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Offtopic / Re: WE ARE...
« on: May 12, 2009, 11:12:58 PM »
cucumber salad

Taiji / Re: taiji's new photo from dai's blog
« on: May 12, 2009, 12:54:18 AM »
He does look younger and younger, on next photo he will look like in X era lol

Oh well... I wouldn't mind at all! :D But now's fine too.

Taiji / Re: taiji's new photo from dai's blog
« on: May 11, 2009, 12:51:01 PM »
Is it just my imagination or is he looking younger and younger lately? Seems, he's having a good time.

@ woofly: Is there any chance for me to get this nice pic you're using as a userpic currently? :o

Pictures/Galleries / Re: I can haz funny musican!
« on: December 10, 2008, 09:41:01 PM »
XD So many great ones! My belly hurts!

@ Yurga~: Your drawings rule! XDDD I.C.Wiener...

@ MIHO: You're killing me! XD

Hm, also have some new ones. I'm still in Coop-mania, so it might be a little bit lame for some of you.

Click to enlarge.

Taiji / Re: Taiji hospitalized
« on: December 10, 2008, 12:01:36 AM »
Yay! That's how I like the Phoenix!

Offtopic / Re: What makes you proud of your country?
« on: November 10, 2008, 05:14:17 PM »
@ the Finns: Sauna? XD

Udo Kier!

Offtopic / Re: What makes you proud of your country?
« on: November 10, 2008, 04:23:02 PM »
Huh... our scientists and our comedians. But apart from this..?
Scorpions, Doro and Rammstein are from here, but I'm no fan of those, haha!

Damn, I cannot think of anything special. Döner- and fry-eating nazis? RAF? Living in a country which is often reduced to Bavaria from people of other countries? *sarcasm* :D

Our educational system must have been great... once upon a time... We also had great writers, I think. But right now I have the feeling, my country doesn't really have a face.  ???
OH! But the Brothers Grimm came from this area here, when I'm not wrong. And without them Yoshiki might never have been Cinderella!  ;D

Oh, and how could I forget about Thüringer Bratwurst?! <3 And dark bread?! And Eisbein?! WURST!!! <333 nom nom nom

« on: November 10, 2008, 03:30:11 PM »
Maybe it was really a good decision of mine that I waited with posting about this a few days.

Thanks for the link Hypno, really interesting to read.
There are parts I agree with and parts I disagree with.

All in all it seems to me as if the amount of work which automatically comes along with a world tour has been highly underestimated. It's just my impression after all. Too many things obviously didn't went the way they should and considering the point that there are really many people involved (with organizing the stuff) I understand that it's not easy to manage. I think, the tourdate in November was just a wrong decision, because there was obviously not enough time left (only three and a half months between the now postponed and the one from July - that's really not enough, I guess). I also believe that Yoshiki might have done his best to let this concert happen, but it wasn't possible as it seems. It's his dream and I'd really understand, if he did the best to make it come true, but from my point of view it wasn't the right way.

I also can understand all the fans who are truely pissed because of all this! With not being inside this organization it's just normal, that no one can understand what was going wrong there. Even more due to the lack of information. And when the ticketsales have gotten anounced, they believed this is the evidence, that this show will happen - and I guess so did Yoshiki.
I understand people being pissed because of having lost a lot of money. Sure, it shouldn't be about money (and it surely isn't ONLY because of the money), but so many fans are teens and twens, students or people with low paid jobs (or even unemployed, to speak about my personal case for example). And it's hard losing money for nothing. People risk living at a minimum for seeing X, but people don't wanna live at a minimum for no result in the end. And people have not only ONE dream. Besides seeing X live, people also have other goals in life and it hurts reaching no goal at all because of an incident like this, I'd say.
But for sure this wasn't the intention of the not happening concert at all. The intention was making dreams come true on both sides - I'm sure it's that and nothing else. And sadly for now dreams are over for some people.

I'm not willing to say "don't rant, please understand" - there are moments in life when some people can't hold back frustration anymore and when they think of themseves in the first place and NOT of their idols anymore. I think it was simply too much for many people to experience this twice and in the second time even more intense than in the first (because of announced ticket sales and so on).

I myself are pissed too, but not in a high degree to be honest. My very first reaction was... well.. I laughed... not because of being desperate, but because of true amusement. I shouldn't find this amusing and with thinking more than just a second about it I know it isn't amusing at all. But I just wasn't surprised. I didn't want this all to fail, but it really didn't surprise me. (+ It was amusing, that I posted in another forum "I want standing tickets" while the show was already postponed - I didn't know about the postponement, I missed it, found it out just two minutes later and felt like a dork. :D So maybe I was also rather amused about myself, haha!)

Sorry for that long post! |D~ Mwaha...

Pictures/Galleries / Re: Taiji
« on: November 10, 2008, 02:43:46 PM »
xD Go for it, Aladdin!

Btw. Taiji's birthdate on the last one is either wrong or I got it wrong in mind as the 12th of July. *pipsqueak*

Haha, this is gonna be fun! Just now I seriously wonder, if this will be the first concert where I notice people fainting (and I DON'T mean Yoshiki! xD). I only heard about stuff like this from DEG concert in Berlin and so on, hehe!

Okay, I think I'm starting to look forward to it again, but still I'll only believe it will happen, when I'm there and see it with my own eyes! (Where's the evil grinning smiley-devil? Still miss it!) xD Crossing my fingers for the rehearsals now!

And I'm curious how many tickets will be sold. :D
(Can understand that a lot of people had lost trust too early and now can't afford all the stuff. :-\ Wouldn't be able to go there too for sure, if I planned it all by myself. *pokes Mav*  ;))

Suggestions / Re: What would you like to see on an X Freaks web page
« on: November 02, 2008, 01:22:20 PM »
XFreaks diary sounds cool, but we also have the forum where people share their stories, it would be kind of double. (I like blogging, don't get me wrong!)
Yeah, but I don't actually mean it to be like the posts in the forum like "OMG, I WAS THERE! AWSOME!!!" but rather some longer report/story - things that would be slightly too long for posting in threads.
What ever, it's just a suggestion anyway. :)

But I don't think half of the 17,000 seats will sell with this arrangement.

Can't imagine this either, since many people seem to have decided to not go and I really can understand this.

I'm also still not sure whether or not to go, because frankly X are not more important to me than any other of my favorite acts and I don't know, if I would have forgiven for example Alice Cooper or KISS a behaviour like this. Same goes for ticket prices - I wouldn't really be willing to pay more for them than for my other idols, because to me they're simply not more special than the others. (X is the only band which made me consider traveling to another country for them, even though I don't like them more than my other favorites... and there were already a lot of times when I asked myself "why actually?" :-\)
It doesn't matter, if I can afford the ticket then or not, it doesn't matter that this could be the last chance for me, it doesn't matter, if they have high costs because of the stage stuff and logistics (I didn't ask for this and other bands have these issues too) - I simply wouldn't see a point to pay more as a matter of principle... simply my point of view. XD So far... just hoping for normal prices! Otherwise I might be really out...

They are just people who sell "tickets" for high prices before they really go on sale so they could profit from it so I wouldn't call them reliable at all.

Okay, didn't know this. No clue, which stuff is right and which stuff is wrong anyway.
Gosh, I wish it was over already! |D Whatever...

Yeah, what VioletCamicat said. It's really strange, I should feel happy that the concert seems to take place, but with all these delays and now the short time between ticketsales and concert I really feel not that happy as I thought I would.

Agree... having a hard time to keep on looking forward. :( Right now I have the feeling that - if it really takes place - I will stand in the audience like: .. wow.. so that's it..?.. :| hmm......... Hooray..?

Actually it's sad... right now I'm seriously too pissed to be happy or to hope... The way it went till now destroyed too much. I don't wanna badmouth the whole thing or make a big drama - everyone can have his/her own opinion about the whole issue of course. My feeling about the whole thing is just getting worse and worse and nothing happened at all which could have stopped this.

:-X I'm afraid, I wouldn't even be sad, if it's getting cancelled and this is really creepy...
It's like hearing "Tomorrow you'll get 1 million €!" every day and experiencing every day again that it isn't like said the day before, but instead you hear the same sentence again. The first days I'd be looking forward, but then there will come a time when I just think "F**k you and your euros! I don't want them anymore! I'll go and get some cents from the bottom of the fountain over there!"... ::) :P

I'm really fed up with this...
What the..?!

I really can't imagine that they'd sell all tickets out EVER! What ever happened and who ever is the one to blame, but this really the right way to destroy the reputation in serious business (not only among many fans, but also - and even more - among local organizers and so on).
I'm sorry to say this, but in my opinion it all went way too wrong... What was the point of delaying the ticket sales at all? It's clear that many people can't plan a trip to another country in a THAT short time. And I'm not talking for myself - thanks to Maverick, I would have the possibility to go... but there are many who haven't had this possibility or who have been feeling way too insecure for booking a trip which is maybe (again) leading nowhere and now it's simply more expensive than three months ago.

 ??? Man... what the heck is going on there?!

Not sure, if this site is a reliable source, but:
They say "cancelled", so I'm not having much hope anymore right now.. :/

Taiji / Re: Taiji´s book - X NO SEI TO SHI
« on: October 30, 2008, 07:31:35 PM »

More in the original book than translated on that page? Yupp. I'm not sure, but I guess that about the half was translated..? (Don't have the book myself, so I cannot compare - just a guess...)

Wikipedia / Re: WTF?
« on: October 30, 2008, 07:27:40 PM »
I don't get the points. X'D If it's about his X image, then... I may not say his birthdate, when I talk about him as long as the topic is X and I may say the date, when it's about Yoshiki as just a person (he's doing a lot as not-X-guy, but just as Yoshiki)? Yeah, I know... Yoshiki is X and blah... but he isn't always around in X concerns...
I don't get it.

How ever... XD I think it's quite strange. Didn't he reveal his birthdate in Dahlia times already..? (Just how I got it in mind, can be wrong of course)

Hm, to be really honest it's harder and harder for me to take him serious.I'd do something about m image in other points too in the current situation, but not only concerning my age, if I was him... well, but I'm not him... not my business then anyway... ::)

Yoshiki / Re: How does Yoshiki write love songs..
« on: October 29, 2008, 11:26:58 AM »
When some of your friends die, you will be sad, of course. But not that much. He might be poser and drama queen but it's not possible to play this. /I don't believe he's a poser... um.. maybe ... little *blush*/.. he was about 3 years in tears! He can't play drums!
I probably live in a "fantasy world" but I really believe he loved him...and he still does...

Well, I think the point which was sickening Yoshiki the most in this situation was rather history repeating itself. Imagine you're a little boy and your father dies in at a certain age and you have HUGE problems to get over the loss (due to your own age, sensibility and so on) - and then YEARS later one of your close friends dies at the same age.... and obviously by the same cause(=commiting suicide).
Seriously, I can understand that this can throw you back to the first traumatic experience and make you get ideas, if life has an evil plan to psyche you out. If I was in his place, I'd be mourning very long too, I guess. (Maybe not as long as Yoshiki, but who knows..?)

Above all I don't get the point whose business it is, if he's gay or not, if he had relationships with bandmembers or not. Not saying, no one is allowed to fantasize about it, but isn't that enough already?
As long as he doesn't say things like "I was in love with [insert band member of your choice]" - which won't happen anyway - you can't say you're sure.
And it shouldn't be a point to talk about that frequently anyway in my opinion. If I was a star, I'd feel pretty weird, if half of my fans keep on discussing for eternity with whom I am/was sharing my bed rather than talking about my music and my videos and my ass so on. :P

As for the topic itself here in the thread - I also don't think he necessarily needs to have those experiences to write love songs like those. As well as I don't think that he necessarily has to have experience for writing songs full of blood-splatter violence. I think often it's rather about metaphors...

Oh... of course it's just all my opinion. :D Cannot know what's truth or not either of course.

Suggestions / Re: What would you like to see on an X Freaks web page
« on: October 27, 2008, 01:47:23 PM »
Maybe we can add something like an open blog?
Idea would be that every member would be able to write an entry there. Not daily of course and not randomly - maybe weekly and then only one (the writers could apply with a short description of the content and then we could toss who can publish).
People who had been on an X concert could write about it, people who didn't could maybe write about a special experience they had in connection with X, about an X party they had with friends, about meetings at conventions where they cosplayed an X member or have seen cosplays of band members - with or without photos/drawings and so on... Or maybe just post something entertaining which is connected to X... like some comedy text or what ever.
Entries shouldn't be forced of course and also it's not that necessary to update the blog regularly then. Whenever there's someone who wants to share experience, he/she would have a chance there and whenever there are more people applying, we toss who's first and so on.

Just an idea... don't know how I got it to be honest, but I thought it could be interesting to have something like an X Freaks diary. ;D

Pictures/Galleries / Re: I can haz funny musican!
« on: October 17, 2008, 08:18:51 PM »

Click to enlarge. :3

Oh, it's all Alice Cooper except the first one. XD The first one is quite obviously Paul Stanley.

« on: October 17, 2008, 02:47:37 AM »

... ;D

Other Bands / Re: Alice Cooper topic !
« on: October 15, 2008, 11:03:51 PM »
I love this movie, because it's so trashy! XD
As well as Monsterdog - it's also a movie with Cooper. Not that popular, but with damn cool songs of him! :D


(I think, he's playing a rockstar, haha!)

Other Bands / Re: Alice Cooper topic !
« on: October 14, 2008, 04:21:35 PM »


Albums/Singles / Re: Full Jealousy album uploaded to X Japan MySpace
« on: October 14, 2008, 12:56:37 PM »
So it's still there..? o,o Thought, it might have been just temporarely uploaded...

Okay, I updated my player, tried with other browsers - still don't see the other version of the player.  ::) Don't get this... no clue what else I could try, so no X song for my profile for now. >:( Pah! ... ;)

Oh, and I changed the language settings on MySpace - out of despair. :D Didn't work of course...

Albums/Singles / Re: Full Jealousy album uploaded to X Japan MySpace
« on: October 13, 2008, 12:28:16 PM »
Did it change again? Was searching the day before yesterday the fist time and kept on checking. I neither see a "featured playlist" thing nor do I see that part of the player where Sander wrote the red #1 on. ???

Other Bands / Re: Alice Cooper topic !
« on: October 04, 2008, 07:10:55 PM »
<3 My alltime favorite since... nearly ever!
Started to listen to him when Trash came out, because little camicat fell in love with the single Poison at that time.
Since then he's my absolute hero! <3~

The new video is just WOW! (I like the violet car, mwaha! °_°)
How he's thinking that he has left the mental hospital and is playing with his band and how you can see that it's just in his mind and in reality he's still in the madhouse and all the bandmembers are just inmates too! Brilliant! XD

AND: I LOVE how the video is related to the album From The Inside(1978). The song you hear in the background in the calm part when that redhaired nurse at the reception is shown is The Quiet Room and the nurse's name is Rozetta - Nurse Rozetta is a song from that album too!
BTW: The new Album Along Came A Spider is related to other albums and songs in general! :D The album Welcome To My Nightmare(1975) is about the character Steven as well, who also appears on the album Hey Stoopid(1991) in the very last song Lullaby and according to the comic which has been released in connection with the album The Last Temptation(1994) Steven also is part of this album!
;D Yeah, I'm a Cooper-freak - I LOVELOVELOVE his concept(s)!

And YEAH! Slash FTW! :D

Ah, I could go on forever - I better stop now! |D

Forum Games / Re: Post your picture here! #2
« on: September 30, 2008, 07:16:51 PM »
^You have weird taste lol.Mom told me that i look as if i've been brutally raped.
XD What? Raped? I don't think so! To me you rather look as if you're trying very hard to look innocent!
Hey, but do you need medical treatment? 8D

Thanks at all! XD I still have to laugh so hard when I see my shitty nurse pics! Because it's so damn cliché! |D |D |D Maybe I post more of them in the dress up thread someday...

Forum Games / Re: Post your picture here! #2
« on: September 30, 2008, 11:18:00 AM »
me having weird ideas during practical work in a clothes store

|D I was about to explain it, but... I can't.
Hm... humor is laughing even though, I guess. XD Woohoo, I'm a porn nurse!

General chat / Re: Swedish Rapper rips off Crucify My Love
« on: September 15, 2008, 01:26:51 PM »
:O *still missing the shocked looking smiley here*

Uh... wouldn't say that I dislike Hip Hop, but for my own taste this example here is rather one of the not so good examples.
I think I'd prefer Run DMC or Fettes Brot. XD I mean... like Run DMC vs. Aerosmith years ago! For a brief moment I imagined Run DMC vs. X with a song like Stab Me In THe Back or Joker or something!
Or what about Will Smith?... uh uh uh, here come the men in deep red... :D

Schwule Mädchen stab you in the back, yo!

Other Projects / Re: New Forum Structure
« on: September 15, 2008, 12:35:55 AM »
I think the new structure is a quite good decision. And so far I can't say anything against the suggested structure in the first post here.
Wouldn't put fanart stuff to offtopic either. As long as there's an X member on the picture, in the story or cosplayed, it's fine IMO, hehe!

That's cool, since my scroll wheel is on its way to give it up completely! XD

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