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art of life during reunion concert

denx · 9190

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Offline Matilda in Oz

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Reply #30 on: May 15, 2008, 10:18:19 AM
Sorry, guys, I don't really mean to cheer on when people are fighting. I was just going to remove my previous post but changed my mind. I just thought the comment was extremely funny. The anger! The drama!

Offline Menacia

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Reply #31 on: May 15, 2008, 09:51:23 PM
the fight was an interesting read. I DONT WANT TO TAKE A POSITION IN THAT.

nonetheless, I want to post my opinion about AoL.

I'd never had imagined in my wildest dream that X Japan might do this one again. They did it an it was great. The hologram gave me the feeling that hide was and is really again with em and will always stay with em.

AoL was and is stunning. Concerning Toshi's voice. He has changed but I won't judge it now, because so far they've done 4 lives (those 3 in Tokyo Dome and hide memorial summit). If we take a look at all those in a row, X Japan memebers are getting back into X Japan again.

This "new" X Japan, shinsei X as Toshi called it, is neither X, nor X Japan.
Let's see how it turns out.
Doing AoL again just proves to me that the are going to do it again, do their magic on stage again.


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Reply #32 on: May 16, 2008, 01:46:15 PM
Quote from: "le.pilote"
there are really some ridiculous people here who try to defend EVERYTHING x japan did and didn't, praising everything and everyone and bladibla. why can you guys just let others have their own opinions about x japan, even if these included things like "some x japan songs really suck" or whatever.
just because you guys like everything from yoshiki and the rest (and i'm cool with that) doesn't mean that those who don't, don't know x japan as good as you do and are asking for a sermon on how to be the perfect x japan fan.

I don't mean to go against the grain here, but this guy does have a point.
Sure, this is a forum for fans of X, but just because we LOVE them, doesn't mean that we HAVE to think everything they do is GREAT!!

Not to disrespect him, but alost of my least favorite X songs, were by hide.... he was a better compser for his solo stuff than for the band..

I did like Drain, though!

anyways, does anyone know a good video editing software?
Trying to put AoL's together, but can't find good software..

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Reply #33 on: May 16, 2008, 02:53:32 PM
use window movie maker, lol

Ex denxdenx

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Reply #34 on: May 17, 2008, 08:24:28 AM
I hate WMM more than I hate le. pilote..

I can't wait for DVD, that way I don't have to see "WOWOW" in the corner everytime a new song starts

Offline Aerce

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Reply #35 on: August 17, 2008, 08:23:25 PM
You shouldn't compare their concert in 93 to 2008. This band was just reunited after 10 years and look at their age now. AoL is the type of song that drains huge energy. the song is too complicated even said as 'scary one' by hide, once.

They played it at 3rd night, to continue what was left on the first night. It's Yoshiki, it's X Japan, wouldn't you think it's too weird if they abandoned the unfinished one?
In fact, their effort to finish it in spite of Toshi's voice condition, Yoshiki's super exhaustion, was very much credited and appreciated. It turned the third night into an amazing one. (although withouth AoL it's already great).
They did this at the last concert, pretty much to make sure Yoshiki survives all concerts. If they did it at 2nd night, the probability of Yoshiki would be too exhausted, or even collapse again was bigger.

I don't have any objection why they didn't do it at 2nd night, instead it's better as it was. like a closing song of the 3 day concerts.

Yes, gotta agree and they performed the song very well. It was amazing moment to say at least.