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"Rocket Punch" (May 1st, 1998) Interview

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on: April 20, 2018, 07:50:48 AM
I found this interview in several locations on the net.  I picked this one because the format was easier to differentiate who was speaking.

Megumi: I heard this, hide, like "What artist would be interesting when hide produced?"
"Pick An Artist You Are Most Interested To Be Produced By Hide" This Is The Question He Asked Himself, Right, Hide?

Hide: Yeah.

Megumi: Then, this was the first place and Tomoe Shinohara in Dantotsu. So, SMAP, Oikawa ... Mitchi. Ohhh, this is continuing, but how is it? I heard it by myself. Why did you want to hear this?
Tomoe Shinohara. The number two picked was taken by SMAP, followed by Mr. Mitsuhiro Oikawa. What do you think about this??

Hide: and ..., Well, well, so that way ... Because I do not know because I'm being asked, so I'd like to ask.
Um, cause people ask me that question a lot. I do not know who I wanna produce, so I decided to ask my fans.

Megumi: How was this answer "Tomoe Shinohara".
What do you think about about result, Tomoe Shinohara?

hide: Not good, they are people who think long ago.
I like the choices. I've been fan of each of them for a long time

. ... And downtown Mr. Matsumoto is in there.
Really. And Mr. Matsumoto of Down Town is also included.

Hide: Oh ... after all, everyone likes ... I guys who likes myself.
Oh yes, they are all those who I like myself.

Megumi: Oh, well, I do not like being with you ... It's like being with the fans. A sense is not it. What do you mean, the producer? Well, looking forward in the future. Hide: I'm going to do it, but I'm just thinking that I'm really encountering, so I'm going to
have a feeling of

" Produce "and something to search for that person, something is basically not sex, so yeah. Something, for example, you meet, something like "I guess it's a funny guy ..." is the end.
Basically I'm not the type who thinks about production first then looks for somebody to produce. So, it's be more like ... for example , meeting somebody first and then thinking "It 'd be so damn cool if I could do something with this one right here ..."

Megumi: How about Ms. Shinohara? 
How about Miss Shinohara?

Hide: Tomoe Shinohara?
Miss Tomoe Shinohara?

Megumi: Yeah, what kind of song ... will you come up with?
Yes, how would it be prodicing her, ... can you picture what kind of song it would be?

Hide: Well, if I do something simply, something I write punk rock is something too easy Because I think. Yup. Wonderful, what is it, that person ... It's jazzy ... I do not want to do it.
Let's see ... if I just decide to do it ... Me, composing a punk rock song for her is too predictable, right? I wanna do something ... how should I put it ... very jazzy or ... something like that, that 'd be cool , I think

... Megumu: Do you feel mellow?
Like, something mellow?

Hide: That's right.

Nakahara: It's kind of awkward.
Something a little "lazy" and "drowsy".

Megumi: I feel sluggish . Oh, with a slight betrayal. Please betray that shiny atmosphere of Tomoe Shinohara for a moment.
Something "lazy" ... oh so it'll go a little against her image. Totally opposite of the happy image of Tomoe Shinohara, huh?

Hide: I just came up with a bit of thought .
It's just something I thought of right now, though.

Nakahara: It is, for example, but is presumptuous ...
For Example ... I Know I'M Out Of My Place Asking Such A Question But ...

Megumi: Oh!
Oh cmon, go ahead and ask!

Nakahara: Yes, let's ask . What songs would you like if you would produce me?
Ok, let's ask then.

Megumi: Oh, it is nice ~.
Uh, good question

hide: ...

Nakahara: You might be annoyed, this.
I can have put him in troub now ... ...

Megumi: I'm troubling you.
You sure have.

If you accuse me of anything, the image of "a good wife / bad wife" (laugh I do not have a good idea, I can not help thinking about that " Good wife, bad wife "thing (* 1) ...
(* 1" Good wife, bad wife, normal wife "was the characters Nakahara used to play on a comedy show back in the days.)

(Studio, Nakahara, Megumi , Hide LOL)
(Staff, Nakahara, Megumi and hide lol)

Nakahara :( Laughing) That song in!
(Laugh) As a song ?!

hide: Although it comes out, (laugh
I can not help bringing it up, you know (laugh).

Nakahara: I express that with a song
So you are gonna express That thing as a song.

Megumi: Well yeah I also saw that it was pretty much .
Even I used to watch that show a lot back in the days.

hide: But what do you mean by that? I feel like it's interesting to do it, but I feel like something interesting to pull out that story is cool but ...
But I think that "Multi-personality" stuff would .. create an interesting material I think it could be interesting if you put it together in a cool way

Nakahara:. well I also fine, that, in the image of wife-style, it is a distinguished service
Then I'll dress up in a house- Style Wifey, Right?

Hide: it is many ... "good wife", "bad wife" (laughs "normal wife" (laughs
in many versions "Good wife", "Bad wife ", "Normal wife" ... (laugh)

Nakahara: The costume is an apron. Clothing cooking.
.. So the costume will be an apron Or the cover-all cooking coat

Megumi: Oh, good I ~!
Oh Yeah, Sounds Good!

Hide:! Do not put anything ... that ... to wear cooking Toka.
!? Cover-All Cooking Coat ... Er ... Without Wearing Anything Underneath How'S That

(studio laughter)
(Everybody In The Studio Lol)

Nakahara: Also!? You can not do anything again? (Laugh
Again ?! I do not wear anything again ?!

It's already a world of control, is not it?

Nakahara: But as I thought, the male is still the way apron below, nothing after all the Tteyuu Toka do not put is, do you want to see at one time?
for Real Though, do you Guys Really Have That Classic Fantasy of "Apron without wearing anything underneath"? do you Really wanna see It?

Megumi : Apron only?
"Only apron" fantasy?

Umm ... Ummm ...

Nakahara: (want to see hide)?
(To hide) You wanna see it?

Hide: If you want to see it, you do not want to see it , do you?
I want to ... I do not want to ...

Nakahara: But No way No wonder the wife got married and did it "Welcome back!"
Do not you kinda get disgusted?

Hide: Yeah .... Well, I'm sorry to have trouble with you. · I'll let you go to the hospital for the time being.
Um ... I think I'd take her straight to the hospital.

(Laughs! Hey, everyone wants to
see it, but really doing it ... (Laugh) See ?! Everybody says they wanna see it but your wife does it ...

Megumi: For the time being I will embrace it there once (hugging it) (you
hug me ) "You are!" (laugh) As me, I'd just hug her once right there. Saying, Oh you so silly! "(Laugh)

hide:" Waaaaaaaaa "(haha
" HA HA HA! "

Nakahara: Something ... It, a bit ... (bitter smile
I ... do not know what to say about that ... (Forced laugh)

hide: I'm sorry, I was also a lie (lol I also hug you . (hugging by the manager) "Wahhahha'" (laughs
I'M Sorry, I was Lying Too. I'D Hug Her Too. (Pretending to Hug) "HA HA HA" (laugh)

(studio lOL )
(Everybody in The Studio Goes Lol)

Megumi: I, If you do not hug once laughed keep in not if..
See Gotta hug Her There, Right Gotta laugh At Her??.

Hide:. keep laughing
Yeah, I'll laugh at her.



Nakahara: I'm glad that she was such a wife or something like that, I'm glad, I do not
have any ideas of what kind of wife or girlfriend would make you happy ?

hide: "I'm happy" ... or not much, much, I do not want it, it's about making Mesh with Morning.
"Make me happy" ... Not really, I really do not ask that much. "Cook complete breakfast in the morning" ... that's about it.

Nakahara: Ne, this is the place.
?. See He has this "side "

Megumi: It is a man-ish !! ~
He'S A "Man"!

Hide: said ... not say the Naco N ..., said that, I'm not, that, from long ago. (Laugh laughter) I will make it to make it, but (laugh
I mean, cmon, I never say ... I've never actually said anything like that though, even way back then. I just work things out so that she ' ll naturally cook for me (Laugh).

Nakahara: Is it a type that makes a lot of excitement, a little impression when you make it so?
And are you the type that gets a little delighted when she cooks for you?

hide: It is when you made me do not say.
Well, when She Cooks for me As a Surprise, Yes.

Nakahara:? I
? See

Megumi: Ah. Do not say anything. Is she who is eating grass with Morning?
Uh, without telling you, huh? Do you eat breakfast everymorning?

Hide: You have to eat breakfast in the morning, I can eat Sukiyaki from morning. I'm pretty good at sleeping. When I got up, I woke up as it was when I got up, I gotta do it, I can do it (eating a knife and a fork with a something cut) I can eat it.
When I wake up, I just get up like "Arrrr!" And eat like this (Pretending to cut Something on a plate with a knife and a fork).

Megumi: Steak?

Hide: Yeah, but everything.
Yup, or anything.

Megumi: Healthy body!
Sounds like you are are healthy!

Hide: I'm not sure if it is healthy or not, I wonder if the stomach intestine is strange.
I do not know if I'm healthy or something's wrong with my digestive systems though.

Megumi: Good morning!
Already hyper in the morning!

Hide: From morning, fine.
Hyper in the morning ... yes.

Nakahara: But usually it is almost as much as hide, ohh, every day? Sometimes, but that's why people drinking a lot can not eat much in the morning. Hide: And, it is the opposite of me
, do not you think? E, that much more in the morning, do not you think?

For that hangover day, it gets up soon and gets kite and cut. I will regret it later.
In my case, it's opposite. I have wanna get the hell up and eat something like curry with pork cutlet on top ..., I usually regret it later though.

(Studio laugh)
(Every body in the studio laughs)

Megumi: Katakure curry comes out again, does not it?
You get to see that same curry later again?

Hide: Yeah (bitterly deeply nodding with a bitter smile)
Right. (Nodding deeply with an awkward smile)

Nakahara: Hey. But, when I heard what I want to eat, I like something a bit like a boy from a while ago, food.
Is not that right? I like this type of dishes that young boys tend to like. Is not that right?

Megumi: What do you like?
What's your favorite?

Hide: Hey ... well, whatever you like, I guess.
Um ... Well, I'm not really picky though.

Nakahara: Well, once in a lifetime, I like what I like and I like to eat.
Then, What'S The Dish You Can Keep Eating Through Out Your Life?

Hide:. Tara Kuttsu' have another rice and sprinkle is I'm Ssu Aryaii (laughs uninhabited island, but it is sprinkled with rice
If I have white rice and "Furikake " (* 2), I 'm good. (Laugh) If I' d be stranded in a deserted island, I 'd bring white rice and "Furikake".
(* 2 Powder of seaweed, dried fish crumbs, sesame seeds etc. Sprinkle it over white rice for the flavor.)

Megumi: That's right, I'm a mess, after all
I guess I'd take white rice too,

hide: Messiah. I'm fine. If you had a sprinkle on Mesh, if you had a sprinkle, doing a long way and going around the group and having around 4 kinds. I wish there was only that. Perhaps other things will get bored with 3 days.
I'll be good and with it. Cause I'll be sick and tired of eating anything else.

Nakahara: Sprinkling is the thing I like the best, then.
? So You Mean Your Favorite Food Is Furikake

Hide: Well, for a long time When was I not good to eat only that, eating every day in three there in that rotation. Megumi: I

always told that only the eggs are going to be reduced first, do not you think? Well, if that 's the only thing I can eat for a long time, I'll take three different kinds of Furikake and eat it in rotation . I am going to do it equally on my own, but I like eggs.
In my case, egg flavor goes faster. I'm making sure that I use them all in the same pace, but I can not help it.

(Staff laugh)
(Staff in the studio laugh)

hide: I'm reducing the number of thorns.
In my case, cod roe goes fast.

Megumi: Oh, will the Tarako decrease? (Mattari) · · · (Nakahara) What are you listening to, from you, from a little while ago! (Laugh
Cod roe? I see I see ... (To Nakahara) What kind of question are you asking? )

(staff laughs)
(staff in the Studio laugh)

Nakahara: No, no, I, what kind of things, was I did I look at the hide-san want to continue to eat kana me during their lifetime you know, what you like is Katsukare. or, you or eat the sukiyaki.
Cause, you Know, I Started Wondering What Kind of food He Wants to Keep eating Through Out His Life. It Just Came to My Mind As I was Watching Him ... Cause He Likes Curry with Pork cutlet and sukiyaki etc, right?

Megumi: But there is vitality from the morning.It is a day to go, I guess it's coming in.
You seem to be full of vitality already in the morning. As if "I'll be full of energy all day! "

hide: Well ... I guess I do not like it much, do not you sleep?
Well ... or it's more like, I do not really like sleeping, you know?

Megumi: Is sleeping time less?
You do not sleep for a long time?

Hide: Yeah, one point concentrated type. Well, before going to bed, Um, I entered that futon, and some people like the time to bed. I do not dislike that time and I will be in a depression by having that time. So, do not go to bed sleep until sleeping is already "Wow", do not go into the futon, and wake up, you are shivering That eyes are awake, you are wandering inside the futon I hate it a lot. So, when I got up I woke up with a bag and want to eat it.
I'm the type who sleeps in "pin-point concentration". Like ... when you get in the bed, some people like the time spent in bed before they fall asleep, right? I reeeally hate that time ... to the point I get severely depressed because of go. "Agh, I'm gonna pass out ..." And also I can not stand just staying in the bed doing nothing while you are already awake

Nakahara: Ah, now it is hard to get to bed .
So you kinda suffer before you fall asleep, huh?

Hide: Because I was yeah I do not sleep, so until I fall asleep .
Yeah, so I do not go lay down unless I'm completely exhausted.

Megumi: Well, it is the best condition I do not know when I sleep.
So you rather prefer the condition of not even knowing when you are sleeping,

hide: Yes. so. I do not sleep until faint.
Yeah. I do not sleep unless I pass out.

Nakahara: For example, let me tell the story till I fall asleep, will I get angry?
So, for example, do you get mad when someone tells you stories till you fall asleep?

Hide: · · · · · ·,
uh , wryly bitterly Um ... huh? (Forced laugh as if he's a little confused)

Nakahara: "It's been like this, ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.
" Like "Hey, guess what happened today, hahaha, hahahaha"?

Hide: Oh yeah, no good, no, Sleeping, lying down and something
talking makes me sick . Oh hell no, I can not stand that. I get pissed off when someone starts talking after I lay down.

Credit and Thank: by rosa_hi-ho [// doddoddod.exblog.jp]
Translated: khaluah

Sometimes our tears blinded the love
We lost out dreams along the way
But I never thought you'd trade your soul to the fates
Never thought you'd leave me alone