感じだったんですか?
ヒデ : うん。(略)でもメロディがやっぱり要だっていうのは、それは今のXでも変わんないけど

ヒデ : そう。で、紅をやってなかったんですよ。それで ”なんであの曲やらないの?”って言う話になって。あんな良い曲っつって。“みんなでアレンジしてやろうよ”っつって。で今のアレンジになったって言う。 結構あのアレンジはタイジが考えてきたりね。

−− じゃあヒデが入ってからバンド内の活性化が進んだんじゃない?曲自体は良いんだからもっとアレンジ変えようよって
ヒデ : そうそう。でもそれはタイジとかも思ってたし。そういう奴が複数になったからってのも、あんじゃないかな

タイジ : でもやっぱりヒデの加入で楽曲自体がガラッと変わったからね

−− どう違うんですか?
タイジ : 大きく違う。要するにね音楽的には俺と似てる感覚があるんだよヒデには。だから俺が一人で言う意見より、ヒデと二人で言った方が通りやすいからさ。 でヒデの言うことでまた幅が広がってさ、それが上手く作用してね、曲なんかガンガン出来ちゃうの格好いいのが。あれは凄かったよ


−− つまりヒデとタイジが揃った段階で完全に現在のXの核が出来たわけね
タイジ : そうだね。 ヨシキのメロディって凄く歌謡曲っぽいってのがあるじゃない?だけどそれはバックのメンバーのアレンジとかヨシキ自身のアレンジで変わるでしょ?凄くロックっぽく出来るじゃん?そういう技術がまだ当時のXのメンバーには無かったからさ

−− じゃあそこで歌謡曲っぽくてダメだったから俺がアレンジしてやろうとか自己主張したんですか?
タイジ : 全部やったよそれ。その時にやったの。だから今のオルガスムの形やXのオープニングから何から、紅のアレンジとかは全部やったよ

−− かなりの使命感があったんじゃない?俺が変えなきゃ誰が変える!的な
タイジ : うん。やってみてさやっぱり土台が違うなあってのを凄く感じたのね。 俺は凄くロックしてるアレンジするわけ、でもヨシキはメロディがメインのアレンジするわけで、逆にね ”これが良いなあ”って思ったんだよそんときに

−− ヨシキのアレンジが?
タイジ : その違いの衝突具合が良いなあと思ってね。だからヨシキは俺のヘヴィメタル的なアレンジをするようにしてるの。 要するにハードにすることに全面的に賛成してくれて。それはトシもね。

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Reply #1 on: May 14, 2018, 11:30:06 AM
Thank you Lakeisle - everything about Taiji is so interesting!

Your scars are beautiful


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Reply #2 on: May 14, 2018, 11:55:35 AM
Interesting. I think Yoshiki's "classical" side prevails when he is composing, melodies are really important, that's what people will remember and hum. And that's why those songs can be arranged in a multitude of ways from classical to heavy metal. without a good base you can't do good arrangement.

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Reply #3 on: May 15, 2018, 02:33:25 PM
That’s so interesting! Thank you, I had never seen this interview. Things like this show how important Taiji was to the band, he was a great musician.

Offline lakeisle

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Reply #4 on: May 16, 2018, 02:44:45 AM

Indeed! His music and his life are both interesting. I think God gave him as much as ordeal as talent. I hope he is happy by now.


True. If there were no good compositions, good arrangements are useless. Yoshiki played the most important role in X and it is Yoshiki who recruited talented members like Taiji and hide. Needless to say, Yoshiki is the heart of Japan.

And Taiji also made a huge contribution to X. At the beginning, X was treated as an "idol band" and was not recognized in the music scene. However, Taiji's bass skills were the top, and it played a big role in X's recognition as a a heavy metal band. Taiji also arranged beautifully the songs Yoshiki wrote. Taiji and Yoshiki crashed humanely, but musically, they were a good combination. I thank both of them.

As for "classical" side, emphasizing melodies is not a trait of classical music. Easy to remember and hum is not a trait of classical music, either.

On the contrary, in classical music, the element of "instrument" that hide said is important.


Yes, he was important to the band. Since I finished translating hide's documentary, I'm going to translate articles and interviews of Taiji from now on.

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Reply #5 on: March 07, 2019, 01:39:31 PM
Wow this is a gem  :D thank you lakeisle ♡ I'm super interested in X/X Japan's members interview about their music. Especially Taiji... haha. I just find much interest about him lately, sadly that he's gone  :'(