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Taiji's blog update, mentions an XFF member

drivedrivebaby · 1382

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on: May 03, 2010, 04:11:58 PM
Thanks to Kazooms and Windy at X Wonderland for this.



(There was a foreigner in the crowd who was shy at first, but then got into it.... that was kazooms!)



今言えるのは ありがとう 仙台!


そして5/4、TAIJI with HEAVEN'Sで



Kazooms' comment about taiji's words:

"i wasnt shy.. i was being blown away by the LOUD volume.so i hung back from the speaker... but after a while i just started to jump around too hehe.. there was only 1 other foreigner...and only 100ppl..hehe

he also said to me 'nice to meet you';) and blew me a kiss~
but honestly.. i was shocked at first, he looked like someone who had been through a lot in his life...but he's still standing strong!!"

Kazooms' report of the event can be found here:

Or he may post it in here at a later date.

And yes, in effect I am plugging this X Wonderland forum, but only because some of the news in there have not been posted here yet. I mean no harm  :)