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Shiroi Yoru Favorite Performance *Beware of Spoliers*

Menacia · 3013

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We have a thread for Aoi Yoru fav. perf. so I thought I'd put one for Shiroi Yoru too.

So here goes:

My favorite Performance is X (Countdown 1994-95).
It is so much fun watching em messing around with the clock. What made me really smile was Toshi's explanation why YOSHIKI is going to do the countdown. He says "Yoshiki said that he were time" (Yoshiki wa ora ga jikan da to itte imashita.) Not to mention that it's always great to see the fans do the X *me doing that too infront of TV* and of course hide's screaming in the micro...such a great X performance...as always.

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Reply #1 on: August 07, 2007, 11:17:09 PM
I liked that but I was a bit annoyed that they didnt play the guitar solo :(

My favourite Shiroi Yoru performance was probably Longing ~Togireta Melody~. It was such an awesome performance :)