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Yoshiki / Lady's X
« on: June 14, 2016, 04:15:06 PM »
it seems like yoshiki is starting a new project called Lady's X
well most articles were in Japanese and I didn't understand anything and I'll be grateful if anyone can translate the summary...
but well there's an official site for the project too!
well yeah....
this guy is erratic...seriously...a girl band?all of a sudden?!! :-X :-X :-X
"A producer of many big name artists, Yoshiki will be starting a new Visual-kei movement!"
well you can check the website for more info...and we can discuss about it later here...

p.s: umm...tbh I'm shocked....doing this when everyone is waiting for the album and it hasn't finished yet!well he said they're finishing the last touch when he was in beat film festival....but he's been saying this since...when?!ok I'm done...

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