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Yoshiki / Yoshiki to appear at Fanime in San Jose, Ca
« on: May 24, 2011, 05:48:34 AM »
announced today by Yoshiki he will be attending Fanime.

"Yes I'm going to Fanimecon this coming Saturday!"

It was announced he will be holding another Yoshiki Charity event, a panel and an autograph session for the one day.

Guess he might spend a day or 2 in NYC for his radio show then getting ready for more fans.


Anyone lucky enough to be in or around Illinois will get special treat as he has announced he will be at Anime Central for a panel based on him and an autograph session, aall dated already.

Another interesting catch is seems he will be doing his Sirius radio show very soon.

The Concerts / X Japan adds Latin America tour dates
« on: May 03, 2011, 03:52:57 AM »

The tour kicks off on September 9 in Santiago, with stops in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Lima, culminating in Mexico City on September 18.

Looks like very slowly we will be seeing X Japan taking over the world

General chat / Stan Lee and Yoshiki at New York Comic Con
« on: October 08, 2010, 06:55:47 AM »
Get a chance to meet Yoshiki at New York Comic con on october 9th, as he will be making an announcement with Stan Lee but also they will be giving away 2 tickets for the final show in the US world tour 2010 in New york on 10/10/10 aka X X X

most of you probably already got the email if you are signed up to Jrock Revolution, if not there is a club for X Japan fans called the "Blue Blood Fan Club" which can get you great prizes thought Id post it for those who have no clue.


simply put sign up and get your friends to join under you, you get a entree for every friend you sign up and there are alot of prizes.

Pulled this off Anime news network:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – September 13th, 2010 – 91.8 The Fan will be giving away 4 pairs of tickets for to 3 US locations of X Japan's US tour, courtesy of Chase Wang, BAM Media.

Two pairs of tickets will be given out for Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA on September 25th, one pair for the Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA on October 1st, and one pair for the Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY on October 10th.

Information on entering the contest can be found on 91.8 the fan's website (http://918thefan.com). Or by visiting the contest page (http://918thefan.com/2010/win-ticket...ve-in-concert/).

ABOUT 91.8 THE FAN: 91.8 The Fan was founded by Kanashimi, Kibs and Sandgolem, who began a podcast about the online game Pangya. After two years of social networking at different conventions, the three were able to launch an online radio website devoted to anime and its fans.

91.8 The Fan exists to provide contemporary style radio for anime and manga fans. 91.8 is not an automated playlist, and instead functions as a 24/7 live radio station with DJs, contests, and over 100 archived interviews with names such as Vic Mignogna, Yuri Lowenthal, Jennifer Hale, Claudia Black, Tara Platt, Quinton Flynn, and many more. 91.8 The Fan promotes legal ways to consume media via free releases, online releases, and more.

91.8 The Fan's Weekly Schedule
URL: http://www.918thefan.com
Cost To Listen: Free

So guess its a way to try to get tickets if your low on cash, or couldn't get it for some reason, there is your chance.

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