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Weekly Bunshun'. Justice for Taiji

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on: September 29, 2012, 09:37:11 AM
 Weekly Bunshun 14th Oct  Part 1
Article: Whether TAIJI (former X Japan) did committed suicide?
Rock band former X member TAIJI (real name Taiji Sawada, then 45 years old) passed away on 17th July last year. According to Daily Sport on 18th July 2011, ‘TAIJI has done committed suicide using bed sheet, hanged himself on the night of 17th while he was under arrest.’
X Japan’s another members, guitarist HIDE died on hanged himself on 1998. So it was big news that time.
One year since TAIJI’s death, there is a person who is still wondering if he did kill himself. This is Tomomi Akatsuka (TAIJI’s significant-other, age 33) who decides to reveal her real name to the public first time. Ms Akatsuka is still searching for this matter herself. On the other hand, Ms Akatsuka has filed the court case a woman for committed fraud who tried to get money from her, using TAIJI’s private mobile phone, sent message to her acting as from TAIJI himself just before and after his death.
I will explain this fraud case later. First of all, I would like to refrain what happen around TAIJI’s death time from Ms Akatsuka’s interview.
Ms Akatuska arrived at Saipan General Hospital (CHC, Note I don’t know what CHC stands for, it might be not called this hospital as Saipan General Hospital in local)’s ICU unit on early morning of 17th July last year.
‘I’ve got a message that TAIJI was very critical condition. So I rushed to Saipan. I introduced myself as TAIJI’s fiancé to the nurse. The nurse took me to ICU, let me see him. I said to him, ‘‘You’ll be OK. Now I’m here’’ but he didn’t respond. I was told he did hang himself. I removed his clothes to examine myself. There was no mark on his neck. I wanted to know what happen to him. So I checked his body repeatedly. Still, no sign of mark. But I’ve seen reddish stripe mark on his chest.’

TAIJI had been arrested by FBI causing violence act in the cabin of Delta 298 on the way to Saipan on 11th July 2011. After landed the plane, he was officially arrested by Saipan police. The evening of 17th He hanged himself in the police cell. TAIJI’s next of kin was informed from Japanese Foreign Office. TAIJI’s mother arrived at CHC around lunch time on 17th , after 3 days later TAIJI had committed suicide. When TAIJI’s mother saw her lifeless son, also she realised no mark on his neck. Then she questioned around where the sheets TAIJI hanged with. Everybody there just said ‘I don’t know’.
Ms Akatsuka continued, ‘His next of kin and I were taken to a little room where the doctor explained his condition. He said, ‘‘The patient suffers brain dead. The only the way will be stop the life supporting machine.’’ He didn’t explain anything about his body condition. The option was stop life supporting machine only. Takako (TAIJI’s mother) couldn’t accept someone in the police cell could manage to kill themselves, kept questioning to the doctor. The doctor just repeated ‘‘Patient suffers brain dead’’.
As the doctor’s recommendation, TAIJI’s mother accepted. Then TAIJI passed away.
TAIJI originally came from Chiba prefecture. He was very active with his bands since he was in high school. On 1986, YOSHIKI (age 46) invited him to X. He was known as charismatic bassist, but 1992 he left X then moved to Loudness and followed playing in the other few bands.
On 2010, TAIJI played again at X Japan’s live stage since he left the band 18 years ago.
Ms Akatsuka was a ballet dancer when she met TAIJI first time on 2009. Soon, they became an item, started to live together. Their friends all knew about it. They set up new management office. Ms Akatsuka started to support TAIJI as his personal manager. She said, ‘I still can’t believe he has gone. He never showed the sign of it before.’

Why there was no mark on TAIJI’s neck, in spite of hanging himself? What was happen while he was under arrest? Why TAIJI was aggressive in the airplane for his arrest? There are lots of un-answered questions. So the editor has flown to Saipan to find out.
First of all, I’ve got TAIJI’s death report from local police station. According to the report, TAIJI’s hanged time was at 17.06 on 14th July. There was a TAIJI’s local contact telephone number too which he wrote on his landing card. I rang that number. The receiver was Korean Poker Game shop. I asked ‘Did you get an enquiry about death incident from police one year ago?’ He said ‘We didn’t. I don’t know that person (TAIJI), either. We have same telephone number since 5 years ago. You might have got wrong number.’ I wonder whether trust worthy this report itself.
After this, I visited Mr Prestry who is charged for this incident in North Mariana island (Note: I can’t translate exact his title. Avoid mistake I wouldn’t). I mentioned ‘I’ve heard there was no mark on TAIJI’s neck in spite he hanged himself.’ Mr Prestry was surprised, then he has changed to take the matter seriously. I continued. ‘Is it possible the custody hang in the police cell?’ Mr Prestry replied, ‘Normally impossible. I can’t understand how.’ He shook his head and sighed.
Then I visited FBI officer who arrested TAIJI. He only showed me the Court document. According to this, TAIJI has become angry and aggressive to passenger B, just 30 minutes before landing on Saipan airport. He was pinned then arrested for ‘Interruption and distraction to the air attendants’ business’ (Note: it might be not exactly translated).
FBI special officer Mr Goff described, ‘According to cabin attendant, (he or she) heard shouting voice and banging sound from Business class cabin. When the cabin attendant approached that seat, (he or she) saw Taiji Sawada and passenger B were arguing terribly. The passenger B tried to hold Taiji’s body. Taiji was kicking and shouting.
So who was this passenger B who augured with TAIJI? It sounds like the third party but this is Toshiko Hayakawa (not real name) who was TAIJI’s manager that time. This Ms Hayakawa is the person whom Ms Akatsuka is now filing the Court for committed fraud.

They met first time on November 2009, just after TAIJI’s live concert had finished. The lady who looked around age 40 approached to talk to TAIJI and Ms Akatsuka. That was Ms Hayakawa. Ms Hayakawa said ‘My husband owns the biggest resort in Saipan. We have 2 million yen worth studio there. But we don’t have any clue how to use it. Would you like to be our business partner?’ In spite this was their first meeting, Ms Hayakawa invited them to very expensive meal and paid hotel to stay that night. After this, TAIJI consulted to some matter on 2010. Since then, they became very close.

Ms Akatsuka said ‘Ms Hayakawa was very humble first. She often showed us her photos with celebrities. She appealed to her strong connection with those people. So we trusted her.’
In fact, according to another Ms Hayakawa’s friend said, ‘She is fame monger. She often bragged about her relationship with Choshuriki, TatsumiFujinami (both former professional wrestlers), Kyoko Fukazawa (actress), Mika Mifune (singer), George Takahashi (musician).’
Those individual’s management office explained their relationship with Ms Hayakawa, ‘Chosuriki used to stay her husband’s resort hotel often. She has given him a lift from airport to resort few times. Since TAIJI’s incident, we tried to keep distance with her.’ (Office of Choshuriki)
‘Mr Fujinami was noticed at Saipan Airport by Ms Hayakawa. Then she has invited him for meal. That’s all. Not so close relationship.’ (TatsumiFujinami’s wife)
Kyoko Fukada, Mika Mifune, George Takahashi’s offices have commented, ‘We don’t know private relationship.’

In the end, Ms Hayakawa and they set up management office together on spring 2011. Ms Hayakawa started looking after TAIJI as his manager. Ms Akatsuka said, ‘I would have liked to settle down with TAIJI as an house wife, so I wanted to let her manage his work. This was big mistake.’ From now on, the situation was moving strange way.
Then Ms Hayakawa introduced Mr Shigeo Kamiya (not real name, around 50 years old) whom Ms Hayakawa has been admiring, into their management office as a special adviser. He introduced himself as a management consultant. Also he has more than hundred fans for his spiritual counselling.
The friend of Ms Hayakawa and Mr Kamiya said, ‘Ms Hayakawa called Mr Kamiya as ‘The God’. She was consulting to Mr Kamiya everything making her decision. He looks very big and vulgar.’
Ms Hayakawa promised to support TAIJI and Ms Akatsuka’s married life. She suggested to get married at Saipan to them. Actually, Ms Hayakawa took TAIJI to Saipan on May 2011. Around this time, Ms Hayakawa’s attitude was dramatically changed. Ms Akatsuka said, ‘Ms Hayakawa started to criticise another people.’
For example, Ms Hayakawa was bragging about she has married with Saipan resort owner. On the other hand, she commented about Ms Akatsuka’s former job as a ballet dancer, repeatedly.
TAIJI started to hate Ms Hayakawa, saying ‘She changes her story often’ ‘She is living with only her egotism.’ Ms Hayakawa took around TAIJI, but never paid him any wage.
In that time, TAIJI and Ms Hayakawa were often auguring all the time.
Ms Akatsuka continued, ‘That his last trip was for business. Just before the trip to Saipan, Ms Hayakawa and he were fighting terribly. Once he said he wouldn’t go, cut off the contact with Ms Hayakawa. Ms Hayakawa contacted me by e-mail asking let her know what would like him to do by two hours before boarding time. Their relationship seemed impossible to mend. But Mr Kamiya went into between them, negotiated to TAIJI. Then he accepted to go to Saipan. He said to me, ‘This would be my last time working with Ms Hayakawa’.
In the end, TAIJI was arrested at Saipan, put him custody, he died. While the incident was going on, there was strange things have happen.
The first time Ms Akatsuka has been learnt about TAIJI’s incident was e-mail message from Mr Kamiya who was with Ms Hayakawa and TAIJI at Saipan. The e-mail dated at 16.20 on 15th July. More than 24 hours had passed since the incident. The e-mail said ‘Let you know TAIJI-kun has been arrested by FBI due to his aggressive behaviour in the airplane cabin. The reason he was very upset about was auguring with Tomo-chan (Ms Akatsuka). He shouted that he would kill himself aggressively. While he was in the Court case, he seemed to hang himself in the police cell. At a moment, he is unconscious. We can’t see him.’
Ms Akatsuka’s memory of that day is still vivid. Ms Akatsuka said, ‘I couldn’t understand what going on. I was stunned. I’d never augured with him. The day before was my birthday. Both of us celebrated together. The main strange thing was that I and he were sending messages few times each other since he meant be landed at Saipan. Of course his mail didn’t have mentioned he had been arrested.’

While Ms Akatsuka was in shock, another e-mail came from TAIJI’s mobile phone, who must have been in coma that time. It said, ‘I understood. Please check and send it. Could you contact to Ms Hayakawa’s mobile phone in Saipan?’ (Received timed and dated at 16.58 on 15th July)
Ms Akatsuka thought TAIJI has been in coma? Was Mr Kamiya’s information right? Just after TAIJI’s message, Ms Hayakawa sent Ms Akatsuka a mail. It said, ‘The credit card statement was 770,000 yen. What can I say? Are Tomomi-san very angry?’
I, the reporter witnessed the list of Ms Akatsuka’s mobile phone messages between TAIJI and her. I’ve checked the mail just before TAIJI went to Saipan and after. Just before he went to Saipan, the messages were just normal lovers’, caring each other. But after he arrested on 12th July, the writing touch has been changed. It impossible to believe same person sent those messages. The bright emoticons have appeared suddenly. It is very strange. It said, ‘I’ve never been told from Toshiko-san, but the God will come definitely. Please send money in. Please open the account. If there is something else, ring to the God all together. We must be punished. Please ring the God and apologise to him. Regard.’
Again, I want to make the point, that time TAIJI had been arrested.

Weekly Bunshun 14th Oct  Part 2
I, the editor have questioned few local polices and solicitors about that it was possible to use mobile phone in the police cell and contact outside people while the person was custody. All of them say ‘Impossible. Never let them use mobile phone in the cell’.
But Ms Akatsuka didn’t know TAIJI had been arrested. She believed the mails were sent by TAIJI that time. She was worried about him and tried to do what he said.
These corresponding were about TAIJI’s business expense using Ms Hayakawa’s credit card. He was saying he would have to pay back to her. The mail which I mentioned previously in this article including 770,000 yen was his debt for Ms Hayakawa.
The first bogus TAIJI mail arrived at 9.23am on 12th, the day after they had arrived at Saipan. It said, ‘Gift: Where did we buy from?’ Ms Akatsuka couldn’t have any clue what he was talking but she replied. Then ‘I used Toshiko-san’s card. I’ve spent too much. Please pay back. If not, I would be prosecuted as a crime.’
Ms Akatsuka said, ‘First of all, we were using the card with Ms Hayakawa’s permission. I thought bit strange. Car fuel, etc. were business expense.
Even after this, the mail exchange have carried on. The mail subject started to change from 14th July when around TAIJI tried committed suicide.
To start with, at 9.40, ‘Could you check my parent’s home address in Ichikawa-city and send me as soon as possible’. These about 15 mails have sent from TAIJI’s mobile phone which asking about TAIJI’s his own relatives’ contacts.
In the mean time, at 19.35 on 14th, Ms Akatsuka has received a long e-mail from Ms Hayakawa. She was saying TAIJI had asked sending her to. After she learnt, the same mail has been sent to another people too. The mail contents were; TAIJI and Ms Hayakawa’s trouble history. He was supporting she was right. He admitted Ms Akatsuka and his fault rather Ms Hayakawa’s.
The day after Ms Akatsuka got this mail, Mr Kamiya told about TAIJI’s committed suicide. She was trying to find out what going on. She contacted to Ms Hayakawa’s mobile phone. She never answered. On the other hand, Ms Hayakawa was responding by e-mail. But only she asked sending the money and interested how to deal with media.
The middle of that night, Ms Hayakawa contacted Ms Akatsuka’s mobile phone, finally. Ms Akatsuka explained, ‘‘I said to Ms Hayakawa that I heard TAIJI was unconscious from you, but I received mails from TAIJI till that afternoon.’’ She seemed lost what she says and be silence a while. She asked advice next to her. Then she said ‘‘It must be time rag to receive mails by Soft Bank mobile phone, mustn’it?’ But the mail exchanges with TAIJI were almost same as chat. So it was impossible. Unexpectedly, Ms Hayakawa mentioned about TAIJI and I had fight. I said no. Again Ms Hayakawa became silence. Ms Hayakawa said, ‘‘TAIJI hated your parent. It must be awkward’’. I said, ‘‘They are very close.’’ Then Ms Hayakawa hung up the phone without say good bye.’

On 17th when Ms Akatsuka arrived at CHC, TAIJI’s relatives appeared with Ms Hayakawa and Mr Kamiya. Ms Hayakawa left shortly after. Mr Kamiya took her different room and asked her to say same thing as what he said; TAIJI was so drunk. He had nightmare while he was a sleep, then became violently. If this story line, nobody would be harmed. He asked to her not to tell the media.
I, the editor, interviewed and pointed out this to Mr Kamiya directly. He said. ‘TAIJI had taken sleeping pill and alcohol together. His aggressive behaviour caused by combine those two. Ms Hayakawa was a victim. In the Court case document, his aggressive behaviour caused by auguring with Ms Hayakawa. Actually, TAIJI was angry about fight with Ms Akatsuka.’
Unsatisfied Ms Akatsuka has decided to press charge Ms Hayakawa to Aoba branch of Kanagawa Police as an attempted fraud. The police have filed. The reason was the suspicion of sending bogus mails acting as TAIJI himself and asking money. The Interpol issued court appearance order to Ms Hayakawa. But she hasn’t replied yet.
Was Ms Hayakawa acting as TAIJI on those mails? Does she know something very important his death? I, the editor, have visited her home in Saipan. But I couldn’t meet her. Instead I rang her mobile phone. She answered then shouted high tone voice. ‘Where do you ring from? From Fiesta Hotel? I don’t want to answer any question about TAIJI matter. I was annoyed the rumours. I would like say something but I work with celebrity. So I can understand. Please leave me alone.’
Then I’ve mentioned about Ms Akatsuka’s court case to her. She hanged up, never answered the phone again.
I’ve interviewed Ms Hayakawa’s husband who owns resort. He said, ‘I and former my wife have divorced five years ago. We have kids but I look after them. Former my wife doesn’t involve my resort business any more. I am really annoyed about TAIJI and my former wife’s rumour. Has she sued by TAIJI’s fiancé? I didn’t know that. Rather I want to know what happen next.
I wonder mysterious TAIJI’s death would be buried forever.