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Hello everyone,

so, here´s the situation: I have one of these typical Japanese autograph boards (white background, golden frame) at home with original autographs of 1988´s X-Japan members. Those autographs are from Yoshiki, Hide, Toshi, Pata, Taiji and were given in 1988 at the group´s concert at Omiya Freaks in Japan, the board is in perfect condition. This autograph board was given to me from a friend in Japan, but as I´m not such a huge fan of the group, I thought why no asking around here? In case someone is interested, feel free to contact me. I have no idea how much I can ask for that, but as it contains Hide´s and Taiji´s autographs, it should be quiet a collector piece. Send me a price offer, and I´ll be happy to mail you a photo of the autograph board :-)

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