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hide's maxi single Hi-Ho/GOOD BYE

michel · 1645

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on: November 15, 2011, 05:42:32 AM
I have two copies of hide's single, Hi-Ho/GOOD BYE, and have a question about a difference in the two disc. Both cds are exact in every way, from the covers, Obi strips, all numbers.  But one came with a colored circular insert on the cd and a slightly smaller one came as an insert. Both are similar to the cover art.  The second cd did not come with the circular colored insert, and the cd is orange; and the cd has a positive etching of the circular colored insert/cd cover art identical to the first cd.  The colored insert in the first cd is too small to be placed on the cd, as was my my guess. So it looks like two different pressings. Can any one help with this. Both came form Japan, and look to be originals. They sound identical too.