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Trip to Japan, X pilgrimage? Suggestions ?

Astralmind · 857

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on: October 20, 2015, 11:45:46 PM
Well, this might be in the wrong section but as the forum isn't very active I figured I'd post here, feel free to delete, move, obliterate.

So, after over 20 years of passion for X, it looks like I'll finally get to set foot in Japan for 2 weeks in late December- early January!

Unfortunately, nothing X-japan related planned in Japan as far as I know :( I would have been willing to shell out quite a bit to witness a New Year's show at the big egg but I'm a couple of decades late to the party!

All this being said, any thought on places to visit, things to do that would be X related in some ways ? Landmarks, Visual Kei safe haven (haha... if anything still exists today?)... actually anything of interest in Japan that'd be worth it would be welcomed but this being and X-Japan forum I'm espcially looking for input around them.

Can't seem to find any Jrockish shows anywhere in Japan during the first 2 weeks of January either.

So.. any suggestions, very welcomed!