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Loveless(fantext. AKA Story)

Miyazaki_Taya · 1907

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Offline Miyazaki_Taya

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on: February 16, 2007, 11:31:09 PM
Protagonists: Taya and Hayashi Yoshiki.
Info. On Taya: Is Toshis' lil' sister, is the lead singer of the band "FUKAI MORI", used to be Hides' girlfriend until his death and is now Yoshikis' girlfriend.
Time: After XJapans' Dissolution and Hides' death
    Yoshiki was walking around, outside his apartment. He sighed, runnig his fingers through his brownish-golden locks. He loomked around and though when is she coming back? He couldn't stand being away from her. He needed her, more than ever now. She saw someone walk up to him, holding a yellow GIBSON guitar with the name "HIDE"  around it. It had some pink hearts all over it. It had a small photo of Hide. Yoshiki looked at her and was very curious on who she was. He looked closely and saw Taya. Toshis' girlfriend. He smiled and quickly ran up to her. Taya had seen someone running up to her, smiling. She thought it was someone doing exercise when she looked closely. "YOSHIKI !!!" Taya ran up to him, smiling. Once they met, they hugged as if they hadn't seen eachother in 10 years. Yoshiki broke the hug and looked at her with a smile on his face. "IT'S BEEN SO DAMN LONG !!! I THOUGHT U WERE NEVER COMING !!!!"
-"Our plane was delayed! Sorry!"
    He smiled and slowly kissed her lips. " I have  missed you..." He said smiling, allowing his grip to tighten. She smiled and hugged him. "How's big bro? He doing good?" Just then, her cellphone began to ring. She saw the caller ID and it said Toshi. She smiled and opened it, answering "HI NII-SAN(brother) ^^" She said with a smile.
-" NII-CHAN !!!(sister) I thought u would never come !! How was America?"
-"Good. Our plane was delayed because of a snow storm... really sorry D:"
-"Nah, it's ok" He said, a timber in his voice so suddle and relived to hear from his sister. "Well... i have to go, i'll see you soon sister...." He said clicking and hearing a small beep from the phone speaker. Yoshiki looked at her and smiled. He stared into her beautiful eyes. He snapped away from orbit and went back to earth. He smiled, offering her a hand. She looked at it and took it, leaning on Yoshiki. She smiled, falling asleep, sitting on a bench.

ndless Rain.... fall on my heart.....

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Reply #1 on: August 19, 2008, 06:00:53 AM
wa wa wa wa~!!~~!~!~~
so great~!~
go on go on go on go on go on go on go on.....................................................

Close my eyes
rose breathes I can hear
all love and sadness melt in my heart