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Toshi / Toshi's Injury
« on: February 17, 2019, 12:28:47 PM »
I was looking for info on the band and ran across this article.  I strongly suspect these injuries were caused by the beatings from HoH and not stress. 

Vocalist Toshi developed intercostal neuralgia around November 2009 and was unable to sing or tour as a result until 2010. Later, it would be known that this was due to his life situation's stress at the time. Meanwhile, Yoshiki's recovery and rehabilitation from his neck surgery continued and continues. The band's projects including the new album and any tours, therefore, were on hiatus until their promotional video shoot in Hollywood January 9th 2010, which was held on top of the Hollywood and Highland mall and open to the public.

Toshi announced in a subsequent press conference that he had left his religion, and accused its leader and his ex-wife of taking all his income for over 12 years, filing fraudulent tax returns and taking out loans in his name without his knowledge. For a while, Masaya still owned many of Toshi's official properties and necessitated that Toshi change his stage name to Tosh 1 as well as not have his own online sites for around a year until the legal matters were settled.

Intercostal Neuralgia
What is intercostal neuralgia?
Intercostal neuralgia is neuropathic pain involving the intercostal nerves. These are the nerves that arise from the spinal cord, below the ribs.

Intercostal neuralgia tends to cause thoracic pain, which affects your chest wall and upper trunk.

What are the symptoms?
The main symptom of intercostal neuralgia is burning, sharp, or shooting pain. This pain may be felt:

around the ribs
in the upper chest
in the upper back
Additional symptoms in these areas include:

a squeezing pressure sensation that wraps around the chest from front to back
The pain might feel worse even when doing gentle physical activities, such as deep breathing or stretching. It might also intensify when you laugh, cough, or sneeze. Some people also notice referred pain in their shoulder blade or lower pelvis. Referred pain is pain that you feel in an area other than the affected one.

Intercostal neuralgia caused by the shingles virus (postherpetic neuralgia) can also make your skin itchy and extremely sensitive, even to clothing.

Symptoms of more severe cases of intercostal neuralgia include:

involuntary muscle twitching
loss of appetite
muscle atrophy
pain that feels like a lightning bolt


Roger Taylor Interview: "Freddie is always with me."
By Akira Saheki
Monday January 21, 2019
Roger Taylor Interview: "Freddie is always with me."
"Bohemian Rhapsody", the new movie about British rock band Queen, is a blockbuster sensation, drawing huge crowds to theaters around the world. Focusing on the band and in particular its lead singer Freddie Mercury, the film has attracted casual music listeners, not just diehard Queen fans.

NHK correspondent Akira Saheki sat down with drummer Roger Taylor to talk about the movie, Freddie, and the band's time in Japan.
Q: Bohemian Rhapsody. You've been working on this movie for a long time. What were your thoughts after it came out?
My main thought is that I am very happy that so many people like the movie. I think it touched people. This is all we really wanted, Brian and I, we just wanted the movie to tell a story, mainly a true story, not every detail and the time is slightly played with, but we wanted people to be touched and maybe to be uplifted a little. I think that’s what it did. We wanted to make something where people felt great coming out of the movie. And we are very happy that the movie is popular.

Q: What scene moved you the most?
I think one of things that moved me most was Freddie’s relationship with his father. I loved it when his father suddenly understood at the end that this was what Freddie did and he felt this huge pride. I think that’s a great moment.

Q: There's a scene, during the recording of Bohemian Rhapsody, when they ask you to go higher, higher, higher with your voice. Did that really happen?
Not exactly like that because really when he was saying higher and higher, I was singing the same note but they were very high notes and I think I was the only one who could reach up there. But it made for a nice funny piece.

Q: The movie is attracting new fans, teenagers, even people in their 20s and 30s. What do you think of this phenomenon?
It is a phenomenon, it is great. I think it's fantastic to have a new public for us. We are an old band and we had great times back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. But now to discover in 2018, a lot of very young people really discovering our music for the first time, it’s fantastic, it gives me a very good feeling.

Q: What do you think attracts people to Queen?
That’s for people to say. I personally think it's good music, it has quality. And I think the musicianship is good, I think the singing is good and the composition is good. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, we aren't everybody’s favorite style. But some of the songs have an anthemic, grand occasion kind of feel and I think that translates to people.

Q: You said in an interview that you feel that Freddie’s abilities as a musician are now being focused on. Can you elaborate on that?
Amongst the other things, the theatrical elements of Freddie, his own private life and etcetera, they sometimes get exaggerated and people don’t think that first and foremost Freddie was a musician, and he was a really great one. Apart from being a great showman and singer, he was a great musician and composer so we wanted to make sure that came over in the movie, not just the more salacious side, the side that some of the newspapers liked to write about, because they don’t write about music. Music is for people to listen to, it’s not for newspapers to write about.

Q: Several months ago, you took a picture of a statue of Freddie in your garden. Can you tell us about the statue?
I have a statue of Freddie in the garden, which I love, it's great, it's very big. I also thought it would be very funny to have the statue there and I think Freddie would have found it hilarious. He would have found it really funny.

Q: What are the things that remind you of Freddie in daily life?
Well, he's just part of the mental wallpaper, you don’t forget him ever. He’s been gone a long time but we never forget him, he is part of us. Brian and I, we always think he's in the corner and we think we know what he would think when we're talking.

Roger Taylor's Instagram.
Q: The movie portrayed the sense of agony Freddie felt as an immigrant and as a minority, as a gay man. You were very close to Freddie when he was alive. Did you witness that agony and how he dealt with being a minority?
Yes, I think he had a dichotomy. In those days, things were very different and everything was hidden. I think he felt great confusion. He had some very good looking girlfriends because he had a very nice way about him, so yeah, he was very conflicted and I think that's very accurate in the movie.

Q: Do you think the movie provides people with a way to consider the troubles minorities face in society?
I think so many people are in a minority of some kind, and I hope it resonates with them and gain some strength from it. There are too many borders and walls and cultural restrictions and I don’t believe in any of that, I think we should think freely and everyone is different.

Q: About Live Aid. In the movie, it's portrayed as something that brought the band together when it was on the verge of breaking up.
We weren’t really on the...well, we did come close to breaking up. But really Live Aid got us out of a period when we were bored and a little jaded. And I think it picked us up and reminded us that we were a good band and there was a lot of love for us out there in the public. So it gave us huge renewed confidence.

Q: How was it when you were out there on stage for Live Aid?
It was new because there was daylight, there weren't many lights and we were dressed in normal clothes. So we just thought, we better do a good performance, let the music speak for itself. And I sort of remember looking up and thinking, during Radio Gaga, they are loving it, this is going well, and then 10 minutes later, near the end, in We Are the Champions, I looked up and it looked like a cornfield, with everyone waving their arms and I just thought, "Yeah, this is going well. I think we've done well here." It was very satisfying.

Q: One of the iconic scenes from Live Aid was the call and response between Freddie and the crowd. When did this interaction start?
It started a little before that, a couple of years, when we realized there was a great empathy between the audience and the band, and so we always encouraged people to sing and interact with us. And Freddie became an absolute master of getting this interaction, so we all felt at one. When he sings "We are the champions", it’s not us, it means we are all the champions. It is a great feeling of togetherness and that's what it's all about.

Q: Where did he get the idea?.
It was just something he worked out. It was just something he developed. He was very good, he had a very powerful command. He just worked it out and it was different every night.

Queen at Live Aid on July 13, 1985 in London, United Kingdom.
Q: In Radio Gaga, you mention how music changes through the years. How do you see the changes in music nowadays?
Well, we're not really changing now, we are what we are. Now, how music is changing, I can’t really tell you. I think there is too much automation in music now. Too many machines, too much tuning and you don’t see virtuosos on instruments, so I don’t think people learn their instruments as well as they used to. But they rely on other things like sampling and all the studio tricks. I don’t like this auto tune thing I hear everywhere. It's somebody singing into a mic and then somebody playing the tune. I find that annoying. If you listen to Whitney Houston singing a song, that’s singing. Aretha Franklin, she didn’t need an auto tuner

Q: Radio Gaga was about the radio. This was an era when radio was turning into TV, and now it has turned into streaming.
Yes, yes, true, it had. It seemed like MTV was huge everywhere in America. It seemed liked videos had taken over and become more important than the music. In fact, they cost almost ten times as much to make than it did to make the record. It just seemed like it was going the wrong way. And I thought, well, we fell in love with music through the radio, but then we went and made a great, big, expensive video, so I can’t talk really.

Q: You mentioned in another interview that the song Bohemian Rhapsody isn't your favorite
I love it, I think it's a great song. I don’t know about favorite. It is difficult. We have a lot of songs I like and I wouldn’t really put one of them above all the others. I do have a special fondness for Under Pressure because it was great fun and I loved everybody and we had so much fun and personal satisfaction making that record and it has something to say as well. Favorites, I have lots.

Q: The movie is really popular in Japan, and Queen has been presented as a band with a deep connection with the country. Some people argue that Queen became popular in Japan first, and then in Britain and the United States. Can you set the records straight for us?
It’s tricky. In Britain, we became a bit popular and in America we became a little bit popular. But then when we went to Japan, and we were suddenly up here. And then we went back to Britain and we were up there too. But Japan was the first to really love Queen and go crazy for the band. We never forget that, the first time arriving at Haneda in Tokyo, it was incredible. The whole tour was like a dream.

Q: Is that why you came up with Japanese songs as well?
I think so but we loved the culture. Freddie was crazy, he would go to Tokyo just to shop, two weeks of shopping.

Q: How many times have you been to Japan?
That’s a good question. At least ten or twelve times.

Q: Do you go to specific places every time?
I remember we did one tour, we went everywhere. We went to places like Kanazawa and lots of cities. And sometimes we'd just go to Tokyo and Osaka. I went once and did a concert with two of my heroes, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. We did a concert by a big temple outside Osaka, that was fantastic. I think I did a song with Yoshiki.

Q: What does Queen mean to you?
The band is now Brian May and myself, and we have become closer in a way. We realized this is our life and this is our destiny and I think we enjoy it. We have this wonderful singer, Adam Lambert, who is a joy to work with and it's a beautiful combination. He is much younger than we are but it works. He is very intelligent and has the most beautiful voice. We realize now that this is what we do and we enjoy doing it while we still can. I don’t know how much longer but right now we really enjoy playing and I look forward to our next tour, whenever it may be.

This interview was conducted on 12 December 2018 at Roger Taylor’s personal recording studio, in England. The transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity.

hide / Happy Birthday, hide <3
« on: December 13, 2018, 06:26:24 AM »
Happy Birthday, hide, our Pink Spider.  I hope you are having a marvelous birthday in Heaven.  Love you and wish you were here.  Party on,  hide, best guitarist, ever!  :)

Pata / Happy Birthday, Pata!
« on: November 04, 2018, 10:26:12 PM »
1 year older, getting better and better with time.  X Japan's great guitarist, Pata, celebrates another birthday.  Happy Birthday, Pata! Take care of yourself.  You are important to us and the band.  X Japan would not be the band that it is, without you! We love you! <3 <3 <3

I will start with this photo, posted on a Mexican X Japan Facebook page. The following pix afterward, in this post, are either a blow-up of the face or found after google searching this image.  This first photo is found in a video on a page of twitter called https://twitter.com/xamler1 Xam - Sam - @ Xamler 1.  I will upload the video later.

Note, 2 X Japan Fan Club (I believe) and Toshi follow this account!

Bottom photo in this post is not on that twitter account as far as I know but came up in another search plus he's holding the same guitar.

This photo is also on the same twitter page.

hide / "Rocket Punch" (May 1st, 1998) Interview
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:50:48 AM »
I found this interview in several locations on the net.  I picked this one because the format was easier to differentiate who was speaking.

Megumi: I heard this, hide, like "What artist would be interesting when hide produced?"
"Pick An Artist You Are Most Interested To Be Produced By Hide" This Is The Question He Asked Himself, Right, Hide?

Hide: Yeah.

Megumi: Then, this was the first place and Tomoe Shinohara in Dantotsu. So, SMAP, Oikawa ... Mitchi. Ohhh, this is continuing, but how is it? I heard it by myself. Why did you want to hear this?
Tomoe Shinohara. The number two picked was taken by SMAP, followed by Mr. Mitsuhiro Oikawa. What do you think about this??

Hide: and ..., Well, well, so that way ... Because I do not know because I'm being asked, so I'd like to ask.
Um, cause people ask me that question a lot. I do not know who I wanna produce, so I decided to ask my fans.

Megumi: How was this answer "Tomoe Shinohara".
What do you think about about result, Tomoe Shinohara?

hide: Not good, they are people who think long ago.
I like the choices. I've been fan of each of them for a long time

. ... And downtown Mr. Matsumoto is in there.
Really. And Mr. Matsumoto of Down Town is also included.

Hide: Oh ... after all, everyone likes ... I guys who likes myself.
Oh yes, they are all those who I like myself.

Megumi: Oh, well, I do not like being with you ... It's like being with the fans. A sense is not it. What do you mean, the producer? Well, looking forward in the future. Hide: I'm going to do it, but I'm just thinking that I'm really encountering, so I'm going to
have a feeling of

" Produce "and something to search for that person, something is basically not sex, so yeah. Something, for example, you meet, something like "I guess it's a funny guy ..." is the end.
Basically I'm not the type who thinks about production first then looks for somebody to produce. So, it's be more like ... for example , meeting somebody first and then thinking "It 'd be so damn cool if I could do something with this one right here ..."

Megumi: How about Ms. Shinohara? 
How about Miss Shinohara?

Hide: Tomoe Shinohara?
Miss Tomoe Shinohara?

Megumi: Yeah, what kind of song ... will you come up with?
Yes, how would it be prodicing her, ... can you picture what kind of song it would be?

Hide: Well, if I do something simply, something I write punk rock is something too easy Because I think. Yup. Wonderful, what is it, that person ... It's jazzy ... I do not want to do it.
Let's see ... if I just decide to do it ... Me, composing a punk rock song for her is too predictable, right? I wanna do something ... how should I put it ... very jazzy or ... something like that, that 'd be cool , I think

... Megumu: Do you feel mellow?
Like, something mellow?

Hide: That's right.

Nakahara: It's kind of awkward.
Something a little "lazy" and "drowsy".

Megumi: I feel sluggish . Oh, with a slight betrayal. Please betray that shiny atmosphere of Tomoe Shinohara for a moment.
Something "lazy" ... oh so it'll go a little against her image. Totally opposite of the happy image of Tomoe Shinohara, huh?

Hide: I just came up with a bit of thought .
It's just something I thought of right now, though.

Nakahara: It is, for example, but is presumptuous ...
For Example ... I Know I'M Out Of My Place Asking Such A Question But ...

Megumi: Oh!
Oh cmon, go ahead and ask!

Nakahara: Yes, let's ask . What songs would you like if you would produce me?
Ok, let's ask then.

Megumi: Oh, it is nice ~.
Uh, good question

hide: ...

Nakahara: You might be annoyed, this.
I can have put him in troub now ... ...

Megumi: I'm troubling you.
You sure have.

If you accuse me of anything, the image of "a good wife / bad wife" (laugh I do not have a good idea, I can not help thinking about that " Good wife, bad wife "thing (* 1) ...
(* 1" Good wife, bad wife, normal wife "was the characters Nakahara used to play on a comedy show back in the days.)

(Studio, Nakahara, Megumi , Hide LOL)
(Staff, Nakahara, Megumi and hide lol)

Nakahara :( Laughing) That song in!
(Laugh) As a song ?!

hide: Although it comes out, (laugh
I can not help bringing it up, you know (laugh).

Nakahara: I express that with a song
So you are gonna express That thing as a song.

Megumi: Well yeah I also saw that it was pretty much .
Even I used to watch that show a lot back in the days.

hide: But what do you mean by that? I feel like it's interesting to do it, but I feel like something interesting to pull out that story is cool but ...
But I think that "Multi-personality" stuff would .. create an interesting material I think it could be interesting if you put it together in a cool way

Nakahara:. well I also fine, that, in the image of wife-style, it is a distinguished service
Then I'll dress up in a house- Style Wifey, Right?

Hide: it is many ... "good wife", "bad wife" (laughs "normal wife" (laughs
in many versions "Good wife", "Bad wife ", "Normal wife" ... (laugh)

Nakahara: The costume is an apron. Clothing cooking.
.. So the costume will be an apron Or the cover-all cooking coat

Megumi: Oh, good I ~!
Oh Yeah, Sounds Good!

Hide:! Do not put anything ... that ... to wear cooking Toka.
!? Cover-All Cooking Coat ... Er ... Without Wearing Anything Underneath How'S That

(studio laughter)
(Everybody In The Studio Lol)

Nakahara: Also!? You can not do anything again? (Laugh
Again ?! I do not wear anything again ?!

It's already a world of control, is not it?

Nakahara: But as I thought, the male is still the way apron below, nothing after all the Tteyuu Toka do not put is, do you want to see at one time?
for Real Though, do you Guys Really Have That Classic Fantasy of "Apron without wearing anything underneath"? do you Really wanna see It?

Megumi : Apron only?
"Only apron" fantasy?

Umm ... Ummm ...

Nakahara: (want to see hide)?
(To hide) You wanna see it?

Hide: If you want to see it, you do not want to see it , do you?
I want to ... I do not want to ...

Nakahara: But No way No wonder the wife got married and did it "Welcome back!"
Do not you kinda get disgusted?

Hide: Yeah .... Well, I'm sorry to have trouble with you. · I'll let you go to the hospital for the time being.
Um ... I think I'd take her straight to the hospital.

(Laughs! Hey, everyone wants to
see it, but really doing it ... (Laugh) See ?! Everybody says they wanna see it but your wife does it ...

Megumi: For the time being I will embrace it there once (hugging it) (you
hug me ) "You are!" (laugh) As me, I'd just hug her once right there. Saying, Oh you so silly! "(Laugh)

hide:" Waaaaaaaaa "(haha
" HA HA HA! "

Nakahara: Something ... It, a bit ... (bitter smile
I ... do not know what to say about that ... (Forced laugh)

hide: I'm sorry, I was also a lie (lol I also hug you . (hugging by the manager) "Wahhahha'" (laughs
I'M Sorry, I was Lying Too. I'D Hug Her Too. (Pretending to Hug) "HA HA HA" (laugh)

(studio lOL )
(Everybody in The Studio Goes Lol)

Megumi: I, If you do not hug once laughed keep in not if..
See Gotta hug Her There, Right Gotta laugh At Her??.

Hide:. keep laughing
Yeah, I'll laugh at her.



Nakahara: I'm glad that she was such a wife or something like that, I'm glad, I do not
have any ideas of what kind of wife or girlfriend would make you happy ?

hide: "I'm happy" ... or not much, much, I do not want it, it's about making Mesh with Morning.
"Make me happy" ... Not really, I really do not ask that much. "Cook complete breakfast in the morning" ... that's about it.

Nakahara: Ne, this is the place.
?. See He has this "side "

Megumi: It is a man-ish !! ~
He'S A "Man"!

Hide: said ... not say the Naco N ..., said that, I'm not, that, from long ago. (Laugh laughter) I will make it to make it, but (laugh
I mean, cmon, I never say ... I've never actually said anything like that though, even way back then. I just work things out so that she ' ll naturally cook for me (Laugh).

Nakahara: Is it a type that makes a lot of excitement, a little impression when you make it so?
And are you the type that gets a little delighted when she cooks for you?

hide: It is when you made me do not say.
Well, when She Cooks for me As a Surprise, Yes.

Nakahara:? I
? See

Megumi: Ah. Do not say anything. Is she who is eating grass with Morning?
Uh, without telling you, huh? Do you eat breakfast everymorning?

Hide: You have to eat breakfast in the morning, I can eat Sukiyaki from morning. I'm pretty good at sleeping. When I got up, I woke up as it was when I got up, I gotta do it, I can do it (eating a knife and a fork with a something cut) I can eat it.
When I wake up, I just get up like "Arrrr!" And eat like this (Pretending to cut Something on a plate with a knife and a fork).

Megumi: Steak?

Hide: Yeah, but everything.
Yup, or anything.

Megumi: Healthy body!
Sounds like you are are healthy!

Hide: I'm not sure if it is healthy or not, I wonder if the stomach intestine is strange.
I do not know if I'm healthy or something's wrong with my digestive systems though.

Megumi: Good morning!
Already hyper in the morning!

Hide: From morning, fine.
Hyper in the morning ... yes.

Nakahara: But usually it is almost as much as hide, ohh, every day? Sometimes, but that's why people drinking a lot can not eat much in the morning. Hide: And, it is the opposite of me
, do not you think? E, that much more in the morning, do not you think?

For that hangover day, it gets up soon and gets kite and cut. I will regret it later.
In my case, it's opposite. I have wanna get the hell up and eat something like curry with pork cutlet on top ..., I usually regret it later though.

(Studio laugh)
(Every body in the studio laughs)

Megumi: Katakure curry comes out again, does not it?
You get to see that same curry later again?

Hide: Yeah (bitterly deeply nodding with a bitter smile)
Right. (Nodding deeply with an awkward smile)

Nakahara: Hey. But, when I heard what I want to eat, I like something a bit like a boy from a while ago, food.
Is not that right? I like this type of dishes that young boys tend to like. Is not that right?

Megumi: What do you like?
What's your favorite?

Hide: Hey ... well, whatever you like, I guess.
Um ... Well, I'm not really picky though.

Nakahara: Well, once in a lifetime, I like what I like and I like to eat.
Then, What'S The Dish You Can Keep Eating Through Out Your Life?

Hide:. Tara Kuttsu' have another rice and sprinkle is I'm Ssu Aryaii (laughs uninhabited island, but it is sprinkled with rice
If I have white rice and "Furikake " (* 2), I 'm good. (Laugh) If I' d be stranded in a deserted island, I 'd bring white rice and "Furikake".
(* 2 Powder of seaweed, dried fish crumbs, sesame seeds etc. Sprinkle it over white rice for the flavor.)

Megumi: That's right, I'm a mess, after all
I guess I'd take white rice too,

hide: Messiah. I'm fine. If you had a sprinkle on Mesh, if you had a sprinkle, doing a long way and going around the group and having around 4 kinds. I wish there was only that. Perhaps other things will get bored with 3 days.
I'll be good and with it. Cause I'll be sick and tired of eating anything else.

Nakahara: Sprinkling is the thing I like the best, then.
? So You Mean Your Favorite Food Is Furikake

Hide: Well, for a long time When was I not good to eat only that, eating every day in three there in that rotation. Megumi: I

always told that only the eggs are going to be reduced first, do not you think? Well, if that 's the only thing I can eat for a long time, I'll take three different kinds of Furikake and eat it in rotation . I am going to do it equally on my own, but I like eggs.
In my case, egg flavor goes faster. I'm making sure that I use them all in the same pace, but I can not help it.

(Staff laugh)
(Staff in the studio laugh)

hide: I'm reducing the number of thorns.
In my case, cod roe goes fast.

Megumi: Oh, will the Tarako decrease? (Mattari) · · · (Nakahara) What are you listening to, from you, from a little while ago! (Laugh
Cod roe? I see I see ... (To Nakahara) What kind of question are you asking? )

(staff laughs)
(staff in the Studio laugh)

Nakahara: No, no, I, what kind of things, was I did I look at the hide-san want to continue to eat kana me during their lifetime you know, what you like is Katsukare. or, you or eat the sukiyaki.
Cause, you Know, I Started Wondering What Kind of food He Wants to Keep eating Through Out His Life. It Just Came to My Mind As I was Watching Him ... Cause He Likes Curry with Pork cutlet and sukiyaki etc, right?

Megumi: But there is vitality from the morning.It is a day to go, I guess it's coming in.
You seem to be full of vitality already in the morning. As if "I'll be full of energy all day! "

hide: Well ... I guess I do not like it much, do not you sleep?
Well ... or it's more like, I do not really like sleeping, you know?

Megumi: Is sleeping time less?
You do not sleep for a long time?

Hide: Yeah, one point concentrated type. Well, before going to bed, Um, I entered that futon, and some people like the time to bed. I do not dislike that time and I will be in a depression by having that time. So, do not go to bed sleep until sleeping is already "Wow", do not go into the futon, and wake up, you are shivering That eyes are awake, you are wandering inside the futon I hate it a lot. So, when I got up I woke up with a bag and want to eat it.
I'm the type who sleeps in "pin-point concentration". Like ... when you get in the bed, some people like the time spent in bed before they fall asleep, right? I reeeally hate that time ... to the point I get severely depressed because of go. "Agh, I'm gonna pass out ..." And also I can not stand just staying in the bed doing nothing while you are already awake

Nakahara: Ah, now it is hard to get to bed .
So you kinda suffer before you fall asleep, huh?

Hide: Because I was yeah I do not sleep, so until I fall asleep .
Yeah, so I do not go lay down unless I'm completely exhausted.

Megumi: Well, it is the best condition I do not know when I sleep.
So you rather prefer the condition of not even knowing when you are sleeping,

hide: Yes. so. I do not sleep until faint.
Yeah. I do not sleep unless I pass out.

Nakahara: For example, let me tell the story till I fall asleep, will I get angry?
So, for example, do you get mad when someone tells you stories till you fall asleep?

Hide: · · · · · ·,
uh , wryly bitterly Um ... huh? (Forced laugh as if he's a little confused)

Nakahara: "It's been like this, ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.
" Like "Hey, guess what happened today, hahaha, hahahaha"?

Hide: Oh yeah, no good, no, Sleeping, lying down and something
talking makes me sick . Oh hell no, I can not stand that. I get pissed off when someone starts talking after I lay down.

Credit and Thank: by rosa_hi-ho [// doddoddod.exblog.jp]
Translated: khaluah

hide / VALENTAINE2 1998/02/11/ 03:20 (Note from hide's diary)
« on: April 07, 2018, 07:12:59 AM »
Apparently real as it sounds exactly the way he would think, as much or little that I know about him.  I found it to be wonderful.

Some fragments from hide's web-diary.

-1998- (was called -hide's voice-)

1998/02/11/ 03:20

( note: In Japan, there is a newly made custom that girls confess their love to their ( sometimes one-sided ) lovers by presenting a chocolate on Feb. 14. Boys who received chocolates on that day are expected to show their love by presenting something to their girls on Mar. 14. These years, ladies tend to present chocolate to men who are not their lovers. In such cases, the chocolate does not represent her heartfelt love. Such "less meant" chocolate is called, "GIRI chocolate" )
Yes, again this time of the year has come around. I have to admit that I myself did released a compilation album for the sake of this particular season... but I want to say....Boys! Especially boys who are depressed in this season! It is a conspiracy of confectionery companies. Do not take it serious! A chocolate? I received none of it before high school age. BUT! I am living my life in such a cool way...( I am cool? Can I say it cool...? I am not sure...) Can't you see? That is, after all it has no meaning for your life......but....it would mean much for you....it meant much for me when I was at your age, actually. "Someone could understand me, hidden someone whom I don't know might be watching me secretly and would show up today..." This is a day that every boy can't help imagining such a thing. However, boys, don't wait for girl's chocolate. Don't reach out to get a chocolate. Choose an open way, dignified life. When you received a GIRI chocolate, put mold on it as a special additive and return it as it is on Mar. 14 to the insensitive girl! You will meet people who are really watching you, who really care you, and who are waiting for what you make....someday in the future. OK, let's go out to drink. We need rather alcohol than sweets all in all, don't we? You understand, teenagers?

-1997- (was called -hide's monologue-)

97/2/21 21:42:55

Below that, there is another entry but in Japanese, I take it.  I am posting both what is written on the page, then the google translation of it.

今、YOっちゃんからTELあり。今年の作戦を少々、、、とPATAの酒についてマジに懸念する彼が面白い「俺のツアーの時も飲みっぱなしだったけど、あれでふつうなんじゃねぇかぁ?」と、思ったがちょっ と痩せすぎが気にかかる。YOっちゃんはかなり元気であいかわらず、鍛えまくってるし、ずっとスタジオで仕事してる。、、、この今やってる「仕事」は割とはやくに、皆さんに届くと思うので、おたのしみに、もちろん、Xjapanモノです。今月の終りにヒーちゃんは日本へ帰ってソロのシングルのプロ モーション&アルバム制作の続きを進めるらしい。マックピープルと言う雑誌でヒーちゃんは連載中なのだが、彼に誘われ、私も時々参加する事になった。、、締切怖い。Toshi君はご存じの様にめでたくゴールインなさいまして、現在ソロツアー中。TVでコメントをしてるのを見たら、小柄な彼がひとま わり大きく見えた。おめでとう。面と向かってだと、どうもチャカしてごまかしそうなので、ここで、ひっそり言ってます。LAでドーム以来、久々に5人合体したら、こりゃあ肝臓、4個分位、飲まにゃぁ、しゃあねぇな。では、

97/2/21 21:42:55

Today, there is TEL from YO Otokon. A little about this year's strategy ,,, and concerned about seriously about PATA's liquor He is interesting "Although I was drinking at the time of my tour, I guess that's normal, is not it?", I thought, And it takes care of too much weight. YO Oka is pretty well, as usual, he is working hard and I have been working in the studio for a long time. ,,, I think that "work" that I am now doing will be delivered quickly to everyone, so I am looking forward to it, of course, Xjapan thing. At the end of this month, he seems to go back to Japan and proceed with the pro - motion & album production of solo single. He 's in a magazine called Mack People, he' s in a series, but he was invited and I also joined from time to time. Scary, deadline. Toshi, you know well, I'm going for a happy goal and now I am in a solo tour. When I saw a comment on TV, he looked big and small. Congrats. It is quietly saying here, as it is going to face it, it seems to cheat and scold you. LA After the dome since the dome, if five people join for the first time in a long time, then this is Liver, Quantity Quantity, Drinking Well, Well. Then,

97/2/21 21: 42: 55


hide / Have you guys seen this?
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:00:04 AM »
Beautiful, beautiful wood cut of hide by Hideo Canno.  Expensive and very limited quantity.  I'd love to have one but that's just too expensive for me.  Still, this person did a fantastic job. 



Translation under the video says this.  Www.youtube.com 1994 personal concert of Yokohama Shih Hide , unlike the video works of Av4518367 , only a few clips, can enjoy the entire concert. This high-definition resource comes out only. This is a favorite of my personal life hide sauce! Highly recommended! Xiu Xiu is simply a variety of mad tyrants, cool and beautiful, and can't describe QAQ. He hopes that the B station will raise his hand and stop pressing me. _(:3” ∠) _

These links are apparently the entire concert, part 1 and part 2.  Video quality is EXCELLENT!

Enjoy!   ;D



Other Bands / Leon Russell
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:53:51 AM »
If you don't know, ask about this most brilliant producer and musician.


hide / Mugongeki
« on: March 10, 2018, 05:39:15 AM »
I searched here for this, did not find it, posted the opening from the page I found this on, and am now posting it.  Read if you wish, don't read if you've read it before or if you're not interested.  So, here goes. And I have located this same literature in 2 separate places on the internet.  I am not positive, but fairly certain, these words were written by hide.


無言激 (Mugongeki) is hide's photobook, published in 1992.04.5.

Some words about the title. The word 'mugongeki' when written '無言劇', means 'pantomime'. However, the book's title is written '無言激'. The kanji '激' is used to describe violence, anger, fierceness or intensity. In this case a possible reading of the title might be 'Silent Rage'.


I swim in your twin seas
Toy with me
Dancing, I am a single thread
A woven, entwined, fraying, ambiguous being
Let me swim in your twin seas...
Even if I should become food for the fish

Chapter 1
The Sadist's Depression

I only feel good beyond these walls
I want to trust everything to you
Don't leave this place...
I only fear release
In freedom, in emptiness is a universal cruelty
Don't go out into that kind of place...
Stay in here just as you are...
Snug in a silk cocoon
Let me abandon myself to sleep...
Aa...I only feel good beyond these walls...

Chapter 2
Death Dance *

Without a moment's hesitation
We now become one single body
Are beauty and the art of bearing fruit put to the test by the cycles of life? **
Influenced by the specter of evil passions
I degenerate into a follower of pleasure
Vomiting "life" I reflect upon myself
Forgive me Moon...forgive this body that's dying without your sustenance
Forgive me Earth...forgive this dying body you bore
Was blossoming the reason my body was infatuated...
Was the blossom's fall the reason for the profuse bloom?
I am breaking...
I am running dry...
Only my body can make me beautiful

* Phonetically the title reads as "maiko", that is a geisha apprentice. However, the kanji used give it a different meaning.
** Cycles of life, endless cycles of death and rebirth, transmigration of the soul.

Chapter 3
Folk Belief in the Buddha

I grant nothing
And demand nothing
Expecting nothing
You have no faith
Hearing nothing
I give no warnings
Without rules to follow
You have no reverence
I am within myself
You are within yourself

Chapter 4

Pain and fatigue
Are only passing
Are like a casual fling
My anguish is lasting
Until now we had been allowed to coexist
Is it normal to suffer?
Is normality abnormal?
...this is my opportunity
I am not certain who to call on for a farewell
Him, inside of me?
Me, inside of him?
It truly makes no difference
We are friends now
Our house that we shared
Our alternate everlasting emotions
I will miss, my condolences
Pain and fatigue
Now are past flings

Chapter 7
Self-centered Still Life

There is no compromise
The carving with embossed features
Wished to blend in
A product of its surroundings

Chapter 8

Required minimal emotions
Love that saturates me
Uncontrollable desires
How unnecessary they are
Function is of value
Only the daily submission of coiled pipes
And simple thought
Memories seem mountains of scrap
That I will dispose of
This day becomes perfection
My flesh was purified
In its entirety...but no more...

Chapter 9
The Key

This is the place I lost
It is the place I found
The place I had neither seen
Nor been to
Again I have come here
To part with this place?
To discover it?
ThanX W_B for English translation.

hide / hide, Hisashi Imai and Fuji Maki interview
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:57:27 AM »
I was looking around and googling for stuff and found a translated interview with hide, Hisashi Imai and Fuji Maki on The Kingdom of X or The Kingdom of X Japan.  Anyone familiar with that site or that interview?  Down at the bottom, below the interview, it says Copyright Japan-X Team © 2006-2008 but that's the whole board or page, not the interview, I believe as it's set down under the frame and to the left of everything.  I am sure there's a lot more on there but I am afraid to move around much on there for fear of losing the interview.  I guess I should just save the url.  Too many bookmarks on this computer for me to keep track of.  LOL

Should I post it? What do you all think?

Toshi / Toshi's Remarkable Voice
« on: January 27, 2018, 04:35:50 AM »
I was doing some google searches on Toshi in general and ran onto this.  I knew the man had it.  I just didn't know how much he had! Awesomeness!

Toshimitsu "Toshi" Deyama
The Range Place 2.0 :: Work In Progress Threads

Toshimitsu "Toshi" Deyama
Post  Shikkaku on Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:54 am

STATUS: Incomplete
Voice type: Tenor
Vocal range: G♯2-A5

Significant high notes

A5 (“Namida no Achira Ni”, “Greatest World”, “Story of a Young Boy” Live)
G♯5 (“Fire City”)
G5 (“Namida no Achira Ni”, “Koe to Yuke”)
F♯5 (“Break The Darkness”, “Time Trip Loving”, “Desperate Angel”, “Kabe”, “Kanjiru Heart”)
F5 (“Voiceless Screaming”, “Daichi no Namida”, “Namida no Achira Ni”, “Say Goodbye to Yesterday”, “Stop It”, “Koe to Yuke”, “Greatest World”)
E5 (“Alive”, “X”, “Break The Darkness”, “Art of Life”, “Fire City”, “Honto no Ai”, “Say Yes”, “Lady”, “Love Dynamics”, “Nageki no Heart”, “Greatest World”, “Kuraku Natteru Baai Janai”, “Kanashimi no Hate”)
E♭5 (“Kurenai”, “I'll Kill You”, “Sadistic Desire”, “Jade”, “X”, “Scarlet Love Song”, “Blue Blood”, “Celebration”, “Easy Fight Rambling”, “Stab Me in the Back”, “Desperate Angel”, “Silent Jealousy”, “Voiceless Screaming”, “Miscast”, “Joker”, “Always”)
D5 (“Jade”, “Time Trip Loving”, “Endless Rain”, “Art of Life”, “Longing (Unchained Melody)”, “Forever Love”, “Fire City”, “Kizutsukikowareteshimawanu You Ni”, “Daichi no Namida”, “Feel Your Love”, “Honto no Ai”, “Stop It”, “Koe to Yuke”, “Utsukushii Sora wo Kudasai”, “Samurai Japan”, “Rusty Eyes”, “Kanashimi no Hate”)
C♯5 (“Vanishing Love”, “Phantom of Guilt”, “Sadistic Desire”, “Alive”, “X”. “IV”, “Standing Sex”, “Orgasm”, “Rose of Pain”, “Time Trip Loving”, “Week End”, “Endless Rain”, “Easy Fight Rambling”, “Stab Me in the Back”, “Desperate Angel”, “Silent Jealousy”, “Miscast”, “White Poem I”, “Drain”, “Airport”, “Samurai Japan”, “Always”, “Nageki no Heart”, “Kuraku Natteru Baai Janai”)
C5 (“Jade”, “IV”, “Scarlet Love Song”, “Born To Be Free”, “Celebration”, “Break The Darkness”, “Voiceless Screaming”, “Scars”, “Rusty Nail”, “Crucify My Love”, “Tears”, “Longing (Unchained Melody”, “Kizutsukikowareteshimawanu You Ni”, “Say Goodbye to Yesterday”, “Hoshi yo Nemure”, “Utsukushii Sora wo Kudasai”, “Haru no Ibiki”, “Rusty Eyes”, “Get-up-and-go”, “Heart of the Back”, “Moonstone”)
B4 (“Phantom of Guilt”, “Standing Sex”, “Born to Be Free”, “Blue Blood”, “Art of Life”, “Dahlia”, “Tears”, “Fire City”, “Namida no Achira Ni”, “Feel Your Love”, “Toi Kuni He (I Believe in All of You)”, “Earth in the Dark (To the Blue Sky)” T-Earth Version, “Ushinatta Mono”, “Haruka Naru Jibun”, “Airport”, “Amaoto”, “Samurai Japan”, “Lady”, “Bless You”, “Chase of Times”, “Always”, “Intermission”, “Looming”, “Toki no Hate Ni”)

Significant low notes

E3 (“Honto no Ai”, “Stop It”, “Ushinatta Mono”, “Utsukushii Sora wo Kudasai”, “Airport”, "Nageki no Heart")
E♭3 (“Toki no Hate Ni”, “Phantom of Guilt”)
D3 (“Say Yes”, “Haru no Ibiki”)
C♯3 (“Toi Kuni He (I Believe in All of You)”, “Ushinatta Mono”)
C3 (“Amaoto”)
B2 (“Kanashimi no Hate”, “Rusty Eyes”, “Endless Rain”)
A2 (“Story of a Young Boy” Live, “Toi Kuni He (I Believe in All of You)”, “Nageki no Heart”)
G♯2 (“Toki no Hate Ni”, “Toi Kuni He (I Believe in All of You)”)

*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Red marks extremely bad, unimpressive or unintentional notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.


Pata / Interview with Pata!
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:05:04 AM »
Now we learn some things about Pata.  Pretty cool guy.  Beatles and Jimmy Page - I'm impressed.


hide / "A day with hide" - Vinyl studio versions of a few songs
« on: January 10, 2018, 04:56:25 AM »
These sound great! I wish they would release these in their entirety on vinyl.  I don't have a turntable but I'd sure like to listen to them on the net, somewhere!



OK, no clue if this is on here.  I've been searching for 2 days and can't find anything about it and it was in another Japanese Yahoo article from the page about X playing at the Red and White contest on the NHK channel.  It went through google's translator so things look a bit silly in places but I know anyone who hasn't read it will be able to figure it out.

Toshl YOSHIKI fire-blowing case before 25 years old talks
[September 13, 2017 21: 3 minutes]

X JAPAN's Toshl, playwright Mr. Naofumi Konagami (59) Singer / songwriter miwa (27) will release "All Night Nippon Premium" (October 2 start, Monday - Friday 7 pm) at Nippon Broadcasting Imagine Studio 13, Attended the personalities presentation of.

 "All Night Nippon" celebrates its 50th anniversary in October. To celebrate this, we will broadcast the same program for a half year from October to March. As a personality of January to March next year, Toshl on Monday, Konfu on Tuesday, miwa on Wednesday, baka rhythm on Thursday. In the past each has experience of "all night Nippon" personality.

 Among them, Toshl who was in charge from April to August 1992 said, "It was a dream to become a radio DJ before becoming a rock singer, so I am excited and happy for being appointed for the first time in 25 years." .

 In July 1992, there was a case that YOSHIKI and HIDE who got drunk while live broadcasting went into and struck a fire in the studio. About this matter "Both of us were in a state of drunkenness so much that we could not say it here ... It was absolutely impossible now, but I blew the fire at the end. Only the sound that was transmitted was transmitted "," It was said that the director's hair at that time was burning and that the reason (retreat of the hair) was accelerated. " While it was a hot topic about who blew the fire among fans, "YOSHIKI himself said that he himself, but I heard the sound twice" I think that I am two people. " And the truth is still in the dark after 25 years have passed, Nippon Broadcasting related official said, "Let's officially be YOSHIKI." Toshi said, "I'd like you to come back to YOSHIKI, so now I have a lot of relationships with each other", he said, "I said that I also refrained from drinking, and it will be OK at 7 PM.

 "As X JAPAN could not be long in overseas expansion, I regretted in myself," he said, "I am looking forward to revenge," he said in his heart.
I know revenge isn't the right word at all but maybe lakeisle can translate it correctly???


Yoshiki / Yoshiki, swearing
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:31:16 AM »
Hehe, ran onto this quite by accident and decided to post it.


hide / Info about hide
« on: January 01, 2018, 05:03:27 AM »
I didn't see this posted nor mention of things that are said in this video and don't know where else to put it.  So I decided to create a thread.  There is interesting information, here.  This first video was shot the day before hide died.  And it tells some things about his lyrics and his hats.

Seems his lyrics always contained some proverbs and that's maybe why to some, they didn't make sense? If we don't know this type of proverb, how would we know? It's something I have decided to try to study.  It is called 4-kanji proverbs.  I want to learn about 4-kanji proverbs and what they really are and how to apply them to my own life if that's possible.  Like these, I guess? Looks good but must find out much more.  http://www.saiga-jp.com/japanese_4idiom.html

Also, the hats... he claims his head was shaped too long? Hahahaha ok. I am not believing that but maybe he really thought so.  So he says that's why he always wore a hat (or a wig, I guess).

Pretty interesting stuff in here, anyway.


hide / Happy Birthday, 2017
« on: December 13, 2017, 08:14:46 AM »
Happy Birthday, dear hide.  Miss you even though I never met you.  And I wish so much that you were still here with us on this earth.

Yoshiki / BBC Video Interview with Yoshiki
« on: November 23, 2017, 05:38:34 AM »
I didn't know if anyone had seen this.  I did not see mention of it on here so I am posting it.  If it's already been posted somewhere else on the board, please delete.  Thank you!


Pata / Happy Birthday, PATA!
« on: November 07, 2017, 01:49:57 PM »
I do not see a thread for this year so I am starting one.  Moderators, please merge if need be.

Dear PATA, I wished you Happy Birthday on Facebook but now I joined, here, and want to wish you Happy Birthday, here, too.  My birthday is November 2nd so we are very close in the zodiac.  Yippee! We are both Scorpio.  My father was also Scorpio. 

I hope you had a wonderful and fun filled day.   :-*  8)


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