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on: May 09, 2015, 08:25:13 AM

100 Sanrio characters are nominated this year for Sanrio Character Ranking. Yoshikitty is one of them

In collaboration with McDonald’s Japan, people can get toys of the top 10 characters with the Happy Set next year.

Plus, Yoshikitty winning is just a good thing  ;)

From the official website ❥http://sanriocharacterranking.com

Choose your favorite character from the nominated characters and vote using PC and/or cellular phones.

We can vote once per day, per character, per one address at the official Sanrio webpage and the mobile site. We can vote from overseas.

Period: Between 5/10 & 6/15 - JP time. The result will be announced on 6/27.

We should also be able to vote from other websites including Rakuten.

Good luck!  8)

Thanks to Mikaxxxxxxxxx for sharing

We are not trying to keep the legacy—we are trying to move forward, so our sound is going to change. I’m ready to be criticized, for example by fans saying "you should rather be this style." I’m ready for it, I’m okay with any concept of criticism-Yoshiki