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Original song inspired by Silent Jealousy - "Lucid Odyssey"

Weiyun · 857

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Hey guys,

I hope you don't mind my posting this here - it's not a cover this time per se, but rather a (glorified midi preview of an) original song that is heavily inspired by Silent Jealousy.  Much of the song structure is there (a mellow intro, into a blazing fast main riff, leading eventually into a verse/chorus setup, then a piano slow down only to come back into bass solo and twin guitar solo, etc...) - and in fact I'm not a drummer at all and basically taught myself to compose drums in the past week by picking apart the drumlines of a number of X songs.  The synth leads starting around 1:10 are meant to be the vocal line.

So, perhaps the feeling you'll get if you listen to this is that it somehow sounds familiar, yet it's different.  There is definitely my own stamp in the form of judicious use of fretless bass.  Please me know what you think, and if you'd be interested in a properly done album sometime down the line  ;D.