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Toshi with T-Earth album title and release date announced, xmas lives in Tokyo

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Today it has been announced that Toshi with T-Earth's new album, 悲しみの果て ("Kanashimi no Hate"), will be released on November 26th. You can hear a sample of the rough mix of the title song on their official MySpace or Toshi's YouTube channel.

I'm uncertain about this part (feel free to correct me), but from what I understand the new album will either be released or be also available as CD+DVD. And the first edition/orders/preorders will come with a hand-signed photograph.

Also some older news:

Toshi with T-Earth Chirstmas lives will take place at the DIFFER livehouse in Ariake (Tokyo) Dec 16th and 17th, tickets: 7,000 Yen.

And Toshi Healing dinner shows have been announced for December 8th at Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay (that's one of those super expensive places) and December 15th at the Tokyo International hotel in Osaka. Tickets for those are 30,000 Yen.

Sources- Toshi Official


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