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X JAPAN 10th Anniversary of Reunion - PREMIUM GIGS in Tokyo announced

darkcat21 · 4173

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It's a .ts file. If you have VLC media player, that will open it.

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It's a .ts file. If you have VLC media player, that will open it.

No, I don't have VLC. I use Bandicam.  Bandicam doesn't do playback.  It shoots video and single shots, i.e. photos.  I use Realplayer for playback or whatever is pre-installed on this computer.  Since it's a new to me, computer, I haven't checked out what it is because I have my preferences for playback and just didn't bother to see what is on here that opens when I don't deliberately tell the computer to open something with XYZ. 

Maybe I'll get VLC, again.  I just didn't care for it but I know a lot of people use it.

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You could get Media Player Classic, it's one of the best media players and it supports .ts files.