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The Concerts / Supporting/Opening Acts
« on: September 25, 2009, 02:05:23 PM »
I have been looking on the good old internet for information about support acts/bands for X/X Japan. However, I can’t seem to find any information. So, I thought I would ask you guys!

Were there any supporting acts/opening acts?  I am not talking about any gigs specifically - in fact, I am interested in the whole timeline from the early days to the reunion! Unless in Japan there are no opening acts? I don’t know that much about the Japanese live music scene!

Also, when X were starting out, did they support any other bands or did they just go out on their own? I know there were the Extasy Summit Festivals, but were they not about 91/92, so thats after Blue Blood and around the time of Jealousy so they would already be quite established by then and have quite a high profile?

So…..I guess my question is….does anyone have any further information? Thanks!  ;D


Right, a few things that have been puzzling me recently and I was wondering if any of you kind people have any answers!

From what I have read Rose and Blood (Indies of X) was a release by Taiji after he had left X and it is not an official X release. I know nothing about the music industry/copyright etc, but how was this possible? Did he get permission from the others or did he share the profits?

Also in terms of the songs on the album, some of them are early versions of future songs eg Shadows is Joker, Black Devil is Desperate Angel and they were written by Taiji so I can see how they are on the album. But what about the others? I don’t know about Dangerous Zone, Light Breeze or Rose and Blood (although they sound Taiji influenced so could be his) but Not True (Miscast) was by hide was it not? And End of the World (Art of Life) is Yoshikis?  So surely Taiji must have consulted them before he released the album?

Plus, does anyone have any information on when the songs were recorded? It seems like a very early version Jealousy?

And (might as well ask all my questions in one thread!)

Early X stuff, like Time Trip Loving and Feel me Tonight were (as far as I can tell) never released formally. They seem to stop playing them after about 1986 so did one of the other members of X that left around that time write them; (Jun maybe?) and they couldn't play them anymore, or preferred to play their own stuff? Or perhaps they just didn’t like them and moved onto other songs? I know it is common for bands to have songs that they never release, especially in the early days, but I think it is a shame as there are good X songs that never seem to have been released!

Anyway, any information would be greatly appreciated, even a link as to somewhere I can find info online: I have had a look but not much success! Information from the very early days of X seems to be hard to find!

Other Bands / Electric guitar pioneer Les Paul has died
« on: August 13, 2009, 09:09:07 PM »

Electric guitar pioneer Les Paul has died at the age of 94.

He definitely has an important place in the history of music. It is amazing to think, he had no formal training in music or electronics yet he helped revolutionise the music industry. He was also a performer in his own right and even played regular performances at a jazz club in his nineties – amazing, very talented man!


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