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Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki's mental health
« on: August 13, 2020, 04:19:17 AM »
A little worried he hasnt posted on any social media since the 9th and his appearance on NHK

no insta
no twitter
no fb

his appearance on NHK was beautiful too.

that is good to know I found the perfume march concert from wowow on bilibili

as well as some other artists. So maybe we will get lucky

WOWOW i think is a cable station in JAPAN but from what i see the russian website (ok dot ru) has people who stream concerts from wowow. the prob is i dont read russian so i dont know if its just particular bands they stream? there are also some WOWOW concerts on the chinese site BilliBilli but again i dont read chinese

News / Yoshiki on LiveAle NHK - Saturday Aug 8th
« on: August 07, 2020, 03:38:29 AM »
YOSHIKI on Live Ale NHK (ライブ・エール)
Saturday 8th 7:30pm (jpst) 6am est



First Post = Hope this is where it goes.

Japan network WOWOW to air 6 consecutive months of X JAPAN past live performances. Airdates will take place from September 2020 to February 2021.

 Due to covid closings entertaineters have been forced to refrain from activities in the entertainment industry. X JAPAN's YOSHIKI has took the initiative to “STAY HOME” and sent out their thoughts on the future of the entertainment industry and future music activities.

YOSHIKI says "I want to support people with my own music," although I can't live at the moment. And in response to that feeling, WOWOW will carefully select and broadcast the legendary live performed by X JAPAN in the past.
 The lineup includes 13 of the best entertainment ever delivered by X JAPAN, from the disbanded live performed in 1997 to the unprecedented live audience that became a new legend in 2018. I want you to once again enjoy the excitement of that soul-shaking live performance!

Lineup ・X JAPAN Live Japan Performance 2018 \~A Night with Red Color\~ Makuhari Messe 3Days September 5th (Sat) 4:00 pm \[No\] \[WOWOW Prime\] Legendary rock band X JAPAN's unprecedented "Audience" Go live. All the members' whole body and soul, the miracle stage pattern with all souls will be broadcast exclusively in uncut form.

Recording date: September 30, 2018 
Recording place: Chiba Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-3 Hall

X JAPAN The Last Live Full version September 9 (Wednesday) 8:00 [WOWOW live]
Its name in the rock world The X JAPAN, which had a dramatic break up in 1997. WOWOW's first broadcast as a complete version of the legendary Tokyo Dome performance that was held in the middle of the year!

Recording date: December 31, 1997 
Location: Tokyo Tokyo Dome

/X JAPAN Attack Resumption 2008 IV ~Toward Ruin~ / ~The Night of Destruction~ September 10th (Thursday) 8:00pm [WOWOW Live]
3 consecutive days in March 2008 The revived live of X JAPAN, which shook the Tokyo Dome. WOWOW exclusive broadcast of the first day, "~Night of destruction~"!

Recording date: March 28, 2008 
Recording location: Tokyo Tokyo Dome

/X JAPAN Attack Resumption 2008 IV-Towards Ruin-/-Reckless Night-September 10th (Thu) 10:00 [WOWOW Live]
2008 X JAPAN's resurrection live that shook the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive days in March of the year. WOWOW exclusive broadcast of the second night "~Reckless Night~"!

Recording date: March 29, 2008
Recording place: Tokyo Tokyo Dome

, X JAPAN WORLD TOUR ASIA Live in HONGKONG / Destruction Night Extra October Scheduled Broadcast in October
2009 X JAPAN's first overseas performance! Exclusive WOWOW broadcast of the first day of a historic live performance with 20,000 fans enthusiastic in Hong Kong!

From Date: January 16, 2009 
From Location: Hong Kong, China ASIA WORLD EXPO

· X JAPAN WORLD TOUR ASIA Live In HONGKONG / destruction of the night in HONGKONG 10 May broadcast schedule
X JAPAN's first overseas performances that took place in January 2009 !! WOWOW's exclusive broadcast of the second day of a historic live show that 20,000 fans were crazy in Hong Kong!

Recording date: January 17, 2009
Recording location: China Hong Kong ASIA WORLD EXPO

・X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in YOKOHAMA Super hard breakthrough Nanatsu Hachiki-Toward the world / Reunion night November Broadcast scheduled for
August 2010 X JAPAN's first outdoor one-man live at Nissan Stadium! The WOWOW exclusive broadcast of the first day of the 2DAYS performance!

Recording date: August 14, 2010 
Recording location: Kanagawa Nissan Stadium

/X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2014 at YOKOHAMA ARENA Scheduled to be broadcast in November
2014 X JAPAN, which celebrated its 25th anniversary of major debut in 2014, is an outpost of the Madison Square Garden performance. WOWOW exclusive broadcast of the Japanese performance that was held as a battle!

Recording date: October 1, 2014
Recording location: Kanagawa Yokohama Arena

/X JAPAN JAPAN TOUR 2015 in NAGOYA ~London Wembley Arena Outpost Battle~ December Broadcasting
from X JAPAN's Japan tour for the first time in 20 years, 2015 WOWOW exclusive broadcast of the final performance at the Aichi/Nippon Gaishi Hall in December!

Recording date: December 15, 2015
Recording place: Aichi Nippon Gaishi

HallYOSHIKI CLASSICAL SPECIAL feat. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York City
A concert of YOSHIKI held at Carnegie Hall in New York, a sacred place for classical music. Don't miss the historic stage played with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recording date: January 13, 2017 
Recording place: New York Carnegie Hall

, New York, USA , X JAPAN LIVE 2017 at the WEMBLEY Arena in LONDON January 2021 Scheduled to be broadcast
1 year after the solo performance was postponed regretfully In March 2017, the exclusive live performance of the historic live where X JAPAN appeared in the "rock holy land" UK SSE Arena Wembley!

Recording date: March 4, 2017 
Recording location: London, England SSE Arena Wembley

X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2017 WE ARE X Acoustic Special Miracle ~Miracle Night~ 6DAYS January 2021 Scheduled to broadcast in January
2017, X JAPAN Performed at Yokohama Arena in acoustic style. WOWOW exclusive broadcast of the final day of the Japan tour!

Recording date: July 17, 2017 
Recording place: Kanagawa Yokohama Arena

/ X JAPAN LIVE 2018 Just before the American festival appearance PREMIUM GIGS ~YOSHIKI's revival night ~ Scheduled to
be broadcast in February 2021 After YOSHIKI artificial disc replacement surgery in April 2018 , WOWOW exclusive broadcast of the special live of X JAPAN, which was the first full stage return!

Recording date: April 11, 2018 
Location: Tokyo Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)


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