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Title: VALENTAINE2 1998/02/11/ 03:20 (Note from hide's diary)
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Apparently real as it sounds exactly the way he would think, as much or little that I know about him.  I found it to be wonderful.

Some fragments from hide's web-diary.

-1998- (was called -hide's voice-)

1998/02/11/ 03:20

( note: In Japan, there is a newly made custom that girls confess their love to their ( sometimes one-sided ) lovers by presenting a chocolate on Feb. 14. Boys who received chocolates on that day are expected to show their love by presenting something to their girls on Mar. 14. These years, ladies tend to present chocolate to men who are not their lovers. In such cases, the chocolate does not represent her heartfelt love. Such "less meant" chocolate is called, "GIRI chocolate" )
Yes, again this time of the year has come around. I have to admit that I myself did released a compilation album for the sake of this particular season... but I want to say....Boys! Especially boys who are depressed in this season! It is a conspiracy of confectionery companies. Do not take it serious! A chocolate? I received none of it before high school age. BUT! I am living my life in such a cool way...( I am cool? Can I say it cool...? I am not sure...) Can't you see? That is, after all it has no meaning for your life......but....it would mean much for you....it meant much for me when I was at your age, actually. "Someone could understand me, hidden someone whom I don't know might be watching me secretly and would show up today..." This is a day that every boy can't help imagining such a thing. However, boys, don't wait for girl's chocolate. Don't reach out to get a chocolate. Choose an open way, dignified life. When you received a GIRI chocolate, put mold on it as a special additive and return it as it is on Mar. 14 to the insensitive girl! You will meet people who are really watching you, who really care you, and who are waiting for what you make....someday in the future. OK, let's go out to drink. We need rather alcohol than sweets all in all, don't we? You understand, teenagers?

-1997- (was called -hide's monologue-)

97/2/21 21:42:55

Below that, there is another entry but in Japanese, I take it.  I am posting both what is written on the page, then the google translation of it.

今、YOっちゃんからTELあり。今年の作戦を少々、、、とPATAの酒についてマジに懸念する彼が面白い「俺のツアーの時も飲みっぱなしだったけど、あれでふつうなんじゃねぇかぁ?」と、思ったがちょっ と痩せすぎが気にかかる。YOっちゃんはかなり元気であいかわらず、鍛えまくってるし、ずっとスタジオで仕事してる。、、、この今やってる「仕事」は割とはやくに、皆さんに届くと思うので、おたのしみに、もちろん、Xjapanモノです。今月の終りにヒーちゃんは日本へ帰ってソロのシングルのプロ モーション&アルバム制作の続きを進めるらしい。マックピープルと言う雑誌でヒーちゃんは連載中なのだが、彼に誘われ、私も時々参加する事になった。、、締切怖い。Toshi君はご存じの様にめでたくゴールインなさいまして、現在ソロツアー中。TVでコメントをしてるのを見たら、小柄な彼がひとま わり大きく見えた。おめでとう。面と向かってだと、どうもチャカしてごまかしそうなので、ここで、ひっそり言ってます。LAでドーム以来、久々に5人合体したら、こりゃあ肝臓、4個分位、飲まにゃぁ、しゃあねぇな。では、

97/2/21 21:42:55

Today, there is TEL from YO Otokon. A little about this year's strategy ,,, and concerned about seriously about PATA's liquor He is interesting "Although I was drinking at the time of my tour, I guess that's normal, is not it?", I thought, And it takes care of too much weight. YO Oka is pretty well, as usual, he is working hard and I have been working in the studio for a long time. ,,, I think that "work" that I am now doing will be delivered quickly to everyone, so I am looking forward to it, of course, Xjapan thing. At the end of this month, he seems to go back to Japan and proceed with the pro - motion & album production of solo single. He 's in a magazine called Mack People, he' s in a series, but he was invited and I also joined from time to time. Scary, deadline. Toshi, you know well, I'm going for a happy goal and now I am in a solo tour. When I saw a comment on TV, he looked big and small. Congrats. It is quietly saying here, as it is going to face it, it seems to cheat and scold you. LA After the dome since the dome, if five people join for the first time in a long time, then this is Liver, Quantity Quantity, Drinking Well, Well. Then,

97/2/21 21: 42: 55


Title: Re: VALENTAINE2 1998/02/11/ 03:20 (Note from hide's diary)
Post by: aki on April 07, 2018, 06:25:43 PM
OK, let's go out to drink. We need rather alcohol than sweets all in all, don't we? You understand, teenagers?

LOL, teach them. ;D ::) I still prefer sweets tho. :P

Thank you for sharing these!
Title: Re: VALENTAINE2 1998/02/11/ 03:20 (Note from hide's diary)
Post by: LEMONedMe on April 09, 2018, 08:46:46 AM
OK, let's go out to drink. We need rather alcohol than sweets all in all, don't we? You understand, teenagers?

LOL, teach them. ;D ::) I still prefer sweets tho. :P

Thank you for sharing these!

You're welcome.  I understand what he is saying, though.  If he wasn't getting a chocolate and most of the others were, that must have hurt.  I remember when I was really young and we would do that kind of thing in school only with paper valentines.  A lot of the time, only other kids that you were very close to would give you a card but some of the others would get a bag full.  It kinda made you feel bad.  And knowing hide, he didn't like that sort of thing, especially making others feel bad or even for himself, being made to feel bad because he didn't get one or such.  i think he said he got NONE in grade school level so that must have made him feel very bad.  Now drinking at that age - no no no, he shouldn't and no kids should.  But the idea is there.  Do something else that makes no one get hurt.   :)
Title: Re: VALENTAINE2 1998/02/11/ 03:20 (Note from hide's diary)
Post by: LEMONedMe on April 19, 2018, 12:23:12 PM
I'm posting this in here because it's from the same website and I don't want to create 1000 new topics.  LOL.  I have a bunch of stuff to post so like I said same website, it's going in here. 

Name: Hideto Matsumoto AKA hide (Pronounced hee-day) He was also given the nickname 'Pink Spider' by Yoshiki.
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Yokohama Japan.
Birthday: December 13, 1964
Deathday: May 2,1998. R.I.P. Forever

Founder, vocalist, and guitarist for industrial group (Zilch).

Was lead guitarist of the Japanese rock band X Japan.

Is a certified beautician.

Prior to being in X, he was in a band called Saver Tiger, and then after X, formed Zilch with members of NIN, Danzig, and other industrial acts. While in Zilch, his first American crossover band, he started another band in Japan called Spread Beaver which are featured on his final album entitled "Ja Zoo."

Was deemed the most outragous member of X Japan due to his eccentric style and behavior. He was also the most popular member of the band.

Started and owned a record label, & a chain of stores named LEMONed after his song "LEMONed I Scream" from his 1996 album "Psyence."

In 2000, the Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro announced that he was a big fan of X Japan, which helped him out as a politician. It helped him look in touch with the citizens, and as a way to show the citizens that he was a fan, he opened the appropriately named "Hide Museum" in Hide's hometown, near the oceanline. The museum houses all of his belongings from his guitars, music and movie collections, his clothes, things he's collected from all around the world, to his car even. The only music that's playing in the museum is music that he's played on. There's even a cafe named after one of his songs "Cafe Lé Psyence" as well as shops called "LEMONed I Shop" after his song "LEMONed I Scream." The "Hide Museum" remains open to this day.

Founder & former guitarist of yokosuka Saver Tiger.

Vocalist & guitarist of cyberpunk band hide with Spread Beaver.

He never capitalized his name. Which is why it's always spelled "hide" instead of "Hide."

The 'hide Museum' in Yokosuka, Japan, was closed on September 25, 2005, even after countless efforts of fans all over the world to keep it open.

The "hide Memorial Museum" is now closed as of the 25th of September, 2005 for undisclosed reasons.


Hideto Matsumoto (松本 秀人 Matsumoto Hideto?, December 13, 1964 – May 2, 1998), better known by his stage name hide (ヒデ, written in all capital letters when he was with X Japan and in all lowercase letters when solo and in other projects), was a popular Japanese musician. He was primarily known for his work as lead guitarist of the heavy metal band X Japan from 1987 to 1997. He was also a successful solo artist and co-founder of the United States based band Zilch.

Early years and Saver Tiger: 1964–1987
Hideto Matsumoto was born in St. Joseph's Hospital in Midorigaoka, Japan, on December 13, 1964 and went on to attend Yokosuka Tokiwa Junior High School. He was first exposed to rock music at the age of fifteen, through the album Alive! by Kiss. In the same year his grandmother bought him his first electric guitar, a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.

On March 11, 1980, Matsumoto graduated from Tokiwa Junior High School. He then entered Zushi Kaisei Senior High School in Zushi, Kanagawa, where he entered the school's brass band as a club activity. He quit the band after a short time because he was assigned the clarinet while he wanted to play the trumpet. After this, he concentrated on guitar and in 1981 formed the band Saber Tiger. A year after their founding, they started playing shows at live houses in Yokosuka, such as Rock City.

In April 1983 he started attending cosmetology and fashion school at the Hollywood Beauty Salon in present-day Roppongi Hills, from which he graduated in 1984. Later that year he took a nationwide examination and successfully obtained a beautician license. In July 1985 Saber Tiger released their self-titled EP, which included two songs, "Double Cross" and "Gold Digger". In November, the band contributed the song "Vampire" to the Heavy Metal Force III sampler, which also included songs by X and Jewel. Years later, Jewel's guitarist Kiyoshi would join hide's solo band.

In 1986 the group changed its name to Saver Tiger to avoid confusion with a similarly named band from Sapporo (see Saber Tiger). Their first appearance with the new name was on the sampler Devil Must Be Driven out with Devil, with their songs "Dead Angle" and "Emergency Express". They continued to perform in live houses and night clubs such as Meguro Rokumeikan, Omiya Freaks and Meguro Live Station. Until January 28, 1987, when hide became tired of changing members and decided to end the band (vocalist Kyo and drummer Tetsu would both go on to D'erlanger). Around the same time hide was invited to join X.

X Japan: 1987–1997
Main article: X Japan

hide joined X Japan (then called X) in early 1987. He became the band's lead guitarist and occasional songwriter, composing songs like "Celebration", "Joker" and the single "Scars". Shortly after the release of the album Art of Life, the members of X Japan took a break, to start solo projects. Around that time, the group also dropped most of its original visual kei aesthetics, the exception being Matsumoto, who would still perform in wildly colorful outfits and with his trademark pink hair.

In early 1993, Matsumoto was featured on the sampler Dance 2 Noise 004, with the song "Frozen Bug", which he recorded with Inoran and J of Luna Sea, under the band name M*A*S*S. He also starred in an art film titled Seth et Holth, along with Tusk of Zi:Kill.In 1994, hide recorded and released his first solo album, Hide Your Face. In addition to all vocals and songwriting, he played most of the guitars and bass on some of the tracks. The cover art was based on a mask designed by Swiss artist H. R. Giger.[5] The album's musical style differed significantly from the speed metal anthems and power ballads of X Japan, leaning more towards alternative rock. Matsumoto then went on the "Hide Our Psychommunity Tour", for which a live band was hired that would later become part of his primary project, hide with Spread Beaver.

In 1996, Matsumoto oversaw the production of the first release on his own label LEMONed (founded in 1989), an album from the band Zeppet Store. His second solo album, Psyence, was released on September 2, also followed by a tour, "Psyence a Go Go". After X Japan disbanded in 1997, hide formally titled his solo project hide with Spread Beaver. He also formed a second band, named Zilch in 1996, which apart from him and Spread Beaver programmer and percussionist I.N.A., was composed of American and British artists, such as Joey Castillo (ex:Danzig), Paul Raven (Killing Joke and Ministry) and Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver).

May 2, 1998: Death
Hideto Matsumoto died on May 2, 1998. After a night out drinking, he was found hanged with a towel tied to a doorknob in his Tokyo apartment. Authorities officially deemed Matsumoto's death a suicide, and this verdict was reported in the media. Within one week, three fans had died in copycat suicides, and of the 50,000 people who attended his funeral in Tsukiji Hongan-ji, nearly 60 were hospitalized and about 200 received medical treatment in first aid tents. Later that month, the single "Pink Spider" was released, entering the Oricon charts at number one. The song would also receive that year's MTV Video Music Award in the category "Japan Viewers Choice". Sales were also strong for the follow-up single "Ever Free", while those of a single released previous to his death "Rocket Dive" would also see a substantial increase. American Journalist Neil Strauss commented on the trend saying that: "In just a few weeks, pop culture in Japan had gone from mourning hide's death to consuming it." Popular interpretation of the lyrics to hide's "Pink Spider", which he had performed on the day prior to his death, fueled speculation of a premeditated suicide, because of clear autobiographical elements, and the song's theme of escape from the vicissitudes of life.

Meanwhile, several of hide's friends and colleagues stated that they believed the auto-strangulation to have been an accident, among them X Japan co-founder Yoshiki Hayashi and former X Japan bassist Taiji Sawada. This notion is supported by the fact that no suicide note was left and Sawada theorizes in his autobiography, that at the night of his death, hide may have been practicing a technique to relieve upper back and neck pains which guitarists can suffer from continuous use of a shoulder strap. The technique involved was practiced by the X Japan members during their touring days and required the use of a towel and a door knob or handle. According to Sawada, Matsumoto may have fallen asleep in his intoxicated state, becoming caught and strangling himself.

Zilch bassist Paul Raven commented that hide was "under a lot of stress", due to recording schedule for the Ja, Zoo album. He went on to question the ultimate degree of hide's involvement in the finished record, stating that only three songs had been completed before he died. Ja, Zoo was released in November of the same year with the artist listed as not just "hide" but as "hide with Spread Beaver", making it the only original studio album to bear the "hide with Spread Beaver" handle. Zilch's debut album 3.2.1. was also released and the group continued to perform and record for several years. While they never achieved mainstream success in the United States one of their songs was included on the soundtrack for Heavy Metal 2000.

On May 1, 1999, a tribute album was released, titled Tribute Spirits. It features covers of hide's songs by several bands (such as Buck-Tick,Luna Sea and Oblivion Dust) and solo artists. The album was released to coincide with the anniversary of hide's last-ever live appearance, which included "Pink Spider", on May 1, 1998. This song was covered on Tribute Spirits by the hard-rock group Siam Shade.

A hide museum was opened in his hometown of Yokosuka on July 20, 2000. It remained open, past its original three year plan, for five years, before closing its doors on September 25, 2005.

The remaining members of X Japan recently reunited and recorded a new song, titled "I.V.". It contains a previously unused guitar track by hide. X Japan performed at the Tokyo Dome on March 28, 2008, during the performance of "Art Of Life" hide's image (taken from footage of the "Art of Life" performance at the Tokyo Dome in 1993) played alongside the band. This was made possible by the use of Musion Eyeliner hologram technology.

As far back as July 8, 2007, Yoshiki Hayashi announced to be in talks with several musicians regarding a hide tribute concert set for 2008, in order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his former band mate's passing. The "hide memorial summit" was held on May 3 and 4, 2008 at Ajinomoto Stadium, where X Japan, Versailles, Dir en grey, D'espairs Ray and many others performed, bands such as Luna Sea and Phantasmagoria even reunited for one day to perform. hide with Spread Beaver also performed, using studio and live recordings for hide's vocals. There are still tribute shows held every year, where bands perform on hide's birthday and on the anniversary of his passing.

As with many other late musicians, re-issues, remixes, compilations and previously unreleased portions of Matsumoto's work continue to be published. The most recent being "The Devolution Project", a release of his original eleven singles on picture disc vinyl, throughout 2010.

Personal Life

hide had a younger brother named Hiroshi, who can be seen in the DVD His Invincible Deluge Evidence. Hiroshi was his chauffeur and manager until his last days. He took hide's ashes with him to throw them in the Santa Monica Bay, along with a bottle of wine. Hiroshi had a son whom, during the "Hide Our Psychommunity Tour", hide would bring onstage and sing to. Hiroshi is part of hide's management company Headwax Organization, he also appears on Ja, Zoo reading an excerpt on "Pink Cloud Assembly".

During a TV interview on May 1, 1998 (one day before his death), he said he had a girlfriend [1] . Reports say that hide was with a girl at the time of his death, who may or may not have been this girlfriend.


At the outset of his solo career, hide experimented with instrumentations very different from what he usually had access to in X Japan. The song "Psychommunity", for example, has four guitar tracks and employs a full string section. As another example, his song "Blue Sky Complex" features guitars in drop C tuning, a trumpet section, and an organ.

The title track of his second album Psyence is a big band/jazz composition with full brass, other songs on the record explore genres such as reggae, industrial rock and glam rock, with varying uses of guitar effects.

Instruments and songwriting are less experimental on the Ja, Zoo album, most songs featuring a fairly conventional instrumentation of two guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards. Traditional piano and violins do, however, make an appearance.


hide was a fan of Bow Wow guitarists Kyoji Yamamoto and Mitsuhiro Saito, and selected to use the Mockingbird style guitar, which Saito used. hide was rarely seen performing without a Fernandes guitar. He owned a repertoire of signature models as well as standard models. His signature models are still available for purchase today.

hide often utilized the sustainer feature that came equipped with his guitars, and is heard on many X Japan songs. Aside from guitars, the majority of amps and effects were never publicly mentioned. hide was often seen in the early 1990s using Peavey amplifiers on stage.