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X Japan Day

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on: April 20, 2015, 06:16:22 AM
Saw this going around, thought I'd share it. Starts at 12:00am Japan Time, 4/21/15 (about 10 hours from time of this post, sorry about the short notice)

Introducing "X JAPAN Day 2015" !

X JAPAN Day 2015 is an annual event to celebrate our love and passion to the biggest rock band that comes from Japan, X JAPAN!

The objection of this event is to flood all SNS (Facebook, Twitter, etc) with everything X Japan! You may share your favorite picture, videos, fan-art, even photos of your X Japan collection to celebrate the day. Make sure to use the hashtag #XJAPANDay2015 in each of your post, don't forget to also mention X Japan member's official SNS account to make them recognize the event!

The date of the celebration day is 21st April (Japan Standard Time), which marks the release date of X Japan major debut album, "Blue Blood".

You may discuss about any kind of idea you would like to have to celebrate the event with your fellow X-Freaks friends from the same country as yours in this page too.

and please, keep the discussion (and the celebration) light and fun, because that's what we wanted to do in this event, to have fun! :)

Invite your fellow X JAPAN fan friends to this event, and enjoy the celebration! :D

PS: If you want to help translating this event info into your language, please kindly inform us! We'll update the event info with every translation possible!

See you on April 21st! We are X !!

from: https://www.facebook.com/events/972191169479967/

Pretty cool if anyone's looking to find some new fandom friends

We are not trying to keep the legacy—we are trying to move forward, so our sound is going to change. I’m ready to be criticized, for example by fans saying "you should rather be this style." I’m ready for it, I’m okay with any concept of criticism-Yoshiki