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Yoshiki / Real Gold Y/Real Gold X - Yoshiki energy drinks...
« on: May 10, 2022, 12:56:16 PM »
I'll leave that there although I guess most have seen this already



Glad to see Yoshiki is keeping busy with important matters. He certainly managed to turn himself into an immensely profitable brand, I guess that's quite an accomplishment.

Yoshiki / Re: YOSHIKI LIVE at Carnegie Hall "Art of Life"
« on: May 02, 2022, 10:08:44 PM »
How awesome would that be eh ? I'd absolutely love to hear properly produced/mastered versions of their early days, pre-Sony. They have enough known material to make a full album.. That'll never happen but one can dream :)

The PRE-Vanishing Vision songs? You mean post, don't you?
A lot of people don't know this but Toshi and Yoshiki were making X songs long before Taiji, Pata or even hide. These are a couple of personal favorites but of course I like most of the songs with the exception of the overly poppy songs and I really wish they would do current versions of their "garage days / high school days" songs.



General chat / Re: Will X return?
« on: January 26, 2022, 09:18:38 PM »
2 years in this pandemic, working from home every single day since... a bit of a gloomy time really. I randomly dug up some X-japan this afternoon as I always have music playing when not in a meeting (which ... isn't often!). I think it's the first time I've listened to X (on random youtube wormhole mode) and even though I'd pretty much 'forgotten' about them (post NYC show which is seriously one of my biggest item checked off my bucket list, see X live, done!). Well damn the bastards, I got shivers hearing Kurenai from the Last Live (I could tell just by the recording)... Without you from 2009.. The Last song. Oooof.  2-3 years without listening to any X-japan related stuff and still got me right in the feels.

Will they ever come back ? I highly doubt this and I now remember why that thought pissed me off. No matter how many spectacular artists I've discovered in between the teenage me being X-crazed to the slightly (!) jaded 40 years old, they remain unique and special to me. Ugh... I hope all of you guys are doing well!

Yoshiki / Re: Why hasn't Yoshiki released a new album?
« on: December 01, 2020, 10:58:18 PM »
That bellow is absolutely on point!

Now the album itself ... who really cares and honestly who really cared at any point ? As far as I remember, it's a freakin 'best of' with a few songs that never had an official release but have been heard hundreds of times and maybe 1-2 'original songs' even if ? So really.. nobdoy truly gives a damn about the actual album. However, what pisses me off (and many I'm sure) the the whole revival thing, get the band back together, 'World Tours', interviews, getting Taiji back on stage, starting off the whole machine again, making peace with Toshi etc... All of that was very unexpected in many ways and came up as such an exciting surprise. The potential for this reunion was GIGANTIC.

And here we are, 12 years post reunion and NOTHING to show up for it. Not a freakin thing. Sure, there were setbacks re: Yoshiki's health for a little while but what is utterly damning through all this bullshit is that Yoshiki turned X-japan's reunion into his own personal revival and leveraged all of the attention he managed to garner with the X reunion for his pet projects and own gain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an arstist exploring different avenue, hell, it's a free world, go for it man but.. not like that.. not leaving fans hanging and stretch it to no end. It just plain sucks. Doesn't take away anything from the fact that X-japan were an outstanding band, that Yoshiki certainly has some creative genius in himself and that through my teens and young adult life, for 25 years, these guys truly represented something special. I'm just forced to admit those days are gone.. too bad

Thank you for sharing this video, Alexsis.

Wow... I mean where to even begin with this dumpster fire of a video. It's kind of surreal for me, and so many others here who've been waiting for the better part of a decade for the new album to finally see ONE video where Yoshiki tries to address it. First, I think he's had a little too much wine leading up to this clip as he's not very coherent. To me it sounds as though other members got tired of his gruelling perfectionism and usual dictatorship over absolutely everything and got bored of nothing substantial ever happening. I think there's some truths to that rumour of legal issues with each members' management as well.

I still stand by my theory that Yoshiki was/is looking for a 'perfect storm' of events and timing to release the album; a perfect storm that may never come. I think he's in some fantasy mindset where he'll make some big splash into the US market and become huge in the West. As an artist, you don't wait for those scenarios, you create them because your music/art is so captivating and so cathartic, just as all great artists/bands have done in the past. Yoshiki should damn well know this after X's history from 1987-1997. He literally changed the music scene in Japan! Otherwise, just look at The Beatles to Nirvana to Ed Sheeran (and many others in between). I truly don't think Yoshiki is OK with only being a success in a niche market today. I think he's scared of releasing the album and it not having any substantial impact in the USA, which ties into my final thought...

That Yoshiki has become a sellout, and it's so painfully obvious in everything he's done for the past 10 years. Let me just state that I don't expect every major rock star, especially from a 'punk rock' background to just continue living in the ways they started, but when it comes to stringing along the fans that gave you all of this fame? That's where I draw the line. He literally says in the video, after wryly asking us to trust him, to just "let me enjoy these other things as an artist, the YoshikiMono, wine, credit card..." and then he even admitted he's a sellout! "I was like a rebel as a teenager so pretty amazing I have my own credit card." Who the fxck cares about your Rakuten Mastercard. It's probably a shitty signup bonus and redemption anyway...

Real talk, no X Japan fan is trying to stop you from having activities outside of the band but it's been a DECADE. Entire bands form, reach their peak of success and disband in less time. I should just have the guts to let it go and not care anymore...and there's months that go by where I don't care, but as a true fan, the enjoyment of X's music always comes rushing back and when it does, so does this torrent of intense frustration with Yoshiki. I have to learn to somehow lower my expectations.

I couldn't have said it better.

And isn't only the waiting: he gave a date for it. March 11th 2016. People paid for a concert that didn't happened and was postponed to AN YEAR later. He could have hired another guitarist to play Pata's parts (as he quickly did when hired Miya to play Sugizo's part in Coachella which was way less relevant). But he choose to postpone the concert for an year. So an year later, people paid again (not only the tickets, but the whole trip, as people from many countries went there). It would be the concert for the album release. And no album at all, just a documentary which shows how amazing HE is and sometimes there were another members in the band.

There is no excuse for what he has done. There is no excuse for what he is still doing. If there are legal troubles, be honest about it. Just say some shit happened, stop waiting for the "perfect time" and lying to the fans who made you what you are today.

Yoshiki / Re: Disney MY MUSIC STORY: YOSHIKI
« on: November 02, 2020, 10:13:51 PM »
WTF is this ? I'm surprised it didn't generate more reactions here lol ;) My jaw dropped when I saw that.. wow. Encompasses pretty damn well why I haven't bothered with them in so long..ouch. Randomly playing videos from his Youtube Channel - Got the Carnegy Hall Endless rain performance playing and the "description" under it talks about the  YOSHIKI CREDIT CARD now available!!! on the first line.. yeah.. hmm hm.. that's it.

News / Re: News about X members activity
« on: November 02, 2020, 09:55:19 PM »
Holy crap, the forum is still going haha :) Well, thanks for that comment on Youtube, I wonder if it ever got to him but his social media manager had to go the Japanese way and apologize profusely without any result.  Just saw he posted a Weekend live in front of no crowd video recently, was there more to it ?

And yeah, some of us have been hanging around forever (25+ years here..). I expected so much more after having seen their live in NY MSQ :( Haven't really bothered with much X-Japan in many years.. feel like digging up some for old time's sake.

You can thank me for his latest internet freak out.

I made a comment on his most recent YouTube video, not thinking of getting any kinda reply, and weeeellll... I did.  I'm Mangasama in the comment section.


Went into damage control(it's fuckin' Yoshiki, who wouldn't??) but I didn't expect him to start Tweeting and Instagram posting about, let alone hear any kinda feedback at all. XP

This is speaking truth to power, I suppose.

This is about Yoshiki's photobook, if anyone is interested😁, but I prefer to read the comments, there are still questions about album X 😏

lol, each and every single comment is about the album  :D
more and more people are getting visibly upset about the whole ordeal.

I wonder if Yoshiki will address this again...

The thing is,
We here at xfreaks have often been branded as bullies in the past. Many of us have been X Japan fans for ages and therefore wait a lot longer for the album than others. Some here have been following the band for over 30 years. Hard to believe, but that's how it is!

I am glad that others now understand us too.

Albums/Singles / Re: X JAPAN New Album(When??)
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:41:06 PM »

Yoshiki of X Japan talks future, musical inspirations, technology

"Japanese musician and composer Yoshiki (co-founder of the metal band X Japan) chatted with Digital Journal about his plans for 2019, as well as performing at Radio City Music Hall. Yoshiki also spoke about the digital transformation of the music business.
On February 6, as Digital Journal reported, Yoshiki performed with best-selling soprano at the iconic Radio City Music Hall in New York City. "I have played Madison Square Garden with my band X Japan and I've performed concerts at Carnegie Hall as a solo classical artist, but playing my composition 'Miracle' here at Radio City Music Hall with Sarah Brightman is definitely one of my most exciting moments. I'm really thankful to Sarah," he said.

On his plans for 2019, Yoshiki said, "X Japan's album is actually completed. It took over 10 years to record, so I'm looking for the perfect timing to release it. Also, it was just announced that I'm working on the score and theme song for the new xXx 4 film starring Vin Diesel. There are other exciting projects lined up, too, but I can't really talk about them yet."

In regard to his musical inspirations, Yoshiki draws from his life experiences and his loyal fan-base. "I take my inspiration from life, from everything all around me. I also take inspiration from my fans," he explained.
On his dream collaboration choices, Yoshiki revealed that at the moment, he is working on great music with his friend, Marilyn Manson."

Ugggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. well.

General chat / Re: RIP X JAPAN
« on: January 23, 2019, 09:27:49 PM »
Mostly a lurker here but I'll chime in, just for the heck of it. As someone else mentioned, I'd rather see posts like these from disgruntled fans than no activity at all. Posting in a random forum isn't gonna fix anything but at least it shows that people still give a shit even if it is with criticism.

To me, it feels like Yoshiki turned X-Japan into one of his many brands. X-Japan isn't a collective anymore, barely a band if even. It's a name, an Image and a vehicle for him to promote his different products on various platforms. The glamorous paid articles, the documentary, the rather random and scarce performances, all these are marketing his image, not much else.

That doesn't make him an evil person but it's a very hard thing to witness coming from someone who I admired as a spectacular musician and member of a legendary band.

To see the X-Japan name being relinquished to that status is frustrating, saddening. There's a bit of a weird treason feeling I guess. Again, my problem, not anyone else's.

It's this whole what X-Japan could currently be (and could have been for the past decade) vs what it is that is perplexing/frustrating. Short of Yoshiki's health concerns (which were marketed as f*** too..), there doesn't seem to be any logical explanation as to why an album isn't out already, tours haven't happened etc.. MSG, réunion, world tour, couple songs and then... Not much other than spread out failed attempts and drama. Disappointing.. That's all

The Concerts / Re: Coachella with surprises
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:56:25 PM »
Yeah, see for yourself, I don't think the theatrics were overdone. Yoshiki had a 1 minute speech, really, seriously, nothing longer, and he hit the gong at the end and shouted we are x a few times and went to the crowd as he usually does. That wa sit. 5 minutes maximum.

Fair enough. They certainly were tame compared to what they've done in the past, that's for sure. But I still felt some moments were odd considering the general concept of them attending an event such as Coachella. Maybe theatrics wasn't the appropriate term in this case but Kiss the sky out of a short show and some attempts at crowd interaction just didn't work for me. Probably because the band didn't appear to be enjoying themselves and play as a band. Technical issues compounded with jetlag probably explains all this but you have to admit, there was little chemistry between themselves and the crowd. Toshi did try hard to overcome those issues and warmed up pretty nicely through the prestation. Yoshiki never had any issues with his stage presence, lets just put it that way ;)

I've been following these guys for over 20 years now and thought their MSG show was pretty damn awesome all things considered so I have hope they keep going for the right reasons. Let's see what the next one looks like.

The Concerts / Re: Coachella with surprises
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:15:52 PM »
Alright, done watchign the whole thing - once again, major thanks to LEMONedMe.

So... the good news to me was that Toshi's voice did improve dramatically (almost odd) after Jade and while he did struggle in some parts, he did pretty well all things considered.

Another very positive element was Yoshiki's drumming. Truly impressive to see him on this level after the surgery. Different style but as others have said, it sounds good. Very happy for him!

That being said, the whole band felt really disconnected, I think it's the worst I've seen/heard in a very long time if not ever. Major sounds issues seemed to have plagues Sugizo but everyone else as well (Toshi constantly tapping on his monitor etc..). Sound was abysmal and they obviously knew it which is really awful and unfair to them.

The guitar solos sounded disastrous (Endless rain anyone ? Ugh.. cringe worthy).  How much of it was to be blamed on technicalities vs actual performance, I don't know. I never really noticed Pata's skills going downhill like that.. must be my total denial about the issue I guess. This is really odd though isn't it ? Skilled musicians don't become terrible with age.. generally speaking, they constantly improve (I can think of numerous examples as most of my favorite bands are getting in the pretty damn old territory lol) Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, hell even Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer....just to name a few.

The setlist was typical and I guess I'll just have to accept and shut up about it but man are their newer songs not as good as their old stuff.. no way around it. Too bad... On the bright side, I do appreciate full Japanese lyrics where warranted as opposed to forced translations (I think they dropped those a while back but still, good stuff).

One last thing that really puzzled me - The holograms, the wheelchair video clip, the vintage style overdone extreme extended "We are, we are" and "Endless rain fall on my heart rinse and repeat", the " WWOooooooooo Woooo wo wooooo for kiss the sky years down the road", the failed attempts at getting the crowd to fill in the chorus.. - Who the hell thought for one second these were good ideas, appropriate for an American festival (not related to their music style on top of it) ? Can you imagine being the random curious Coachella concert goer witnessing all this ? Out of a 50 minutes or so prestation, 10 minutes were at least 'wasted' on what probably made no sense at all to most people. What an odd choice. On one end they move their style to a more pop friendly sound with all English lyrics and attend random festivals for the sake of "Rocking America" and on the other they chose to overdo their already tired theatricals with this new audience. Weird..

The Concerts / Re: Coachella with surprises
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:37:24 PM »
Massive thanks for the recording!

Thoughts on the show? Only watched Jade so far. Awesome to see Yoshiki actually drumming. Toshi is struggling a lot, looks like he's got serious issues with his voice, sounded almost sick? From the whole band, a Very cold and detached performance for an opening number, either stressed out or the imagine they were going for? Could be the late time, jetlag.. But they looked very much in their bubble for lack of better words. Very sober and stoic.

And those LED strips in the drum set lol :)

Maybe the energy kicks in later on.

The Concerts / Re: Coachella with surprises
« on: April 11, 2018, 10:01:04 PM »
Holograms of hide and Taiji confirmed....

I apologize in advance if this was already posted elsewhere (must have been but can't find it)... How awesome is it to hear Toshi sing Vanishing Love, Sadistic Desire and even Alive at the end ? Too bad X-Japan never got to do this together in the past 2 decades

https://youtu.be/gpZui1UdDus Part 1

General chat / Re: 10 best X-Japan songs according to Yoshiki
« on: November 09, 2017, 06:57:19 PM »
I agree with all the above comments, it is coherent that he enjoys his new stuff but doesn't it really highlight how much disconnect he's got with his past as an artist ? 3 out of 10 (ok 4 with Drain but ..really) are pre reunion, that's a bit weak :)

The shocker though is Born to be free = the best.. that was vomit inducing. He also insists on preferring a lot of the new songs because they are much easier to play.

Bright side, I really do like La Venus for some reasons

General chat / Re: Your New Favorite Song
« on: September 11, 2017, 05:38:45 PM »
Interesting, for me, if you do include all post 1998 (well post 2008 really), I'd put Jade as my favorite followed closely by La Venus (which has really grown on me as I hated it at first). Least favorite Born to be free by far. I'm ok with I.V. and Hero.

Need more proper listen for Angel and Kiss the sky but meh so far.

General chat / Re: If Yoshiki can't play drums...
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:04:24 PM »
Normally, I would have been against the concept of X keeping on existing without Yoshiki as a drummer. However, as Yoshiki is also the writer, pianist and front man, drum only represents a portion of what he is vs X. In that case, as he'd still be a very active member, handing off the drumming task to someone doesn't sound all that impossible. Unpleasant for sure, harsh as hell on his ego but still a better option than no more X (or crappy X with gimped drum attempts).

As for Yoshiki being able to ever drum again (in a style and on a level we've known him for) that sounds absolutely impossible, unfortunately :(  This goes beyond his masochistic rock-star persona, it's just the cold hard fact.

The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 31, 2017, 08:55:44 PM »
and did you notice that the crowd screams for Toshi more often than for Yoshiki? I think (or maybe it is just my imagination) they even boo him out a little when Toshi leaves the stage after his breakdown in Longing but Yoshiki ignores it and keeps on chatting.

Agreed, Toshi gets a lot more attention than he ever did and rightfully so! I hadn't notice the boooing, I'll go back and rewatch, I hope you are right hehe ;)

The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 31, 2017, 04:17:13 PM »
A bit like releasing"Best of albums", Compilations, Christmas specials (oh boy... please no)

You probably mean Christmas versions of X songs, or X covering Christmas songs, but when I read Christmas specials I couldn't help but think, oh no, not the 'Star Wars Holiday Special' of X Japan! That's probably a weird concept to pull from what you said, but still dread to think what that would be like, no doubt it would be a Yoshiki idea XD.

Also agree with the acoustic arrangements they did working out brilliantly, I'd only say they could've played the riff to Week End a bit heavier then they did, and some of the orchestral music during Without You didn't suit the song imo, but yeah it was awesome. I hope we do see another day of the concerts officially released, specifically the one where Toshi does that high falsetto (from that yt video) we need that in high quality.

Hahahaha, I meant X singing Christmas songs but man, I'd totally watch that   X-japan/SW Christmas special mashup woha, that’d be god-awful!

So.. I’m not even done yet watching the whole thing, just listened to X on piano, pretty damn cool. If they ever release a pro recording of that show I hope they tone down the crowd’s screaming because wow.. as much as I appreciate enthusiastic, participative crowd (especially singing) the YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHKI.. TOOOOOOOOOSHi incessant screaming is beyond annoying. I really want subs for that bantering, we’ve rarely seen/heard the band having so much fun on stage except for the early days and even then..

The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 31, 2017, 12:32:54 PM »
Acoustic isn't exactly perceived as exciting for a Metal/Rock band but more a symbol of decrepitude

Just curious but why do you think that? Interesting how different perspectives ca be because I consider it a right of passage for any major rock band to perform an acoustic gig. I'm really surprised looking back that X hadn't done it before.

But I agree that this would definitely make a worthy DVD. They were all in top form despite Yoshiki's recovery. It's nice to see everyone be in agreement and really have enjoyed the concept and execution of an acoustic live.

A bit like releasing"Best of albums", Compilations, Christmas specials (oh boy... please no), acoustic gigs usually happen when a band can't physically recreate what they've been doing before and they are just trying to do a cash grab. Now, granted, here, it is a very special case with Yoshiki's surgery being an absolutely honest reason for it to happen and I do think that X's music is perfectly appropriate for acoustic arrangements but generally speaking it's a fairly true statement. The end result is actually very satisfying, probably some of the best if not the best stuff they did in the last decade.

All this to say, it ended up being unexpectedly (at least to me) great :)

The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 30, 2017, 05:09:08 PM »
Wouldn't it be great to have a nice Bluray Boxset of those 6 days cut into a best of ? They pulled off something very interesting there and in the most unexpected way. Sure, Acoustic isn't exactly perceived as exciting for a Metal/Rock band but more a symbol of decrepitude but... it just worked really well for them. I mean again, look at this thread haha... I mentioned this before but first time everyone is in agreement about something X related. Toshi's voice is mostly great, he's smiling and the whole band, even if not playing their usual kind of gig are having a good time.

Thanks to the uploaders as well and keep on sharing those youtube clips. It would be great to sort through the different nights. Was only the last one professionally broadcasted/filmed ?

edit: Wait, Teemeah's/Hyde26 file is 4 hours long while de Blibli (spelling) one is only 1h30. Excuse my blatant ignorance but weren't they the same broadcast? ... edit again: and I just answered my own stupid question - it looks like my blibli rip only starts at the first encore .. well.. time to annoy the wife with 4hrs worth of Japanese banter without subtitles haha... wish I understood what they are chatting about

The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 18, 2017, 12:05:11 PM »
hmmm one of the few times I wished I still had kept my Jpopsuki account. I wonder if someone will re-encode it. Hyde26, want to give it a go ? :)


The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 15, 2017, 03:47:59 PM »
Toshi is the member that has shown the most improvement through the past decade of mostly nothingness. An acoustic gig is perfect considering this

The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 15, 2017, 03:12:31 AM »
Forever love, get it while it's hot.


The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 14, 2017, 11:10:12 PM »
I think they announced a stream beforehand on niconico or wowow? no? *confused*

That's what I thought as well.. looks like..maybe not ? There would be something floating online, considering the interest everyone appears to have for this one :) Have you noticed that this has been one of the few threads so far where everyone agrees haha... it would be really cool to hear/see that.

The Concerts / Re: X Japan 2017 World Tour - Acoustic Special
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:52:31 PM »
was the show live streamed ? Surely someone kind must have captured it somewhere :) Very curious to hear/watch this one. The setlists are indeed very interesting

General chat / Re: Anime Expo Premiere of "We Are X" + Yoshiki Q&A
« on: July 07, 2017, 06:15:24 PM »
... so he cancelled his appearance to the panel which was a Q&A right ? Not a performance per say ? Hasn't he been participating in the Lady X audition a few days ago (see thread) and also making other appearances in the media ?  Not arguing whether or not he was fit for the panel but the fact that he is constantly 'planning' events that end up being cancelled seems almost deliberate at this point... then he gets to turn back to social media and apologize and get the unconditional love from his fandom in return.. a bit messed up.

Yoshiki / Re: Impending postponement/delay
« on: May 10, 2017, 11:52:02 PM »
AxlroseX pretty much said exactly what I and many are thinking.

Been a fan for over 20 years now ! (just recently acquired On the verge of Destruction on LD after waiting to that long haha!). Saw them at the MSG, was awesome. Very happy Toshi made staggering progress and.....that's about it.

As for the latest development re: Not cancelling show/activities... ..... BULLSHIT!

That as to be the  stupidest thing he could have said. Cervical surgery (disc replacement no less) on a damaged individual (severely if we believe what's being vaguely told) takes time and rehab to heal. Moreover, his limitations/restrictions regarding strenuous activities akin to drumming will be most likely permanent. Forget about the whole cervical collar theatrics, this is the real deal.

He could, however, wrap up production on the album and while in convalescence/assessing his next steps work on releasing "new old" material! Easy money, release properly edited early shows etc.... he could still play piano, write awesome music ... but you know what ? Instead he'll probably promote a new line of underwear for kittens and sponsor some fashion show in a random country instead .. just ..because

Albums/Singles / Re: X JAPAN New Album(When??)
« on: March 29, 2017, 08:51:27 PM »
Damn, you just summed up exactly how I feel at the moment about X and Toshi. So ... yeah, what he said!

All I can say is that it would have been amazing to have it out either years ago or if this late in the game, be all new.

I can't help but feel double wronged by the fact that X did not become a new band and are releasing the album this late. They didn't begin again. They're just another vintage act playing shows occasionally to milk their fanbase or feel like they used to or SOMETHING.

Yoshiki spent way too much time on stuff that didn't matter. I hope the curry and the keychains and the face masks were worth more than the music, because that's what he's been telling us.

Rant but ToshI to me has been the only one to seem truly invested and has come off the most genuine and the most awe-inspiring to watch with the comeback. He has given his all to increasing his vocal performance and everyone has noticed. He has been a true musician! It has been a joy to hear him sing X songs again. I will say that I am looking forward to hearing his beautiful voice on the new songs.

Albums/Singles / Re: "WE ARE X (Movie)" Original Soundtrack
« on: February 15, 2017, 01:41:38 PM »
damn it, link is dead on youtube. anyone as an alternative source ?

Oh wow, everything sounds so clean! "Without You" is sounding very gorgeous~


already preordered. Sue me!!  ;D
(there is space on my record shelf .... ok, maybe not. ... but teh fuck! it's a new PHYSICAL X release...  I mean... dammit.... I CAN BUY A NEW X RELEASE PHYSICALLYYYYYYYYYyyyy  :'(  :'( ) have 2 buy it ...

...I feel the exact same way. Pre ordered the day it showed up on CDJapan.

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