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X JAPAN to Conquer the West as a Band of 6 and YOSHIKI Moved Deeply

cherrybeary520x · 1824

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Just recently X JAPAN have been filming their footage for their 5 song videos totaling and amount of 500.000.000 Yen in expense, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The stage was set to the 13th death anniversary of guitarist HIDE, with his guitar set up and YOSHIKI said [Today, HIDE has been with us the whole time.] As "6 members" of the band the filming had been taking place in the center of Hollywood, making a dream come true like that. [I am moved for the sake of TOSHI, as well as for HIDE. It is like a drama. Only the scenes and the measures are different.] YOSHIKI stated as the tears on his cheeks reflected a million different emotions.

The shoot, which took place from January 6th to the 14th, was made for the new song "Jade", which is also connected to the "revival of "Kurenai", somewhat of a new song in a wider perspective as well." These songs were followed by "Rusty Nail", "ENDLESS RAIN" and "I.V.".

YOSHIKI, who is an avid fan of Loas Angeles explained deeply moved: „In elementary school, when TOSHI and I founded our band, we played for the first time at the Chiba-Ken City Center. This has been such a long time, and now we are in Hollywood. There are certain aesthetics of the moment, as well as there are in the continuation of things." To perform in Hollywood had also been a dream of HIDE and YOSHIKI emphasized "X JAPAN are not 5 people, we are 6 now." And hot tears could be seen, spilling from his eyes.