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Show Wesugi feat. Pata

Sander · 1792

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on: November 29, 2008, 11:59:34 PM
I'm sure some of you have heard about that awesome duo already, but at the same I'm sure a lot of you don't. Anyway, in 2005 Show Wesugi (ex Wands, al.ni.co, now the vocalist of Nekodamashi) teamed up with Pata and released two singles- Tonde Chire and poo pee people. Both contained two (imo) totally awesome songs. As I didn't find any of them on YoutTube, I took the liberty of uploading two. You can view them below.

Poo pee people (video from Show Wesugi homepage):

Tonde Chire (a few random pics of Pata and Wesugi):

It came to me as a surprise that both singles are available on cdjapan (they don't credit Pata there, so you'll find them only when searching for Show Wesugi) for only 1000yen each. Even though I had already ordered poo pee people from YahooAuctions, I got them both from cdjapan also :P Be sure to buy them if you like them ;)

poo pee people

Tonde Chire

You can find Show Wesugi's official homepage from here. From the frontpage you'll find a video from his new project's (Nekodamashi) 1st mini album (Warp), which is also available from cdjapan (just search for Show Wesugi), if you like it. Also check out Nekodamashi's MySpace and Show Wesugi's MySpace (both official)
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Reply #1 on: November 30, 2008, 01:35:39 PM
Awesome :D I think I've heard of these songs, but I haven't heard them before.. Thanks for uploading :) I think I'll have to buy them ;)