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PN leaving doesn't mean we can break all rules now, but some rules aren't applied as roughly. If you don't like it, hit the little X button in the upper right (upper left for Macs?) corner of the window. And I'd appreciate if we'd get back on the topic.
So if darkcat discusses something directly related to the first post of the thread, that's offtopic for the thread?  Well, that's certainly a novel approach.

Oh, and the rules that "aren't applied as roughly" now-- you mean those same rules that you went to great lengths to repeatedly insist had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with PN? :D

wait, wait, wasn't you hypno the one who didn't allow us to post YM messages or link to pages where there were YM messages? why are you doing it now? :S explain me
Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing this one explained too. :D  Especially since it says in the rules:
4. YoshikiMobile messages or messages from similar sources are not allowed on the forum.


Important / Re: Departures from the XFF staff
« on: November 12, 2008, 06:57:50 PM »
Quote from: Hypno
In regards to BXtE becoming an official organization
Quote from: Hypno
it's not an official organization

Oh, well, that clarifies everything. :D

Wait, does this mean you can rejoin BXtE now?  Since you left because it became an official organization but it's not an official organization?

Important / Re: Departures from the XFF staff
« on: November 12, 2008, 08:48:15 AM »
It's written on BXtE.com. If people can't read english well, sorry for them.
Guess you'd better tell that to AsukaMiyu then, who's claimed on JRR that BXtE "isn't a fansite anymore".

And I think this subject is quite on-topic for this thread, given that Hypno opens the thread with this:
Quote from: Hypno
In regards to BXtE becoming an official organization

So evidently there is some confusion, even among your own ranks (or ex-ranks), as to the nature of BXtE's clearly unofficial status.

General chat / Re: Swedish Rapper rips off Crucify My Love
« on: November 12, 2008, 08:41:38 AM »
Hahaha, what the fuck?  The guy from The Other East is "some Joe Sixpack" now?

General chat / Re: Swedish Rapper rips off Crucify My Love
« on: November 12, 2008, 12:45:55 AM »
Poor you. Well, I pay for this server and my music myself also so...
I guess this must be a new development, given that last time I checked, you had downloaded the entire X Japan discography and had a sticky thread in the General subforum where you were selling it to all comers for a few Euros plus postage.  And the secret X Freaks sharing subforum, if that still exists.

But I haven't checked for a while. :D

Important / Re: Departures from the XFF staff
« on: November 12, 2008, 12:37:18 AM »
with the exception of PanthereNoire, who has asked her account do be deleted, which I have done.

Well, imagine that.

(Fun fact: according to JRR, BXtE is not actually an official site.  The more you know!)

TV / Movies / Anime / Re: movie/tv/anime/etc. help
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:58:30 PM »
First anime here was Ultraman
Ultraman isn't a cartoon, by the by. :D  It's guys in rubber suits.

Pata / Re: New Pata blog 14. September 2008
« on: September 16, 2008, 03:53:30 AM »
Quote from: The Rules
2. When posting translations or rumors, please include the source (translator) and a disclaimer to remind others that there may be mistakes or other inaccuracies. Also post a link/reference to the original source (magazine/website/etc), if possible. Please note that we consider everything not confirmed by an official site to be a rumor.


Maybe you're thinking of Rule 2?

"When posting translations or rumors, please include the source (translator) and a disclaimer to remind others that there may be mistakes or other inaccuracies. Also post a link/reference to the original source (magazine/website/etc), if possible. Please note that we consider everything not confirmed by an official site to be a rumor."

Seems its all there. ;)

Oh, I completely agree with you, translations are obviously welcome and allowed on X Freaks or else there wouldn't be a Rule #2 at all.

I tried to make that very point recently, when Hypno said that translations can and should be removed from public view because they violate Disclaimer #2 even when they comply with Rule #2.  The rules on this subject are clearly more, ahem, "fluid" than you and I think. ;)

Updated the first post. I found the translation on LJ (by darkcat) so I guess it's more or less correct.
And here I thought translations weren't allowed on X Freaks according to Disclaimer #2.  My, how things change. ;)

Help / Re: Thread deletion AGAIN?
« on: September 05, 2008, 01:42:48 AM »
Thanks, Camicat, I appreciate your explanation.

Hypno, PN, etc.-- I highly suggest you take Camicat's posts here as an example of normal staff behavior.  You'll notice that she fully explained her actions in a way that was clear, friendly, drama-free, and actually made sense according to forum rules.

As opposed to, you know, attempting to cover for someone who deletes a thread for entirely the wrong reasons, pretending the rules mean something they obviously don't, and then playing the silent game when people start asking you questions you can't answer.

How such a rational and level-headed staffer manages to survive in the sea of BS, I don't know, but you're damn lucky to have her. :)  Thanks again, Camicat.

Then you should have done what this rule says:

"2. When posting translations or rumors, please include the source (translator) and a disclaimer to remind others that there may be mistakes or other inaccuracies. Also post a link/reference to the original source (magazine/website/etc), if possible. Please note that we consider everything not confirmed by an official site to be a rumor."


Thanks for merging the threads though, Hypno.

Help / Re: Thread deletion AGAIN?
« on: August 31, 2008, 10:38:00 PM »
Hypno, you haven't answered this question:
Quote from: Hollywood
You specifically told me that she would be de-adminned if she screwed up again.  What happened to that?

Quote from: Hypno
It was removed. Had it been deleted, we couldn't have brought it back.
OK, "removed" then.  I don't give a rat's ass about what you want to call it.  The point-- as you well know-- is that once upon a time there was a non-rulebreaking thread, and then the next day it wasn't there.

Quote from: Hypno
It followed the second rule. So what? It also followed all the other rules, but according to disclaimer #2, it could have been removed. Simple.
If translations are not allowed, why do you have a rule about what to do when you post translations?  If translations are not allowed here, please explain to me why rule #2 exists, what it means, and what it applies to.

Quote from: Hypno
c) How do you know we haven't contacted replicalover yet? I don't know if we have, but how could you?
Because if you had made any kind of good-faith effort to do so, I'm sure you would have answered with something closer to "we have already contacted replicalover and apologized, thank you for your concern."

However, it would ease concerns about abusive admin behavior if you and PN (I'm assuming it was PN who did this, since you haven't denied that) would apologize to replicalover in public so that everyone can see your good intentions.  You have a great opportunity here to show everyone what honest, upstanding, well-intentioned admins you are.  I suggest you take it.

Quote from: Hypno
If you only come here to find the tiniest faults in our actions and whine, then please, don't bother to come at all.
If I'm breaking any rules, you are of course welcome to warn or ban me.

Now, please answer Anna's questions.

Help / Re: Thread deletion AGAIN?
« on: August 31, 2008, 08:48:22 PM »
Quote from: Hypno
Deleted? The thread is still there...
Oh, please.  As you said yourself, "the thread has been moved back for now".  It had been deleted.  I'm sure it would not have been moved back at all if no one had pointed out that it was gone.

Quote from: Hypno
See disclaimer #2.
See rule #2.  I'll post it for you again and highlight the fun parts:
Quote from: The Rules
2. When posting translations or rumors, please include the source (translator) and a disclaimer to remind others that there may be mistakes or other inaccuracies. Also post a link/reference to the original source (magazine/website/etc), if possible. Please note that we consider everything not confirmed by an official site to be a rumor.
Stop trying to weasel out of your own rules just to protect PN.  The posting of translations, including translations of published materials, is clearly allowed on X Freaks.  If it were not allowed, you would not have a rule that starts out with "when posting translations".

Quote from: Hypno
And darkcat, people tend to make same mistakes several times. Shit happens.
That's ironic, considering that you banned darkcat for making one "mistake" and now are defending PN's continual "mistakes" rather than de-adminning her.  You specifically told me that she would be de-adminned if she screwed up again.  What happened to that?

By the way, you and PN still owe replicalover a public apology for PN's wrongful deletion of her non-rulebreaking thread.  Why do you refuse to apologize for this?  Obviously, if the thread were actually breaking any rules, you would not have moved it back at all.

Quote from: Anna
And I am asking again, Hypno: Will You please specify what kind of "misunderstanding" it was and who commited it? Thanks.
Seconded.  How about some answers, Hypno?

Quote from: Hypno
And I didn't think this stuff up, so don't blame me...
What happened to "board members are solely responsible for the content of their post" (Rule #2)?

If your information has turned out to be incorrect, why not correct it?  If you "forgot" about the old thread, why not merge these two threads now that you've "remembered"?

Help / Re: Thread deletion AGAIN?
« on: August 30, 2008, 05:36:50 PM »
Quote from: Hypno
And I was afraid we got rid of you already.
Yeah, and I thought you were going to de-admin PN the next time she screws up and deletes a non-rulebreaking thread.  Guess that makes us both wrong. ;)

Quote from: Hypno
(By the way, under current rules the removal of this topic is possible but maybe questionable. Read the whole rules thread and you'll see what I mean.)

Let's see:
Quote from: The Rules
2. When posting translations or rumors, please include the source (translator) and a disclaimer to remind others that there may be mistakes or other inaccuracies. Also post a link/reference to the original source (magazine/website/etc), if possible. Please note that we consider everything not confirmed by an official site to be a rumor.
On replicalover's thread, she included the source (a link to the website), which itself includes a link to a site where one can purchase the original (out-of-print) book.  So how exactly was that thread "questionable" at all?  It didn't violate any rules.  If the issue was the lack of a disclaimer, surely a friendly PM-- or PN posting a disclaimer on the thread herself-- could have cleared that up.

You and PN owe replicalover a public apology.

And I'm very sure it was PN who did this.  If I'm not mistaken, the only people who have the power to delete threads in that subforum are Camicat and the three admins.  It wasn't Camicat.  Given the way you're talking, it wasn't you.  That leaves PN and ferret.  I'm quite sure it wasn't ferret.

I'd also like an explanation about this "little misunderstanding".  I'd also like to see you (Hypno) properly admit that PN has abused her admin power and violated the rules of your forum by deleting yet another non-rulebreaking thread.

Help / Thread deletion AGAIN?
« on: August 30, 2008, 05:38:14 AM »
So, a couple days ago, there was a thread in the Taiji subforum that had "X no Sei to Shi" in the title (don't remember the exact title).  One of the newer forum members-- I'm pretty sure it was replicalover, but please correct me if I'm wrong-- had made a thread where she posted a link to that website that has English translations of Taiji's book, and copy&pasted a few chapters of it as well.

Today I noticed that her thread is gone.

Interestingly, you will notice in replicalover's profile that it says she has 11 posts-- but when you click "show the last posts of this person", only five posts appear.  Clearly, some of her posts have been deleted.

Why the hell was that thread deleted?  There is nothing in the rules that prohibits posting links to translations nor copy&pasting them in X Freaks.  The translations were not even unsourced, given that she included a link to the source webpage.

This gets even more fun when we remember the great pains that PN goes through to prevent any translations other than her own from appearing on X Freaks, as well as her aggressively negative attitude towards Taiji's book (X no Sei to Shi) in general.

So, why was that thread deleted, and who deleted it?  All signs point toward another case of PN (or someone acting on her behalf) randomly deleting stuff that didn't break any rules-- but hey, prove me wrong?

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to...
« on: August 21, 2008, 12:47:49 AM »
Great post, X-J.

As I've said, the more factual information or news anyone contributes, the worse you and your staff friends treat them.
Anyone, you sure? Even our "staff friends"?
You're right, "anyone" wasn't quite right.  More like "the more factual information or news anyone other than PN contributes", the worse they're treated.  Like I said, it all goes back to protecting PN's imaginary status as the world's only source of X information.

Quote from: ferret
And I sure hope you're aware of your hypocrisy of calling staff members out on mocking users while doing so yourself.  :)
The rather significant difference between myself and the staff members being that they're on staff.  I'm a normal user.  They, on the other hand, have been "hired" to enforce the rules.

I sure hope you're aware of the ridiculousness of implying that it's ever acceptable for staff members to mock other users or violate their own rules.

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to...
« on: August 19, 2008, 03:59:48 AM »
Quote from: Hypno
Yes I mean the thread where I tried to explain you that lately you have only been posting in certain threads.
By derailing a serious question into an embarassingly offtopic ad hominem whine.

Quote from: Hypno
It didn't take more than a few clicks and some mouse rolling.
Good thing it didn't require any copy&pasting!

Quote from: Hypno
And for the record, I'm not your fanboy and probably never will be.
Not believing this, given how much you clearly enjoy our one-on-one talks.  Sure you don't want my autograph, now? ;)

Quote from: Hypno
As I tried to point out, I don't treat people differently because they have been contributing more, they are not 'better' and I'm not treating them 'better'.
Damn straight you don't treat them better.  As I've said, the more factual information or news anyone contributes, the worse you and your staff friends treat them.

Quote from: Hypno
You said that we treat contributors like shit, I say we treat them the way we treat them because they broke the rules (ok, they is a wrong word, I only mean darkcat here and you probably do also).
Darkcat had been treated like shit since long before he was banned.  I've been treated like shit despite having never broken any rules.  I can think offhand of a couple other people in precisely the same boat I am.  I won't name them as I'm not sure whether or not they want to be involved, but I'm certain you know who I mean (and no, I don't mean MiscastDice).

Quote from: Hypno
And what is my problem? You and darkcat started this thread again.
Darkcat did nothing more than explain why he no longer contributes in the way he used to; I then did the same.  If this is not against the rules, then why do you find it to be a problem?

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to...
« on: August 18, 2008, 09:44:40 PM »
Quote from: Hypno
Lately, as I pointed out, you have only complained.
You mean when you derailed a serious question thread offtopic with your obsessive-compulsive analysis of my last however many posts?  Haha, that was funny, I had no idea you were such a Hollywood fanboy as to actually bother with shit like that!

As for "lately": as darkcat and I both said, don't expect people to keep contributing to your site when you treat your best contributors like shit.  This isn't exactly rocket science.

Quote from: Hypno
And saying that it's wrong to ban someone for breaking the rules just because he/she contributes much, is bullshit.
When the fuck did I ever say it was wrong to ban someone for breaking rules?
Welcome back, strawmen!  Oh, how I have missed thee! :D

So, if I've generated a large amount of content for your site and I haven't broken any rules, what exactly seems to be your problem?  Is PN still butthurt that anyone other than herself knows anything about X, or what?

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to...
« on: August 17, 2008, 08:34:37 PM »
Thank you, Hypno.  Once again, you've done an excellent job of proving my point.

As you know, this has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you like D.T.R or reply to posts in the D.T.R section (what the fuck?).  I honestly could not care less about either of those points.

This is about how-- as you've just illustrated-- you and your friends like to pretend that I'm some kind of troll who has never done anything on this site but complain and then make a few token comments about D.T.R for no other reason than to create what you call a "shield".

Unfortunately, that's complete and utter bullshit.

In the first six months or so that I've been on X Freaks, I averaged about 9 posts a day and posted in at least half of the subforums.  And that wasn't useless one-sentence "I agree" posts either.  That was useful information, answers to people's questions about X, commentary and opinions with explanations of why I think/feel that way, etc.  In short, I generated a shitload of quality content and activity for your site, because I liked the place.  You will notice that my user statistics neatly corroborate the fact that I've made a whole lot of posts in a variety of different subforums.

As for darkcat, he was the best news source on your site.  And naturally, because PN apparently feels threatened by news and information sources she can't control, steps were taken to censor darkcat and shut him down.  Remember, PN censoring darkcat and attempting to censor me, when neither of us had broken any rules, was part of what started this whole thing.

Once all the bullshit started, did I become less inclined toward generating content for your site?  Fuck yes I did.  As darkcat said, treating people like shit and ignoring their contributions to your site-- and by "ignoring" I mean "pretending someone is a troll and never contributed anything useful simply because you've decided you don't like the guy"-- is not exactly a way to inspire people back to activity.

Like I said, thanks for proving my point.

As for "acting like I did", show me where I've ever broken a rule here.  If I've broken rules, then copy&paste the incident here (if you're physically able to do so) and ban me or whatever.

The fact is that you and your staff friends have broken more of your own rules than I ever have.

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to...
« on: August 17, 2008, 12:19:09 AM »
some staff members treats me and my contributions like shit?
Exactly.  And most of the great contributors who have now gone inactive have a very, very similar story to tell.

Anyone who somehow infringes upon PN's imaginary status as the World's Only Person Who Knows Anything At All About X (c) will be ignored at best, and in most cases treated like shit or actively villified.  Especially if their contributions are interesting, factual, or useful, because that's what poses the biggest threat to PN's "information monopoly" and her attempts to twist facts to fit her impossible-to-prove "theories" about X.

Help / Re: Where's the next version of the rules?
« on: August 14, 2008, 09:56:54 PM »
Considering that you're evidently so fascinated by me as to look up all of my recent posts, maybe you and Matthias would like to start your own "I <3 Hollywood" thread somewhere rather than derailing this one offtopic again?

Help / Re: Where's the next version of the rules?
« on: August 14, 2008, 05:47:15 PM »
Quote from: Matthias
I understand If someone isn't happy with them, I also wrote things that I wants to be changed, but even if you are not happy with them, you can also contribute to other topics on the board, cause so I have the impression (again, only what I feel, maybe I'm wrong) that this person just complains but could be able to post more interesting things (about Taiji for example), too. Well, hope anyone understands what I wrote here *g*
That's interesting.  According to my profile I have 162 posts in the D.T.R subforum and 151 in the Taiji subforum.  Could you point me towards where you have generated as much useful content for the forum?

If you want to "show me up", I would suggest you go make yourself useful, come back, and then resume your derailing of a serious thread into an offtopic "let's whine about Big Bad Hollywood" fiesta.  It would make your butthurt seem slightly less ridiculous.

Back on topic: well, at least there's a deadline now.

Help / Where's the next version of the rules?
« on: August 13, 2008, 09:51:27 PM »
So, now that it's been about two weeks since the rules poll closed-- you know, the one where 57.7% of voters had at least some issue with the new rules-- and nine days since the suggestion deadline passed...

Where are the admin proposals for the next version of the rules?  What's going on with everyone's suggestions?

Have I missed something here?

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to...
« on: August 06, 2008, 09:28:19 PM »
Quote from: Hypno
Now where did I say something invalidates your suggestions?
Then what the hell is your point when you keep harping on how you don't remember the old rules (but you remember they're not what I suggested)?  I tried to figure out what your point was, and that's all I could possibly come up with.  Did I miss a sage gem of wisdom here?

Quote from: Hypno
Ummm... If a person leaves, how is he supposed to answer my poll? I'll e-mail them? How do I know they aren't just on vacation for a week? Or should I make a poll 'If you'd leave tomorrow, then why?' or 'Are you going to leave? If yes, why?'. Sounds stupid imo...
You could ask why people are less active.  Plenty of people are significantly less active but still check in on occasion.  You could also mass-email people about it like was done with the rules poll, to catch some of those who really don't log in anymore.

One would assume that admins would consider such information valuable to running their forum-- that is, if they care at all about retaining users.  You've lost a number of your major content contributers and you don't even care to find out why?

As I've said, I can only imagine that you must be expecting another unflattering result.

Quote from: Hypno
So I think I'm going back to the 'not answering ie. hitting my head against the wall' mode.
Aww, but I want to read more about how you're physically unable to copy&paste! :(

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to...
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:40:56 AM »
Quote from: Hypno
Yeah, as I had nowhere to copypaste it. Simple
Oh.  Then since you are miraculously able to copy&paste on Mondays but not on any other day of the week, couldn't you have waited until Miraculous Copy&Paste Ability Monday and then copy&pasted the suggestions from my post?

Really, I'm fascinated.  Could you tell us all more about the convoluted and arcane details of when you are and aren't able to copy&paste short paragraphs?  (Can you copy&paste during blue moons?  How about solar eclipses?)

Quote from: Hypno
The newer older rules were the same, only with some rules added (the translation one, YM Messages one, PMs one, etc).
I know there was nothing there about Yoshiki Mobile.  Otherwise people would not have immediately begun mocking that rule when the new rules were announced.

And if there WAS something about translations and something about PMs, then how were my suggestions so radically different from that?  Didn't I include something about translations and PMs there?  You're arguing in circles now.  Could you remind me again of how any of this supposedly invalidates my suggestions and what exactly your point is?

Quote from: Hypno
Well, for starters, summer came. And I also know people who post less because of what you do here.
Oh.  I thought you said "there could be a million reasons"?  And now you know the reasons specifically?  That's fascinating.

By the way, I know of no one who is "afraid" of you.  Trust me on that one.  A lot of people are simply annoyed that you're being immature and unreasonable and your attempts at argument make little to no logical sense (the whole "I'm unable to copy&paste" claim being a spectacular example of all three).

As I've said: if you are truly interested in why people are leaving, stop blowing smoke and start fact-finding.  Make a poll.  See how it turns out.  Or are you concerned that, like the rules poll, it won't end up in your favor?

Quote from: Hypno
There is nothing wrong in stating your opinion.
Really?  I thought you just claimed that "what I do here" (state my opinions, presumably) is part of the reason your forum is losing users.  Contradicting yourself again, huh?  Oops.

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to..
« on: August 03, 2008, 11:17:09 PM »
Quote from: Hypno
I'm making the report on Monday. It's Sunday now.
That's why you can't copy&paste?  Huh?  I don't understand.

Quote from: Hypno
I found the oldest variation of the old rules from an old database backup AND posted them (here) somewhere. I'm pretty sure you saw them and if I'm not completely mistaken, even commented on them.
Yeah, I saw them and commented on them.  So?  You still claim not to remember the version of the rules immediately previous to the current one, and then claim that the rules I suggested were so very different.  I don't get why it even matters whether they were different or not.

And since you haven't asked me for clarifications on my PM, I'm going to guess that it was indeed clear.

Quote from: Hypno
Quote from: Hollywood
Just wondering, how many of the current set of rules are based on the suggestions of users other than PN?
Quite a lot actually. Most of them I suggested.
Uh, OK.  That doesn't really help your claim of listening to others.

Quote from: Hypno
Anyway, with your attitude right there, nothing could change. Only whining and whining and when I finally ask, what do you want, you are like 'bwah, nothing is going to change, the staff doesn't care, bwahbwhah". (And yes, I know that you said what you want, I appreciate that)
If you acknowledge and appreciate that I said what I want, then what seems to be the problem?

Quote from: Hypno
AND your "more previously-active users get fed up and disappear" is also what I call low. While I'm not saying that some now-inactive users might not be inactive because of the current issue with rules and/or PN, you don't know it either. And saying that they left because of it is just an attempt to make us, the staff look bad. They might have irl issues, they might loose interest in X, there could be a million reasons.
Right after the rules and the drama following them, the many people who went inactive ALL instantly developed IRL issues and/or lost interest in X?  Somehow I find that hard to believe.

As a point of fact, I DO know why several of them went inactive, because they've told me about it.  And I've heard a lot of "I'm disappointed in the staff members", "reasoning with the admins is useless", "I don't like being there anymore because of how the staff treats people", stuff like that.  I do know of one person who simply got very busy RL.  One.

But that's all my word against yours.  If you really want to find out why people are leaving, I suggest asking them.  And again I would suggest a poll, because as you can see, there are plenty of dissatisfied people who will answer a poll but do not want to send you a PM.

Frankly, I think the results of the rules poll, combined with the lack of suggestion PMs, is in itself a pretty good clue as to how a lot-- according to the poll, the majority-- of users who participated in the poll are feeling right now.

The majority of voters don't like something about the rules and also don't want to talk to you.

Offtopic / Re: Whatever happened to..
« on: August 03, 2008, 12:41:58 AM »
Quote from: Hypno
I got you PM but it wasn't properly written (if you'd read my post about the suggestion PMs, you'd know what I mean).
If it was unclear, why not ask me what I meant rather than whining about it ad nauseum?  Since I haven't received a single question about it from you, I'm going to assume that my meaning was perfectly clear and you're simply being juvenile.  If something really WAS unclear, ask me about it.

Quote from: Hypno
And where should I have copypasted it? To a text file that I'll loose in the mess my MyDocuments are? A post-it note on my monitor? A PM to myself?
Oh, please, are you serious?  This is so utterly ridiculous, I'm at a loss for words to describe precisely the depths of inanity that have now been reached.
Obviously, if you are posting the suggestions somewhere for them to be discussed among the staff, you will need to-- brace yourself-- copy&paste them there from people's PMs.  If you were more interested in people's suggestions than in continuing this preschool-level "neener neener, you STILL didn't suggest it right!" bullshitry, I'm sure your selective hand injury would miraculously heal to an extent that would allow you to copy&paste something from a post.

Quote from: Hypno
You have a) Suggested that we bring back the old rules (which you didn't remember yourself), and then b) Suggested a completely different set of rules, from the original ones.
Oh.  If you understand that I suggested a set of rules, then I guess my PM made sense after all. :)
I don't remember the specifics of the old rules, and you said you didn't remember them either, therefore I suggested something along the lines of what I thought I remembered.  Out of curiosity, how do you know that the rules I suggested were "completely different" if you lost the old rules and don't remember what they were?  (Oops.)

Quote from: Hypno
That's strange, I clearly remember getting a few PMs with suggestions for the new rules, including from you, more than a week before the new rules were implemented.
Actually, you're right, I forgot about that.  My apologies.  (Yeah, check it out, I admit when I'm wrong-- novel concept around here, I know.)  I'll point out, however, that the suggestion in my PM to you was to keep the rules as they were.

Just wondering, how many of the current set of rules are based on the suggestions of users other than PN?

Quote from: Anna
Therefore, I would like to say one thing to those who voted for change but have not (so far) lifted a finger to write and send your own  suggestions:

You do disappoint me, guys.
Hmm.  I completely understand your point, but I can't say I'm entirely disappointed myself.  It's become blatantly obvious that no amount of trying to reason with the administration is effective, that the staff (with the exception of a couple now-nearly-inactive mods) has no interest in what users want, and that nothing is going to change-- except maybe for the worse, as administrative attempts to weasel out of accusations become more and more outlandish, and more and more previously-active users get fed up and disappear.

I'm thinking that's 37 pragmatic realists, frankly.  When a forum gets THIS far gone, it becomes harder and harder to care.

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