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Yoshiki / YOSHIKI at Music Station on Sep. 27th 2013
« on: September 27, 2013, 07:10:24 PM »
X Japan YOSHIKI_Forever Love (music station version)
The music station appeared first time in 16 years

Ra:IN / Ra:IN "NEW TOUR of JAPAN 2013"
« on: September 18, 2013, 04:35:13 PM »
PATA, michiaki, Tetsu, DIE
Ra:IN 2013年、秋より再始動開始!

10/24 (Thu)
上野 BRASH Ueno,Tokyo
CALL 03-6240-1333
18:00 open /19:00 start
adv¥4,000/door¥4,500 drink別¥500

10/30 (Wed)
千葉 LOOK Chiba
CALL 043-225-8828
18:00 open /19:00 start
adv¥4,000/door¥4,500 drink別¥500

11/14 (Thu)
横浜 7th AVENUE,Yokohama
CALL 045-641-2484
18:00 open /19:00 start
adv¥4,000/door¥4,500 drink別¥500

And, the most upcoming soon before the new tour....

9/20 (Fri)
CALL 045-241-3166
Happy RockN Roll Birthday to michiaki!with Ra:IN “

Other Bands / LUNA SEA messages about hide 50th Birth Anniversary
« on: July 31, 2013, 03:33:17 PM »


    I still remember when hide casually came to one of LUNA SEA's shows. Still now I can say that it was a really important meeting to LUNA SEA. It's not exaggerated to say that it was thanks to hide's intercession that LUNA SEA became an indie band. I still am very grateful for that.


    Really loved music, really believed in music's spirit. Hide, still now I feel a great respect for you!!!


    Even now you lead the music world, I will continue the tradition, hide. Hide, you are Luna Sea's big brother. I am really grateful.


    All of those changes in sound, all of the ROCK moments, all the absurd happenings, will change for the best. I will remember as if it was yesterday those stimulating times we always had. Hide-nii, you taught me many things as if you were an older brother, I loved you as if I were a younger brother. Definitely that passion that I always have will not disappear. You will definitely live <forever>


    Still now, always, I feel like we are together. I still feel like we are together. Like the old days. 50 years... I believe in it... Even now, Hide, you are inside me as an eternal boy. Your smile is still the same, teasing one. We will stand forever together on stage. Surely, one day, I will be by your side.

thank you so much Lunatic Slaves http://goo.gl/fIKNaZ

The Concerts / X-japan live Osaka 1989
« on: July 30, 2013, 03:30:56 PM »
very rare  :)
very cool

Yoshiki / Yoshiki Classical Teaser Video
« on: July 23, 2013, 11:47:51 AM »

General chat / Sundwave 2014 XJAPAN
« on: March 26, 2013, 10:27:37 AM »
Sundwave 2014 Line-up,Rumoures And Info

Everyone is still coming down from the buzz of the massive Soundwave 2013, so all the more reason to keep the ball rolling for Soundwave 2014. We’ve sourced and put together for your fact-checking pleasure a list of bands who have been locked in, who most likely will be locked in, who have a chance of being locked in, and who just won’t be locked in in the slightest.

We’ve already been told that 2014 won’t be topping this year (2013). AJ has explained that he hopes to book around 60 or so bands for the festival, directly addressing the issue of clashing sets as another key reason for downsizing.

What’s more, the festival will also be home to a Japan Stage, which will host an array of heavy Japanese acts – some already confirmed, with more on the way. There is also a chance that the stages will now be named rather than numbered, making life easier for us all.

So here is the list; it’s time to check it out. It’s a bit of an indicator of the direction they will be taking, and be sure to note that they won’t be ruling out acts that would otherwise be considered as not Soundwave material. It’s already shaping up for a crazy year, once again.

We’ve got this shit on lock these days, and I will personally be pumping all the latest goss that goes down with Soundwave 2014 as it happens via the Soundwave 2014 Facebook page. Shits gonna be sweet.

Pretty Much Confirmed:
Maximum The Hormone


hide / A notice to everyone concerning visits to hide’s grave
« on: March 03, 2013, 04:17:51 PM »
We would like to offer our deepest thanks for your continuing support of hide, and our humble gratitude to all of the many people who visit his grave daily.

In a recent incident, hide’s tombstone was intentionally vandalized with a sharp object. We have decided to launch an investigation into the damages.

In addition, we have received regretful reports of some people not observing the right etiquette; of people littering on the grounds, being noisy, leaving their drinks on the tombstone, of hide’s photos being removed.

We regretfully have to inform you that should the current situation continue, we will close hide’s grave to the general public.

We humbly ask for your cooperation so that everyone can visit the grave peacefully.

Furthermore, we humbly ask that every time you witness any such behaviour, you contact the Official hide Website.


We request that you:
* Please do not enter the cemetery outside of its opening hours.
* Please remove the plastic wrap from flowers before leaving them at the grave.
* Please refrain from leaving drinks or food on the tombstone as this will damage it.
* Lighting a lot of incense sticks at once will cause the incense burner to burn and could lead to an accident, therefore please only light one stick of incense per person.
* Please refrain from removing any offerings or installations left at the gravesite.
* There are other graves adjacent to this one. We humbly ask for your cooperation in protecting the silence and not littering the site.

Original Japanese message: http://www.hide-city.com/information/detail.php?id=970


Yoshiki / Yoshiki X-Japan Happy New Year 2013
« on: December 31, 2012, 02:39:31 AM »
Yoshiki X-Japan Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to all
and very X 2013

hide / hide’s commemorative project currently underway
« on: December 18, 2012, 11:45:20 PM »
It was revealed that a special project is currently underway for hide, X JAPAN’s guitarist who suddenly passed away in 1998.

During the hide’s birthday party held on the 8th, there was a sign that read, “hide ROCKET DIVE 2013~2014 ~20th solo works & 50th of birth anniversary~.” Through a recent Sankei Sports’ interview, it was revealed that the project was to commemorate the 13th anniversary since hide made his solo debut (in 2013), and his 50th birth anniversary (in 2014).

One of the highlights will be the restoration of “hide museum.” According to a person concerned, the museum will open both in Tokyo next summer, and in Osaka next fall for a limited time. Reportedly, it will also open in 2014 as well, and the location for the museum has already been decided. An official stated, “For 2013, it will be mainly related to his solo works, and for 2014, we will switch the display items to be mainly related to his personal history“. The interior and exterior will also be in hide color.

“hide museum” opened in hide’s hometown of Yokosuka, Kanagawa back in 2000. They displayed about 1000 items including his 23 guitars, costumes, cherished car, and even his grade transcript from junior high school. It was first planned to close after 3 years, however, they extended to 5 years due to the great number of its visitors, as 400,000 people visited the museum in 5 years. There were also many requests for the return of the museum.

Moreover, they will hold a film concert on his death anniversary on May 2nd in several locations, and there is also a plan to hold it in overseas. It is said that it is already under the final negotiation with the proposed site. There will also be a music festival called “hide memorial summit.”

The fans still show their strong love toward hide, as about 35,000 people attended the memorial service on the twelfth anniversary of hide’s death held at Tsukiji Honganji Temple in 2010. The commemorative project will surely continue the great legacy of hide.


Heath / 2013 HEATH_calendar
« on: December 01, 2012, 06:53:44 PM »

new poster Heath
his price 3,000円

Yoshiki / Golden Globe 2013 YOSHIKI
« on: November 30, 2012, 01:41:58 PM »
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) And In Style Celebrate The 2013 Golden Globe Awards Season


Yoshiki / American Music AwardsのYOSHIKI
« on: November 19, 2012, 07:54:27 AM »


-- SUGIZO Exclusive Solo Interview 2012 - About Solo Projects and Inspiration

On October 24th, SUGIZO has just released his latest DVD "STAIRWAY to The FLOWER OF LIFE", which features his 2011 solo performance at Zepp Tokyo and on top, he had just released two digital singles at the end of August and the beginning of September this year. When we meet the guitarist in the middle of October in the studio, he was busy recording with LUNA SEA, still on crutches from his previous injury.

Nonetheless, SUGIZO took his time for MJP to talk with us about music and his inspirations, his many projects and how he is able to keep them all apart from each other.

-- On September 17th, you played your solo show at AKASAKI BLITZ called "ASCENSION to The CONSCIENTIA", please tell us your impressions on the performance.

SUGIZO: First of all I had this big problem with my ankle, which was the hardest for me at that time. However, I had to do my best in either case. I think the feeling of the live itself was very good and also the feeling connected with my band members was very special. They were excellent and they supported me very well. They saved me. Also, the audience, the crowd, they knew of the problem with my ankle and the accident, but their attitude was very positive and active, they saved me as well. Together we created great energy and a great atmosphere. That's my image of the performance.

Still I had problems to play, because of my left ankle. You know, I couldn't play well, because my balance is very important on stage.  Of course my fingers are doing very well, but if my legs are having any problems, I can not balance my weight and keep a good form. It was very frustrating.

-- I am sure the audience felt differently, but I guess this is the impression of the artist.

SUGIZO: I hope so.

-- Until this performance in September you hadn't performed solo for a very long time.

SUGIZO: Yes, I think nine months.

-- You have so many projects going on at the same time, why did you choose this timing to perform live again on your own? Did you want to make the audience feel your new songs?

SUGIZO: First of all, I wanted to release my new songs of course. It was good timing, I think. Until the end of last year, I had released so many singles already and two albums as well. After that, we released a new singles with LUNA SEA and my DVD project was going on. There was so much going on. However, my core is of course my solo project. I think that this timing was just right; not too late, not too early, not too busy either for me.

-- In September, about the same time of your solo performance at AKASAKA BLITZ you have also performed with SYSTEM7, who participated in the making of your previous single "FINAL OF THE MESSIAH Remix by SYSTEM 7" (Release: 2012/08/29), in Osaka and Tokyo. How did it feel to play with someone you have admired for so long?

SUGIZO: It was a great honor and pleasure to me, because I am a big fan of theirs. Maybe SUGIZO has been interesting for them as well. This relationship to them right now is like a dream to me, and at any time I have been greatly stimulated by their works. Whenever I meet them, I can learn something new. I feel like a student of theirs.

-- You once said that SYSTEM7 chose the song "MESSIAH" to do the remix for, however, if you yourself could choose a song, which one would you like them to remix for you?

SUGIZO: Since their style is very smooth techno with more ambient elements, and I had the chance to choose a trance, I imagined that their sound would fit "CONCENTIA" or "ARC MOON", which originally has more ambient elements and incorporates psychedelic trance as well. I thought that would be a good match for them, however, they chose a very hard tune. It was very interesting, as their remix turned out to be very hard techno with rock styles.
Of course it's very exciting to me, but it was also very different from the image I has at that time of the SYSTEM7 sound.
For me it was just a great honor, since Steve Hillage also played the guitar for me. So I stood on stage with Steve and it was the dream twin guitar for me on the record as well.
It was fantastic.

-- Apart from Steve Hillage and SYSTEM7 you are working with a great number of artists nationally and internationally. What makes you take the step to collaborate with someone?

SUGIZO: It depends on the situation. For me JUNO REACTOR is a very important partner, so at that time I approached them first for my remix project maybe six or seven years ago. I really wanted their remix. That was the first contact at that time.
After that our relationship has gotten a lot closer and all of a sudden they needed a Japanese guitarist for one of their performances in Tokyo.
Of course it is fantastic for me to play with them, but it was very sudden, when they asked me three days before the show. They were like: "Please SUGIZO, play for us! The show is in three days!" I did my very best and before that, I practiced their songs for 20 hours in one day straight.
At that time, they played at one of the biggest Tokyo Dance Music Festivals in 2006.

Whenever I feel like I want some artists to join me or play for me, I do approach them, but sometimes they approach me as well. I really like any kind of collaboration with any kind of artist.

-- Your latest single is a remix of your single "SUPER LOVE" with COLDFEET. The song itself, you released already 10 years ago. Where did the desire to recreate this song come from?

SUGIZO: At first I thought that this year actually is the 10th anniversary for "SUPER LOVE" and I liked its tune. However, ten years ago I couldn't perfectly realize what I imagined. I just couldn't create my favored image and the sound I liked. I believe I imagined it well at that time, I just couldn't create is as that according to my skill.

SUGIZO: Now I think I can actually do it and my music's style is going even more into the direction of techno styles. For "SUPER LOVE" I wanted a soul-full rock tune that meets SUGIZO's techno style with LORI's vocals. I really wanted this collaboration with COLDFEET. I am not quite sure why, but it was just part of my inspiration. I already had this plan about a project that would feature a great female vocalist and it came down to the first step of wanting to get together with them.

-- You have been pursuing the "SUGIZO sound" ever since you started your solo career as you said, do you think you have gotten close to your ideal yet?

SUGIZO: To me this is just inspiration. And also, I don't want to create any limit for myself and my music. If I ever create a limitation, it would be for other people. I often have to explain my music to other people, so that is when I have to categorize my music.

But honestly, limits have no meaning to me. My basics are those of a rock guitarist, but my routs are classical music. My hero is Miles Davis, the king of Jazz, and my favorite music is techno and trance.
This all is very natural for me, because all of my music styles and reasons are for me. I follow my inspiration, simply.
Sorry, that doesn't seem to be a very good answer.
-- So maybe you don't really want to find a certain thing or a certain sound, but just more inspiration?

SUGIZO: Yes, just inspiration.

-- How does the work with other musicians influence this search for your inspiration?

SUGIZO: That's very difficult. Just all of it is inspiration to me. I don't know why, but I can choose very good partners for me at any time; be it good musicians, good singers, good remix artist. Most of the time, I can just imagine, how they would work with my music. Like, "If she sang for me, it would be beautiful." I can just trust my understanding and view for beautiful things.

-- What is important for you when collaborating with other artists?

SUGIZO: Chemistry. Energy and stimulation are also important, but certainly chemistry is the most important power for creating. Sometimes, art is born from just one person, one artist, yet even one artist gets a lot of their inspiration from other things like history or any other thing around them. You can get inspiration from anything, right? I think this is also a kind of collaboration.
It's the same for collaborating with other artists. In either case, we can find great resources to make art. Collaborating (with other artists) is the strongest and most direct approach to create good chemistry for art.

-- Is there a certain artists you would like to work with in the future?

SUGIZO: Of course I would like to collaborate with other artists, but as of now I am not sure. Right now there is no one in particular. Currently I am making my remix album and I think I will be able to release this by the beginning of next year. It will be very, very good and I am 50 percent done.

SUGIZO: The first track will be the one with SYSTEM7, and then there will be a remix by DJ TSUYOSHI. He is a very famous Japanese trance DJ and his sound is called "Jojouka". There will be my own remixes and of course JUNO REACTOR's remixes as well.
I already have so many great and powerful remix tunes and I think this will be my best collaboration work.

-- You are incorporating a lot of different sounds and styles into your music, is there any kind of sound you would still add to your sound right now?

SUGIZO: Any element can go inside my own music and in the future I would like to incorporate even more of those elements to my sound. I have this image of metamorphoses concerning music, because as I said, there are no limits to art and anything can be mixed. There are no rules.

-- In mainstream music, the mix between pop, rock, hip hop and R'n'B is very popular, yet the mix of rock and techno is not so widely know. What are your thoughts on that?

SUGIZO: Some artists in that field (of rock and techno) are getting popular though, like Underworld. As for me, I just like underground sounds. Underground art is made by a minority, but I really like the power of these minorities. Some day of course I hope that any of the underground art will be bigger and more popular, more mainstream, but in general underground culture has great power and new identities.   

SUGIZO: They can experiment at any time, which is important.

-- Certainly, underground artists seem to be more independent.

SUGIZO: And from that, some things are getting popular, which is a first step. However, I just like this underground feeling as such; ever since I have been a teenager, really.

-- I see. The topic changes a little, but we have just watched your DVD and personally what I find interesting is that you can see, how the techno sounds are made with actual instruments like drums and guitars and trumpets. When you create a track, do you think in instruments or do you think in sound?

SUGIZO: I think in sound. I think instruments are just a method. The important thing is the image of the sound. Doing techno sounds with instruments comes very natural for me. For example, Yellow Magic Orchestra is one of my favorite artists ever since I was 13 years old and people believe them to be one of the biggest techno bands ever. Yet, they are also great instrumental players.
The same goes for JUNO REACTORE's Ben Watkins. He is the king of techno and trance music, but he is also a great recording engineer. Another king of techno for me is Youth, former bassist of the band Killing Joke. Therefore I think any creator of great techno dance music is also a great musician. 

SUGIZO: Of course many DJs can't play instruments, yet, they still have great ears for music as such. Simply, some techno creators are just great players as well. Both is right to me! Among them, I am a guitar play, a composer and a techno track maker.

-- Speaking of composing and you have mentioned it before, you are working on your remix album right now. What can fans expect of this album?

SUGIZO: There will be much harder techno sounds. It will be harder, more international techno stile. As my original album is only ever SUGIZO style, this album will have more to-the-core techno elements. It's not completely 100% SUGIZO style, since there are great collaborations.
I hope that many techno fans will love this album and the remix tunes. I really want to focus more on techno.

It will be my previous tracks and my guitar play, but still harder techno styles altogether - more spacey, trancier, more psychedelic elements.

-- So will this be a more grown-up sound for your fans?

SUGIZO: Rather than "grown-up", it more of a reincarnation of my sound. Or you could say, it's like an offspring.

-- For the rest of the year, you will be going on tour with LUNA SEA, but how do you manage such a busy schedule?

SUGIZO: There really is not much time to rest. I'm not sure how I do it, but I just work on many projects at the same time. Right now I should focus on LUNA SEA of course, but until two weeks ago, I had to focus on my own works.
So I just do it. (laughs)

SUGIZO: I have so many images for my own work, so much inspiration, still now, because I just can't stop playing music.

-- Also, the details for the single "The End of the Dream / Rouge" have just been announced. Can you tell us one little secret about the single?

SUGIZO: It's very hard stuff. As for my image, it is the core of LUNA SEA's rock sound, yet in a new kind of way. I also think that just these two tracks are best for our new stage. I really hope that LUNA SEA's fans will love the songs. It's hard core LUNA SEA rock'n'roll.

-- LUNA SEA is next to your solo works and your role as the guitarist of X JAPAN "just another project". How do you separate these projects?

SUGIZO: Their styles are very different, so I can focus on what is LUNA SEA's music and what is X JAPAN's music. It's all about the elements use. It's not really hard actually. So when I work for LUNA SEA, I just think about how to grow LUNA SEA's rock'n'roll and make it the most powerful of its kind. I just focus that. Then for X JAPAN, I just focus on how to play harder stuff, more technical heavy metal. It's very important and brilliant work to me.

SUGIZO: When I play my own music, my own image is like that of a scientist and I experiment, I learn and try. I just use what I like naturally.

-- I see. So I have one last and important question. What do you want to reach and achieve with your music in the future? You have already been in the music business for so long, inspiring so many young people. What are you aiming for?

SUGIZO: I just want to create this bridge for all elements in music, for any kind of work. I think that music and art is just one very important tool to connect people to each other. I think that sometimes, within music a kind of revolution is also important.
By connecting, we can maker better works and I think that we should do so and really agitate this for and with young people. I hope that any of my music, be it my own, LUNA SEA's or X JAPAN's will be a good trigger for them.

-- Thank you very much for your time and this interview. It was a great honor.

[Release Information]

Release Date: 2012/10/24
Price: 5,000 Yen (tax in) FTMS-12

Digital Single "SUGIZO feat. COLDFEET"
Release Date: 2012/09/11

Digital Single "FINAL OF THE MESSIAH Remix by SYSTEM 7"
Release Date: 2012/08/29

Double A-Side Single"The End of the Dream / Rouge"
Release: 2012/12/12

[First Press Limited Edition A] (2CD (SHM-CD) + Blu-ray)
Price: 2,980 Yen (tax in) UPCH-9820

[First Press Limited Edition B] (CD + DVD)
Price: 1,890 Yen (tax in) UPCH-9821

[First Press Limited Edition C] (CD + DVD)
Price: 1,890 Yen (tax in) UPCH-9822

[Regular Edition] (CD)
Price: 1,260 Yen (tax in) UPCH-5780 


Taiji / Weekly Bunshun'. Justice for Taiji
« on: September 29, 2012, 09:37:11 AM »
 Weekly Bunshun 14th Oct  Part 1
Article: Whether TAIJI (former X Japan) did committed suicide?
Rock band former X member TAIJI (real name Taiji Sawada, then 45 years old) passed away on 17th July last year. According to Daily Sport on 18th July 2011, ‘TAIJI has done committed suicide using bed sheet, hanged himself on the night of 17th while he was under arrest.’
X Japan’s another members, guitarist HIDE died on hanged himself on 1998. So it was big news that time.
One year since TAIJI’s death, there is a person who is still wondering if he did kill himself. This is Tomomi Akatsuka (TAIJI’s significant-other, age 33) who decides to reveal her real name to the public first time. Ms Akatsuka is still searching for this matter herself. On the other hand, Ms Akatsuka has filed the court case a woman for committed fraud who tried to get money from her, using TAIJI’s private mobile phone, sent message to her acting as from TAIJI himself just before and after his death.
I will explain this fraud case later. First of all, I would like to refrain what happen around TAIJI’s death time from Ms Akatsuka’s interview.
Ms Akatuska arrived at Saipan General Hospital (CHC, Note I don’t know what CHC stands for, it might be not called this hospital as Saipan General Hospital in local)’s ICU unit on early morning of 17th July last year.
‘I’ve got a message that TAIJI was very critical condition. So I rushed to Saipan. I introduced myself as TAIJI’s fiancé to the nurse. The nurse took me to ICU, let me see him. I said to him, ‘‘You’ll be OK. Now I’m here’’ but he didn’t respond. I was told he did hang himself. I removed his clothes to examine myself. There was no mark on his neck. I wanted to know what happen to him. So I checked his body repeatedly. Still, no sign of mark. But I’ve seen reddish stripe mark on his chest.’

TAIJI had been arrested by FBI causing violence act in the cabin of Delta 298 on the way to Saipan on 11th July 2011. After landed the plane, he was officially arrested by Saipan police. The evening of 17th He hanged himself in the police cell. TAIJI’s next of kin was informed from Japanese Foreign Office. TAIJI’s mother arrived at CHC around lunch time on 17th , after 3 days later TAIJI had committed suicide. When TAIJI’s mother saw her lifeless son, also she realised no mark on his neck. Then she questioned around where the sheets TAIJI hanged with. Everybody there just said ‘I don’t know’.
Ms Akatsuka continued, ‘His next of kin and I were taken to a little room where the doctor explained his condition. He said, ‘‘The patient suffers brain dead. The only the way will be stop the life supporting machine.’’ He didn’t explain anything about his body condition. The option was stop life supporting machine only. Takako (TAIJI’s mother) couldn’t accept someone in the police cell could manage to kill themselves, kept questioning to the doctor. The doctor just repeated ‘‘Patient suffers brain dead’’.
As the doctor’s recommendation, TAIJI’s mother accepted. Then TAIJI passed away.
TAIJI originally came from Chiba prefecture. He was very active with his bands since he was in high school. On 1986, YOSHIKI (age 46) invited him to X. He was known as charismatic bassist, but 1992 he left X then moved to Loudness and followed playing in the other few bands.
On 2010, TAIJI played again at X Japan’s live stage since he left the band 18 years ago.
Ms Akatsuka was a ballet dancer when she met TAIJI first time on 2009. Soon, they became an item, started to live together. Their friends all knew about it. They set up new management office. Ms Akatsuka started to support TAIJI as his personal manager. She said, ‘I still can’t believe he has gone. He never showed the sign of it before.’

Why there was no mark on TAIJI’s neck, in spite of hanging himself? What was happen while he was under arrest? Why TAIJI was aggressive in the airplane for his arrest? There are lots of un-answered questions. So the editor has flown to Saipan to find out.
First of all, I’ve got TAIJI’s death report from local police station. According to the report, TAIJI’s hanged time was at 17.06 on 14th July. There was a TAIJI’s local contact telephone number too which he wrote on his landing card. I rang that number. The receiver was Korean Poker Game shop. I asked ‘Did you get an enquiry about death incident from police one year ago?’ He said ‘We didn’t. I don’t know that person (TAIJI), either. We have same telephone number since 5 years ago. You might have got wrong number.’ I wonder whether trust worthy this report itself.
After this, I visited Mr Prestry who is charged for this incident in North Mariana island (Note: I can’t translate exact his title. Avoid mistake I wouldn’t). I mentioned ‘I’ve heard there was no mark on TAIJI’s neck in spite he hanged himself.’ Mr Prestry was surprised, then he has changed to take the matter seriously. I continued. ‘Is it possible the custody hang in the police cell?’ Mr Prestry replied, ‘Normally impossible. I can’t understand how.’ He shook his head and sighed.
Then I visited FBI officer who arrested TAIJI. He only showed me the Court document. According to this, TAIJI has become angry and aggressive to passenger B, just 30 minutes before landing on Saipan airport. He was pinned then arrested for ‘Interruption and distraction to the air attendants’ business’ (Note: it might be not exactly translated).
FBI special officer Mr Goff described, ‘According to cabin attendant, (he or she) heard shouting voice and banging sound from Business class cabin. When the cabin attendant approached that seat, (he or she) saw Taiji Sawada and passenger B were arguing terribly. The passenger B tried to hold Taiji’s body. Taiji was kicking and shouting.
So who was this passenger B who augured with TAIJI? It sounds like the third party but this is Toshiko Hayakawa (not real name) who was TAIJI’s manager that time. This Ms Hayakawa is the person whom Ms Akatsuka is now filing the Court for committed fraud.

They met first time on November 2009, just after TAIJI’s live concert had finished. The lady who looked around age 40 approached to talk to TAIJI and Ms Akatsuka. That was Ms Hayakawa. Ms Hayakawa said ‘My husband owns the biggest resort in Saipan. We have 2 million yen worth studio there. But we don’t have any clue how to use it. Would you like to be our business partner?’ In spite this was their first meeting, Ms Hayakawa invited them to very expensive meal and paid hotel to stay that night. After this, TAIJI consulted to some matter on 2010. Since then, they became very close.

Ms Akatsuka said ‘Ms Hayakawa was very humble first. She often showed us her photos with celebrities. She appealed to her strong connection with those people. So we trusted her.’
In fact, according to another Ms Hayakawa’s friend said, ‘She is fame monger. She often bragged about her relationship with Choshuriki, TatsumiFujinami (both former professional wrestlers), Kyoko Fukazawa (actress), Mika Mifune (singer), George Takahashi (musician).’
Those individual’s management office explained their relationship with Ms Hayakawa, ‘Chosuriki used to stay her husband’s resort hotel often. She has given him a lift from airport to resort few times. Since TAIJI’s incident, we tried to keep distance with her.’ (Office of Choshuriki)
‘Mr Fujinami was noticed at Saipan Airport by Ms Hayakawa. Then she has invited him for meal. That’s all. Not so close relationship.’ (TatsumiFujinami’s wife)
Kyoko Fukada, Mika Mifune, George Takahashi’s offices have commented, ‘We don’t know private relationship.’

In the end, Ms Hayakawa and they set up management office together on spring 2011. Ms Hayakawa started looking after TAIJI as his manager. Ms Akatsuka said, ‘I would have liked to settle down with TAIJI as an house wife, so I wanted to let her manage his work. This was big mistake.’ From now on, the situation was moving strange way.
Then Ms Hayakawa introduced Mr Shigeo Kamiya (not real name, around 50 years old) whom Ms Hayakawa has been admiring, into their management office as a special adviser. He introduced himself as a management consultant. Also he has more than hundred fans for his spiritual counselling.
The friend of Ms Hayakawa and Mr Kamiya said, ‘Ms Hayakawa called Mr Kamiya as ‘The God’. She was consulting to Mr Kamiya everything making her decision. He looks very big and vulgar.’
Ms Hayakawa promised to support TAIJI and Ms Akatsuka’s married life. She suggested to get married at Saipan to them. Actually, Ms Hayakawa took TAIJI to Saipan on May 2011. Around this time, Ms Hayakawa’s attitude was dramatically changed. Ms Akatsuka said, ‘Ms Hayakawa started to criticise another people.’
For example, Ms Hayakawa was bragging about she has married with Saipan resort owner. On the other hand, she commented about Ms Akatsuka’s former job as a ballet dancer, repeatedly.
TAIJI started to hate Ms Hayakawa, saying ‘She changes her story often’ ‘She is living with only her egotism.’ Ms Hayakawa took around TAIJI, but never paid him any wage.
In that time, TAIJI and Ms Hayakawa were often auguring all the time.
Ms Akatsuka continued, ‘That his last trip was for business. Just before the trip to Saipan, Ms Hayakawa and he were fighting terribly. Once he said he wouldn’t go, cut off the contact with Ms Hayakawa. Ms Hayakawa contacted me by e-mail asking let her know what would like him to do by two hours before boarding time. Their relationship seemed impossible to mend. But Mr Kamiya went into between them, negotiated to TAIJI. Then he accepted to go to Saipan. He said to me, ‘This would be my last time working with Ms Hayakawa’.
In the end, TAIJI was arrested at Saipan, put him custody, he died. While the incident was going on, there was strange things have happen.
The first time Ms Akatsuka has been learnt about TAIJI’s incident was e-mail message from Mr Kamiya who was with Ms Hayakawa and TAIJI at Saipan. The e-mail dated at 16.20 on 15th July. More than 24 hours had passed since the incident. The e-mail said ‘Let you know TAIJI-kun has been arrested by FBI due to his aggressive behaviour in the airplane cabin. The reason he was very upset about was auguring with Tomo-chan (Ms Akatsuka). He shouted that he would kill himself aggressively. While he was in the Court case, he seemed to hang himself in the police cell. At a moment, he is unconscious. We can’t see him.’
Ms Akatsuka’s memory of that day is still vivid. Ms Akatsuka said, ‘I couldn’t understand what going on. I was stunned. I’d never augured with him. The day before was my birthday. Both of us celebrated together. The main strange thing was that I and he were sending messages few times each other since he meant be landed at Saipan. Of course his mail didn’t have mentioned he had been arrested.’

While Ms Akatsuka was in shock, another e-mail came from TAIJI’s mobile phone, who must have been in coma that time. It said, ‘I understood. Please check and send it. Could you contact to Ms Hayakawa’s mobile phone in Saipan?’ (Received timed and dated at 16.58 on 15th July)
Ms Akatsuka thought TAIJI has been in coma? Was Mr Kamiya’s information right? Just after TAIJI’s message, Ms Hayakawa sent Ms Akatsuka a mail. It said, ‘The credit card statement was 770,000 yen. What can I say? Are Tomomi-san very angry?’
I, the reporter witnessed the list of Ms Akatsuka’s mobile phone messages between TAIJI and her. I’ve checked the mail just before TAIJI went to Saipan and after. Just before he went to Saipan, the messages were just normal lovers’, caring each other. But after he arrested on 12th July, the writing touch has been changed. It impossible to believe same person sent those messages. The bright emoticons have appeared suddenly. It is very strange. It said, ‘I’ve never been told from Toshiko-san, but the God will come definitely. Please send money in. Please open the account. If there is something else, ring to the God all together. We must be punished. Please ring the God and apologise to him. Regard.’
Again, I want to make the point, that time TAIJI had been arrested.

Weekly Bunshun 14th Oct  Part 2
I, the editor have questioned few local polices and solicitors about that it was possible to use mobile phone in the police cell and contact outside people while the person was custody. All of them say ‘Impossible. Never let them use mobile phone in the cell’.
But Ms Akatsuka didn’t know TAIJI had been arrested. She believed the mails were sent by TAIJI that time. She was worried about him and tried to do what he said.
These corresponding were about TAIJI’s business expense using Ms Hayakawa’s credit card. He was saying he would have to pay back to her. The mail which I mentioned previously in this article including 770,000 yen was his debt for Ms Hayakawa.
The first bogus TAIJI mail arrived at 9.23am on 12th, the day after they had arrived at Saipan. It said, ‘Gift: Where did we buy from?’ Ms Akatsuka couldn’t have any clue what he was talking but she replied. Then ‘I used Toshiko-san’s card. I’ve spent too much. Please pay back. If not, I would be prosecuted as a crime.’
Ms Akatsuka said, ‘First of all, we were using the card with Ms Hayakawa’s permission. I thought bit strange. Car fuel, etc. were business expense.
Even after this, the mail exchange have carried on. The mail subject started to change from 14th July when around TAIJI tried committed suicide.
To start with, at 9.40, ‘Could you check my parent’s home address in Ichikawa-city and send me as soon as possible’. These about 15 mails have sent from TAIJI’s mobile phone which asking about TAIJI’s his own relatives’ contacts.
In the mean time, at 19.35 on 14th, Ms Akatsuka has received a long e-mail from Ms Hayakawa. She was saying TAIJI had asked sending her to. After she learnt, the same mail has been sent to another people too. The mail contents were; TAIJI and Ms Hayakawa’s trouble history. He was supporting she was right. He admitted Ms Akatsuka and his fault rather Ms Hayakawa’s.
The day after Ms Akatsuka got this mail, Mr Kamiya told about TAIJI’s committed suicide. She was trying to find out what going on. She contacted to Ms Hayakawa’s mobile phone. She never answered. On the other hand, Ms Hayakawa was responding by e-mail. But only she asked sending the money and interested how to deal with media.
The middle of that night, Ms Hayakawa contacted Ms Akatsuka’s mobile phone, finally. Ms Akatsuka explained, ‘‘I said to Ms Hayakawa that I heard TAIJI was unconscious from you, but I received mails from TAIJI till that afternoon.’’ She seemed lost what she says and be silence a while. She asked advice next to her. Then she said ‘‘It must be time rag to receive mails by Soft Bank mobile phone, mustn’it?’ But the mail exchanges with TAIJI were almost same as chat. So it was impossible. Unexpectedly, Ms Hayakawa mentioned about TAIJI and I had fight. I said no. Again Ms Hayakawa became silence. Ms Hayakawa said, ‘‘TAIJI hated your parent. It must be awkward’’. I said, ‘‘They are very close.’’ Then Ms Hayakawa hung up the phone without say good bye.’

On 17th when Ms Akatsuka arrived at CHC, TAIJI’s relatives appeared with Ms Hayakawa and Mr Kamiya. Ms Hayakawa left shortly after. Mr Kamiya took her different room and asked her to say same thing as what he said; TAIJI was so drunk. He had nightmare while he was a sleep, then became violently. If this story line, nobody would be harmed. He asked to her not to tell the media.
I, the editor, interviewed and pointed out this to Mr Kamiya directly. He said. ‘TAIJI had taken sleeping pill and alcohol together. His aggressive behaviour caused by combine those two. Ms Hayakawa was a victim. In the Court case document, his aggressive behaviour caused by auguring with Ms Hayakawa. Actually, TAIJI was angry about fight with Ms Akatsuka.’
Unsatisfied Ms Akatsuka has decided to press charge Ms Hayakawa to Aoba branch of Kanagawa Police as an attempted fraud. The police have filed. The reason was the suspicion of sending bogus mails acting as TAIJI himself and asking money. The Interpol issued court appearance order to Ms Hayakawa. But she hasn’t replied yet.
Was Ms Hayakawa acting as TAIJI on those mails? Does she know something very important his death? I, the editor, have visited her home in Saipan. But I couldn’t meet her. Instead I rang her mobile phone. She answered then shouted high tone voice. ‘Where do you ring from? From Fiesta Hotel? I don’t want to answer any question about TAIJI matter. I was annoyed the rumours. I would like say something but I work with celebrity. So I can understand. Please leave me alone.’
Then I’ve mentioned about Ms Akatsuka’s court case to her. She hanged up, never answered the phone again.
I’ve interviewed Ms Hayakawa’s husband who owns resort. He said, ‘I and former my wife have divorced five years ago. We have kids but I look after them. Former my wife doesn’t involve my resort business any more. I am really annoyed about TAIJI and my former wife’s rumour. Has she sued by TAIJI’s fiancé? I didn’t know that. Rather I want to know what happen next.
I wonder mysterious TAIJI’s death would be buried forever.

hide / hide ( X JAPAN)/2013 Official Calendar
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Release date: 27/October/2012
Size: B2, 51.5cm×72.8cm (20.27in x 28.66in)


hide / hide CLUB PSYENCE 2012
« on: August 27, 2012, 07:58:15 PM »
It happened yesterday 08-26
was attended by Ina is Cutt


Taiji / Voiceless Screaming~from Heavens
« on: July 16, 2012, 08:36:12 PM »


General chat / X-japan recording a new single?
« on: May 05, 2012, 08:06:16 PM »
post it on facebook official X-japan this news

(They are in the studio in Japan, recording a new single.)


Other Bands / IKÜZÖNE
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Dragon Ash Bassist IKÜZÖNE Passes Away
Dragon Ash bassist Ikuzo "IKÜZÖNE" Baba passed away on April 21st due to acute heart failure. He was discovered by his family in his home studio and rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead at 10:55pm. He was 46.

A private funeral was held for family members, and the members of Dragon Ash have posted comments in tribute to Baba on their homepage.

Baba had taken some time off from Dragon Ash in 2011 because of struggles with radial nerve palsy, but made his triumphant return to the band for 2011's COUNTDOWN LIVE and was eager to get back to work.

A talented musician and flamboyant performer with a style completely his own, he will be sorely missed

he was a great
  Fan of the hide

Photos: @Teine_IkuIku [Ikuzone’s Official Twitter]

General chat / X-japan album by the end of 2012 ?
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X Japan is considered to be one of the most successful rock bands in Japanese history.  The band has sold more than 30-million albums, singles and videos, sold out Japan’s 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome 18 times – so far – and has started playing to tens of thousands of fans outside of Japan.  In the band’s early days, their look and sound sparked a global interest in Japanese entertainment, especially with the Japanese cultural rock phenomenon, “Visual-Kei,” a movement X Japan pioneered that went on to become a catalyst for today’s worldwide Anime craze.

X Japan (current line up is Yoshiki/drums, piano, Toshi/vocals, Pata/guitars, Heath/bass, and Sugizo/guitars, violin) was formed in 1982 (calling themselves X) by Yoshiki and Toshi while still teenagers.  Over the next 13 years, the band released five studio albums – Vanishing Vision (1988), Blue Blood (1989), Jealousy (1991), Art of Life (1993) and Dahlia (1996), as well as six live albums, ten compilation albums and 15 video albums.  X Japan was one of the first Japanese bands to achieve mainstream success while on an independent label.  The band was so popular, they became a cultural phenomenon, as evidenced by the X Japan Formula One racing team and a SEGA-produced X Japan video game.  In the fall of 1997, at the height of their success, the band broke up.  Four months later, hide, X Japan’s original lead guitarist, was found dead in his Tokyo apartment.  At his funeral, more than 50,000 fans came to mourn his passing, and in May 2010, even more fans stood in line at a memorial service to pay their respects and mark the anniversary of his tragic death.  In early 2007, Yoshiki and Toshi started working together again, and later that year, X Japan officially reformed.  In 2008, the band launched its reunion tour, being bigger than ever, and sold out everywhere it played.  In January 2010, X Japan filmed a music video on the rooftop of Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre, with a throng of some 8,000 U.S. fans taking part in the shoot on Hollywood Blvd.  But it was on August 8, 2010 that X Japan came to America for the first time with the performance at Lollapalooza.  Immediately following the festival, X Japan played the biggest concert in its history, selling out two consecutive shows at Japan’s Nissan Stadium, filling 140,000 seats.  The band’s first North American tour took place in fall 2010, which included a sold-out date at New York’s Roseland Ballroom.  The band’s popularity continues to spread throughout the world. In 2011, they kicked off the European portion of their tour by selling out Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London within 30 minutes. They continued their sold-out tour by performing in Latin America and Southeast Asia. X Japan plans to release their first English language album by the end of 2012 and is currently scheduling their next world tour.


Pictures/Galleries / 4.7 YOSHIKI FACE BOOK
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Yoshiki put this picture on facebook

Pictures/Galleries / Vogue Japan with YOSHIKI
« on: March 27, 2012, 04:57:43 PM »

Other Bands / fanatic◇crisis
« on: March 25, 2012, 05:44:38 PM »
I would like to share with everyone
this band I really like
really wanted this band to return
playing together again

Origin         Nagoya, Japan
Years         1992–2005

    Tsutomu ishizuki - Vocals
    Kazuya Nishida - Guitar
    Yoshiki "Shun" Segi - Guitar
    Ryuji Kosaka - Bass
    Tohru Nagae - Drums


General chat / Important Notice Please read
« on: March 15, 2012, 01:45:51 PM »
The main message

As you might know, this is a project dedicated to X Japan’s 30th anniversary. So, we’re making them a little something. What do you have to do?

First, please leave a comment with your name & country so that we could have an idea of the number of people participating.
Secondly, the project has two sections, I obligatory, II optional.
I (obligatory)

FIRST STEP: You will have to write a message. We would like it to be up to 50 words (maximum). It will have to contain the words “X Japan” and “30” and let your imagination go wild! THE MESSAGE WILL BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH. (the Japanese fans can have their message in Japanese)

SECOND STEP: After we’ll collect the messages from each country, you will have to record yourselves, saying the picked message for your country THE MESSAGE WILL BE SAID IN ENGLISH, the people who don't speak english can write the message in a flag or banner. At the end of the message, you will have to say “We are X” JUST in your own language and do the X sign with your arms. The Japanese X fans can have their message said in Japanese.

NOTE: If you can’t record yourself, you can write 30 on your arms, like 3 on one and 0 on the other so it is seeable when you do the X, and just send us the picture.

NOTE: THE VIDEO YOU WILL RECORD HAS TO HAVE YOUR FACE ON IT! If you don’t feel comfortable, wear make-up or glasses or sunglasses.

DO’s (You can and it’s not obligatory) wear your X Japan shirt/pink hair/makeup or hairstyle inspired by X Japan/full cosplay/your X Japan stuff in the background or hold a plushie inspired by X.

DONT’s (all are obligatory): The only thing in your own language that can be said is “we are x”. Contact your country’s Street Team if you want to include something.

II (not obligatory, only if you want and only if you can)
DO’s: If you want to do something more, or you can’t record the message or take a picture with the 3 and the 0, we will give some ideas. Fanarts are accepted. If you have any other idea but you don’t know if it can be used, please post it on the wall of this event.
DONT’s: Use ONLY YOUR personal art!
COVERS: Yes, they are accepted. In the message where you will say from which country you are, tell us if you also want to make a cover.

NOTE: If you want, you can do only the cover or only the fanart or only the picture and not the recorded video.

End of part II.

HOW TO SEND: After you record the message, we’d like you to upload it on youtube, and check *Only people with the link can see the video* and send the link to us. Mediafire is allowed too

First deadline: 9th April. Please click Yes or No, not “maybe participating”. But if you want to participate even after this deadline, you can.

Second deadline: 28th April: We would like this to be the last day when the countries can submit their messages.

Third deadline: 12th May. We would like to have by this day all the videos and things at II part.

QUESTIONS: If you have any type of questions, please write it on the wall of this event. Someone will answer you as fast as they can.

The Spanish Street Team’s email : xjapansp@gmail.com
The Romanian Street Team’s email : x_japan_romanian_street_team@yahoo.ro

IMPORTANT:(!) Please do NOT send Yoshiki this link or the link of the event on twitter. We want everything to be a surprise!


Yoshiki / Yoshiki-Japan Showcase & Public Appreciation Event
« on: March 11, 2012, 10:36:09 AM »
We will welcome Yoshiki from X Japan as a special guest
to give a personal message to Los Angeles
To convey our heartfelt gratitude for the support we received after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles and Japan Business Association of Southern California will hold a public appreciation event -- "Japan. Endless Discovery." -- on March 10, 2012.

photos of the recent arrival of Yoshiki
in place

ロスで復興シンポ 「X」YOSHIKIも参加


General chat / Happy 30 years of XJAPAN on NHK news today
« on: February 13, 2012, 06:47:54 PM »
today passed a special X on Japanese TV
celebrating 30 years of band

will have more days
2012年2月16日(木) 深夜11:30〜深夜0:14
2012年2月20日(月) 午後7:00〜午後7:44
2012年2月23日(木) 深夜11:30〜深夜0:14

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