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Offtopic / Leaving the forum...
« on: July 02, 2008, 09:58:41 PM »
People, I'm leaving the forum (not just a joke, heh)
I don't know if forever or just for a while... I will keep my account for now, but I might delete it eventually when I decided.

Bye people, I had some really good time here. Just wanted to say bye instead of just disappearing.

Offtopic / johari nohari
« on: June 16, 2008, 07:28:51 PM »
The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.

The Nohari Window is a challenging inversion of the Johari Window, using antonyms of the original words. By describing your failings from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of perceived and unrecognised weaknesses can be explored.



It's long ago that i got these two so please don't worry about what i chose for myself XDD since I was emo angsty at that time too... but it's still interesting to get to know what other think.

if you want such yourself and want us to post, feel free to post them here :D at least i will do them for you

Offtopic / UEFA Euro 2008
« on: June 07, 2008, 04:42:20 PM »

This needs an own thread so we can discuss the single games!!

Today it's Lucsland (Switzerland) against Czech Republic from 17:00 GMT and Portugal vs. Turkey at 19:45 GMT

I bet it's 1:1 on the first and 2:0 on the second


the opening ceremony just started ^^

Cosplay / Dress-Up Thread...
« on: May 13, 2008, 08:55:38 PM »
well people this idea is bugging me for way too long. Millie came up with the idea for a dress-up game!!

This means, we have a weekly topic, for example "Princess" and everyone can take part, dress up and post their pictures of it.
By dress up, it means it can be basically everything, great make up and hairstyle -> face shot, or just a shot of the clothes you pulled on.
You can use whatever you like ^^

In this post I will announce the weekly dress-up topic, put up the best dress-ups and mention all the previous dress ups.




Good examples for the angel look:


(failure :( )































Taiji / Taiji's cut-off finger thing - mystery solved!
« on: May 09, 2008, 05:52:34 PM »
Uhh... I need your help guys. I've heard before that one of his fingers got cut off and I even think (not sure at all) that i saw a picture.
Now I looked at many kinda recent pictures and his hands look perfectly fine.

So it's all just a rumor then? Or does he wear something to hide it?

General chat / X Japan Interview in the German magazine "Rock on"
« on: May 07, 2008, 10:25:58 PM »

Today I had a look at the German music magazine "Rock on" and found an interview with X Japan's producer and manager Yukitaka Mashimo.
Anyway... I translated it for you people. I tried my real best and my english is not perfect yet. Just tell me if there are mistakes or if you don't understand something.

Rock on: Mister Mashimo, how influential are X Japan for the Japanese rockmusic?

Yukitaka Mashimo: X Japan started what we know as Visual Kei today. They were the first to take the Manga-Culture and mixed it with rock music.
And they sang in Japanese purposely so everybody in this country could identify themselves with the songs. No other band succeeded with that.

R: So they are the pioneers of a whole scene?

YM (laughs): Yes, the Visual Kei-Grandpas! But they are in good shape for that.

R: What do the artists think about all these Japanese bands that tour the whole world today and celebrate great achievements - what was never granted to X Japan? Is it even the reason, why they try it another time now?

YM: Of course we watched closely what these relatively young bands are doing. And we think it is great, that the audiences in Europe and America granted them a warm welcome - what seemed to be unimaginable for a long while. And this is exactly our target for 2008: We want to dare to take the same step like all these bands did.

R: If you take a look at old group pictures with those wild hairstyles and flashy costumes X Japan were actually pretty wild - and very style-orientated. Did they grow - with now 40 years - out of it?

YM: Naturally! They became older. And therefore they will not return to those clothes and hairstyles. By no means. but they are still a role model for many young groups who are orientated on those old photos and videos. In this respect they make sure that this look, which is 15 or 20 years old now, is still regarded as cool.

R: How shocking was their performance in the eighties and nighties for a conservative country as Japan?

YM: Very much! For Japan they were just as shocking as the Sex Pistols were for England or for the rest of the world. Therfore, they were just about the limit. And both bands had quite a few similarities - concerning their combination of style and music, their provocating appearance and their attraction on youths. In that matter they were resembling the same. But let me ask you a question: What do you think how old the audience on the reunion shows was?

R: Hard to say. Somewhere between 15 and 40. While many of the old fans are still wearing Visual-Kei outfits, but are taking their kids along with them already...

YM: The average age of a person to purchase a ticket is 25 years! Which is really interesting. Since when the band was breaking up ten years ago these people were only 15. That means, they probably have not seen X Japan ever live and don't belong to the original fandom. They came anyway - and that is why 70000 or 80000 of the older fans could not get any tickets. Sadly we made a small mistake regarding the ticket sales via mobile phones. We accidentally chose a provider which attends only young people - but barely older people. That is why all who come from the same generation as X Japan could not get any tickets. Those were 70000 or 80000 who fell by the wayside, what put up quite a fuss. Understandably. Therfore we want to procede differently on the next shows in May, the "hide memorial summit" in the Ajinomoto Stadium - we just don't know how yet. There's one question: how do we reach the old supporters without allowing the young ones to pull the rug from under their feet? That is a serious problem. In Mai we will do two more concerts for 45000 viewers. We hope to supply the demand like that.

R: A real luxury problem!

YM: Yes, but it is one! We are racking our brains about that.

R: Whereas the show is being something special because noone is misdemeaning such megalomania anymore - that's something like Guns N' Roses in 1993. How much work and money are behind this?

YM: The whole costs from the dress rehearsal to the third and last concerts amounted to 17 to 20 Mio US-Dollar! That's quite a chunk, that is barely covered by the ticket sales. Furthermore we had the problem, that a baseball game was happening the night before and we could build up our stage only one day before the Gig - usually it would take at least three days. We engaged three times as much roadies than usually. And the band themselves could only start rehearsing on the day of the show. That was quite a show of strength.

R: Will you carry this on to Europe or will we have to see a notedly flattened show?

YM: That is X Japan! And if we don't manage to take everything with us, then it won't work! It is an essential piece of what we are!

In spite of the immense costs? And the fact that such halls are very rare over here?

YM: Well.. How many people could we pull in Germany?

R: Swallow. I can't answer this!

YM: But you've seen what happened here and how big this thing is - go and tell your people that! This is your mission! (laughs)

R: Well, thank you! There are two new songs by X Japan which, are for example, on the japanese SAW IV OST. Is the band planning to release a new album this year?

YM: Altogether there are actually three new songs and we are planning a "Best Of"-Album which will include the new pieces. In Japan this is supposed to be released in May, June for Europe. But a complete new Album? We're not that far yet.

R: How comes that hide, who commited suicide in 1998, is still part of the show? At last you take him back on stage with holograms and video projections, instead of exchanging him for a new member... Why such a care for the past?

YM: hide is not past, but he's still a very important part of the band - without him there wouldn't be X Japan. Therefore he has to be part of it. He is part of the conception. And that's why we trimmed the whole new production to fit the question how we could bring him into it. That was the most difficult part of it - because without him there couldn't have been a reunion. It might a little off, but he is too important to do without him.

R: The newest laser technology from Germany for that?

YM: Yes, for that we spend two Million Dollar - to bring him on stage for two minutes as hologram. He's that important for us. (laughs) And in May, on the hide memorial show we will have evaluated more footage and will have brought it into the production. hide will be even longer and more often on stage then. We are currently working on this. Whereas we have less of a money- but rather time-problem. Since there is so much material, it's pure madness.

R: You flew in guest guitarists as Wes Borland (Ex-Limp Bizkit) and Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses) for the shows in Tokyo. What can we expect in Europe? More US-Stars?

YM: We will ask local guitarists on stage from the countries we play in. Furthermore will SUGIZO, the guitarist of LUNA SEA, be part of the show - as stable band member.

R: Will there be a competition for the German guitarist?

YM (laughs): Good idea! We can talk about that.

R: Honestly: don't you regret not to have taken the step to Europe or America earlier?

YM: No, because it couldn't have worked back then, in the eighties and nighties - since they would have plainly ignored us and wouldn't have given us any chance. Japanese music was in Europe and in other places just something exotic, which noone was taking seriously. Anyways this changed in the last ten years. Right because so many bands paved the way for us - while following our approach. Sure, it is somewhat ironic, but on the other hand it is a great thing. Therefore: Don't forget your mission! Arigato!


Now I have a big big problem with this Interview. It doesn't seem really credible, does it?
I'm confused about a few parts... anyway the picture besides the article is Toshi and it says ( Photos: X Japan Production Management Comittee) so it does seem pretty serious...
I could've never imagined X calling themselves those who invented Visual Kei... or comparing themselves to the Sex Pistols is odd as well.
I don't like the part where he says that X MUST do big shows or it's not X... They did so many smaller shows without being megalomaniac before their reunion, why shouldn't they be able to play like that anymore?

x__x people please tell me what you think

Pictures/Galleries / My Taiji Gallery
« on: May 07, 2008, 08:07:20 PM »
I know it's not really big... and I only uploaded the good pics. I have many pics from his blogs, screencaps or just crappy small pictures... so I only give you the ones that i'm proud of having.

Chances are pretty big that you've seen them all already... anyway

My Taiji Album ^^

Taiji / Taiji on the hide summit
« on: May 05, 2008, 07:11:38 PM »
You people all know his blog, now go and translate for me what he says about it!!!

I think it's pretty sweet that he went there... and he's doing the proper cool way of attending to such. Being in the celebrety lounge, enjoying food and Kirin beer (which i've tried and even as German I must say, it's awesome)

General chat / Who's your favourite member?
« on: April 24, 2008, 04:21:19 PM »
I know this will get people into hot discussions, but i'm seriously curious and interested and haven't seen such a poll around before. (if i'm stupid again and there's one, delete this thread -_-)

I just noticed there are certain....trends in this forum and want to see if i'm right  :D

Please try not to flame and respect other's opinions... you all know saying "he's my favourite" "OH NO WHY STUPID" is not really necessary...

for my part :D i keep it secret yet

Other Bands / Classical music... anyone?
« on: April 15, 2008, 08:20:11 PM »
I didn't know where to post it (Off-topic or other bands) but well I just regard other bands as "other music"

Are you into classical music too? If so who are your favourite composers and pieces of art?

I really adore The New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak and the 9th Symphony by Beethoven (by far my favourite *__* especially with the choir in the end)

On my school we had a very old-fashioned music teacher, who rather taught us everything about classical music than singing pop/rock songs with us (i've heard teachers do that at other schools...)
For a year we had the task to listen to at least one classical piece of music as homework. It was quite interesting, I think it gave me a lot...

You have to listen to classical music LOUDLY everything else doesn't work. I love live concerts, they're so boombastic

D.T.R. / Who's the hottest member? :0
« on: April 13, 2008, 08:47:58 PM »
Sorry for the fangirl attack XD but since we are discussing this in the Taiji thread already  :P

Sitting: Mitsuo Takeuchi
From left to right standing: Roger Takahashi, GUESS WHO, Taiji Fujimoto, Tomoyuki Kuroda, John Lennon... eh...Kenji Shimizu

I won't vote yet  :oops: and don't be boring!! Even though... when you look at the booty and arms....

Art of Life Live aka X Japan Returns / Orgasm (31.12.1993)
« on: April 13, 2008, 11:23:28 AM »
Someone posted something about ode to joy from that part of orgasm already. I found the whole version of the Orgasm (which I couldn't download so far -_-) and there's a part in Orgasm that sounds extremely much like game music, or an anime theme...
I just can't find anything that sounds like it.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

Mp3 here

I'm listening through all famous arcade/nintendo game themes for two days now  :(

Offtopic / Religion or whatever you believe in
« on: April 12, 2008, 12:15:11 AM »
I have looked through the pages and I couldn't find a thread about this yet... so well

what do you believe in? What is your religion and do you live after it?
Do you have any special personal belief?

I myself am baptised, but I'm not christian at all. I actually despise europe for forcing their christian ideals upon all other parts on the world.

christian ideals are on the one side what is said in the bible, but on the other hand are the Human Rights just a symbol of the christian ideals and I don't think we all should just accept them, but maybe have a thought if the ethics with which we grew up are possibly wrong...

I have a strong belief in a life after death, partly because the thought of nothingness after death scares me.
I believe in a spirit, that exists in another dimension, that is free from body etc. and therefore can't die

And so I believe it's possible to meet everyone again in the life after death... and it might be easier since we could move around more freely.

But well, it is just what I want most to be there after death. I fear most of the other possibilites

Taiji / Yasushi ``Taiji`` Sawada ??? <---- IS NOT TRUE
« on: April 11, 2008, 06:06:54 PM »
Did I miss something?
I thought his first name WAS Taiji


Wallpapers / Siri's ps skills before ps was taken away from her...
« on: April 07, 2008, 05:45:24 PM »
I think I should post all of my beloved X (hide) wallpapers here then ^^ they're all in 1024x768

well, they're basically hide XD

That's all... I would do more of the other members too... but... T__T I have no photoshop at the moment...

I hope you like them!!

Offtopic / Offtopic Games?
« on: April 04, 2008, 08:44:58 PM »
There are not many Offtopic games there and since I am bored, but since I like to hang around here, I would start one. But before I do that, I want to know if there's even interest for it XD and if there is, maybe you have better ideas than i do.

Sooo... anyone interested?

General chat / Swedish Figure Skater dancing to Forever Love
« on: April 03, 2008, 06:58:57 PM »
When I was watching the world championships of figure skating in gothenburg a few weeks ago i noticed a song in one of the performances...
I knew the melody so well, so I thought "ohh it's a classical song i know" and was happy about it

but when it came to the chorus (it was all instrumental though) i noticed it was X's Forever Love!!

I exploded XD or so, almost cried!!

The name of the Figure Skater is Kristoffer Berntsson ^^ and well... I can't post links on youtube yet, but I give you the name of the video:

(it is the 3rd song in the performance i think, but it's way too short .__.)

Kristoffer BERNTSSON 2008 World FS

it is actually from a japanese station and they mention that it is X Japan ^^

god i loved this, live in tv ^^ so great

(please move thread if it's posted in wrong forum x__x;;)

General chat / Current pictures of the members?
« on: April 03, 2008, 03:06:04 PM »
I'm sorry if the thread doesn't belong into here, but I didn't know where else to post...

Well I lack current (1998+) pictures of most of the members ^^; I have seen a few current ones of Heath and Taiji floating around here somewhere, but I would really like to have some more.

Maybe you can help me? Do you have any good sources?

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