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New Taiji blog- Taiji is recovering!

Sander · 940

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on: December 09, 2008, 08:13:30 PM
From Metalbanzai: Taiji's blog has been updated!

The main points:
- Taiji has left the ICU.
- One by one he's coming off of the machines and tubes.
- Today he was able to communicate in writing, which was a big surprise.
- While his other illnesses are a long battle, he's recovering from his injuries "at a miraculous rate" and "at incredible speed".
- Today he wrote something like "what about all the fans?" on a piece of paper, so the comments (surely this means the comments on his blog) were printed out and delivered to him, which made him extremely happy.
- As Taiji gets more used to writing, he may write something himself for the fans.

Overall, the blog entry is very positive, and the main idea is that he's recovering faster than anyone expected!

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