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Subforum rules

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on: June 30, 2007, 08:26:49 PM
This is the new subforum, for trade of Non X Japan related stuff. It may be music, DVDs, related media (newspapers/magazines/articles) or whatever, but it must be original, that means no self-burned/ripped material, but only offically released stuff.

This place is mainly for selling or trading, but you can try your luck with buying requests also :)

Note that X Freaks fan forum doesn't take any kind of responsibility for any items sold/bought/traded here. We highly rcommend you to use the most secure means when trading and to be really careful.

When making a new topic to trade anything, you should, in the topic name state the type of trade (buying/selling/trading) and in the topic itself full details of what you have/want, payment methods you accept, the prize, etc, etc.

Happy trading :)

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