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Offtopic / An X-related dream I had recently.
« on: December 28, 2020, 10:42:39 PM »
I guess this was on the 24th, and I've been meaning to post this since a few days, but I was a bit lazy to get on my computer up until now.
Btw, there's some information I think that is important to know before I tell about my dream:
1. I am from Romania, but I have home in 2 other countries.
2. In middle school, I was living with some family in Japan.
3. Yes, I was already obsessed with X in middle school, mainly Taiji, though.

[I think that's all, here's my dream:]


I was in middle school for some reason, 12-13 years old, specifically.  I was watching some video of Yoshiki, where he said something along the lines of „I can't wait for X to come to Romania!" ....So me, being me, I was ecstatic, X was coming to my country?! (I don't know why I was living at Romania at the time in my dream, btw...) 
So off course I thought that X would be performing, right?... What else would Yoshiki mean?
I looked online for X concert tickets, but I couldn't find any... Or any information of what they would be doing in their time whilst in Romania.
So I waited for the day to come, which was for some reason a Thursday (Not a good day for having a one-time activity before leaving the country XD) and somehow I managed to get to wherever X was going, not sure how I'd go without knowing where they'd be at (dream logic) and am... well, let's just say I was disappointed to see that X was somehow on a gameshow. In Romania.  Speaking perfect Romanian.  :P
As usual, Taiji was looking bored the entire time, not really doing anything.  So a host lady with some damn nerve called him out and said „Oh, am I boring to you, Taiji?"
He picked up Yoshiki like a board, and just threw him out a window, simple as that...
Somehow a giant cat suddenly broke through the wall of the building and 'rescued' Pata, along with Toshl as well.
Taiji somehow used hide's hair to start a fire, and hide burnt up along with the entire building, including everyone in it, Pata was never seen again (but still alive), Toshl became a prostitute  ;D And Taiji quit being a musician to become a chef with a TV show....

Hope nobody on his TV show asks him if he's bored while cooking.

hide / About the name „Pink Spider”
« on: December 23, 2020, 08:50:28 PM »
Okay so, yesterday when I was trying to fall asleep I had this thought.  So..I know that the story is that the nickname „Pink Spider”  was given to hide by Yoshiki, and that's cool, but.... Is there any actual proof that he did give the nickname to him?

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