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SELLING: All 5 (plus duplicate Toshi) band plushes in very used condition

demonbefriender · 3763

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Hoo boy, it's been a while since I've been around these forums. Don't know if anyone remembers me (or if anyone is still around? seems kinda desolate around here).

Long story short, I need some cash so I'm selling some old stuff. I decided I wanted to sell my old X Japan plushies just cuz they've been collecting dust in my garage. Even though I loved the hell outta them I just feel like they would be better off with someone who is more interested. To say the least they are in used condition and I don't think they're gonna be displayed on a shelf as a great collector's piece because of that, but hopefully someone out there can look past that and love them anyways.

I'm obviously still a bit attached to them, haha..

Anyways, after a lot of consideration I decided to sell them on eBay.  Unfortunately I decided not to ship outside the U.S. on these because of past experiences with the shipping being ridiculous.. If anyone really really wants them and is overseas then I might be able to compromise??

Here's the link to my store:

I set the bidding pretty low ($9.99 on all but the hide one that's in pretty bad shape) plus about $6 shipping.

ahh, hope that's enough info.  :-X


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 :) I followed the link but found nothing, have you sold them ? cheers !

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Hope she did in the last 3 years :P

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