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Help / Re: Unplayable X songs on spotify
« on: November 27, 2020, 11:44:58 AM »
Until few months ago, Blue Blood and Jealousy were the only albums which had licenses to streaming services outside of Japan.
Recently X Singles also appeared. Probably their contract with Sony is the only one which allows it. Which is kinda bad, as they are trying to grow in west.

News / Re: News about X members activity
« on: October 26, 2020, 10:21:47 PM »

This is about Yoshiki's photobook, if anyone is interested😁, but I prefer to read the comments, there are still questions about album X 😏

lol, each and every single comment is about the album  :D
more and more people are getting visibly upset about the whole ordeal.

I wonder if Yoshiki will address this again...

He just announced some Yoshikitty stuff.
What a joke this guy became.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki's Myspace Blog- Archive
« on: October 14, 2020, 02:27:50 PM »
I like how in 2006 he talked about the Violet UK album like he talks about the X album today. "Almost done".

Yoshiki / Re: Why hasn't Yoshiki released a new album?
« on: October 14, 2020, 01:49:14 PM »
Thank you for sharing this video, Alexsis.

Wow... I mean where to even begin with this dumpster fire of a video. It's kind of surreal for me, and so many others here who've been waiting for the better part of a decade for the new album to finally see ONE video where Yoshiki tries to address it. First, I think he's had a little too much wine leading up to this clip as he's not very coherent. To me it sounds as though other members got tired of his gruelling perfectionism and usual dictatorship over absolutely everything and got bored of nothing substantial ever happening. I think there's some truths to that rumour of legal issues with each members' management as well.

I still stand by my theory that Yoshiki was/is looking for a 'perfect storm' of events and timing to release the album; a perfect storm that may never come. I think he's in some fantasy mindset where he'll make some big splash into the US market and become huge in the West. As an artist, you don't wait for those scenarios, you create them because your music/art is so captivating and so cathartic, just as all great artists/bands have done in the past. Yoshiki should damn well know this after X's history from 1987-1997. He literally changed the music scene in Japan! Otherwise, just look at The Beatles to Nirvana to Ed Sheeran (and many others in between). I truly don't think Yoshiki is OK with only being a success in a niche market today. I think he's scared of releasing the album and it not having any substantial impact in the USA, which ties into my final thought...

That Yoshiki has become a sellout, and it's so painfully obvious in everything he's done for the past 10 years. Let me just state that I don't expect every major rock star, especially from a 'punk rock' background to just continue living in the ways they started, but when it comes to stringing along the fans that gave you all of this fame? That's where I draw the line. He literally says in the video, after wryly asking us to trust him, to just "let me enjoy these other things as an artist, the YoshikiMono, wine, credit card..." and then he even admitted he's a sellout! "I was like a rebel as a teenager so pretty amazing I have my own credit card." Who the fxck cares about your Rakuten Mastercard. It's probably a shitty signup bonus and redemption anyway...

Real talk, no X Japan fan is trying to stop you from having activities outside of the band but it's been a DECADE. Entire bands form, reach their peak of success and disband in less time. I should just have the guts to let it go and not care anymore...and there's months that go by where I don't care, but as a true fan, the enjoyment of X's music always comes rushing back and when it does, so does this torrent of intense frustration with Yoshiki. I have to learn to somehow lower my expectations.

I couldn't have said it better.

And isn't only the waiting: he gave a date for it. March 11th 2016. People paid for a concert that didn't happened and was postponed to AN YEAR later. He could have hired another guitarist to play Pata's parts (as he quickly did when hired Miya to play Sugizo's part in Coachella which was way less relevant). But he choose to postpone the concert for an year. So an year later, people paid again (not only the tickets, but the whole trip, as people from many countries went there). It would be the concert for the album release. And no album at all, just a documentary which shows how amazing HE is and sometimes there were another members in the band.

There is no excuse for what he has done. There is no excuse for what he is still doing. If there are legal troubles, be honest about it. Just say some shit happened, stop waiting for the "perfect time" and lying to the fans who made you what you are today.

On the Verge of Destruction / Re: Missing on DVD
« on: July 17, 2020, 07:09:01 PM »
The first and second nights were never officially released, but there are bootlegs on the internet for a long time.

And the 3rd night was officially released, but without Rose of Pain, never understood why.

Are there any missing/wrong notes? Maybe that's the reason why they cut it? Just guessing...

Nothing that I could notice so far.

Other songs have some minor mistakes (like Celebration where Yoshiki miss some patterns) and weren't removed.
They didn't even cut the infamous CLIME OF VISUAL SHOCK from the beggining.

The 94 concerts were a clusterfuck of mistakes and still were fully released. Quite weird.

Heath / Re: Why Heath no longer provides support vocals?
« on: July 08, 2020, 03:37:01 PM »
The latest Week End performances were terrible because of the backing vocals. Instead of Heath+Sugizo as it should be, it was Sugizo with a very low microphone + an awfully loud recording from Last Live with hide's voice + drum leaks.

Nobody understands Yoshiki's mind. On the Acoustic Concerts the backing vocals for Week End were sang only by Sugizo, including the parts which were previously sang by Heath.

On the Verge of Destruction / Re: Missing on DVD
« on: July 08, 2020, 02:42:42 PM »
The first and second nights were never officially released, but there are bootlegs on the internet for a long time.

And the 3rd night was officially released, but without Rose of Pain, never understood why.

General chat / Re: X at its peak?
« on: May 02, 2020, 02:16:47 PM »
X with Orchestra is a great concert! Too bad it wasn't officially released.
I think they were at their peak around that time, 1991-1992, the last Tokyo Dome concert with Taiji was perfection, in my opinion. So that might have been their peak in terms of musical perfection.
But thinking about it, The Last Live was their emotional peak, it was possibly their most powerful performance. They gave it all.

Interesting point. The last Dome concerts with Taiji, and later again on Dahlia Tour Final, they were in their best shape, technically speaking. They sounded amazing.

I still prefer the Rose & Blood era not because of technique, but the whole vibe of the concerts.

General chat / Re: X at its peak?
« on: May 02, 2020, 02:11:27 PM »
I think their peak was during Rose and Blood tour. Great performances, the concerts were never the same, there were always some changes on the setlist. They were more "creative" back then. Their relationship was still good. They still looked like they were enjoying what they were doing.


After Taiji departure, they only played a few weird concerts until 1995, when things started getting better with Dahlia Tour. Until it was interrupted due to Yoshiki's health.

General chat / Re: X Japan : On the verge of destruction, AGAIN
« on: February 01, 2020, 09:30:20 PM »
Yoshiki, Heath and Pata are doing a live stream *together* this week...  they will take questions.  :o

I'd like to ask Pata why he only follows on Instagram the Yomiuri Giants but not Yoshiki, Toshi, Sugizo, Heath...  :D

Heath doesn't have any social media account.

On Twitter Pata follows Yoshiki and Sugizo, but not Toshi.

General chat / Re: X Japan : On the verge of destruction, AGAIN
« on: January 18, 2020, 12:40:24 PM »
So, apparently Yoshiki stated in his New Year's message that X Japan would not be active in 2020. That supposedly a number of contract issues with members and management issues have to be resolved before X Japan can resume.

Yoshiki's message was this https://www.instagram.com/p/B6vb9cTAIeM/ but he doesn't mention any hiatus for the band. The strangest thing IMO is his "I felt alone" while apologizing for missing the (supposed, I know) deadline for X's new album.

I don't think he's doing well at all...

He said it in a live on Youtube, on January 2nd.

General chat / Re: X Japan : On the verge of destruction, AGAIN
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:33:52 AM »

This actually makes sense, even with some holes.
But the manager could approach Yoshiki to get X copyright, but to do it, all the members (which were actually Pata, Heath, Hiroshi managind hide's part and Masaya managing Toshi's part) should agreed, as they all had their shares. How did he convince all of them? Mostly Hiroshi and Masaya, which I think would be the most difficult to deal.

I don't remember Toshi's autobiography that well, but I think there was a time around X Japan's breakup when his second brother was still managing his personal agency, and was fighting with Moritani? If the copyright change did occur in this time frame, I don't think HOH had enough control yet to raise any objections. Also another thing from his book, when the "Takeda" issue happened, Toshi had to return some of his Excess 24 shares as a form of apology. Not sure how much he returned, but this probably had something to do with how much say he has in X management.

As for Hiroshi, there are conspiracy theories that suggested he might have been manipulated by this ex-manager (again, that manager was close enough with Hiroshi to be the official funeral organizer for hide, was once involved with Headwax). He was suing Yoshiki and Japan Music Agency, but left Nexstar out of it (if I remember correctly). Another thing from that 2ch story I forgot to mention was that, this manager was also head of the X Japan production management committee which was created around the reunion in partnership with all members' agencies, but allegedly after all the money laundering and deficits that went down, the existing 4 members all decided to go around/break away from this committee. This might have eventually led to all the disorganization later on too?

PS. Heath's fight with his agency also somehow featured in this story, but wasn't explained very clearly.

IIRC, Toshi's management agency (Toshi Office) was led by his brother. Toshi then transferred everything to HoH and his brother sued him trying to get back. On Toshi's biography he says that even the money he received from X went directly to Masaya, and the company Toshi Office was transferred to a building owned by HoH which he didn't even know where was located.

General chat / Re: X Japan : On the verge of destruction, AGAIN
« on: January 12, 2020, 10:26:45 PM »

This came up after the Headwax lawsuit. They exposed how X businesses worked.
Basically they created a management company, called Excess 24, on which each member had their shares (even Yoshiki having more than the others). It worked like this until 2008, according to Headwax statement. Basically after the first reunion concerts, all the bands' rights were transferred to Japan Music Agency (JMA), Yoshiki's office. And since then the members are hired by JMA, they don't have any part of the band anymore.

Yoshiki tried to centralize everything on himself, not only the management.

I won't extend myself, but my replies to an older thread (https://www.x-freaks.com/forum/index.php?topic=7567.0) I show what I think is wrong with X. And is basically how Yoshiki handles everything awfully.

The version I read that's translated from 2ch (yeah, 2ch, so take it with a grain of salt) goes something like this: an Excess 24 manager (not "Takeda" from Toshi's biography, but another one after him) persuaded GLAY to break away from Yoshiki's label around the time when X JAPAN was breaking up. Yoshiki then was facing a situation where he still had the debts from X JAPAN in Excess 24 but was not making any profits in the short-term, so some other shady guy came up to Y and promised to take care of the debt in exchange for X copyright, and that's how Japan Music Agency and all the confusing business side came about (and that's around 2000, not 2008 when the band reunited). According to this version, the pressure for reunion came after GLAY was problems with this manager, so that manager had to bank on an X reunion to get money. Around this time he was involved with NEXSTAR, but at least at one point he was also involved with Headwax (I think as a board member), and in 1998 he was even the official organizer for hide's funeral, so he definitely did have something to do with the lawsuits.

This version doesn't completely check out because "Takeda" did not feature in that story, but it does explain why GLAY wasn't on speaking terms with Yoshiki for years and suddenly got friendly to him again around the time of X reunion. Also this was translated years back when the lawsuits were still going on, so I'm not sure whether Yoshiki has completely got rid of these guys yet (probably yes), or replaced them with capable managers (probably not).

This actually makes sense, even with some holes.
But the manager could approach Yoshiki to get X copyright, but to do it, all the members (which were actually Pata, Heath, Hiroshi managind hide's part and Masaya managing Toshi's part) should agreed, as they all had their shares. How did he convince all of them? Mostly Hiroshi and Masaya, which I think would be the most difficult to deal.

General chat / Re: X Japan : On the verge of destruction, AGAIN
« on: January 12, 2020, 01:31:55 PM »
As a relatively new fan, I find this discussion interesting.

From what I understand, Yoshiki controls X Japan, he owns it, right? And the other band members are hired as needed?

It's not surprising that the money issue would come up at some point. The others get a salary, Yoshiki gets everything else. Sadly, that's not really a "band". So if they release a new album as X Japan... do they share the profits or does Yoshiki get everything? Surely, this has come up.

Not 100% sure on that. The business side of X has always been confusing AF. Prior to their break-out they did have an old management company and each member had shares of it, but after breakup it was closed down and Yoshiki transferred all X rights and debts to a new company, which then pays the copyright to other members. Last time I checked, this is currently his own agency (but not sure how much ownership he has over it). I think the whole confusing business side was at least partially the reason behind all the Headwax, Nexstar, Heath lawsuits (as far as I heard).There were quite a few shady people involved with X management back in those days, but once Yoshiki gets rid of them, I'm not sure whether the staff he replaces them with are all that capable either I feel like? But again, not 100% sure on that, hopefully there might be some fan who actually knows about corporate or copyright law LOOL


This came up after the Headwax lawsuit. They exposed how X businesses worked.
Basically they created a management company, called Excess 24, on which each member had their shares (even Yoshiki having more than the others). It worked like this until 2008, according to Headwax statement. Basically after the first reunion concerts, all the bands' rights were transferred to Japan Music Agency (JMA), Yoshiki's office. And since then the members are hired by JMA, they don't have any part of the band anymore.

Yoshiki tried to centralize everything on himself, not only the management.

I won't extend myself, but my replies to an older thread (https://www.x-freaks.com/forum/index.php?topic=7567.0) I show what I think is wrong with X. And is basically how Yoshiki handles everything awfully.

General chat / Re: X Japan : On the verge of destruction, AGAIN
« on: January 06, 2020, 06:00:04 PM »
I checked Toshis Twitter profile. He never mentioned there anything about his X Japan activities. So he hadn't removed anything. ( https://web.archive.org/web/20181011081729/https:/twitter.com/toshlofficial )

Your link is from 2018/10. After all this mess.
His last posts mentioning X are pictures from Coachella on his Instagram.

And I follow his social accounts since they started, I clearly remember X was mentioned many times. Like his Instagram before the empty concerts (http://web.archive.org/web/20180923070825/https://www.instagram.com/toshl_officia/). Like the benefits for his fanclub (before and after the empty concerts).

General chat / Re: X Japan : On the verge of destruction, AGAIN
« on: January 05, 2020, 06:28:34 PM »
Well I guess that means Sugizo isn't part of X anymore?  ;)

On the caption for this picture, Toshi just mentions #lunasea.

I don't think the issue is only "Toshi wanted more money". The rumours may be partly correct, but I think isn't as simple as "Pata and Toshi went into a fight". There is something quite deeper going on. The way Yoshiki handled Red Swan shows there is something else happening...

Aoi Yoru/Shiroi Yoru / Re: Least Favourite Performance (Aoi/Shiroi Yoru)
« on: October 24, 2019, 11:49:14 AM »
These concerts had an amazing production, a good setlist, but I think they were weak. They didn't rehearse enough, there are lots of mistakes (mostly on Aoi Yoru), Toshi's voice is quite bad (sometimes sounds like he isn't even breathing properly), Yoshiki had all his usual health issues as well. They all were in terrible shape.

Heath solo was nice, the acoustic corner was a great idea but the performance wasn't so good due to Toshi's voice. When you watch a performance from Dahlia Tour 1995, is incredible how he recovered and his voice was in the best shape ever.

General chat / Re: Help with a song
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:11:11 PM »
Kiss the Sky was played in total last year afair.

No, it wasn't.

In the acoustic concerts in 2017 they played a different part. Then in 2018, it was the same thing again. The same verses, the same wowowowowo, the same voice+piano boring performance. Even on the no audience concert.

General chat / Re: Help with a song
« on: July 15, 2019, 10:02:35 AM »
99% sure that is "Kiss the Sky". Never played, never released, but some snippets are found in some videos from MSG concerts ads.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki Japan Expo Paris
« on: July 09, 2019, 02:11:57 PM »
I agree with that. It's fine to make a documentary about just one specific person from a band, but please don't call it We are X 2 or something like that. Yoshiki on his own is not X. Yoshiki might have founded and influenced X, but on his own he is not X. He's Yoshiki.

Isn't like "We are X" wasn't 95% about Yoshiki. Even the interviews with the members on the extras have questions about Yoshiki.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki apologized for having dinner with Jackie Chan?
« on: June 15, 2019, 05:22:04 PM »
Jackie Chan not only support the chinese communist party, but is also quite harsh on HK people. He already said more than once that the government should control everyone even more so they won't become "a huge mess like Hong Kong people".

So I understand HK people being angry when they see an idol with a person who is often on media talking shit about their country. Even more when he posts the picture the same day people are protesting against a law to allow HK people to be deported to Mainland China.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki on NHK World "SONGS OF TOKYO"
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:38:45 AM »
Yoshiki paying foreigners to appear on Japanese concerts?
What a surprise. Isn't like he hadn't done it in literally every broadcasted concert X played in Japan since the reunion.

This was discussed on another forums years ago. I remember on XRD people even made a "Spot the Gaijin" game every time a concert was on TV. We all know it is a bad move from Yoshiki but he wants to self promote as the worldwide famous rockstar that he never was nor ever will be if he didn't do stuff like play concerts or release songs so people would actually know him better than paid articles and paid audience on the first row of his concerts.

Those images I posted were the easiest to find on Youtube. But if you watch all the broadcasts of X concerts in Japan after the reunion, you'll notice foreigners in the front row pretending to be X fans just to appear on video.

I don't like the "visual kei" label as it doesn't  define the musical style of the band, which is what really matters.

Anyway, talking about japanese rock bands in general, I like Luna Sea a lot. Another band that I like (albeit not listening to nothing they released in the last ten years) is Plastic Tree. I like their style. Simple and sound nice.

The first Dir en grey albums were good. Then they suddenly became a noisy-screaming-skincutting pile of shit that doesn't remotely sound like what they were.

Albums/Singles / Re: 30th anniversary BLUE BLOOD
« on: April 21, 2019, 02:06:32 PM »
Blue Blood is the album you can say "THIS is X". It was the first I bought.

Their biggest hits are on it, it was their first major release, the best era of the band.

And seems like PATA is the only one who cares about it. Shame on you, Yoshiki. 30 years of Blue Blood deserves at least a special concert.

Offtopic / Re: Post funny X-related things you come across
« on: April 10, 2019, 02:09:39 AM »
A snack bar called X JAPAN recently opened in Rio de Janeiro. A guy on X Japan Brasil Facebook group found it.

It has the band logo and everything. This guy who found the place contacted the owner, who said that named the place like this because he lived in Japan for ten years and became a fan of the band.

Offtopic / Re: I had a dream. It had X in it.
« on: March 10, 2019, 02:38:22 AM »
Yoshiki was not replaced. Drums (on new songs) were played live by Toshi and Heath. That being said, the music became a bit more electronic.

And then we finally got the second part of Wriggle.

Forum Games / Re: Random facts about you
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:02:00 AM »
1.2GB lol my first (family) computer had 8GB hard drive, it was the late 90’s. By the time I got my own (college), computers were already fancier  :P
My first computer was a 80286 with a 25MB winchester (because that's how people called hard disk those days).

The first time I heard the word "gigabyte" I was so fascinated.

So... random facts about me.
I have an awful attention span, but if I like a song, I can memorize the tempo and even the tiniest details of the instrumental parts. love guitars but I don't know how to play any instrument.

Heath / Re: Heath Interview
« on: January 20, 2019, 04:54:48 PM »
I like how the video is named "YOSHIKI X JAPAN", when it starts there is a caption with "SUGIZO X JAPAN" but is actually Heath interview, lol.

I have the We Are X with extras, this is in a Bonus Disc, along with short interviews with other members. Pata is also nice. Sometimes he tries to answer in english and is kinda funny.

Curiously he says that he was invited by hide to play in a studio with X when he was 21. This is 1989. There is some timeline break here.

General chat / Re: RIP X JAPAN
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:44:49 AM »
Also, you keep mentioning "paid" as if it's a bad thing  ;D ::)
Because it is. "Geniuses" are recognized by their actual work, not for how much they pay to magazines to speak about him.

Are you trying to discredit or humiliate him or something? That's how entertainment works. Sorry if you feel slighted because Yoshiki's doing it along with 100% of everyone else you listen to and have listened to ever. Toshi did it for his book undoubtedly because the Japanese public view him a certain way because of his HOA scandal. Kim Kardashian, the most famous person in the United States right now, gets her mommy to do it daily. It doesn't matter how big or famous you are, celebs will ALWAYS pay for positive press~

Take two seconds of your time to think about what you just said.
You just compared Yoshiki, a hugely talented musician (yeah, he is an amazing musician, he is just a bad manager) to Kim Kardashian.

I can't argue with this.

Doesn't matter if that's where they live. People here have said Yoshiki is to blame for living in the US ...
And again, living in US isn't essential to be succesful worldwide. Let me give you an example: Deep Purple.
They're british. Ian Gillan, their vocalist, lives in Portugal. Roger Glover, their bassist, lives in Switzerland. For years. They are extremely successful worldwide and were since the 70s, when nobody ever talked about internet.

Each X member could live in a different planet, they could be famous worldwide if they do what bands are meant to do: play.

If you wanna label Yoshiki's sole ownership as him "liking to be known as the one who does everything" then you must also acknowledge that the remaining members who sold all their rights have no interest in an active input or desire to be known to do anything. Which is exactly the image you see in X Japan now. Yoshiki doing everything and the members showing up when they're told to. That's also on them.

The other members are simply not doing anything. Yoshiki is the one who appears and lies. If he is the only one who does anything and does it bad, that's only on him.

That's how it's been since the 90s.
No it wasn't.

They had no problem with it then so why now?
They still don't have. It doesn't mean that it is working.

Also, if that's how the members agreed to make it work and they like that than why are you taking it upon yourself to label it a negative?
Because it is negative. A band work is good when everyone works together.

Sugizo wasn't even an official member of the band yet....
Yeah he was. I'm talking about 2018 Zepp Concerts, which were LITERALLY NAMED "YOSHIKI RESSURRECTION NIGHT".

There are still tons of uploads from concerts all throughout the years of many unreleased songs still up. Idky some are being taken down and others aren't but they're easily searchable so it's clear there isn't a scavenger hunt going on by Yoshiki to remove all X related, unofficial media.
When you doesn't release stuff and doesn't allow people to share your stuff, you can't complain if nobody knows your work.

Orrr because fans were bitching about not getting original songs instead and that we only like the old songs the traditional way.
He could release if he wanted to. Or if he ever did recorded it. The only thing we ever knew about this album is that half-baked Tears recording of the end of the concerts, which is literally the same recording of 1993 with just the first verses re-recorded in english. The rest of the song is literally the 1993 single, the same media.

The fandom was very vocal about that. That's why I said I have no doubt that our bitching had something to do with that decision.
1-If he did release anything, people would buy, people who didn't knew them would know. He wouldn't lose.
2-And no matter how many people complain, the majority is still people who are unable to see anything wrong in anything Yoshiki does. Ever.
He messed up? Just made some hide drama and his "nurses" will cry with him.

I said in another comment, if the entire band has agreed to and wants the band to function that way, why are you trying to push that as a negative?
Because it is clearly not working.

Why are you trying to push your will on their own free will and insist it should be done another way after 30 years
I'm not trying to push anything. I'm giving my opinion.
You are the one trying to push your will down to us.

and specifically blaming the writer for that?
Because he is the boss. The boss has responsabilities.

That's a different situation and I understand completely why people will be pissed about that forever. I was referencing the album release the times when it wasn't given an official date. How it kept getting pushed back but it was never given an official time anyway (besides X Day) and fans always tried to take it on themselves as official, and that's how we ended up sooo disappointed.

2018: He says that the next (as yet untitled) album will be released some time this year
2017: "It is definitely coming out this year. There is no doubt,"
2016: f everything goes well, I would say this fall, like October or something like that.
2015: The album will be released in March 11 2016. (curiously, posted on JRR, also owned by Yoshiki).
2014: “We are aiming to finish the album by next spring, then release the album by next summer and start touring almost the same time.
2011 (as they had literally zero activities in 2012 and 2013): In January of this year, X Japan signed a new album deal with EMI Records and announced that they would be releasing a new album during the summer.

Not just that one time with Wembley, but again and again and again. Because someone saying, "we're looking to release it around March of next year," is not the same as saying, "the release date is 4/22/2020! Buy pre-release! Tour dates to be added soon!" But we treated them the same.

(curiously posted on Yoshiki channel, because X has an official channel on which the only update since 2012 is the cover picture, showing the cover of We are X. No videos since then).

How do you not understand how it is? Yoshiki wine= evil because it's not the album. Toshi cooking= so cute and so cool even though it's not the album!
He did his part. All vocal parts were already recorded. His and Marilyn Manson.
Yoshiki himself says that the album is recorded, mixed and everything. And he doesn't release because doesn't want to. So it's all on him.

If they "didn't go well" they wouldn't be getting put on the X Japan album.
If they "did well" they would be released and performed sometime in those 20 years he announces he'll do it.

VUK was being written and recorded before X's split so saying that his ideas are bad now but they used to be so great doesn't hold up.
Sense: this sentence makes none.

Honest question... then why are you here?
This is a discussion board. People are here to discuss, present different opinions, different points of view, share stuff. It doesn't mean that I should agree 100% with everything.

Why not just some time in the future when you randomly think of the band/music you used to listen to years from now, go check in on X with a quick google search and see if the album ever got released? Less stress, no hate, no drama.
I'm no stressed at all.

Never said it didn't. But all the cancellations are not on one person. Blame Yoshiki for Wembley even with Pata's medical problem, because of the album. But don't blame him for every single cancelled concert. That's not the reality but he gets blamed for it.
He doesn't gets blamed for every single concert. Just most of them. Because it was mostly mismanagement.
There were two concerts announced in Saitama Super Arena still in 2008. Cancelled. Paris was cancelled once due to his health issues, understandable. And two more times due to mismanagement. Even after people had already bought tickets and stuff.

There weren't even so many cancellations. There were most empty promises.
It's almost like X is trying to have a dramatic opening or something  :o
A dramatic opening for the drummer. Who cares about the rest of the band?

The rest of the band could have flown to accept the award. I wonder why none of them cleared their schedule or bothered to fly? It's almost like they decided NOT to attend something. Apparently it wasn't important to them like it was to Yoshiki.
Oh god...

Omg it's almost like they were at a yearly celebratory event with 100 other artists and were told where they'd be set up on stage to make switching in and out for the next act easier or something! Fucking bastuds.
Seriously? You still think it was this way because it was easier for switching?

Yet, Yoshiki, even while he's in Japan, makes sure to communicate in english for the international market- what X has agreed to aim for.
Why in the flying fuck he would do it talking to japanese people, in a japanese festival happening in japanese cities with japanese people watching in a TV which was only broadcasted in Japan?

I don't know about you but I get excited hearing that.
I don't, mostly of people here also don't. Because the acclaimed musician says this for 12 years

But that does mean that the other members need to try every now and then too.
If the boss wants, he can make everyone work.

Someday your honeymoon will be over.

General chat / Re: RIP X JAPAN
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:42:48 PM »
Ugh another Yoshiki hate-boner post...

All aboard the Yoshiki-hate Train. The driver has arrived.
I hope you understand sarcasm

With all due respect to you because I know you're feeling disheartened but I'm just going to be as blunt as possible in responding to you. I don't mean this as a personal attack to you because you have every right to feel how you do. But for the sake of anyone else feeling the same way, I'm just going to respond honestly.
So do we all. I find your text wrong in so many levels but I really don't want you to take it personally.

Let me start off by saying that Yoshiki is the one getting the majority of attention now because he is the only one committed to living in the United States, where a band HAS TO BE to be global.
He is not getting the majority of attention. He is getting all the attention. And this isn't because he wants to live in US. Is just because he wanted to. Nobody ever forced him to do it. He is the one who wanted to manage everything alone, he is the one who wants to be credited as genius, as the mastermind behind the successful band.

He is the only one who consistently interviews and posts in English. He is the only one who has opened a channel for international fans. Toshi and Sugizo both speak English. Pata might be able to understand it. Idk about Heath but if he knows it or understands it, we don't really know and they both have made zero effort to willingly engage with us as free agents of X Japan.
I agree that the other members could post in English as well. Sugizo knows english pretty well. AFAIK, even his daughter is american.

Yoshiki is WORKING on an international presence daily.
For himself. Not for X.
He works everyday to appear as the greatest motherfucker of japanese rock, as the articles (he paid to) say.

Sugizo does it as a courtesy and thank you to his international fans occasionally and during special occasions (New Years), and Toshi does it when the circumstance calls for it (tour interviews like NYC interview for MSG, We Are X documentary). Toshi did not wish his international fans Happy New Year or even tell them about his album on his twitter.
Because is what they live. They receive a gazillion messages in japanese and half a dozen in english. They will surely prioritize the japanese. We on X Freaks are exceptions. Most of people who listen to X casually outside of Japan know "that metal band of the crazy drummer and the pink haired guitarist".

EVERY X Japan member has their own agent and own label. They could easily be doing exactly what Yoshiki's doing and sign-on to do what he's doing WITH him if THEY CHOOSE TO. THEY DO NOT CHOOSE TO DO SO. THEY WILL NOT RELOCATE TO MAKE DOING SO MORE ACCESSIBLE AND PRACTICAL TO EACH INDIVIDUAL'S SCHEDULE.
There was a company who held all the rights of X. Each member has shares of this company. In about 2008 or 2009 this company was disintegrated and everything related to X belongs to Yoshiki. The members are now just hired musicians. Surely they will have their own management and if they agreed to sell their shares of the X JAPAN brand, is because they were quite well paid for it. And as Yoshiki is now the owner and likes to be known as "the one who does everything", he deserves to be blamed for what is wrong, as he is the one who decides.

If anything be fucking pissed off AT THE FUCKING OTHER MEMBERS for not giving 100 percent to the fucking band for fuck's sake. You're right, Yoshiki can't carry it alone. But for the last 10 years he's been forced to promote it that way almost 90 percent of the time.
Again, Yoshiki carries everything alone because he wanted to. Yoshiki is the one who wants to make all decisions, says he can't sleep or do anything because he "is working on the new album" and is always hanging out with his american buddies, recording with Marilyn Manson, Sarah Brightman, Hyde and whoever the fuck he wants to.
He is the boss. He can ask the members to do stuff if he wants to. But he doesn't want. He said a bajillino times he doesn't want. He wants to do everything alone. As Yoshiki himself said, "I wrote everything and give the papers to them. Take your guitar part, take your bass part".
The concert which could be the 10th anniversary of the reunion, was the "Yoshiki Ressurection Night", on which he shoved Wes Borland and Richard Fortus (I won't even say anything about Marilyn Manson at Coachella or I'll lose my shit here).

2019 is well underway and here we are over 10 years since X Japan reunited. Let's see what we have going for us...

- No album release in sight.

Who cares if we have the album.

I care.

We have new songs. The ones that have been officially released: IV, Jade, BTBF (not typical for X fans to like but it is GREAT live and you Love it in concert, La Venus ((loooove this song))) and unofficially released/played live: Beneath the Skin, Angel, Hero, Without You and a teaser of Kiss the Sky. Did I miss any?
You missed the point that releasing songs that can't be officialy listened anywhere is pointless. We know those songs because we watch pirated videos of their concerts. Jade and BTBF were released on streaming YEARS after being played exhaustively in concerts. And the other songs we only know by the bootlegs.

How can you want new fans, or to people to like your new songs, if you don't release them anywhere? "Kiss the Sky" is announced since 2014, we never heard it fully and Yoshiki still had the guts to ask people who didn't even knew the band to sing "wowowo" for a song that not even the hardcore fans know yet.

The reason I bring up unofficially released/teased songs is because bands do not typically play "not ready" tracks. That is something pretty specific and unique to X and is fucking wonderful and really kind and sweet to fans. We take that for granted. But a lot of fans from a lot of other fandoms who also have musicians who don't release music for years and years don't get to hear what their band is working on during lives. We do.
We search for torrents or cellphone recorded videos on Instagram because nothing is released anywhere. Even when something is posted on Youtube is removed within minutes because of copyright complaints issued by... "Japan Music Agency Ltd" or "X Project LLC", also known as Yoshiki and Yoshiki. I saw so many people complaining about it on other boards, or reddit, or whatever...

Speaking of which, we're obviously all still here which means there's more important to us than just the new album (like all their past music). This isn't a an issue unique to X Japan or even disbanded and then re-united artists. Robyn (Swedish pop artist) goes 5-8 years ON AVERAGE before releasing each album. Personally, I believe it's gotten to the point that X fans exist too much in the microcosm of this album's creation and yes, Yoshiki lied and that has a lot to do with our broken expectations. But let me remind everyone, too, that the original album intended to be released (english remake of songs with a few originals) was completely scrapped. That's at least 2-3 years worth of work gone because X was touring at that time. I refuse to believe that the bitching similar to what's found on here had nothing to do with that decision.

It was scrapped because Yoshiki wanted to. X reunited in 2007, we are going to 12 years of reunion with an album promised since day one.
Remember when in 2010 Toshi did his "last solo concert" to focus on X? And now he releases albums and DVDs all the time, and play concerts with songs that X fans asked for years and were never played since the reunion. Because if he didn't, he would be like Heath, hidden for years until Yoshiki decides to do something with X.
Sugizo has released albums, Ra:IN is always touring, Toshi released a crapload of singles, albums and DVDs. Meanwhile Yoshiki released Hello Kitty dolls, wines, kimonos, pachinko machines and curry spices. How he thinks he'll be recognized as an amazing musician when he releases everything but music? Paid articles saying how awesome he is won't make it.

Also, since I brought up the lying (which EVERYONE does so be careful about persecuting him!), try to understand being barraged by the same question for yearrrrs by fans and media alike. I'm sure he had every intention of the album being released earlier but things changed. What do you tell a kid on a road trip? "We'll be there soon... we'll be there soon... 5 more minutes," cue to 12 hours later after restroom stops, gas fill ups, stopping for lunch, and fixing the flat tire.
We are not talking about being late for an appointment. We are talking about promising something and make people lose actual money with it. The Wembley Concert was OK, but it wasn't annouced as an usual concert, but as "the X day", "the day when the album will be released". Some people lost money because booked hotels and flights for 2016, which was suddenly cancelled. Some people paid a shitload of money for the tickets which weren't cheap and no album was released.

And he didn't make it once.

- No promise of more tours/shows outside of Japan.

It's already been mentioned that X releases concert dates last minute so this means nothing for 2019.

"X day" was announced more than an year in advance.

- Rumors of difficulties between Yoshiki and Toshi.

Purely tabloid bullshit and fans wanting to make drama out of inactivity. I also can't help but notice that some fans (bc lbr this is not an issue even being imagined in general X fandom) are really only letting this be a thing after Red Swan, which both Toshi and Yoshiki have both publicly address and put behind them (can we get a shout out for Poor Sugizo's guitar writing getting lost and buried?)
These rumours didn't appeared from nowhere. The awful management of this whole situation led to it.

Toshi sued that tabloid for false reports on a band rift btw.
I heard something about it.

- Yoshiki increasingly more interested in anything other than X Japan (Hyde, Sarah Brightman, his wine label...)

Everyone tells Yoshiki to rest his wrists but whenever he does something "other" to fill his time they hate him for it. I've been guilty of this before too but, now, we do have to look at who we're talking about too. If you stay up for 3 days straight like him and write scores on the airplane and edit in the studio between midnight and 8am, why can't you do a meeting on wine between 12noon and 2pm? It's not like he's the one uploading the articles and twitter updates on new wines being released. He has staff to do that.


Toshi has a cooking channel but you all don't hate him for his cupcakes  >:(
How is this remotely related to the topic?

Also, Sugizo did write and record for Red Swan and it was intended for that to be labeled X sooo....
Which was an awful idea and I'm tired of explaining why. So awful that even Yoshiki changed it later.

- Neutered songs by lowering key (Rusty Nail, Kurenai, Silent Jealousy) in their most recent show at Makuhari Messe. Sounds flat and dreadful. I can't believe they've done that to such masterpieces.
This is quite bad but expected. Toshi isn't on his 20s anymore. I kinda liked how Rusty Nail and X sounded. Beneath the Skin was disastrous.

That's really unfair of you, man. C'monnnn. I'm not going to even acknowledge this one further.
It happens.

- Increasingly more obvious that Yoshiki cannot write good rock songs anymore without hide.

I COMPLETELY disagree.
I don't and if you think about how X was before Taiji and hide, then after Taiji left, then after hide and even think about Yoshiki's own statements, maybe you'll agree.
He is still an amazing composer. But hide and Taiji collaborating with the arrangements were a important part on X sound.

X is and always has been a fabulous band. I love, love, looooove their older music but something I noticed the other day, is that the older you get into their discography the more they sound like other bands; especially songs by Taiji and Pata and even hide early on. Now, you can tell it's X Japan. It is not the same X Japan even though it is. But they have SUCH a dynamic sound now... calling something lighter than it used to be does not mean it's worse than it used to be or not as good.
Their "new sound" is just Yoshiki's ideas who didn't went well and were recycled. Hero, Angel, Rockstar/Mary Mona Lisa, were just songs that he wrote for Violet UK but he wasn't able to release anything for a project which is basically himself alone for 19 years. So he just put in an X album which also will be never released.

You did specify "rock" songs in your post. Do you feel that way because the songs aren't as heavy? I did share this on the discord app some time ago, that I was listening to IV with a friend in the car and he said, "wow, you like some heavy shit!"

X is still plenty heavy but very, very few people listen to or even MAKE thrash heavy metal anymore. And why should they? That's a bygone era. You can listen to X's lyrics and guitar riffs and tell exactly how heavy it still is. Hero is a pop rock song but would still be hard to get on the radio because the general public will recoil from mentions of suicide.
No. The ballads aren't heavy and are also great songs. Isn't about being heavy, it's about not being the same gallop drums+guitar riff from a teenage which just learnt how to play+rain/rose/the end/pain of the world. BTBF it's so poorly composed that sounds childish.

Melodically, lyrically, diversely, X is at the top of their game. There is so much variation in their songs now. Toshi is proving himself as a vocalist every day. His job is more demanding that it ever was before. Sugizo's guitar solo in Red Swan is BRILLIANT. Everyone wants that sweeping, complex guitar solo and we got it! The guitar in Jade is crunchy and heavy and full of attitude.... like... I don't know why.... this is so hard to hear for so many X fans.... please, grab my hand and step out of 1988 with me  ;D
Red Swan solo isn't "sweeping, complex". It's just a good guitar solo, which fits with a popish song like is Red Swan. I liked it, but it's quite far from a "complex guitar solo".
And a "complex" song doesn't mean a song is good. Hero is a simple song and it's good. Drain is a simple song and it's good. Desperate Angel is a complex song and I think is one of the weakest X songs ever.

I'll always remember this band for what they were and what they gave to me through their music
We all do. That's why we still spend our time discussing here.

but the future in my opinion is pretty grim for them. Label this post dramatic, silly, unfounded, or whatever pleases you. I'll always consider giving a listen to whatever they put out but I've removed all hopes and expectations. It will be what it will be.[/i]
I think the band is already dead again. They're just delaying the funeral.

I feel like each and every X fan has hit this point where they're just like... 'I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and I'm only disappointed and hurt by the outcome so I give up. Nice knowing you, loved what it was, but I hate you now-- see you when you're around. Peace.'
After years of lies, postponements, cancellations (which for some people mean a huge amount of money spent), it makes sense.

But... you'll feel differently. I really think even if you're frustration wants you to take a break for a few months or a year or however long it is until things go the way you want them to, you'll be back in full adoration fan mode when it finally comes.
I hope so.
They were in a pretty bad shape in 2009, with concerts full of playbacks and huge Yoshikitties on Tokyo Dome. Then they have improved A LOT and seeing them live in 2011 was really special for me and brought back all the hope.

X nowadays is something like:

- Concert will start. All the spotlights on the amazing drummer.

- A movie about this amazing japanese musician.

- Did I already say that this japanese guy is the most motherfucking awesome musician in Japan? He just came alone to receive an award for his band.

- OH GOD HOW AMAZING IS THIS DRUM GUY. Looks like there is a band anywhere on the stage.

And some stuff like:
- Summer Sonic 2011: A japanese music festival, which happen in two different cities in Japan, was broadcasted in a japanese TV Channel. And Yoshiki gaves an interview alone, speaking for the band. In english.
- Makuhari 2018: Before the drum solo, videos from BBC talking about his health condition. Was this intended to show how popular he is outside of Japan? Because he isn't.

The "Bio" section of the band's site has six mentions to Yoshiki, including

In January 2017, band leader Yoshiki held 2 sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall, performing original classical compositions and orchestral versions of X Japan’s songs with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

And the cringy
Yoshiki is finalizing X Japan's first new studio album in over 22 years, which the acclaimed musician promised Billboard Magazine "will bring rock back to the mainstream again".

So as previously said, nobody here "hates" Yoshiki. We're all fans of his work. But he isn't perfect and deserves some criticism.
He just need to focus. He wants his band to be famous worldwide? He need to do music. Not self advertising of himself. A band grows when everyone works together to make it grow.

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