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What X Japan's Lollapalooza performance may mean for the band's future...

nihongaku · 3086

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    • Nihongaku
Hey guys! As promised, here is the link to my article about the significance of X Japan's Lollapalooza performance and what it may mean for the band's future. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Thanks in advance,

Jonathan McNamara

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I loved that article, thanks for posting and congratulations for the publication!

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Nice article! Congratulations on getting the mention by Yoshiki:



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Congratulations! Great article that even got Yoshiki's attention. :D

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I just have read the article.
What I like so much about the article is that it is written by someone who knows X Japan and his past and that it is written with love!
I hope you will have the chance and the space to write more about them in the future!

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thank you for such good article! Im very glad Yoshiki has read it ^^ Also I hope you'll be able to interview Yoshiki or\and other members of the band, I'd LOVE to read it ^^

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Fantastic to see things like this, written by the fans themselves. Nice work!


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Oh! I found this article the other day. I really liked it! Congratulations on getting a mention from Yoshiki.

As for the X/1999 music... You probably know, but forever love is actually in the movie. There's also a rare video of a short oav music video made for the song X, if I remember correctly. It's on youtube, and I think it got a DVD release in a CLAMP box set recently but a high quality video is IMPOSSIBLE to find...

That's how I found X Japan, too, years ago. I still think the end of that movie is kind of hilarious, though. I didn't like it much...

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Thank you so much for the article. I tried posting a comment on the page, but it kept refusing me. Alas, you get one on here.

It's nice to see journalists who actually know what they're talking about and have gone through what the fans have. Getting some of those CDs are TOUGH. Talk about a cut-throat group of sellers, haha.