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A notice to everyone concerning visits to hide’s grave

rafaelo · 1683

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We would like to offer our deepest thanks for your continuing support of hide, and our humble gratitude to all of the many people who visit his grave daily.

In a recent incident, hide’s tombstone was intentionally vandalized with a sharp object. We have decided to launch an investigation into the damages.

In addition, we have received regretful reports of some people not observing the right etiquette; of people littering on the grounds, being noisy, leaving their drinks on the tombstone, of hide’s photos being removed.

We regretfully have to inform you that should the current situation continue, we will close hide’s grave to the general public.

We humbly ask for your cooperation so that everyone can visit the grave peacefully.

Furthermore, we humbly ask that every time you witness any such behaviour, you contact the Official hide Website.


We request that you:
* Please do not enter the cemetery outside of its opening hours.
* Please remove the plastic wrap from flowers before leaving them at the grave.
* Please refrain from leaving drinks or food on the tombstone as this will damage it.
* Lighting a lot of incense sticks at once will cause the incense burner to burn and could lead to an accident, therefore please only light one stick of incense per person.
* Please refrain from removing any offerings or installations left at the gravesite.
* There are other graves adjacent to this one. We humbly ask for your cooperation in protecting the silence and not littering the site.

Original Japanese message: http://www.hide-city.com/information/detail.php?id=970