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400 pounds of epic. We all get cake later.

In the midst of Yoshiki's drum solo now. Same setlist, plus the happy birthday for Toshi and one giant cake!

Stilllllll waiting for X-Japan to come onstage.

Well Yoshiki did buy pizza for the entire line. Awesome. ^^

Line is bloody insane. Dude.

Poor Sugizo. He's damned either way, huh?

I really don't see what's so fun about this. I'd rather talk about
X-Japan than throw deragatory, offensive slang at a band that's going to be gone in a few years anyway. By the way, I'm no more a fan of faggot as
I am of retarded. Can't you think of a more
creative way to bash them if you have nothing better
to do?

That would be awesome, but so harsh on VE...but honestly, if i'm waiting to see X Japan perform in front of me...I don't really care...especially if its a faggy little vampire wannabe band.

Are you kidding me? This escalating, irrational hatred of this band has been driving me crazy from the beginning. This is just... How could you throw around a word like that? Even if their music is shit, doesn't matter. Grow up already. Learn some respect. You can make your statement just as proudly by standing there with your mouth shut. You can just stop caring. Get over it. No matter how terrible you are to them, it's not going to make them go anywhere. It's just making US look like assholes! How many times do you think X-Japan got called fags, huh?

I'm not a fan of Vampires Everywhere. But I might just cheer my heart out for them for all the shit they've been going through with crowds like these. No one deserves that.

I just hope people aren't obnoxiously rude while they're playing. Dislike 'em all you want, just don't make us all look like jerks. D:

Thanks for offering to check for us! ^^ Score.

So who's camping out? And given that we've heard that VIPs were allowed into LA's venue earlier, any word on if Roseland's VIP is a similar deal?

About what I expected. To give people a rough idea that don't hit up a lot of shows over here, here's the trend I've noticed, at least in NYC. People get let in an hour beforehand or so. They take maybe a half an hour more or less to get the opening band completely prepped and set. Their set is roughly a half an hour. Maybe another half an hour gets taken to take their stuff down and set up for the main act. Boom. Commence main act. It goes by pretty effin' fast.

General chat / Re: "Blue Blood" ~ Official X Japan Fan Club
« on: September 23, 2010, 01:09:16 AM »
Fanclub? AWESOME!

News / Re: Dream Setlist Poll
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:52:28 PM »
Far as I know Ja-Me's got it posted too, but I have no link to back that one up. XD Nice.

Speaking of which, I never posted my own choices!

Crucify my Love

Not all necessarily favorite songs, and some are kinda a given, but it's all stuff I've been dying to see live at one point in my life.

News / Dream Setlist Poll
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:23:04 PM »
I'm surprised I haven't seen this up here already! Unless I missed it. But in any case: Vote here. Just about every song is listed, and there's a slot to fill in whatever song might be missing that you're just dying to hear.

I'm a little skeptical since Taiji's songs are on here too, but that's just me.

EDIT by Hypno: The JaME poll - http://www.jame-world.com/us/articles-67782-vote-for-x-japan-s-set-list.html

I'm just kind of baffled at the assumptions some people are making about the band. Yeah, maybe they're just a cash cow band, and maybe they had help getting where they are - do we know that for a fact? They might also just think vampires are cool and happened to luck out with the current trend. I'm sorry, I'm just kind of boggling at the assumptions people are making about these guys. For all we know, autotune aside, maybe they've got an awesome stage presence. Maybe they're terrible, maybe they're not. Who really cares? They'll be wasting like a half an hour of your life anyway.

Wow. People need to calm the eff down. I've seen some opening bands I wasn't into before, but I'll always be -polite- for them at least. It doesn't mean I have to sit there and cheer and go crazy for them like I would the main event, but I can at least clap for them or something. It takes a lot to get up on stage, especially in this case before a band like X-Japan. Respect the band, and respect that yes, this band has fans too. Even if it's not your thing doesn't mean you've got to be rude about it.

I want to try and give Toshi something. Or at the very least rouse the crowd to sing 'happy birthday' to him when he comes out or something, hah.

Thirded. I'd be really ticked off.

So it won't be early entrance or meeting the band or anything that we know of?

I've been to the venue twice before for the two Dir en grey shows a few years back, but I hardly remember anything about the place barring they didn't seem to have an issue with people camping out between nights.

Anyone know what's up with the VIP option available now?

X JAPAN World Tour / Re: X Japan US Tour
« on: August 17, 2010, 03:57:41 AM »
In for the NYC show. Toshi's birthday, heck yeah. <3

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