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Taiji / About Taiji and Saipan
« on: November 26, 2011, 07:02:15 PM »
Hi guys! I haven't been around for a while. I've been super busy with school and whatnot.

I have a Tumblr(micro-blogging site) and I recently came across this warning to Taiji fans who are thinking about visiting Saipan as a memorial(for his death):
These words are not mine, but I get the feeling that we should stay away from Saipan lol I don't have much to say since I am very young, but I will research this so that I could get a better understanding.
Also for music artists:

I am posting these links just so that I can spread the word to Taiji fans on the forum. I hope this is useful.

Please tell me if this needs to be moved*



X JAPAN will release their first original full album in last 14 years in English.
Of course this is also the first time for them to release album with 6 members.

Recording has started in US from March. They seem to be working 24 hours to finish the album everyday.

This album will include new and old songs.
Detail are to be released, but it is said that it will include "Kurenai" as well as "I.V." and "Without you".
New songs will be played at Lollapalooza, which they have been officially invited in August. Fans who are going to Lollapalooza must check this album!

In January they Yoshiki were mentioning Lollapalooza 2010, but he announced that they will be performing.
He said "It is a wonderful chance to perform infront of fans in the US." They have several offers other than this festival. We must keep our eyes on them.

Also, details for 13th Memorial Service and floral tribute service for Hide in Tsukiji Honganji was announced.
Floral tribute will start from 12, will be ending at 16. They will close the reception completely at 17:30, you should be in line before that.
You don't need to bring your own flowers as they will be given there.

Also, there will be charity box and memorial items will be sold at Tsukiji Honganji. Please take a look after the ceremony.

I'm not sure is this is NEW news....but I'm really really excited!!!

Offtopic / Fast food
« on: February 26, 2010, 03:16:48 AM »
I want to know your views on fast food. Do you think it's bad. Do you think it's good? If you respond, I would appreciate it alot.


YOSHIKI recently performed the X JAPAN classic [Forever Love] together with violinists at the Wedding of Sumo Wrestler Yokozuna Hakuhouzeki on February 21st.

After 5 o'clock in the afternoon he was introduced as [The friend from X JAPAN, YOSHIKI, who left hurriedly from L.A.] and a number of cheering voices could be heard from the place.

A special stage had been put up from which he greeted the bride and groom. [Hakuhouzeki, Ms Sayoko, all my congratulations to you. This song is my present from me to you.] An uproar went through the crowd, which had gathered around the stage for a moment, when YOSHIKI had sat down in front of the piano. As YOSHIKI performed the song together with a quartet of violinists, the newly wedded couple was visibly moved.

After the performance the two of them also went up on stage to YOSHIKI to also take a commemoration photo shooting while shaking hands with him. In 1998 the groom had been an avid fan ever since the introduction to X JAPAN through his sister and the bride, certainly has now become a fan as well, if her cell phone ring tone of [Forever Love] is any indication

The cristal piano, on which YOSHIKI played at the wedding was also the one he had been using during the last years performance at the concert in TOKYO DOME.


Just recently X JAPAN have been filming their footage for their 5 song videos totaling and amount of 500.000.000 Yen in expense, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The stage was set to the 13th death anniversary of guitarist HIDE, with his guitar set up and YOSHIKI said [Today, HIDE has been with us the whole time.] As "6 members" of the band the filming had been taking place in the center of Hollywood, making a dream come true like that. [I am moved for the sake of TOSHI, as well as for HIDE. It is like a drama. Only the scenes and the measures are different.] YOSHIKI stated as the tears on his cheeks reflected a million different emotions.

The shoot, which took place from January 6th to the 14th, was made for the new song "Jade", which is also connected to the "revival of "Kurenai", somewhat of a new song in a wider perspective as well." These songs were followed by "Rusty Nail", "ENDLESS RAIN" and "I.V.".

YOSHIKI, who is an avid fan of Loas Angeles explained deeply moved: „In elementary school, when TOSHI and I founded our band, we played for the first time at the Chiba-Ken City Center. This has been such a long time, and now we are in Hollywood. There are certain aesthetics of the moment, as well as there are in the continuation of things." To perform in Hollywood had also been a dream of HIDE and YOSHIKI emphasized "X JAPAN are not 5 people, we are 6 now." And hot tears could be seen, spilling from his eyes.

Other Bands / alice nine.
« on: November 27, 2009, 09:56:17 PM »
Sooo, does anybody listen to alice nine? Because I do. They are my 2nd favorite band. If you do like them, tell me what you think of them. I can't help but be a fangirl, but Shou and Nao are fuckin cute. And sexy. :)

Taiji / Taiji at Higuchi Munetaka memorial concert
« on: November 24, 2009, 03:53:34 AM »
Concert Held to Mourn Death of Higuchi Munetaka

 It has nearly been a year since LOUDNESS drummer Higuchi Munetaka passed away on November 30th 2008. Quite a few drummers, such as X JAPAN member YOSHIKI, cite Higuchi as their inspiration. He had a great influence on many artists, and the shock of his death and extent of his impact could still be felt months after his death. The first year anniversary concert was held to pass on his spirit to younger generations and beyond.
 All the musicians who guest-starred in the event had been close to Higuchi. They included: Inoue Shunji (LAZY), Okuda Tamio, Kageyama Hironobu (LAZY), Sawada Taiji, Suganuma Kozo, HIMAWARI (DUSTAR-3), shuji (Janne Da Arc), and Shinya. The show started 40 minutes behind schedule, but as soon as the curtains parted cheers erupted from the crowd. The 5 guest drummers started a drum session, and the video screen onstage showed footage of Higuchi. Although Higuchi wasn't physically there, everyone seemed to be awed by the ferociousness that could be felt from the video. The artists who had gathered that day said, "We hope we can make this an annual event!" The audience applauded and roared approvingly. No doubt the fans will enjoy seeing Higuchi 'perform' again next year.


Not much..

Sugizo / Luna
« on: November 09, 2009, 05:13:51 PM »
Hmmmm...Does anybody have any pictures of Luna? Sugizo's daughter? Does anybody know anything about her? What about his wife, if he has one?

Important / New X-japan Merchandise
« on: November 04, 2009, 10:24:59 PM »

There is a video from the Hello Kitty event, and pics of yoga items

-sigh- It does seem like merchandise is more important than music.....

Fantext / could u help me a bit??
« on: November 04, 2009, 03:57:24 AM »
i'm gonna write a fan-fic with multiple bands, so if you guys could give me some suggestions, then that would be great. I'm including bands like alice nine., the Gazette, D'espairs Ray, Dir en Grey, and a couple others, and of course X-Japan will be in there, too. the story is supposed to be funny. You could put your ideas up in here, or send to me via PM. And yes, I will also make up some ideas. Thank You.

PS: I am working on another story. I started in early October, but you're gonna have to wait for that! You want a hint? Message me and I'll give you the first paragraph.

Yoshiki / Did Yoshiki ever use this blog?
« on: November 03, 2009, 04:03:05 AM »

I just found this somewhere while I was researching something for school. Um.......I'm not sure if he blogged back in 2003, and I don't remember reading anything about him living with anybody.....Could you fill me in? I don't understand why anybody would want to impersonate him, too...
When I looked at this, I thought, "What in the world?.."


Ooooh, UNRELEASED hide STUFF!!! How exciting!! Don't forget that Daizy Stripper will be holding a concert at Akasaka Blitz on December 13th, and you know what that day is, right?? hide-san's Birthday!!!

Wow, I feel like a news reporter... ;D

Other Bands / This is dedecated to Jasmine You
« on: October 23, 2009, 04:30:43 AM »
I've written a story that included Jasmine. It's actually for school, and I put Jasmine in there since I was listening to Versailles. So in this story, she is an angel from a heavenly kingdom. Uh..........the story is supposed to be about a superhero that saves the world from drugs..... Warning: At the end, it says that Jasmine was the savior, I swear that 99.5% of this in fictional. Some of it is X inspired, obviously. I'm not saying that Jasmine is the savior or whatever. So no threat comments from catholics. So tell me how you like it!! Plus if this is in the wrong spot, please place it in the correct spot. Also, this story comes from a 7th grader who reads alot (or used to). Enjoy!! Tell me what you think of it, what did you hate? What did you like?

   One day, an angel/superhero named Jasmine, who lived in a heavenly kingdom named Arion, was studying a mysterious planet called Earth for her exams. She was surprised to hear that a large number of people died from deadly, foul smelling drugs. She was also puzzled because of the fact that the people knew that drugs were dangerous, yet they still consume it without a thought. She felt sorry for them. Jasmine couldn’t stop thinking about Earth all day. That night, she had a dream, a vision about the chaotic planet. People had rusty chains tied around their ankles. They were hopelessly trapped, the chains held them in place.
   The next morning, she awoke and flew to Earth. She landed in a place called Los Angeles, California. She noticed in her school books she saw beautiful roses where they mentioned good things about Earth. Unfortunately, the once beautiful red roses turned into cold blue roses. The planet was losing their vibrant colors of life. Jasmine happened to be on a red carpet at a movie premiere, but the red carpet was a worn purple. The sleazy paparazzi were all over the trashy Hollywood stars. She has never seen anything so horrid in her eternal life! And so, with a graceful wave of her hand, she turned the drug addicts into stunning stars, the aged carpet turned bright red. The people were amazed at her actions. Before they could say a word, she escaped.
   Jasmine continued to heal the world. The wooden brown cherry blossoms in Japan turned a bright, soft pink, like cotton candy. The burned spagetti noodles in Italy were cooked to perfection, instead of being neglected caused by drugs. The blue sky was no longer gray due to the smoke from the horrid cigarettes. That sulfur smell that engulfed the Earth disappeared, but then came back as a sweet floral scent. People no longer chewed tobacco, but instead chewed sugar-free gum. The people adored Jasmine for her intelligence and her beauty. “Thank you,” they said, and Jasmine replied with a shiny smile. She had to return to Arion, but she left a present which contained a picture of her. If anybody was tempted to take drugs again, they would look at her picture, and remember what Jasmine did for them. Earth was finally at peace, and Jasmine could fly back to the deep blue sky. Jasmine’s face was all over television, the newspapers, magazines, everywhere in public. They marked a feast day for her on August 9th.  She was remembered for her good deeds. She was an inspiration to the world, and Jasmine was their savior.

At my school, it is Drug Free Week. Basically, we learn about drugs and how they are not healthy and all................................We learn this every year......Very boring..

Yoshiki / Yoshikitty in L.A./New X-japan blog on Myspace
« on: October 23, 2009, 03:15:12 AM »

Looks like yoshikitty will make a debut in L.A. in some cute shop cafe type of thing! I'm excited!! ;D

Yoshiki / Yoshiki and Glay meet in L.A.
« on: October 22, 2009, 02:52:22 AM »
[music] YOSHIKI and GLAY Meet in Los Angeles!

X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI, GLAY leader TAKURO and vocalist TERU met up with each other in Los Angeles for the first time in 11 years. The artists then revealed some of their most closely kept secrets.

The reunion was part of a project for a TV program called 'SONGS' broadcast by NHK on October 21st. GLAY is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. They decided to look back at their roots by visiting YOSHIKI, who produced the band's debut single 'RAIN'.
Los Angeles was a special place for the three since it was there that they recorded 'RAIN'. All three artists said their meeting each other was a 'miracle'. They were visibly excited and were ready to talk about some topics they've never revealed before. YOSHIKI said "Sometimes it's very hard to be an artist. Even after we had decided to stop performing as X JAPAN, we still couldn't breach our contract so I had to continue editing TOSHI's songs. It nearly drove me crazy." TERU talked about recording 'RAIN'. "Our very first recording in Los Angeles was the most difficult time in our career. I was so nervous I couldn't sing properly...GLAY once nearly broke up too." TAKURO added his own shocking revelation. "When we gradually started to perform independently we may have caused trouble for YOSHIKI-san. We might have offended him. I've always wanted to apologize for that, but I was too afraid to meet him." In the program they also performed 'RAIN' on TV for the first time in 15 years.

Eh.....nothing much really.......


Other Bands / KISS
« on: October 20, 2009, 03:43:49 AM »
I am so excited!!!!! Kiss, Yoshiki's inspiration, will be performing in MY hometown on October 31st. Do you know how excited I am???????? I so wanna go and experience what Ysoshiki experienced like.......30 years ago!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO

Toshi / Toshi to collaborate with french pianist Cyprien Katsaris
« on: October 18, 2009, 07:58:10 PM »
 TOSHI attended the press conference for his collaborative concert with French pianist Cyprien Katsaris titled ‘芸術、その無限のパワー / Geijutsu, sono Mugen no Power [lit. ‘The Unlimited Power of Art']'.

 TOSHI told reporters his impressions of Katsaris. “He is a superb pianist. I've always wanted to work with him. It's not just because of his skills. I sense something deep within his piano-playing.” They haven't decided on the songs they will play, but they will improvise during the music. Katsaris said “TOSHI will sing with his great voice. I will follow his singing and play on the fly. We'll create art at every moment.”

 TOSHI said “I'm quite confident about the upcoming concert. I'm going to enjoy performing.”
‘芸術、その無限のパワー / Geijutsu, sono Mugen no Power' will take place tomorrow on October 19th.

Cyprien's playing is kinda like Yoshiki being a drama queen during Art of Life lives, but his playing is fast and rapid,  and also amazingly quick.


General chat / This REALLY upset me.....
« on: October 18, 2009, 12:23:01 AM »
This idiotic person was bashing on the X-Japan (most of all Yoshiki) for postponing the Korea lives.


I don't know about you guys, but this fuckin' pissed me off. I was basically angry and ripping paper (sorry about wasting trees..) I cannot believe that people are actually like that. I mean, I know I would be a bit disappointed if X-Japan were coming to my place then suddenly canceled it...but this is plain ignorance.. I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong place. Don't fuck with X-Japan, why don't you fuck yourself? Fuck you.

Pictures/Galleries / Yoshiki kissy face pics!!!!
« on: October 15, 2009, 04:26:37 AM »

Well.....i can't put pics on here so here is the link: http://xjapan.vn/x/index.php?topic=272.0]http://xjapan.vn/x/index.php?topic=272.0]http://xjapan.vn/x/index.php?topic=272.0

Um.......enjoy?? This made me cry.......then the rabid fangirl in me wanted to rip those girls up, but that would've made Yoshiki upset.....

And also, if you are surfing around the site and you want me to translate stuff, send it to me and I'll try my best!

General chat / How was X part of your day?
« on: October 13, 2009, 12:32:06 AM »
Hmmmmmmm, well, an x-freak always has a little x in their day right??? It could be something that relates to X or has to do something with X, like..........pink, you wrote your notes in pink ink and that reminded you of hide, the awesome guy right? Something like that. I wanna know how X was part of your everyday lives! Don't put personal stuff, I don't want hobos stalking you!!

Toshi / TOSHI to Perform Christmas Concert at Shinagawa Stellar Ball!
« on: October 02, 2009, 12:58:32 AM »
On December 19th TOSHI will hold a Christmas concert.
The live event will be separated into two parts. Part 1 takes place in the afternoon and will be a rock ‘n' roll concert performed by TOSHI with T-EARTH. Part 2 will be held in the evening and is a ‘healing' concert featuring TOSHI & WANKU. In the evening performance TOSHI and his wife WANKU will play with a violinist and pianist, and it is meant to be a moment of relaxation for the audience.

TOSHI sent a message. “Our live event takes place at a concert hall inside the premises of Shinagawa Prince Hotel, which at that time of the year will be replete with Christmas illuminations. Get fired up with rock music in the afternoon, and then immerse yourself in our music's healing embrace at night. Come over and enjoy the day with us!” Tickets will go on sale from October 10th.

To remind you all, Toshi's birthday is next week!! October 10th


Sugizo / Sugizo's Blog Posts
« on: September 27, 2009, 08:52:21 PM »
The summit-level session of the United Nations Security Council held on September 24
made me hopeful that perhaps the world can shift to an amazing new direction.

Nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, a future without nuclear weapons…
for a long time, I’ve felt that Japan
 – the only country in the world that has been the victim of a nuclear bomb –
should lead the world towards abolishing nuclear weapons.
I’m entirely in favor of the five declarations that Prime Minister Hatoyama
presented at the United Nations General Assembly.
Regarding those dealing with disarmament and non-proliferation,
I was especially impressed by the lofty goal of dealing with climate change
and assistance for the Afghanistan issue.
I wasn’t necessarily a passionate supporter of the Democrats,
but right now I’m in favor of most of the declarations made by the new administration.
In the future, I hope that they can take these high ideals and turn them into reality.

Japan should be proud of its thoughts and intentions and share them with the world.
I think that the meaning and importance of Japan’s three antinuclear principles
and Article Nine of the constitution will only grow from here on out.
The chains of nuclear power and weapons gain strength endlessly,
and I strongly feel that the world must graduate from this fear.

In any case, I’m interested in the actions of the new administration and the world at large.


He's been talking about politics and the war lately...... :P

Yoshiki / New Yoshiki Jewelry!!
« on: September 26, 2009, 04:54:14 AM »
So the link is right here: http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/news/?&action=detail&news_id=3086

Well I found a blog that had some pictures of the new jewelry, but i couldn't find it, so just look at the Yoshiki Jewelry site!! The new jewelry included this goth girl necklace I think, and a bone ring, which reminded me of hide,........AND ALSO, there are new yoshikitty items!!! But sorry to say, I lost that site, too.......there are lunchkits, slipper, boxers, and some sort of thingy that you're supposed to put on your key....

I am so happy to give you x-freaks some news!!

Help / This might be a stupid question,..but....
« on: September 21, 2009, 03:53:14 AM »
How do you turn a normal everyday person into an x-freak??? I've been trying so fuckin hard to turn my friends into x-freaks, and no progress has shown in the past 7 months....Maybe I'm talking about them too much.......Could you guys help/teach me???

General chat / What's your favorite song from X right now??
« on: September 14, 2009, 03:20:16 AM »
 Well, right now favorite song from X is.........Say Anything.

Plus you can also put your favorite hide song, too, or anybody from X-Japan!!

My fave hide song is Rocket Dive or Pose.

I was very surprised to see that NOBODY put up a thread like this one.

Ok, so any song from any of the members, such as hide with Spread Beaver, Ra:in, Heath's solo work, Violet UK, stuff like that.

Heath / Heath is going on a secret tour called "Sweet Vibration"
« on: August 15, 2009, 04:07:51 AM »
It’s been announced on HEATH official website that he’s going on a secret tour titled “sweet vibration” on August 17.

It will be only for fanclub members.

Note: I'm not very good at wording things, that's why I copy from the site.

Toshi / T Earth has a new guitarist and bassist!
« on: August 01, 2009, 04:19:52 PM »
TOSHI with T-EARTH’ is TOSHI’s solo endeavor that had started last August.
TOSHI decided on a new member, and announced him at a press conference!
Already in March of this year the band’s average age had dropped of a sheer cliff when they had welcomed 12 year old drummer RIKU.
Now 17 year old guitarist RYO will join the team! Alongside RYO, 24 year old bassist KAIN also became part of the band!
The average age continues to go lower!

TOSHI seemed confident about his new team. “Not only are they young, they’re also the right age to be my kids. But the future rests on their shoulders. They’re a force to be reckoned with.”
In addition to his solo career, let’s hope that he will continue to be active as X JAPAN too!

The membership club everybody has been waiting for is now up and running! Its name: X JAPAN OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP!
It provides everything you need to know and everything you’d want to have as an X JAPAN fan! It will feature updates and information about end-of-year countdown concerts and the World Tour, exclusive access to photo galleries, members only merchandise and more!
There’s also a special club dealing solely with the World Tour called ‘X JAPAN STREET ARMY’!
That’s not all! You can register to both clubs for free! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!
For more information go immediately to the official website!


Yay, I wanna join but I don't understand japanese and those internet translator thingies do not work..Fuck....SO DEPRESSING..

P.S. If this is in the wrong place, please move it. Thank You!!

X JAPAN members will become game characters in the online game ‘キャラクター大作戦 / CHARACTER WARS’!
X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI’s character will appear first!
His character is scheduled to become available from July 18th 18:00, and TOSHI and HIDE’s characters will also be released in August.

The game world is based on ‘Record of Three Kingdoms’ [三国志; a historical text of ancient China chronicling the rivalries of the three kingdoms of Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Eastern Wu during A.D.189-280]. It is an action game in which players team up with friends and attack the opponents’ territories.
For the design of YOSHIKI’s character the game developers discussed with YOSHIKI such things as the physique and clothes worn by him.
The game developer commented “We were requested that the character wear a white shirt. For the character’s physique we wanted to realistically portray YOSHIKI-san’s abs, so we beefed him up. Afterwards YOSHIKI-san complained to us ‘My abs aren’t THAT great.’” His asking for a white shirt seems quintessentially YOSHIKI.

Also, YOSHIKI’s character has his own set of special moves!
Currently they include ‘Drum Cymbal Attack’, ‘Drum 2 Bass Attack’ and more.
For the full particulars wait for its release!

The developers are planning on incorporating additional suggestions from YOSHIKI about his character, like having it wear a wedding dress, and arming it with a katana blade.

Users can play the game free of charge. But to use YOSHIKI’s character players will have to pay 2000 yen.
Don’t pass up this opportunity to conquer the (game) world with YOSHIKI’s.

That's sounds fun...


« on: July 18, 2009, 04:22:02 AM »
I know it's a bit late, who the fuck cares??? So this year he's 40, right? I was thinkin' we should have a celebration for him:
Happy Birthday!!!!
So put up your birthday wishes and stuff!!

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