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The Concerts / X Live 1986 La.mama Full (Audio only)
« on: February 02, 2012, 08:27:11 PM »
I just stumbled across a full live show from 1986 that I don't think's ever been heard/released before (correct me if I'm wrong) in a hilarious fashion by clicking on a random video when I wasn't paying attention to the screen, I looked back at the screen and was just "WTF!?!"

The title of the youtube videos are "X (X Japan) - 1986/06 渋谷La.mama Live" so I'm assuming it took place at a club called La.mama.

Anywhere here's the live. Somebody cover these old songs already! (please XD) We need better quality versions!











Toshi / Toshi solo vids
« on: February 14, 2011, 08:58:25 PM »
I just found a video of Paradise live which I don't think has been put on the internet yet, Toshi's vocals are amazing. But I thought that I don't want to make an entire thread for a video of one song, and then I realised there isn't a general thread for Toshi solo videos, and basically any threads on his old solo material date months back on the forums. So this thread is for Toshi solo videos, live or studio between 1992-1997 (and '98 without Masaya).

Here's the Paradise video, best live version, probably better than studio. Skip to 1:50 for the song, there's a section of the talk with Toshi before that though.


Yoshiki / Yoshiki Project Asia Girls Explosion
« on: February 08, 2011, 10:29:18 PM »

2011/03/06 ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION @Yoyogi Gym

・YOSHIKI kimono design debut
・Preparation got started about 2 years ago when YOSHIKI visited kimono shop(s) in Kyoto
・They will do an experiment about the kimono show when X live in Tokyo Dome
・They are working on the preparation of sell
・The Fashion Event published "ROSA" and other VUK's new song(s)
・ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION is a collaboration of YOSHIKI and Mr. JayFR
・It has been scheduled that VIOLET UK will debut in the world wide as well as X

From SANSPO newspaper 2011/02/09

Infor source - X Japan Experience - http://xjapanx.blog.shinobi.jp/

I'm not really interested in any of this at all, good news for people who are, but I wanted to post this to point out some potentially very bad news.

First bit of bad news basically confirmed "They will do an experiment about the kimono show when X live in Tokyo Dome".

Utter, Fail.

Which brings the potentially very bad news which is "It has been scheduled that VIOLET UK will debut in the world wide as well as X"

It might not mean this, the two shows could be happening at different times, but, If Yoshiki, brings Violet UK around the world with X Japan on the US tour, bringing their fashion shows on the stage during X concerts to US audiences who've never seen X before, then he is a complete MORON.

General chat / 1982/83 X (Noise) Rock n' Roll/Burn covers
« on: February 07, 2011, 11:17:42 PM »
Apparently this was already posted on "X Boards" (whatever forum that is?) back in 2004 by X Radical Blues, and he's recently reuploaded it again on the xradicaldreamers forums.

Even so it seems noone downloaded it or watched it back then because as far as I remember we've only had that one recording of the very end of Burn on youtube and have been looking for the rest since, but anyway here it is, thanks to X Radical Blues.


There's two seperate videos, one for Led Zeppelin's Rock N' Roll and another for Deep Purple's Burn + interview

And there's a third video which is both songs + the interview all together, nothing cut, the audio sounds more blurred/muffled than the seperate videos though, but I think Toshi's voice might be slightly more clear, I'm not sure, I suggest watching all three videos to compare.

Instrumently the band did really well, and Toshi sounded better than I thought he would, he went off key a couple of times in Burn and didn't go all out falsetto wise Glenn Hughes style like I hoped he would though, but its still really awesome.

Covers / Kurenai covered by SHAMAN
« on: January 13, 2011, 02:28:58 PM »
Its a good cover imo, several pronounciation mistakes though.


Toshi / Songs from Canary, Grace+other rare songs.
« on: September 25, 2010, 11:21:59 AM »
I've heard that getting Toshi's solo albums is basically impossible either because they're not being sold online anymore or importing the albums is way to complicated and doesn't work out.

I found a load of songs on nicovideo a month ago (I think a lot of us signed up to nicovideo in the lollapalooza video stream panic lol) that can't be found anywhere else and I'd never heard them before, and I don't think a lot of people here might have either (aside from lucky people who somehow have the albums) so I'm going to post the songs I found on nicovideo. If this isn't okay with the admins then feel free to delete the topic. I'm only going to list here the songs that are relevant. And any songs I didn't give description to are only because I find it hard to describe that songs genre, also I got lazy XD.


Song list on video

1. 99 toshikata no love (from Canary). Before I only ever saw a one minute clip of this song from an outdoor live which is now taken off youtube, this is one of Toshi's best rock songs in his solo career, and again, he goes crazy awesome on the vocals at the end.

2. 黄昏を見つめて/Koukon o mitsumete (Canary) 6:11 Koukon o mitsumete

3. Birthday Eve (aoi hoshi no tabibito/Canary) 27:34

4. Mirror (Canary) 32:30

5. 幻の少年/Maboroshi no shounen (Canary) 38:22.

This is probably Toshi's darkest song, (could be dealing with his feelings around his life in 1997, who knows) again Toshi's goes nuts on his vocals at the end of the song.


This video just has one song, 壞れた世界でカナリアは歌う (from Canary) but its one of Toshi's best and most interesting songs, almost half the song is a spoken poem by Toshi which is good, but the singing afterwards is definatly the highlight. In my opinion, if Toshi made a song for a weird comedy anime like FLCL, this would be it. (not sure I like the fanart animation this guy made for the video though, some of it fits).


1. Rain and Tears (Grace)

2. Witch hunt / Majyogari (Canary) 8:47

3. So - Long (Grace) 14:35

4. Grace - I know there are live versions on youtube, but I don't think the studio version has been posted before. 32:50

5. Natural High (Canary) - Great rock*ish* song from Toshi. 43:57

6. Made in Heaven - Now with classical music in the background during the choruses as the main emphesis of this version, it sounds great, but at the same time I feel a bit of the atmosphere of the original is lost in this version. 49:50

Also, the quality of 幻の少年/Maboroshi no shounen, Birthday Eve and 壞れた世界でカナリアは歌う on this video might be better than on the previous videos, Toshi's voice I think sounds a bit clearer, I'm not sure.


1. New Horizons (Grace) I don't think this has been posted anywhere else(?) 8:07

2. Chase of Times (Mission) 13:25

3. Beyond the Time - album version - 23:30,  the difference? You hear the high pitched woman singing at the beginning? That's Toshi. You can tell at certain points during the singing if you listen very carefully. Curiosity, I think we've found a new highest note from Toshi for your vocal range video.

4. Passion of Love (aoi hoshi no tabibito) 34:25

5. Love Song (Canary) 40:38

6. Beautiful Harmony (Grace) 45:52

Toshi / Toshi & Syuichi (Night Hawks) Masters' Band recording sessions
« on: September 08, 2010, 10:55:16 PM »
Don't know if anyone had seen these video before, from what I can tell, Toshi, Syuichi from Night Hawks, two female singers (not sure who they are) and other famous musicians recorded several cover songs together (I'm assuming they're all cover songs, I know one of them is), I'm not sure what for, but they're referenced through some of the videos as a masters' band (or working with one), I'm not sure if it was for an album or it could be part of a huge collaboration album as Toshi and Syuichi's segment seems to be one out of many musicians who recorded together for this "the recording" project. A couple of the songs are great, the one in the last video is okay imo, not sure about it.


Watch out for massive ear rape at 9:43, shame it happens right as the drummer is about to finish the song XDD.


Unfortunatly in the last video, while there are two songs played, the first one which starts at 3:17 gets cut off 10 seconds in and skips to the beginning of the next song, . Also, 4:45 in the video, holy crap Toshi!!


General chat / Chicago Sun-Times article-X Japan
« on: August 02, 2010, 12:35:08 PM »

As people said on xwonderland this definatly is the best article on the band.

"Which band in this year's Lollapalooza lineup has accomplished all of the following?

    * Sold out a 55,000-seat arena -- 18 times.
    * Created and popularized its own form of glam.
    * Sold 30 million albums.
    * Recorded a classical album with Beatles producer George Martin.

It ain't Lady Gaga."

"For the U.S. jaunt, Yoshiki says X Japan will be "back to basics."

"The bigger we got, the bigger our personalities," he says. "We just want to go back and focus on the rock. Either way, you know, you don't see good rock shows anymore. Rock doesn't sound mainstream these days. We'd like to contribute something to help bring rock back. Rock doesn't have enough drama now. Rap, R&B, dance music has taken that. Our band wants to be a part of bringing that back to rock." He laughs. "But our band has enough drama."

Covers / Short remix-Rusty Nail+I.V.
« on: July 22, 2010, 12:01:28 AM »
Not mine, but somebody has taken the vocals from the bridge of I.V and mixed it with the music of the bridge in Rusty Nail and I think how its come out is extremely awesome.


I know that this isn't exactly a self made cover, as in all this guy did was use pre-made material but I can't see where else I could post this.

General chat / Two awesome X-Japan tribute bands
« on: June 17, 2010, 09:06:49 PM »
I just found two very awesome X-Japan tribute bands on youtube, they're not perfect, both singers have a song where they manage to sound exactly like Toshi and other songs where they've only kind of got it, but both singers are on key at least 90% of the time, so all this puts these bands way above every other X tribute band I've heard.

The bands are XzX X JAPANカバ and 紅蓮

Also the guitarists/bassist/drummer are all excellent in both bands, Though I think the guitar work is better in XzX X JAPANカバ

For now I'll just put up the performance from both bands where they sound most like Toshi

First XzX X JAPANカバ, as well as sounding a lot like Toshi he's got the screams down as well.


This vid from 紅蓮 may be bad quality but if you listen closely you can hear "Toshi's" voice and how well this guy pulls Rusty Nail off.


Edit: I just noticed this thread should go under, fanart-covers, dammit! XD.

Notice by Hypno: These posts are split off from the X Japan in Hollywood on January 9th topic so some posts might be a bit confusing because of that. Only constructive discussion is allowed here and if personal insults start coming out (doesn't matter if they are towards other users, band members or anyone else), people will start getting real warnings. So be warned!

"exposed to a variety of unforseseen hazards and risks, that may include, but are not limited to,
personal injury, property damage and death."

Yeah Yoshiki sure, I'm sure it'll be very dangerous like all the other times you've been right about things like this, everyone knows you bull**** to sound cool, the most that happens is that you pretend to kill yourself for attention, which isn't.

Also I saw that link a few posts back with a link to the fashion show during X's concert and even though I already saw it in the live videos I have to bring up again how disgraced I am to see Yoshiki turning a rock/heavy metal concert into a fashion show. Fashsion advertisment has NO place, none AT ALL at a rock/metal concert, get it the f*** out

I have a prediction for what X's new song/songs are going to sound like, considering I already think I.V and Jade involve almost no talented song writing, and just sound like generic Americanised 21st century shit of today just to follow the trend of music today to make money. Add now to the fact that Yoshiki is actually going to advertise himself in the US, infact Hollywood with recording this PV/new song. I predict that the new song is going to sound exactly like Jade & I.V, except the riff will sound even more boring/trying to sound metal, and when the music & Toshi's vocals do the typical "oooh I'm trying to sound moody" section Yoshiki's going to put a techno beat dodododo dodo dododododo dodo" in the background. Or they'll just go the whole hog and start jumping around with their guitars doing nothing but wanking their hands on the guitar with tasteless shouting like every other typical band right now.

Other Bands / Zi:Kill
« on: June 24, 2008, 10:46:23 PM »
I discovered this band about a couple of months ago now, I didn't realise when I was watching the 1992 Extasy summit that it was Zi:Kill playing with X-Japan as well, so I missed them.

There's very little footage of them I can find, from what I've seen on youtube I love most of their songs, such as Crack Eye, Mr.Market, What's and Desert Town.

Something's annoying me though, not about the band though, I can't find any of their lyrics on the internet, seriously, the only one of the internet is "keep on calling" and its very irritating that those are the only lyrics that every lyric site has on Zi:Kill, seriously, I've tried looking hard for other lyrics, there's probably barely any lyrics on the internet because apparently the band was short lived.

I'm sure there's at least a few Zi:Kill fans in Japan on this forum, if you don't mind, could you write up the lyrics to songs like "Crack Eye, Mr.Market, What's, desert town ect." in Romaji, I'd really appreciate that.

Apart from that, talk about what songs you like from Zi:kill, which members ect.

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