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Reply #60 on: February 06, 2012, 07:57:32 AM

Fanclub limited event "SOUL'S MATE DAY EPISODE VII" will be held!!

Acoustic band session and talk are scheduled.


Please look forward to special present as usual!


Please check details below for entry process.


FC限定イベント" SOUL'S MATE DAY " 第7弾の開催決定!!













会場:shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE



1回目:OPEN 15:30/START 16:00

2回目:OPEN 18:30/START 19:00


料金:¥6,000- (税込)+ドリンク代別

購入枚数:SOUL'S MATE会員のみお1人様1公演1枚まで (抽選販売)































・SOUL'S MATE会員証・顔写真付き公的身分証明書の2点をご持参ください。


1.運転免許証 2.パスポート 3.写真付き学生証 4.写真付き住民基本台帳カード






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Reply #61 on: February 17, 2012, 08:46:56 PM

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Reply #62 on: February 17, 2012, 10:17:20 PM
Days immersed in music 音楽漬けの日々
Over the past crazy few weeks, I’ve been even more wrapped up in music than usual.


As you already know,

I’ve been working on three important projects at the same time since the beginning of the year:

LUNA SEA’s new single to be released in March,

the video from the earthquake charity concert we held at Saitama Super Arena in October 2011,

and writing music for the play "7DOORS."

It’s been a really crazy period of time, but I’ve felt very fulfilled since I’m totally immersed in music.

Still, my body continues crying out in protest...


We’ve finally nearly completed two important pieces of work for LUNA SEA.

Our first single in 12 years is an explosive,

large song that lasts over 22 minutes and overflows with the current creativity of the five members.

That’s how much space we needed to fully express our current potential.

I’ll write in more detail about the single later,

but I wanted to say right now that LUNA SEA’s most intense, wonderful music is being born now.

It features a fusion of the spirituality of all five members, with the highest density ever.

The song seems to beckon you with an impossible, unknown, intense power.

It is amazingly natural and smooth, as if this music has existed since the very beginning. 

Since it expresses the truth of LUNA SEA right now without any exaggerations,

I really hope you’re looking forward to it.


The editing and TD work on "A Promise to The Brave" is close to being finished successfully as well.

I think we were able to create a video that preserves every detail of the sense of that day,

which overflowed with positive, wonderful energy and resembled the giving of hope and light for the future.

Without question it was a truly rare concert;

it was one of our best shows in which we were able to realize superb quality

and the greatest sense of unity up until now.

The proceeds from this piece of work will also be donated to supporting reconstruction.

Even though it’s several months old now,

I hope that you view this video to experience the current form of LS.


Starting from today I’m concentrating on work for "7DOORS" once again.

This play – which portrays a very deep, aesthetic,

unfathomable world while completely expressing the greatest depths of human psychology and emotions –

has begun to inspire some beautiful, insane music.

It is a new interpretation of the only opera written by Bartók, who I have loved since I was a child.

This project feels comfortable while also involving great pressure, and is a great honor as well.

In any case I am wrapped up in my work while giving myself up to the inspiration that pours down from above

and wells up from within me.

There’s only a certain amount of time, so the question is how far I can go before time runs out.

I plan to fully concentrate on this play for the next several weeks.


I’ll let you know what’s going on again soon!


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Reply #63 on: March 12, 2012, 12:26:38 AM

We will never forget this day.


Let us create the future full of true happiness, relief and brightness

beyond this hurt, pain and grief.


Now we are at the biggest crossroad.

The door to a new dimention and concept is about to open.

We should choose how our idea is

for new generations who will lead a new world.


Thank you sincerely, all people around the world.

We are connected so strongly.


We will never forget this day.

 SGZ from Japan

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Reply #64 on: March 16, 2012, 03:12:36 PM
7DOORS ~Bluebeard's Castle~
Many people already know this,

but the play “7DOORS ~Bluebeard's Castle~” starts from today (March 16).

I am the musical director for this play and am also performing in it for the first time.


Since 2012 began I’ve been constantly immersed in composing the music for this play

at the same time we’ve been working on LUNA SEA’s new single.

It is a new interpretation of an old European fable,

which was made famous by the only opera written by Bartók (who I have loved since I was a child).

It is produced by Katsuhide Suzuki and depicts a condensed version of his universe and philosophy. “7DOORS~Aohigeko no Shiro” is degenerate, deep, crazy, and beautiful.

The original theme of “seven doors” is synched with the Christian concept of the Seven Deadly Sins

to express the emotions, desires, virtues, and vices that all humans possess.

It seems like a type of warning or purification,

and I think this theatrical performance has become a very rare and unique piece of work in the best way.

It is a wonderful production that conveys the worldviews and concepts of Katsuhide Suzuki.


This play stars Natsuki Mizu,

a former top performer of male roles from the Snow Troupe of the Takarazuka Revue.

Her bearing, aura, beauty, and persuasive power are all what could be expected of such a true star.

I truly respect her – she is a true professional as shown by her attitude of dedicating

her whole soul to her work as well as her overwhelming passion and shrewd discernment.

The seven veteran actors are also all wonderful performers,

and they taught me various types of intuition in a range of different ways.

All of the actors are profound and beautiful;

I made great efforts and demonstrated my potential as much as possible while surrounded by a fantastic cast

and staff. Of course, I always devote my entire power to everything I do…


I’ve been a huge fan of Bartók since I was a child,

so it was both frightening and a true honor to be involved with the sounds and works he created.

While paying him the highest respect I attempted to create music for this play through methods

that were the most suitable for my style.

Based on ambient compositions that resemble work by Brian Eno and David Sylvian,

I also made free use of modern and contemporary musical approaches from the eras after Bartók.

The result is simultaneously acoustic, ethnic, and religious music.

Although this music is fairly different from the image of my usual “SUGIZO Music,”

I am confident that it still has a SUGIZO-esque style.

I also used and reconstructed motifs from a certain song on my first album to create a song

that occupies a very important place in the play.

This exciting song inspires involuntary emotion together with experiences of music,

passing time, and the cycle of death and rebirth.

If you are a devoted fan – and certainly if you are a member of SOUL’S MATE

– I’m sure you will take notice of this piece of trivia.


I play a lord who doesn’t appear for a very long time in the play.

But because he rules the entire castle, and through the music that expresses these things,

I think he has a fairly strong presence through the entire performance.

The words spoken by Judith, the heroine who enters the labyrinth,

and the butler, who serves as the narrator, are beautiful, deeply meaningful, poetic, and cruel.

The theme is a personification of human desires and sins, from which it is hard for anyone to escape.

This concept is very deep and also important for everybody to learn about.

In any case this play is becoming a wonderful piece of work, so I hope that SUGIZO fans, Takarazuka fans,

and people who are fans of neither will come to see and experience it.

When you do so, please “feel” the play while giving yourself up to its inspiration.


New doors will definitely be opened.


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Reply #65 on: March 31, 2012, 12:42:42 AM

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Reply #66 on: April 07, 2012, 02:59:42 AM
The last day of 7DOORS! / 7DOORS 千秋楽!
The stage of 7DOORS over 3 weeks.

We finally came to an end successfully.

Everyone who came and watched us,

Thank you so much.

Everyone who couldn't come but send power to us,

Thank you so much.

It's over 1 and a half month including a rehearsal.

2 and a half month including composing.

I tried my best with all my strength.

Although I can write my feeling as much I like,

in a word… it was just awesome experience.

It was the compilation of our passion and creativity

with awesome casts and awesome staffs.

Awesome stage work.

Thank you so much…

And… exhausted…

I take a little rest.

After then, I will start producing the soundtrack of this work.

7DOORS 〜Bluebeard's Castle〜 Original Soundtrack

will be released at the end of next month.

Please look forward.

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Reply #67 on: June 08, 2012, 08:25:38 PM
The DAY of 69

How is everybody doing?


I haven’t written here in quite some time – I think more than a month has passed.

All sorts of things have happened during this period of time.


The latter half of April was taken up by recording, so I was holed up in the studio as usual.

I saw Ryuichi perform in the play “Ginga Eiyu Densetsu,”

attended the Nagoya and Tokyo shows of DEAD END (a band I really respect),

and went to my first GLAY show in a long time at the Budokan.

I also took part in a ton of photo shoots and meetings,

held SOUL’S MATE DAY (the fan club members-only event that is a place of true relaxation for me),

and immersed myself in Russian music at La Folle Journée.

There was also the 14th anniversary of the day my “older brother” departed on his journey...


During Golden Week I went to Ishinomaki, Ogatsu, and Onagawa

– the areas affected by the disaster – for the first time in a long time.

I experienced heartfelt salvation due to the true warmth of the local residents that I hadn’t seen in one year,

as well as by watching them living with great earnestness.

The old woman who said she was happy with just “chopsticks and a bowl” has re-opened her cafe in a new location,

and our reunion was quite touching.

There was a truly wonderful type of energy for moving forward

– even in small increments – such as the new market that was started in Onagawa,

as well as the small charity items made from famous local products.


Still, at the same time there are houses that have not yet been disassembled more than one year later,

perhaps because the owners have not yet returned.

There is a vast amount of rubble lying in piles waiting forever to be dealt with in turn,

as well as areas that have become ruined towns about which nothing can be done.

Furthermore, Okawa Elementary School is still experiencing very sad circumstances.

There are still many situations that are much too painful to see, and I was at a loss for words.

How long will it take before the functions of the Japanese government start to work?

I also feel doubt about the way people have responded to the issue of receiving rubble.

Why can’t the entire country join together even more to move forward and promote reconstruction?

In the future as well, I feel that I must take actions

and search for approaches towards this end both as an artist and as one individual.


After returning from the affected areas I began composing songs for my next important project,

spending several more weeks confined in the studio in a continual struggle with inspiration.

While I was doing so, the 20th anniversary of our debut took place on May 21.

Even 20 years later, it seems like my creativity is more constantly explosive than before,

and I am repeatedly beset by inspiration and the desire to express myself.

My various projects are moving forward rapidly, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to relax yet.

Even though I feel a heartfelt desire for a lifestyle with more ease,

I am truly grateful for my current situation that is so filled with music.

I’m also grateful for the people who are walking at my side.


I wanted to feel released from the feelings of stress and oppression that have not stopped for several months,

so I fled overseas for about one week to relax.

During this brief period of relief I received more images and ideas, and I felt charged with new energy.


In addition, LUNA SEA’s new actions began on May 29.

What sort of future is waiting? A very important person also passed away the other day.

In this era I hope to live with my full power so that I feel no regrets no matter what happens,

even if everything ended tomorrow.


I kindly ask for your support in the future as well.


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Reply #68 on: June 13, 2012, 07:50:13 PM
7DOORS Original Soundtrack

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Reply #69 on: July 07, 2012, 09:07:32 PM

I’ve received many messages from everybody in honor of today

– thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I am now 43 years old.

Now that I’ve come this far I no longer have a feeling of disbelief,

and becoming older feels very comfortable.


On one hand,

thinking that I’ve lived 43 years makes me feel like this is a long period of time.

But considering that the earth has gone around the sun only 43 times,

it also feels very short…


I’ve written this many times in the past, but it is exactly how I feel.

I am also full of gratitude to the parents who brought me into this world.


No matter how old I get, I want to always be a dazzling challenger.

I want to become the type of rocking “old man” that I admire,

and I kindly ask for your support in the future as well!


Right now, I’m as always incredibly busy with work for Wowow for LUNA SEA,

my solo DVD, new songs, and more.


I’ll be on the attack in the second half of 2012,

and I hope you will spend the rest of this year of ascension with me!


With LOVE,


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Reply #70 on: August 21, 2012, 10:08:25 PM
Juno Reactor in the summer: Krasnodar and Brighton

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Reply #71 on: September 02, 2012, 01:52:19 AM

How is everybody doing? It’s still really hot.

It’s less like late summer heat and more like midsummer.

Over the past few years the seasons have been utterly out of alignment…


Today, I have an announcement to make.

I’m going to be moving at a furious pace over the next month or so.

As you know, I released “FINAL OF THE MESSIAH Remix by SYSTEM 7,”

my first digital single in about a year, on August 29.

It’s being promoted in a big way on places like Facebook and BARKS,

so I bet many people have already listened to it.


As you know, this single was remixed by System 7, the leaders of the techno world in the UK.

“MESSIAH” has evolved into an intense dance track.

In it, my guitar roars violently and become intertwined with their groove.

The fantastic twin guitars played by myself and Steve Hillage, a guitarist I really respect,

raise this composition to new levels and guide it to a world of ecstasy.

It features a cosmic sensuality and an explosive rock attitude,

so I hope you will all listen to it!


Furthermore, a miraculous joint tour with System 7 and myself will take place on September 16

in Osaka and September 21 in Tokyo.

I’ve been a fan of System 7 for a really long time, so to me this is like a dream.

I am sure we will create a psychedelic art space that is totally cosmic and blissful.

For the show, my band will be the COSMIC DANCE QUARTET

composed of guitarist Takumi, drummer MOTOKATSU, d-kiku, and myself.

It will be an ecstasy of hardcore, danceable, psychedelic groove.

It’s definitely going to be a fantastic party together with other wonderful artists,

such as UNI, the leader of the Japanese trance world who is an important musical partner of mine,

DJ YUMMY, who is fantastically glamorous, Miss MELERA, in her first visit to Japan from Amsterdam, KOTARO, a fantastic creator and DJ who is my dear friend,

and ZAKROCK, who serves an important role in the visuals for my work.

I hope you all participate – you’ll definitely have a joyful experience in a blissful place!


My official Facebook and mixi pages are full of videos, information, and interviews.

I also started an official YouTube account!

I hope to interact with you in all sorts of venues, so I hope you’ll come and visit.




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Reply #72 on: September 12, 2012, 11:31:04 PM

I have an announcement to make.
After “FINAL OF THE MESSIAH,” a new digital single entitled “SUPER LOVE 2012”
– which is a collaboration with my friends, the members of COLDFEET –
is available to download as of September 11.
“SUPER LOVE” is a funky tune that I released in 2002 under the name “SUGIZO & THE SPANK YOUR JUICE.”
I wanted sublimate it into a current SUGIZO-esque electro song,
as well as revive it as a glamorous female vocal track.

I wanted to attempt something different from the cosmic, psychedelic, dark directions
I’ve been exploring in recent years.
I also wanted to try incorporating a soul- and funk-like sensation that is overflowing
with light into my own techno format.
For that reason I asked COLDFEET, a fantastic duo that I’ve shared mutual respect with for 15 years now,
to jointly produce this song.
In this way we created an amazing hybrid house tune that fuses the various elements of house music;
it’s like a deep house style.
Our collaboration, affinity, and chemistry were even more fantastic than I had imagined
– just as you might expect of COLDFEET!
The song is groovy, soulful, funky, and jazzy.
My guitar cries out, creating a rocking feel that entwines with the delicate, psychedelic sensation.
Lori’s beautiful voice flutters about, creating a sensual, pop-like, brand new type of SUGIZO Music.
I hope you will all listen to it!

In the future I hope to keep focusing on cosmic, hard, psychedelic, spiritual electronic music.
At the same time, I intend to use this series that features female vocalists
as a way to explore a worldview that is sensual, soulful, and suffused with light
– for which “SUPER LOVE 2012” serves as the starting point.
I want to broaden the world of SUGIZO Music,
just like the pull of gravity between opposing elements such as the moon and the sun,
or between darkness and light.

I hope you’re all looking forward to my musical journey in the future as well,
so please make sure to check out “SUPER LOVE 2012,” my newest work!



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Reply #73 on: December 12, 2012, 08:30:46 PM

Today is the 48th birthday of my “big brother.”

I bet he’s drinking like crazy in the other world,

while rocking out just like a kid dumping out the toys from a fantastic toy box.


It’s remarkable that LUNA SEA is on its first nationwide tour in 12 years at this timing.

I wish he could have seen how we are right now.

I’m sure he would have been really excited and had a wonderful time.

I also suspect he would have cracked up when he saw how I injured both of my legs,

saying, “What do you think you’re doing?!”


Furthermore, I bet he would have loved the new version of LUNA SEA as shown on the new single

we released yesterday that is comprised of two A-sides – “The End of the Dream” and “Rouge.”

After all, I’m confident that these amazing, crazy,

upbeat tunes are condensed versions of our unique qualities (did you all like them?).


We’ve overcome a series of stormy circumstances to arrive at a new point,

from which we will walk forward into the future.

Furthermore, we have a groove and attitude that has evolved from those of the past.

The shows in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo as part of our first “standing tour”

in quite some time were truly fantastic.

We were blissfully happy, and we were also able to experience once again the strong bonds

we share with our fans who have been waiting for us for many years,

as well as our new fans who came to see us for the first time.

All that’s left is the three days of performances at Zepp Tokyo,

our Christmas show at Osaka-Jo Hall, and our concert to support reconstruction at Sendai Sunplaza.


I’m going to devote all of my energy to LUNA SEA’s last spurt in 2012

(although my legs aren’t yet in the condition to be doing much running ^_^;).

I look forward to ascending to the heavens with hide and everyone else, too.


But before that, it’s time to vote!

Have you already decided who you’re going to choose?

Each party has things I agree with and things I must protest against,

so this election is a really difficult one…

I already took part in early voting, and I hope you’ll all vote before coming to Zepp Tokyo!


I pray that the world will be filled with light.