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Yoshiki / Yoshiki Translation
« on: February 13, 2019, 11:16:44 AM »
(This is a thread for petty and unimportant translations related to Yoshiki. I’ll post it here little by little.)

I discovered an artist named Yumi a few days ago, and it is incredibly interesting to investigate her. The other day, I read a post on blueverse(longtime X fan)’s blog. She was watching this show in real time in 1993. According to her, Yumi was already a great figure in Japanese music scene. Yoshiki, on the other hand, seemed to be obscure to the general public back then. The blogger watched the show and thought “Who is that naughty brat with a weird makeup?” Anyway, it is interesting to hear about the differences in the composing styles of the two composers.


Tamori’s Music Station, January 4th, 1993 
Guest : YOSHIKI, Yumi Matsutoya(Yuming)

Tamori  : You’re going to introduce another guest today?

YOSHIKI : Yes, my close friend Yuming.

Tamori : Ah, is that so?

(Yuming shows up)

Yuming : Hello! Happy new year!

Tamori : Happy new year! Have a seat please. 

YOSHIKI : It’s been a while.

Yuming : Right? What’s it been, like, half a year?

YOSHIKI : I don’t think so. It will be about 3 to 4 months. 

Tamori : Is it long to know each other?

Yuming : But I’m surprised! I’ve seen only his no makeup face. It’s the first time.

Tamori : I’ve seen only his makeup face. 

(Yoshiki pours champagne to Yuming’s glass)

Yuming : In LA, I made him sweet red-been porridge with rice dumplings.

(Yoshiki pours champagne to Tamori’s glass)

Yuming : He came over to my place.

Tamori : Did you cook sweet red-been porridge for him? 

Yuming : Yes.

YOSHIKI : (keep pouring champagne) Feels like I became a bar hostess.

Yuming : That’s why they’re partners.

Tamori : I heard that you play drums with such a really fast phrase?


Tamori : Is it true that you write the musical notes at first?

YOSHIKI : Ah, I write it all. I write drums on the score and then play it. I suffer under it later. “What shall I do?”, “Well, let’s do this”... like that. (Swinging  arms)

Tamori : Oh, do you?

YOSHIKI : At first, only on the score...

Yuming : Do you make choreography as well?

YOSHIKI : So when I write the music score and play the drums at the same time, choreography goes in it like this. Since my body was broken once, I went to see multiple doctors and heard that a circular motion is good for humans, if I bounce like this completely. 

Yuming : Wow, that’s so interesting!

YOSHIKI : But the best thing is the mark of infinity(∞). Energy doesn’t stop there, as it comes back.

Tamori : Before you play the drums, do you listen to the song first and then write the music score?

YOSHIKI : No, I mean, I make drum scores. When I record, I put a music stand here, and there is someone who turns over pages. I play the drums while reading the music sheets that are being turned.

Yuming : In the meantime, does your body remember the beat?

YOSHIKI : Right. I remember it before concerts, but when I record it, I read the score.

Tamori : Is there a drummer like that? In the world?

YOSHIKI : Everyone is surprised. Even overseas people.

Tamori : Well, is there a page turner?

OSHIKI : Yes, there is.

Tamori : It must be hard to turn over pages while playing ta-ra-ra-ra-ra. You are the first person in the world.

YOSHIKI : I guess so. But I’m pissed off if they turn the page wrongly. Because I do it at the risk of my life.

Yuming : You are likely to be scary when you get angry.

Tamori : You seem to be incredibly strict about music. 

YOSHIKI : When I face music, my personality changes. Yes.

Tamori : (To Yumi) Do you have such a side? Inside of you?

Yuming : I’m easygoing.

YOSHIKI : Yumi is a genius though. I think of myself as a hard worker.

Tamori : There is no showy hard worker like him. Hard workers are more plain. I don’t think there are any male hard workers who put on makeup. You are amazing though. I have to do my job properly. Should I practice biting remarks a hundred times a day? “No, no, no, no, you swine!” something like that? (To Yumi) Is there something you abide by musically? “I have to this” such a thing.

Yumi : I have a habit of daydreaming. I enjoy drifting about a daydream. Weird thing is when I take a bath, I hold a Barbie doll and think “I want to be like this”. It’s like image training.

Tamori : Musicians are weird. Do you necessarily carry the doll when you take a bath?

Yuming : Not necessarily. About once in 3 times. 

YOSHIKI : Holding a Yoshiki doll.

Yuming : Yes, a Yoshiki doll.

Tamori : There’s something like this.

Yuming : Ah, cute! Awesome! I wanted to make these things in the past. I like this.

YOSHIKI : Well, let them make Yoshiki’s friend Yumin.

Yuming : Wow, that’s nice! make it, make it.

Tamori : Tamori dolls are probably sold at pharmacies now.

Yuming : Is the doll wearing a hat?

Tamori : No, no, it is merely a simple guy. Here it is. (Hand the Yoshiki doll to Yumin)

Yuming : Thank you. I’m happy. When I go home, I can hook it up with Barbies at home.

Tamori : So in LA, are you still making songs there? The topic went back to music.


Tamori : How do you make it? Using the piano? 

YOSHIKI : I make it using the music score. 

Tamori : Just as it is, on the score?

YOSHIKI : Yes. Rather than catching the sound heard while playing the piano, writing from the scratch has less limitation. There is expansion in sound.

Yuming : Nothing surpasses imagination.

YOSHIKI : Agreed. There are limitations in expressing it with the piano, and my fingers have some habits. I think melody is more immortal because there is no limitation.

Tamori : I think I know what you mean. So do you write it on the score abruptly? 

YOSHIKI : I do. Afterwards, I distress myself “How to play this?”.

Yuming : If you play it ahead?

Tamori : If you make a sound ahead, there will be the world to that extent. It becomes narrow.

Yuming : Yoshiki plays the instruments but I’m a vocalist. Rather than my voice is heard, it get into my brain through the inner ear. At that time, there is a place where I can feel of temperature somehow before you are restricted by touching the piano. There is a place where I feel comfortable when I sing.

YOSHIKI : I love Yuming's voice so much. You know what, I feel the air is trembling. It feels like you are vibrating the air more when you sing than when you speak.

Tamori : It is unique. I don’t think I can hear your song though.

Yuming : I don’t think I’m motivated to sing. I’m extremely emotional.

Tamori : Oh, really? (To Yoshiki) By the way, do you remember the song of Yumi you first heard?

Yuming : I’m shy. 

YOSHIKI : I heard a lot of songs of Yumi. But last year, oh was it the year before? When I collapsed while playing the drums...

Tamori : You collapsed.

YOSHIKI : Yes. My friend made a tape and there was Yumi's song in it. Was the title “Airship”?

Yuming : Oh my, come on. There is a song called “Airplane Cloud”.


YOSHIKI : Ah, airplane, airplane... I’m sorry. I’m going to be blamed by your fans. 

Yuming : That’s OK. Even if you know the song, the title is hard to remember.

Tamori : True. The title is... 

YOSHIKI : It is the first album of Yuming. Well... the song was about the time falling. No, isn’t it the rain of time? 

Yuming : I don’t know what song you’re referring to.

YOSHIKI : Uh, the song about hugging your shoulders. The street of time...

Yuming : The street of rain(雨の街を).


YOSHIKI : Sorry.

Tamori : (To Yumi) Even you don’t know well, I think. 

YOSHIKI : Oh yeah! I love the song. I heard that song by chance at that time and thought what kind of song it was. I’ve been listening to it all along. 

Yuming : Let me try it here. (Stand up and head towards the piano)

Tamori : Ah, awesome! This is luxury. 

(Yumi starts playing the piano)

Yuming : This song?

YOSHIKI : Yes. it is good. Yumi is in the background.

Tamori : Very good.
♪ The rain of dawn is milk color, into a quiet street~
♪ Comes down whispering, O fairies~
♪ If someone gently hugs my shoulders~
♪ I can walk anywhere far away~~
♪ I can walk anywhere~



Tamori : This is luxury!

Yuming : Is that so? I like it. In this cozy place, voila! I’m a high class Geisha! 

Tamori : This is a high class. This is good! 

Yuming : I mean, I don’t feel like singing on TV at all. Now, I forgot that it was TV. I like things like salon musicians. 

Tamori : This is luxury. Drinking champagne and listening to Yumi as a background music. It was good to be an entertainer.

Yuming : Really? Don‘t tell a lie. 

Tamori : Really.



BTW, I watched this video and really love her. She has energy of craziness.

Yoshiki / Yoshiki talks (181004)
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:55:06 PM »
Hello, folks. Recently I wasn't happy with our beloved band, but today I laughed out so loud reading this. I think it was the first time for me to laugh because of X in almost half a year. Yoshiki is very talented in trolling and making fans upset, yet he is cute in a way. I can't help admitting it. I don't know how to screenshot bilibili and think the comments of this blog are so hilarious, so I directly translated it. Enjoy!

Yoshiki : When I was touring abroad, things didn't go well as planned. For example, when I went to an overseas concert hall, there was no dressing room... many unexpected situations used to happen. Now I think I am fortunate to have experienced something like that.


MC : No matter how many situations there were, it must be the first concert without audience?

Yoshiki : There were something like film gigs, but that's taken only for film. This time, great invisible dolls... ah... not dolls, invisible people... I put the idea into my mind that there are over 30,000 invisible people.

* doll(ningyō) and people(ningen) have similar pronunciation.

(blogger : In Japan, before the disbandment, he held a concert only in a situation where everything was perfectly arranged, but after the reunion, many unexpected situations have been played out)


(blogger : After the concert, Yoshiki was drinking wine in bed and spilled it. People said it was a murder scene)

MC : It is dyed kurenai. (Yoshikichannel) viewers wonder if you were not scolded because of it.

Yoshiki : That is my bed.

MC : Ah!

Yoshiki : Am I not allowed to reveal it? That's my bed.

MC : I thought it was a hotel.

Yoshiki : I can't talk about it in detail, but that is my bed. That's all my personal belonging. Even if it's a hotel, that's my bed, a leather bed. Since those are my futon and my bed... I'm the only one who can scold.


Yoshiki : I ran into the seats for the audience at the no audience concert. People asked why there was a security police next to me.
(blogger : LOL I also thought so. Why? According to Yoshiki, he let the security police follow him in order to control himself who had an intense adrenaline rush)

Today's guest, Yuki Kaji. The voice actor of <Attack on Titan>.


The voice actor Kaji says that Yoshiki's comment before the playing <Hero>, strong myself beats weak myself, was impressive.


Yoshiki : When I was speaking that day, even though I spoke, there was no one in front of me. I was persuading myself while I was talking. There it was. If we wind down a little bit, it becomes like "What the hell are we doing now?".

MC : When you recover consciousness, there is no audience.

Yoshiki : We shouldn't have recovered consciousness. Because it was a situation that I shouldn't have done so.


Yoshiki : You are very young. You look like a teenager.

Kaji : I'm 33 years old. Until I was in my late 20s, when I bought alcohol at convenience stores, sometimes I was told "Please show your identification".

Yoshiki : If you live in the US, you can't go anywhere without your ID card. Because even me, I go to live house once in a while. Minors can't enter a live house where they sell alcohol.

Yoshiki : Even I am told "Show your ID card" when I go to livehouse...

Kaji : Hahaha. If so, I'll just look like a kid to them.

(blogger : In the end, Yoshiki complimented Kaji on his baby face because he wanted bring out this story. But isn't it too much? Even if westerners often mistake East Asians younger than their actual ages, who on earth think you are under age?)

* I will post the rest next time.

General chat / An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: June 04, 2018, 02:08:27 AM »
Yoshiki announced yesterday on the Yoshiki Channel.

- An important announcement on July 8, LA time
- When X Japan album comes out, VUK album will also come out.
(Sorry, it's better not to believe this. I wrote about this separately below)

- Carnegie Hall DVD
- Yoshiki Photo Album
- New Yoshiki wine will be released at dinner show. In December, a more great version of wine will be released.
- 12 songs in new album
- Now preparing for the festival. Finished reserving a place for the festival.

○7/8 LA時間サプライズ重大発表ぶっ飛ぶ発表
○#XJAPAN のアルバムが出たら #VUK のアルバムも出る

Taiji / Engineer brought by Taiji
« on: May 29, 2018, 02:15:54 AM »
X fans will agree that “Blue Blood” is a legendary album but the sound is not very good. I saw that many fans are bummed out because the guitar sounded very dull and the drums sounded like cans. Of course, X members would have perceived the problem seriously more than anyone. And this sound problem was solved in their next album “Jealousy”. I listened to the X Japan podcast ep.18, and learned that X members met the engineer “Rich Breen” in LA . And they were very pleased with the results of his work. Apparently, Yoshiki has done all the album work with the engineer since then.


ㄴ Here is Rich Breen’s discography. You can see his works with X/X Japan.

Afterwards, I read an interview and found out that the person who liaised Rich Breen was Taiji. The more I learn about X Japan, the more I realize how much Taiji has contributed to this band.

Here is the interview.


1991.6月号 PATi PATi ROCK'N'ROLL Vol.48

Taiji interview at LA on April 12, 1991 (interviewer : 森内淳)

- By the way, it seems that you have found an engineer.
Taiji : It was Manowar(heavy metal band)’s new album that I borrowed from my friend. Listening to it, I felt intuitively that he was the engineer for X. Since X used a lot of sound, it was a challenge to isolate the sound and let it be heard separately. After having made “Blue Blood”, I was suffering with it all the time. “Why does the sound cling to one?” I thought it’s better to spread the sound. And someone called Rich Breen could do it. “Manowar” themselves use quite a lot of sounds. I thought that is similar to X. He(Rich Breen) runs an orchestra, Windham Hill Records or something like that. He belongs to a different sphere from ours.

- How was it when you worked with him?
Taiji : It was a great combination. He has an awesome personality. Above all things, he is not a work-oriented person and has a good sense.



Pata / Pata Translation
« on: May 23, 2018, 04:13:09 PM »
* When Yoshiki called Pata’s house


Toshi : It was when we were working on “Skull Trash Zone”.

Pata : He said his band had no guitarist.

Toshi : That’s why we were saying “Let’s call Pata” at that time.

Pata : On New Year’s Day, he called my house.

Toshi : (laughs) Because we didn’t have cell phones at that time. He called your house. Did your mother answer the phone?

Pata : Yes, my mother answered the phone. She said “This is a phone call from a guy who shutters stutters”.

Toshi : (laughs) Wait, wait, peep, peep, peep!

Pata : Did I make a mistake?

Toshi : No, that’s OK.

Heath / Heath Translation
« on: May 23, 2018, 04:10:14 PM »
* Heath who couldn’t recognize fake Toshi


Toshi : I was doing “VIP backstage”. I asked Superpakurist(=saToshl), who impersonates me, to make his appearance on the stage. 

* caption : Toshl and saToshl perform their first performance.

Toshi : He was on stage from the start and I appeared on stage halfway through. Half of the audience didn’t notice that the guy was not me. So I am depressed now.

Heath : Then why did you ask him?

Toshi : I never expected that they wouldn’t recognize me that much. Did you see the show? Through the monitor?

Heath : A little while ago, Toshi san was standing in front of the vending machine.

Toshi : Me? That’s not me. I’ve never been in front of the vending machine. I was in the waiting room.

Heath : He kept nodding so I wondered, ‘I met Toshi a little while ago. Why does Toshi nod again?’.

Toshi : (laughing) Did he nod? You would have thought ‘Today Toshi is exceptionally polite’.

Heath : (Toching Toshi) You are always polite. 

Toshi : No no no no! The polite man is saToshl.


* How members use electric fans


Heath : Let me explain it.

Toshi : Explain... thanks.

Heath : When members get hot on the stage, they push the button of the electric fan by foot that is placed under the stage.

Toshi : They press the button themselves?

Heath : Yes, they press the button themselves when it gets hot.

Toshi : They do.

Heath : One day, there was a fan running under the feet of Sugizo. And the wind of the fan went inside the clothes of Sugizo, and it swelled up tremendously. Buaaaan~

Toshi : You saw that. (laughs)

Heath : (nods) Hugely...

Toshi : The clothes swelled up because of the wind blowing from underneath, and even though it was Sugizo, it looked like Matsuko san.

* FYI, he(she?) on this photo is Matsuko Deluxe. 

Heath : Yes, it became Sugi-Delux. We can call it “Sugi Customer Deluxe”.

Toshi : Sugi Customer Deluxe... (laughs) You mean “customized”? (in a Kasai accent) So funny, really.

(Because Heath is from the Kansai area, Toshi talked in Kansai dialect)

Taiji / TOP 10 Bass Solos in J Rock / Visual Kei
« on: May 16, 2018, 02:33:22 AM »
I know it is childish, but I feel good when X Japan or its member is ranked high in the ranking.
Our beloved Heath is in the ranking of "Top 10 Bass Solos in JRock"  (I like Heath so much)
and Taiji is, of course, No.1.

#10 MIYU - Amadeus (2001)
#09 J - Luna Sea (2007)
#08 KAZUNO - Moi Dix Mois (2003)
#07 REITA - The Gazette (2009)
#06 MASAYOSHI YAMASHITA - Loudness (1986)
#05 HEATH - X Japan (1994)
#04 SAGA - Alice Nine (2011)
#03 HITOKI - Kuroyume (1996)
#02 Xenon Ishikawa - Seikima II (1991)
Bonus TOSHIYA - Dir En Grey
#01 TAIJI - X (1990)


I translated some Japanese comments. There are a few controversy and disagreement about No.2, but not about No.1. Taiji's No.1 is uncontroversial.

Taiji, you are the best. I miss you.

- In the ranking, I can only admit that Taiji is ranked No.1.
- TAIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Taiji's talent is needless to say. His appearance is also No.1. ( ´∀`)
- Above all, Taiji is a god.
- TAIJI is stunning-- Is there any bassist who can grade up with TAIJI?
- What? Zenon ranked No.2!?
- I love Taiji's bass. I love Taiji. Taiji playing the bass is legendary.
- Xenon Ishikawa is another level. It is nonsense that he is in this rank.
- Taiji the best .
 ㄴ Taiji the world's best.
- This ranking is reliable because Taiji is No.1.
- After all, there have been only feelings of "deja vu" to those who appeared after TAIJI(I'm talking about the era, not the ranking). 
- I didn't know Heath was so good.
- No one can beat Taiji at slapping.
- Taiji is an exception. LOL
- I'm so happy that both Taiji and Heath are in the ranking!
- Is there anyone complaining of Taiji in 1st place?

Taiji / 1990 Rockin'On interview : About arrangement of X music
« on: May 14, 2018, 11:04:52 AM »
This is a very interesting interview. I think Taiji was a great arranger as much as Yoshiki is a great composer.

(the preface omitted)

市川哲史 : Did you make opinion like "Would not it be better to change the sound or style that X've been doing so far?"

hide : You know, I was pretty much in charge of guitar arrangement. It was quite entrusted to me and Taiji.

市川哲史 : So far, the guitar has sounded like 17-year-old kid's playing quickly.

hide : Well... I think... um...

市川哲史 : Did you put riffs or cuttings into the music then?

(*cutting : Japanese call some kind of mute technique "cutting".
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=89&v=DrcXgyjR5qU )

hide : Well, I'd say cutting or arrangement itself had no composition in the so-called "Instrument" part.

市川哲史 : Then did your band play just a song melody?

hide : Yes, but melody is still important in the present X. 

市川哲史 : Do you mean that there was a considerable lack of instrument elements, right?

hide : Indeed. They didn't play "Kurenai" at that time. So I asked "Why aren't you doing that song? That's a great song. Let's arrange it together". So the arrangement of the song became the current version. Taiji was very responsible for arranging that song.

市川哲史 : So after hide's joining, the band became activated, right? You suggested that the basics of songs are good, so let's arrange more.

hide : Right. But that was what Taiji had been concerning until then. I think that our band became more active because there were multiple members who insisted the change in arrangement.

Taiji : However, the songs themselves have changed drastically after hide's joining.

- How have they changed?

Taiji : It's changed greatly. In short, there are senses similar to mine musically to hide. So it is easier to be accepted (by Yoshiki) when both hide and I suggest musical opinions together than when I suggest alone. By hide's suggestion, the width of the music was expanded again. That was amazing. I thought hide's existence itself is suitable for X. I thought as long as we have him in the band, X will change.

- In other words, the core of the present X was completed at the stage when hide and Taiji joined.

Taiji : Yes. Yoshiki's melody is poppish. But it changes depending on the arrangement of the back members and Yoshiki's arrangements. It changes into rockish. There was no that kind of technique before hide joined. 

- Did you assert like "This song is useless because it is too poppish. I'll arrange it." back in those days?

Taiji : I did it. I did it at that time. The format of "Orgasm", the opening of "X" or the arrangement of "Kurenai"... I arranged all those songs.

- You had a sense of mission? Something like "If I don't change, who will change?"

Taiji : Yes. I tried it and ended up thinking that the foundation (between Yoshiki and me) was different. I arranged songs as a rock style, but Yoshiki arranged for melody to be main. Rather, I thought, "This is good", at that time.

- What's good? Yoshiki's arrangement?

Taiji : I thought "The difference in conflict is good". That's why Yoshiki let me do a heavy metal arrangement. In short, he supported my arrangement entirely. Toshi supported me too.

1990ロッキング・オン 市川哲史

−− Xがそれまでやってた音とかスタイルとかをこうした方が良いんじゃない?とかって意見したんですか?
ヒデ : あのね、ギター的なアレンジは結構任されたのね。結構俺とかタイジとかに任されてた

−− それまでのギターっていうのは、その例の17歳の子が速弾きでピキピキ弾いてるだけみたいな感じだったんだよね?
ヒデ : ん−…って俺は思ったんだけどね

−− じゃあリフとかカッティングとかが入ったのはヒデが入ってからなんですか?
ヒデ : ん−カッティング云々ていうかアレンジ自体がね。うん。なんか構成がなかったんだよね。所謂インストで聴かせる部分ていうのが

−− じゃあただ歌メロで走る感じだったんですか?
ヒデ : うん。(略)でもメロディがやっぱり要だっていうのは、それは今のXでも変わんないけど

ヒデ : そう。で、紅をやってなかったんですよ。それで ”なんであの曲やらないの?”って言う話になって。あんな良い曲っつって。“みんなでアレンジしてやろうよ”っつって。で今のアレンジになったって言う。 結構あのアレンジはタイジが考えてきたりね。

−− じゃあヒデが入ってからバンド内の活性化が進んだんじゃない?曲自体は良いんだからもっとアレンジ変えようよって
ヒデ : そうそう。でもそれはタイジとかも思ってたし。そういう奴が複数になったからってのも、あんじゃないかな

タイジ : でもやっぱりヒデの加入で楽曲自体がガラッと変わったからね

−− どう違うんですか?
タイジ : 大きく違う。要するにね音楽的には俺と似てる感覚があるんだよヒデには。だから俺が一人で言う意見より、ヒデと二人で言った方が通りやすいからさ。 でヒデの言うことでまた幅が広がってさ、それが上手く作用してね、曲なんかガンガン出来ちゃうの格好いいのが。あれは凄かったよ


−− つまりヒデとタイジが揃った段階で完全に現在のXの核が出来たわけね
タイジ : そうだね。 ヨシキのメロディって凄く歌謡曲っぽいってのがあるじゃない?だけどそれはバックのメンバーのアレンジとかヨシキ自身のアレンジで変わるでしょ?凄くロックっぽく出来るじゃん?そういう技術がまだ当時のXのメンバーには無かったからさ

−− じゃあそこで歌謡曲っぽくてダメだったから俺がアレンジしてやろうとか自己主張したんですか?
タイジ : 全部やったよそれ。その時にやったの。だから今のオルガスムの形やXのオープニングから何から、紅のアレンジとかは全部やったよ

−− かなりの使命感があったんじゃない?俺が変えなきゃ誰が変える!的な
タイジ : うん。やってみてさやっぱり土台が違うなあってのを凄く感じたのね。 俺は凄くロックしてるアレンジするわけ、でもヨシキはメロディがメインのアレンジするわけで、逆にね ”これが良いなあ”って思ったんだよそんときに

−− ヨシキのアレンジが?
タイジ : その違いの衝突具合が良いなあと思ってね。だからヨシキは俺のヘヴィメタル的なアレンジをするようにしてるの。 要するにハードにすることに全面的に賛成してくれて。それはトシもね。

General chat / Top 50 rankings of Japanese treasure
« on: May 05, 2018, 03:52:30 AM »
5/1/2018, Japanese TV show "Miyaneya"(Yomiuri) has announced "Top 50 rankings of Japanese treasure" that they can boast to the world. This survey was conducted on 10,000 people nationwide. X Japan ranked 10th.

01 羽生結弦 Yuzuru Hanyu (figure skater)
02 イチロー Ichiro Suzuki (baseball outfielder)
03 山中伸弥 Shinya Yamanaka (resercher, Nobel prize winner)
04 宮崎駿 Hayao Miyazaki (film director)
05 大谷翔平 Shohei Ohtani (baseball pitcher)
06 北野武 Takeshi Kitano (comedian)
07 小澤征爾 Seiji Ozawa (conductor)
08 王貞治 Sadaharu Oh (baseball player) 
09 浅田真央 Mao Asada (figure skater)
10 X JAPAN (band)


Personally I hope that X Japan will create music for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Toshi / Toshl's New Nickname
« on: February 03, 2018, 06:11:12 AM »
I just listened to Toshl's "All Night Nippon". Toshl explained the meaning of his new nickname "龍玄とし(ryugentoshi)".

In the literal sense, 龍(ryu) means dragon.

玄(gen) means black, profound and turtle.

とし is hiragana of Toshi/Toshl.

"龍玄とし" is a combination of those 3 letters.

Toshl says he wants to rise like a dragon. At the same time, he wants to play beautiful music of an abyss step by step like a turtle. He says "Please remember my another name with these wishes"

Toshl's new song "Masquerade' was released as a name of "龍玄とし(ryugentoshi)".

Toshl didn't talk about this himself, but I found that 龍玄(ryugen) is also a name of Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider is a Japanese character wearing masks. (Kamen means mask in Japanese) Probably this nickname is related to his song title "Masquerade".

ㄴ It is written "龍玄とし" on the fan.

ㄴ This scarf pattern describes "龍玄".

You can see the hashtag #龍玄とし on his instagram.

Toshi / Toshl's collaboration
« on: February 02, 2018, 08:46:26 AM »
This collaboration with Yuki Saori(由紀さおり) took place in April 1997.
A lot of X fans came in and supported Toshl not knowing his decision of leaveing the band.
Anyway I love this performance. Tears is my favorite song.


♪ Scat at Dawn (夜明けのスキャット)

(3:15~ )

Y : Good evening! I am Yuki Saori.

T : Good evening! I am Toshi. (Yuki feels dizzy because of the big shout) I proposed to collaborate with Yuki for this stage.

Y : It’s an honor to perform with you.

T : My pleasure.

Y : May I be close to you... (to the audience) Is it OK? We just sang “Scat at Dawn” together. When I debuted with this song, I wonder if Toshl was a junior high school student or a high school student?

T : I faintly remember the melody RURURARA on the far side of memory.

Y : Or maybe you were still in the mother’s stomach?

T : Maybe it is not that far.

Y : Is that so? Anyway, I am very happy to sing my songs in front of this young generation. Thank you very much.

T : The pleasure is mine.

Y : I expected that Toshl would come with the 3-meter rooster comb on his head. But this style is also cool!

T : Yeah, I changed it to a completely natural style.

Y : Good! We’ve been together at NHK Hall, even though it was only once.

T : Right. It was in the Koukaku Utagassen.

Y : Yes, that’s right. I’d like to sing the song with you.

T : That’s what I want. Thank you.

Y : Then, “TEARS”

♪ Tears

General chat / What will happen at a hotel run by X Japan?
« on: January 26, 2018, 06:34:05 AM »

I found a funny thread on a Japanese site.


The theme is "What will happen at a hotel run by X Japan?"

- You are not allowed to check in unless you shout "We are X"
- Rooms are crimson(Kurenai).
- The hotel is open only on WEEK END.
- Dinner takes 20 years to be prepared.
- There is a crystal piano in the lobby.
- Staffs faint regularly.
- One free bottle of lemonade for guests of HIDE's cosplay
- PATA greets you drinking at the reception.
- The minibar contains cheese sweets.
- Every room has a grand piano.
- There are bananas in the room.
- HIDE puts on your make-up.
- Employees take selfie while working.
- The water from the shower is not hot.
- The curry is not spicy.
- HIDE comes out from the TV and takes you to the celebration.
- It takes 20 years to check in.
- Roses fall from the ceiling.
- The bathtub is full of YOSHIKI red wine. 
- Petals of roses float in bathtubs.
- If you pay with YOSHIKI's credit card, you will receive roses.
- There are many mysterious blonde ladies.
- When you check in, you should repeat the word "check-in" if your English pronunciation is not good. (Japanese also use the word "check-in" as a loanword)
- There are rooms managed by PATA where you can stay with cats.
- There is a Daiei spray on the dressing table. (hair spray used by X https://goo.gl/4ntGzP)
- Toshl pours water on the guest's head.
- You can not expect the food will be delicious. (with YOSHIKI picture)
ㄴre: It's OK because Taiji will cook while complaining.
- There is a penguin fellow in the refrigerator. (Only Toshl's fans understand it)
- Former Prime Minister Koizumi stays occasionally.
- You write X in the hotel register because you want to be mysterious, but your everything is revealed by Toshl.
- Heath doesn't say anything but smiles at guests.
- The room of YOSHIKI is a rose motif, and the room of Toshl is a skull motif.
- A pink spider in each room.
- Toshl smiles softly and serves a cup of green tea for you.
- PATA begins to raise penguins in the pool.
- If you lost the key to the room, HIDE comes to smash the door.
- Sugizo paints your nails but you can choose only black.
- Everything has been broadcast by NICONICO live so far.

I want to stay at the hotel. BTW, Takuro(the leader of Glay) often appears in comments, but I can't understand what the laughing point is.

Yoshiki / Yoshiki at the Yokohama Arena in 2014
« on: January 20, 2018, 11:46:05 AM »

I watched this clip. At first, it was just fun to find that Yoshiki’s words are difficult to understand even for Japanese, but the latter part of this video was really touching. More than 3 years have passed since then, and he didn’t release the album yet. But I think he was true while he was talking in this video.


Y : How was it? How was the first concert in a long time?
T : Umm, is it such a time? Time for just two of us? Time for best friends? (Yoshiki can’t hear well) How far is your ears?
Y : If I sit nearby you, I can’t hear the sound from over there. @#$@#% Can you hear it? You can’t hear it. 
T : I don’t understand what you are talking about at all. It would be better to speak in English.
Y : Long ago, at our meeting, we used to hold a member meeting, right? I talked a lot. And Hide said, “Yoshiki, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” After I spoke for 5 minutes. (laugh)
My mom used to say “Please speak slowly” to me. (Toshl nods)

Well, 4 years have passed since the last concert(in Yokohama Arena). 4 years ago. From then, where did we go? We went to the US. (Toshl nods)

<< Yoshiki lists the cities X has visited in English>>

Y : That was our last show, and, finally, finally... (gives the microphone to Toshl)
T : Finally what?
Y : (laugh) You should shout “Finally we’re back in Japan!” (applause)
Y : One more time? Should I list the names of more than 10 countries again?
We last visited Bangkok in November and finally (hands over the microphone)
T : (shouting) We came back to Japan! (applause) and then, finally (hands over mike) (whispering) (Yoshiki doesn’t notice what Toshl says) and then, finally (whispering)
Y : Ah, ah, I see.
T : One more time! Undo what we did just now. Turn off the TV a while. Close the theater once. It is NG now. One more time! “We finally came back to Japan!” (applause) And after this, finally, (hands over the microphone)
Y : We will go to Madison Square Garden! (applause)

(Yoshiki goes to the piano)

(Audience shouts “Tokyo Dome”)

Y : Tokyo Dome? Tokyo Dome, but will they allow us? Because everyone is going to jump. (laugh) It’s me who let them jump. (laugh) but I’d love to perform at Tokyo Dome. (applause) Why don’t you do signing campaign? signing campaign for Tokyo Dome concert. If so, are you going to perform at Tokyo Dome, Toshl? It depends on the signature campaign. It depends on fans. (Toshl says something) What? Where to send signature? As expected, Toshl is realistc. Let me see. Send it to somewhere like Toshl’s facebook, Yoshiki’s facebook, Sugizo’s twitter, Pata’s house, (laugh) or the pub where Heath goes... (laugh) yes!

Well, indeed, X, X Japan has had so many things so far. at the moment, it’s like a dream to be here with Toshl, Pata, Heath, Sugizo and with you fans. Thank you so much. (applause)

At the time of Nissan Stadium 4 years ago, We, who have the wings named “X Japan” said that we will fly to the world. Because You always push us with your wind. (crying) Our wings are tattered and covered in scars... but we will continue to go forward as long as you are supporting us. (applause)

​Today, all of the staff of X Japan who made this concert reality, and American agent William Morris Endeavor, Udo who became the promoter this time, engineers and lighting technicians from the US and every staffs behind the stage, I really thank all of you. (bowing) I really appreciate your effort. (applause)

Above all, those who came here today, and those who are watching in the theaters through live viewing, and those who are watching in front of wowwow TV, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. (bowing) Thank you. (applause)

We X, X Japan will leave for Madison Square Garden in the USA. Toshl, Pata, Heath, Sugizo, Hide, Taiji and me, we will make our way towards the world as X of 7 members. Please keep supporting us like now. (bow)

hide / HIDE talks about his photobook "Mugongeki"
« on: January 16, 2018, 10:02:41 AM »

Mugongeki (Pantomime)
: This title is from the lyrics of “Miscast”- "without knowing that he's pantomiming (無言劇だと知らずに)".

- table of contents -

Chap 1 : Sadist’s Melancholy (サディストの憂鬱)
Chap 2 : Dry Dance (舞枯)
Chap 3 : Buddhist (儀信仏)
Chap 4 : Twin (双生)
Chap 5 : Into the Backstage
Chap 6 : On Stage
Chap 7 : Self-centered still Life (自己中心的な静物)
Chap 8 : Purification (浄化)
Chap 9 : Key (鍵)

(voice actor)
Rock group X achieved Tokyo Dome 3 Days, the great hit of all time.
The 120,000 fans screamed and were ecstatic.
However, the announcement of the sudden stop of performance.
X was in a world or silence.
Good news arrived in such silence.
A photo album of the guitarist HIDE who created Joker and many other masterpieces is finally completed.
X’s visual director HIDE’s emotional photobook “MUGONGEKI” takes off the veil for the first time now,

MC 1 : The master of emotion, it’s our first guest today. Hide from X.
MC 2 : Hello, HIDE is X...
MC 1 : The guitarist of X.
MC 2 : Right. On December 11 last year...
MC 1 : YOSHIKI and...
MC 1 : They performed “Say Anything”.
HIDE : I watched it.
MC 1 : Oh, did you watch that?
HIDE : Yes.
MC 1 : How was it? Visually?
HIDE : I mean, they are colleagues. 
MC 1 : You mean, your colleagues appeared?
HIDE : It’s someone else’s job.
MC 1 : Someone else’s job? X has a very visual aspect. For example, at a concert or something like that.
HIDE : Indeed. We are doing it separately. We are implicitly agreeing about it. We do what we want to do. 
MC 1 : Oh, each one of you is making your own visuals?
HIDE : Well, with implicit consent, we do as we want to do.
MC 1 : Cool! X is inactive now. But HIDE came to the studio for some reason.
MC 2 : Actually, (taking the photo book) please look at this. HIDE created an emotional photo book.
MC 1 : This is a photobook.

<< subtitle : MUGONGEKI(無言激) >>
<< subtitle : Chap 1 sadist’s melancholy (サディストの憂鬱) >>

MC 1 : Do you call it “MUGONGEKI”?
HIDE : Yes!
MC 1 : What is this title?
HIDE : This is from the song of “JEALOUSY” album. I brought it from there.
MC 1 : Cool. This is not a photobook of X, but HIDE’s.
HIDE : Right.

<< subtitle : Chap 2 dry dance (舞枯) >>

MC 1 : Why did you publish this?
HIDE : I wanted to visualize what I like more than X without implicit consent.
MC 1 : Then, Did you want to show “Actually I have this world of visuals.”?
HIDE : Well, in fact, I’m doing such things in X.
MC 1 : Good. And there are poems on the photos. Do you write poems?
HIDE : Well, I didn’t know what the photos would look like before the work. But as work has been completed more and more, I added poems about the photos. Title was the same.

<< subtitle : Chap 3 Buddhist (儀信仏) >>

MC 1 : You definitely needed a lot of budget.
MC 2 : I think you spent a lot of money.
MC 1 : It would have cost a lot more than usual photobooks.
HIDE : I didn’t care about that much.
MC 1 : I see. It will get narrower if the producer counts money.

<< subtitle : Chap 4 Twin (双生) >>

MC 2 : Photobooks of swimsuits need money just for location and swimsuit.
MC 1 : But it depends on whether you take photos in Japan or abroad. It's not such a problem.
MC 2 : The lighting of photos are great!

<< subtitle : Chap 7 Self-centered still life (自己中心的な静物) >>

MC 1 : Did you change the concept on the field gradually?
HIDE : Right. On the spot, we did “Hey! Let’s do it”, “Let’s change it”, “Let’s keep it”. We changed it little by little.
MC 1 : In that sense, it’s unlimited.
HIDE : Well, yes.

<< subtitle ; Chap 8 Purification (浄化) >>

MC 1 : So, what do you want people to feel from this photobook the most?
HIDE : Well, I don’t care what they feel. It’s OK even though they feel bad.
MC 1 : Wow, this is something amazing. What is the material?
HIDE : This is a pipe-like outfit.
MC 1 : Oh, what did you try to express?
HIDE : Well, the perfect ultimate body?
MC 1 : Ultimate body!
HIDE : Something picturesque?

<< subtitle : Key (鍵) >>

MC 1 : Good! Have you considered all of these titles by yourself? This is the key. Why is this a key theme?
HIDE : I put the poem from the story later.
MC 1 : Ah, you didn’t take photos as a theme of key, but you titled “key” later. This is not a mere photo book. I feel that every photo is art.
HIDE : Thank you. 
​MC 2 : There are many genres that transcend the borders, and it really feels like a masterpiece.
MC 1 : Don’t you draw a picture?
HIDE : I do. But something like children’s pictures.
MC 2 : You dress like this, and say you draw children’s pictures.
​HIDE : I can’t say I draw pictures.
MC 1 : How long have you been interested in the visuals?
​HIDE : I’ve been thinking about it since I started the band.
MC 1 : That’s what is shown to people.
​HIDE : X itself is a band that has been claiming “Visual Shock” since the indies days. 
MC 1 : In the past, you were originally hair...
HIDE : I was a hairdresser.​
MC 1 : You were a hairdresser. ​
HIDE : Yes.
MC 1 : That’s a pretty big element. In terms of the visual.
HIDE : It was just a way to live when I was not sold yet. 
MC 2 : I think you had creative ideas as a hairdresser.
MC 1 : It means creating something to show people. It’s the same in that respect.
MC 2 : Right. (taking the photobook) Um, the photobook “MUGONGEKI” is being released from March 7th. And they say the costume that you wore in the photobook will be displayed. What is it? 
HIDE : From March 24th to March 27th, there will be solo exhibition of Hideo Kanno(菅野秀夫), who took photos, at Yamano Musical Instrument(山野楽器) in Ginza(銀座).
MC 1 : Cool. 
​MC 2 : It’s in hall of the seventh floor. 
​HIDE : Oh, it’s the seventh floor. Yes, Thank you.
​MC 1 : People who think their emotion is dull need to see more of these things and wipe their sensibilities.
MC 2 : Right.
​MC 1 : Well, thank you today. 
​MC 2 : Thank you.



It can be deleted soon. I'll summarize the contents when I'm free later.



Paul Stanley(KISS) appeared on Yoshiki Channel. He talked to Yoshiki over the phone cause Yoshiki was in LA on January 12th.

« on: January 10, 2018, 10:30:55 AM »
This is a video taken in May 1993 for Film Gig. All X members look happy in this video. I wrote down all the conversations because I was curious to know what they are talking about. I’d like to share it with someone curious about their conversation like me of the past.


(in front of Toshl’s house)

TOSHI : Where would you go? Everyone, I’m Toshl from X. I’m going to show each member’s house as a present for fans today. To begin with, this is my house. Feel free to come in.

(in the house)

I live here. But as a vocalist, I stay at the studio almost all day long. Cause this is the period to record vocal now. I’m doing my best to be delivered to everyone as soon as possible. Then, I’m going to member’s houses at once. Let’s go!

(in the car)

I think I came around Hide’s house. Ah? Isn’t he Hide? Hide is over there!


I saw the appearance of Hide, but why is he in such a place? HIDE! Ha Ha Ha. I’m going over there right now.

(In the corridor)

It is noisy because of that vacuum cleaner. Can you hear my voice? Can you hear it? You can hear it.
Hide was in a veranda just before.


HIDE : You can’t come in on your shoes.
TOSHI : What happened in your room? (Hide comes out)
These are staffs of Film Gig. Hide, you didn’t say hello to everyone.
HIDE : Oh, hi!

(in front of Heath’s house)

TOSHI : Probably, he is practicing hard.
HIDE : He may be practicing the bass making noise.
TOSHI : He must be playing the bass now, bam bam bam bam.

(in Heath’s house)

HIDE : (laughing) He is playing the Famicom.
HEATH : Battle of a man.
TOSHI : Battle of a man?
HEATH : I woke up at half past six in the morning. This is...
TOSHI : This is?
HEATH : Asaren(朝練 : Japanese students’ training related to school clubs)
TOSHI : Are you doing Asaren?
HEATH : This is my way of doing Asaren.
TOSHI : Is that your Asaren? Are you doing it in this position? HIDE, what do you think of it?
HIDE : (murmuring meaningless words and takes Heath’s Famicom)

HEATH : He always takes mine this way.

(on the sofa)

HEATH : This is my house.
TOSHI : This is cool. It is neat as usual. Hide is the most enjoyable among us. Well, a word to those who are watching the Film Gig.
HEATH : Well, I still have not done the live stage, but for now, please be satisfied with film gig this time. See you at live concert next time.


TOSHI : Someone came.
HEATH : Who came in this late night?
HEATH : Oh, Pata, (shaking hands with the cat) how are you?
PATA : Thanks.
HEATH : You became so big.
TOSHI : Who is this? Today’s special guest.
PATA : Special guest, Kotetsu.
TOSHI : Kotetsu, Kotetsu.
PATA : Yes, (pointing at camera) In this?
TOSHI : (pointing at camera) Now, somewhere in this, there is everyone, Pata.
PATA : On this side? Is anyone there?

(Cat : Meow)

TOSHI : (pointing at camera) Look! Everyone is watching. Hey, hey, hey, in the other side.
PATA : Please enjoy. Thank you very much. I’ll go there soon.
TOSHI : HIDE, 4 members got together. Shall we go to the next?
HIDE : (playing the game) Where are we going?
TOSHI : What? Don’t you know we have another person next. One more person?
HIDE : You mean the princess?
TOSHI : Let’s go the the princess’s palace.
HIDE : (on the phone) Let the car wait.
TOSHI : Car? (holding the phone) This is not connected.
HIDE : It is a cordless phone.
TOSHI : (clap) Is this the most advanced American cordless phone I’ve ever heard?


HIDE : With my mobile phone?
TOSHI : Yes, with your mobile phone. Call a car.
HIDE : (On the phone) (muttering)
TOSHI : Hehehe! Is that the car?
HIDE : This is the car.

(in front of Yoshiki’s house)

TOSHI : Here is it. This is the princess’s house. This is the quite strict place. We can hardly enter the house. (grabbing the handle of the door) Key! Well, if you do something stupid, policeman comes right away.
HIDE : I got it, I got the number.
TOSHI : You got the number?
HIDE : On my mobile phone.
TOSHI : What?
HIDE : With this, with my mobile phone.
TOSHI : Can you open the door with this?
HIDE : Open up!

(in the house)

TOSHI : Wow. This is princess’s house. This is the moment we enter.

(pointing to the sword)

TOSHI : Is this real?
HIDE : It must be real.

(pointing to the violin)

TOSHI : He started to learn violin.
HIDE : Oh, really?
TOSHI : Yes, he let me listen to his playing recently.

(pointing to the piano)

TOSHI : He makes songs there.

(going to the yard)

The princess has even a pool. By the way, recently, here, (Pata is pushing Toshl into the pool) Dangerous! It is dangerous! In the mean time, hey, do you remember the CD? We gave the CD to everyone. We recorded the interviews in Japan. But Yoshiki’s interview was recorded here. 
HIDE : Who interviewed him?
TOSHI : I did.
HIDE : What?

(inside the house)
TOSHI : By the way, Hide, did you call Yoshiki a while ago?
HIDE : This house is wide.
TOSHI : Yes, this is wide. Let’s find him.


TOSHI : This is a bedroom. How is it?
PATA : (lying in bed) This is the feeling!
TOSHI : Princess sleeps here. 
PATA:In this position.
TOSHI:Does the princess sleep like that?
HIDE : Well, there are some fans who wish to go into this bed.
TOSHI : Try the simulation.
HIDE : Just the simulation?
TOSHI : The princess sleeps here all the time.
HIDE : (taking a blanket, in a sticky voice) Come in, honey.
TOSHI : Here, just go inside. (everyone laughs)


He is not here. Pa-chan(Pata).
HIDE : He is not here.
TOSHI : Where would he be? Do you know about it, Heath?
HEATH : Unng~
TOSHI : Oh, you know? Unng~?


PATA : Do you want something to drink?
TOSHI : It is a situation I saw already. There is something.
PATA : Well, that’s fine.


TOSHI : HIDE, the guy, the guy decorated it. (moving) Where is he?

(in front of the shower room)

TOSHI : There is a sound of water splashing.
HIDE : Because he likes it.
TOSHI : What?
HIDE : He likes bathing.
TOSHI : This is a sound of a bath. Isn’t it the same situation as the last time?
HIDE : It’s just a feeling.
TOSHI : No way, what if the same thing happens? Now, is this Yoshiki?
HIDE : He...
TOSHI : He...
HIDE : Nakedly...
TOSHI : Nakedly...
HIDE : Exposing the body?

(Toshl tries to open the door of shower room)

“We can’t show you anymore – X members”

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