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Toshi in Korea, May 5th (New MySpace message 2008.05.03)

Sander · 1052

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hello again, Korean friends!
Current mood: thankful
Category: Music

I will be performing at the 3rd POWER CONCERT, Busan MBC 49th Anniversary Of Foundation in Busan, Korea the day after tomorrow, May 5th.

This is a big event to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the foundation of MBC,major TV station in Busan. Every year popular artists of Korea get together for this concert, and I am invited as the 1st Japanese to perform there. The concert begins at 19:30. Please contact Busan MBC (Tel. 051-760-1000 -within Korea only-) for more information.

I look forward to meeting my Korean fans with their beautiful smiles!



Thanks Radical Pan


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