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Wikipedia / Xjapantranslations.com
« on: December 26, 2018, 03:32:42 PM »
So about a month ago I noticed that the xjapantranslations site was down which is a shame as it had a lot of old translated articles and interviews which were interesting as especially good for newer fans.

Just thought I would put a post here to see if the owners of that site might see this in the hope that it might be saved or revived?

General chat / Re: Hide: 50th Anniversary: Junk Story Documentary
« on: December 26, 2018, 03:18:40 PM »
Thank you and Lakeisle for your hard work! Looking forward to watching this soon.

Community / Re: X-FREAKS からのメリークリスマス
« on: December 26, 2018, 03:14:01 PM »
It sounds like you have had lots of adventures! Looking forward to reading all your stories.  :D

Yoshiki / Yoshiki's interview on Sirius XM
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:40:31 PM »

Yoshiki talks about the album here. I think Yoshiki is very much an 'artist' in his viewpoint on releasing albums rather than releasing something because there is a demand. As an Art graduate I can understand some of this mentality.


He also talks a little bit on Music therapy here which is interesting.

I need to hunt down the full interview somewhere so If I find that I will post it here.

Toshi / Re: Toshl's first cover album 'IM A SINGER' (2018.11.28)
« on: December 02, 2018, 02:08:45 AM »
Toshi’s 2 minute preview of 365Nichi Kimi Hikouki already has 1.000.000 views in like 2 weeks. Interesting that La Venus and Without You has 700.000 and 800.000 since March 2017 and the official Jade video has 1.5 Millions since 2011... I think it says a lot about the current state of X Japan

Well X is a largely dormant band so I think its kinda normal. Rock isn't really as mainstream as it used to be years ago either so combined with these things I think the views reflect that. Toshi's new album is really for a different market as I imagine it wouldn't appeal to old X fans as much but I imagine there is a bigger following of ladies who 'love that sweet guy in the glasses from that " X japan" band with his cute dog baking cakes and wiping kids noses' and who can blame them. He is very lovely and always seems to be on TV lately looking all adorable and stuff.  ;D It's easy for Toshi to steal our hearts.

Toshi / Re: Toshl's first cover album 'IM A SINGER' (2018.11.28)
« on: December 02, 2018, 01:29:48 AM »
I listened the samples on iTunes. His voice is really nice.
Only I am not too into this style of songs.... they make me sleepy....  ::)

I know what you mean. I listened to this yesterday in the car and if I'm honest I really wanted to like it more than I do. I like the song Chicken Rice but for me there was no stand out song that made me say "oh I love this" and I really did want to love it because I love Toshi. His voice is beautiful on this though. Perhaps singing these types of songs helps him rest his voice more and helps with the higher notes? His voice sounds crystal clear lately and in really good condition.

Maybe this album will be a 'grower' for me if I give it a few more listens. It's a plesant Christmas album but I just feel like its been marketed for the mums and the grans to get in their stockings at Christmas, which is no bad thing as cover albums always sell quite well at this time of year and Toshi deserves happiness.

Ah I guess I'm just a little dissapointed that there isn't a 'I want to play this to death' song on here for me. Perhaps its a little too easy listening for me. I think  I need more angst in my music. lol!

Toshi / Re: Toshl's first cover album 'IM A SINGER' (2018.11.28)
« on: December 01, 2018, 02:12:59 PM »

Have you heard this clip of Toshi's on his twitter feed promoting his album in shopping malls in Japan?

I love it! His voice is in such good condition and hitting the high notes perfectly! ❤❤❤ Wow!

Damn I wish we had singers like Toshi singing in our shopping malls here. It would make me want to tolerate the crowds for Christmas shopping!

Albums/Singles / Re: X JAPAN New Album(When??)
« on: November 24, 2018, 01:44:26 PM »

(taken from discord chat)

There was no "time" to release it during 10 years. But there was "the right time" to release Hello Kitty, Curry Spices, Kimonos and two songs with fucking Hyde.

Sometimes seems like he just don't want to lose the highlight from himself.

But without these things my life would be no fun. Last night I took a bath in Yoshiki wine, then lay on the bed in my Kimono eating curry flavoured crisps then I arranged my selection of Yoshikitties into a band formation and we did our own version of 'Say anything' conducted by an alpaca. Please tell me 'fucking Hyde' is a new action figure? It sounds like something I would be interested in!  ;D ;)

In all seriousness though I doubt any of these things actually require that much input from Yoshiki. I think it just more likely that these companies see a fun way of making money from Yoshiki's name and he is happy to go along with it. I imagine he just turns up at occasional meetings signs off a lot of Yoshkitty designs, tastes a packet of crisps and wine and does occasional promotion here and there. I don't imagine he is sketching Yoshikitties and pressing grapes in a vineyard. Let's be honest though if someone approached me and asked if I could make money by sticking my name on a cute cat or if I would like my own brand of wine then I wouldn't refuse!  ;D

The article did aslo have this question:

I was thinking watching your concert and your film, We Are X,’you have given so much of yourself in creating your music, and I was wondering, do you get that back as well?

Completely. Without music I’m probably not even alive. I was very suicidal. Maybe not past tense, maybe still. But when I do charity work as well as composing music, the music really helps me to be sane. Music is my medicine. It’s like my blood.

The world is becoming chaotic these days. Anything can happen, in a good way or in a bad way. I like to contribute my music to a more positive thing.

I think herein lies the answer. I have always viewed Yoshiki as someone who struggles mentally with depression and depressive thoughts. Depression is such a tricky and awful beast and it manifests in so many different ways. Its really common for depressed people to be very self involved as their minds are so consumed by negative internal voices that their life can become a battle to do things to raise their state or to just keep going. I think when Yoshiki says it's not the right time to release the album I think deep down that may mean that its not the right time for him to release the album, as in some ways I think it has become a crutch that keeps him going. I think he knows that this is going to be the last album and I don't think he is ready to let go of that just yet as I think the 'album' is what keeps him going. Combined with mental and physical difficulities I think there is probably an internal battle in his mind struggling to accept the realities of aging and letting go of certain things. I kinda get the impression that Yoshiki is a little lost in life at the moment and perhaps he is looking for the next thing to do in life before he can let go of the album forever? Maybe this is why he is doing things with Sarah Brightman and Hyde to kind of build another direction for himself after the album is released?

Toshi has his own interests in cooking and doing his own solo work and Sugizo has his other bands and music and his humanitarian work.
 I feel like Yoshiki struggles more than the other members with life. I think luckily or unluckily for him he has the 'Yoshiki circus' to follow him around to do things for him which perhaps gives the impression that he is more 'functional' in life than he perhaps is. I think the attention and love from the fans really does keep him going as I think he is still carries this burden of guilt for Hide and Taiji.

I think on the outside for us fans it seems so obvious what needs to be done to promote X, release the album, do a tour etc. I think the reality is perhaps really very different as I think there are probably many people living off of Yoshiki's name and lifestyle along with this celebrity LA pressure to attend events and get your face out there all the time. I feel for Yoshiki in many ways.

There is also the possibility that he has the inside knowledge on the music scene and may know something we don't.

I think someone said that him and Toshi may not be getting on? I can't see that myself to be honest. Toshi's last tweet to Yoshiki was

'Happy birthday yoshiki‼️ I wish for your happiness from the bottom of my heart. Many thanks🤞🏻😎'

That doesn't sound like the words of people who aren't getting on  :D I'm sure Toshi doesn't let things get to him as much these days after the trauma of the cult days.

Anyway, I must love you and leave you all. I have to go and watch a video of Toshi dressing his dog in a Tuxeodo with cat ears!  :D :D

« on: November 18, 2018, 01:42:49 PM »
Hi everyone! Tonight at 7pm UTC we will watch the latest Yoshiki classical concert. Check out discord for the URL later today.

Covers / Re: Without You - Piano Cover Classical Version - short!
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:55:16 PM »
That's great!  :D Well done, you did a really great job!
I'm sure it definitely must increase your respect for our dear Yoshiki!
Thank you dear fluffy.  :)

I keep promising myself violin lessons. I really should get some next year.
Are you sure? Violin is hard!  ;D My oldest brother used to learn violin and he hated it so much.  ;D

Yeah it is hard. I've had a violin for years but never got around to it properly with university, jobs and relationships to juggle! I just love the sound of the violin. I love the piano too but the violin just steals my heart everytime! It's sooo beautiful. I started doing some you tube lessons a while ago but then with life stress going on it went by the wayside. When Sugizo plays it it makes my heart happy! Sigh.... :D

News / Re: Yoshiki Channel International
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:20:19 PM »
OMG! I was just coming here to post that! Ha ha ha! I was told about this about a week ago on Twitter by a lovely lady.



The first broadcast is going to be on 15th November.

I've just signed up. :D It's £4.99 per month. Hopefully this will be in English maybe.

Covers / Re: Without You - Piano Cover Classical Version - short!
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:48:44 PM »
That's great!  :D Well done, you did a really great job!
I'm sure it definitely must increase your respect for our dear Yoshiki!

I keep promising myself violin lessons. I really should get some next year.

General chat / Re: X Japan Drinking Game!
« on: November 02, 2018, 01:50:55 PM »
Playing an X drinking game would be dangerous!

Everytime they shout 'X' during X!
Everytime you hear either tears, roses or rain

Even after just those two you would have passed out!

Alternatively everytime Yoshiki says 'ne' during his talks.

Offtopic / Re: books
« on: October 28, 2018, 12:08:16 PM »
Oh yeah, i'm already registered on that site but haven't updated it for ages!

Toshi / Toshi's blog
« on: October 28, 2018, 12:04:30 PM »
I realised that we didn't have a post on Toshi's recent blog project so I will drop the link here for anyone that wants to discuss any of his content.


Unfortunately, google translate doesn't do an amazing job on this. For me it weirdly translates this as the 'American bro' which does make me smile a little but you kind of get the jist of things. Toshi updates his 'American bro' quite often.  :D If you want to see what he is eating for breakfast then this is the place for you.  :D :D :D

Yoshiki / Yoshiki channel Halloween special
« on: October 28, 2018, 11:47:23 AM »

So, Yoshiki is broadcasting his Halloween special on his channel today. Any guesses at what he is going to dress up as?

Offtopic / Re: books
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:27:02 PM »
Oh a thread on books! I don’t read a huge amount these days compared to what I used to as due to life and brain chaos I don’t have the same focus or concentration. I tend to read more stuff online and could probably quote all the article’s on psychology today! Ha!

I think I tend to cycle through phases with reading and books. When I was studying my degree I read a lot of French Literature. Mostly French existentialism and surrealism things like L’etranger by Albert Camus and Nadja by Andre Breton. I also had to study a very boring module on Breton Literature so ended up reading a lot of French ‘realist literature’ books by Balzac then when I was in France I had to read copious amounts of French writers which all kind of merge into one big mass! Ha ha! I did read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at this time as it was currently the only set of books there that I had that were in English so it was kind of ‘light reading’ for me at the time, though I find Tolkein very long winded and hard going and much prefer the films.

I had a phase of reading lots of travel Literature and read most of Bill Brysons books and one that Matsumoto may appreciate: A Year in the Merde by Stephen Clarke.

I had the usual Harry Potter phase that I think most people have had and had a phase were I read lots of autobiographies. One that sticks in my mind as being inspirational is one by Katie Piper. I’m not sure if she is known worldwide?

I also went through a phase of reading lots about the Holocaust and read Anne Franks diary and lots of other books. There are two books that left quite an impression on me. The first was Three years in the Gas Chamber by Filip Muller and Alicia: My Story by Alicia Appleman-Jurman. These are naturally not cheerful reads but these people are inspirational.

I remember having a period were I decided to go through a list of the BBC’s recommended classics and read things like the Colour Purple, To Kill and Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye and more traditional books like Great Expectations by Charles Dickins and remember starting reading The portrait of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde but then soon got dragged back in to autobiographies and the lure of reading about Johnny Weir and the bitchiness of the ice skating world! LOL

Derren Brown’s books are quite an interesting read as is one by Penn Jillette on atheism.
I had a Buddhism phase as well and read quite a few by Pema Chodron. Oh, yeah and there is a book on Taoism that is quite interesting called the Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet.
Alain de Botton has some interesting philosophical books. I remember reading one about Art as Therapy and another one on relationships.

The last thing I read properly was the translation of Toshi’s Brainwashed book which was quite a while ago now. I keep starting to read a textbook on Art therapy but then put it to one side, forget where I am up to and keep re-reading the first few chapters! Ha! I should probably get back into reading a little more again these days but like with most things life gets in the way.

Toshi / Re: The adorable Toshi 'Blue Day' thread
« on: October 23, 2018, 09:15:25 PM »
Ok, so Toshi was on a show lately with his dog and lots of other puppies. I'm guessing he is singing a song about being a dog or something!  :D  Anyway, he looks happy and like he is enjoying his life!



I hope these people don't mind me sharing their tweets but I couldn't find the links anywhere else! We are just spreading the Toshlove!

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki on TV?
« on: October 23, 2018, 07:40:59 PM »
I found some links to the show on Twitter!


Shopping for tat on holiday is one of my favourite things! Yoshiki needs to collect a monument from every city he goes to. Not that I would ever waste my money doing such a thing. :D

Ok,  just discovered more clips of this show. Looks kinda funny. It's like Rock stars go shopping for the first time in years! Ha ha!





I'm sure a full version will be around somewhere soon. I particulary like the last link. Yoshiki isn't falling for the sales guys bullshit on license plates. Ha ha! No Yoshiki 'it's really not legal'. :D

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki on TV?
« on: October 23, 2018, 02:20:06 PM »
Doesn't he do a Yoshiki channel thing dressed up for halloween each year? Is that what he is doing?

Sugizo / Re: Yusura
« on: October 23, 2018, 01:48:49 PM »
Guys, maybe this thread is an opportune time to mention the x freaks message......

We are all here to help support you in your X Japan addictions! Whether you are a 'Heath' who prefers to read rather than post or whether you post as much as Yoshiki (if he were on a drunken Instagram binge) you will always be welcome here to 'dry your tears with love'! So please...'say anything'....as long as you are nice to each other!

Without wanting to come across as too preachery maybe now is a good time to remind everyone to be nice to each other. Sometimes there are misunderstandings when communicating through text but maybe, please can we be mindful that there are real people on the other side of these posts with feelings. We all share a common interest: a love of X, right?

Let's make x freaks a friendly place on the internet were we can discuss things and have a difference of opinion without trying to hurt each other, fight with each other or get too defensive and reactive with each other?

Maybe we can learn from X and their mistakes? We don't want to have to fire anyone from the band! Let's not have a Yoshiki and Taiji incident here on the forum. Maybe we can learn to be more like Yoshiki and Toshi and put our disagreements in the past?!


Toshi / Re: Toshi's new book....
« on: October 21, 2018, 10:24:13 AM »
Good taste in decor?  :D Have you seen the video of his studio? I think he has made very very dubious interior design choices! Ha ha! That's the politest way I can put it! The French aristocracy and several of the King Louis' would be turning in their graves! Ha ha ha!

This is what I like about Toshi though. He will dress how he wants and style his studio how he wants and he doesn't give a crap. He will sit in his replica Louis XV furniture wearing the most spikey suit you've ever seen whilst drinking a matcha green tea and holding his dog who is dressed as Donald duck, and he just doesn't care. It's kind of awesome. I love an eccentric!

Toshi / Re: Toshi's new book....
« on: October 20, 2018, 10:51:04 PM »
I've also got the book too. Apparently though it is already out of stock and no more are due to be printed which is a shame. It's a cute book and printed on nice paper. It would be better if I actually understood Japanese though!  :D It's split into 4 chapters. The first i'm assuming is probably about how he developed his sweet tooth as a child as there are a few photos of him from his younger days. Then I'm guessing there is a little bit about how he fell in love with a chocolate cake or something  :D There is also a photo of him with what I assume is a celebrity chef in Japan. Then there are 12 recipes of different deserts by months which start from september. I'm guessing you are meant to make one with him each month for a year as I think september was when this was released and I guess that may explain why no more are being printed? Then there is a little chapter where Toshi seems to rank different chocolatey things and then the final chapter has some photos from his studio and what I assume is Toshi's suggested decor for hosting a dinner party!  :D
This is all guesses though as I don't understand much of it which is a shame as some of the deserts look lovely and making them would probably be fun.

Seeing as it is apparently not going to be printed I'll share one or two photos here.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: October 05, 2018, 01:50:06 PM »
There is no "better" drug of being high then insomnia ;)

This is so trufax! It's pretty hard to "forget" that there's four other people in your band, though. But I know nothing about this dude's brain. Could be an ego thing. In any case it's pretty weird and it keeps getting weirder. I look forward to an X Japan feat. Pikotaro thing, at this rate it could happen.  ;D

Just re-read it now and there are so many mistakes! Ha! The joys of typing on your phone!

You wrote all that on your phone??? Must be taken forever!
And yes, there was one mistake :D Ysohiki called him Heath instead of Keith ;D ;D ;D

Yep I did in on my phone because I was too lazy to get up from the sofa.
Damn, yeah how could I have forgot about the Keith thing. There are so many other things I should have included!

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: October 05, 2018, 01:35:54 PM »
Ahh fluffy, this was awesome. :D Seriously you need to go on archivesofourown and write fanfic like this!!! Not just here and on discord, but to a wider audience. I ROFLed so much :DDD

Ah that's sweet of you but I did this so tongue-in-cheek! I literally know nothing about proper writing. I can think this stuff in my head much better than I can apply it to paper! Even when I'm writing it i'm thinking 'this probably sounds like total crap to others and won't be funny at all!'

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: October 05, 2018, 08:52:18 AM »
OMG, this!!
Sugizo: “I cannot interfere in the ways of the universe.”

I'm dying, I'm literally laughing my head off  ;D ;D ;D

Aww glad it made you laugh! Just re-read it now and there are so many mistakes! Ha! The joys of typing on your phone!

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: October 05, 2018, 08:42:13 AM »
You are a total freak and for that I love you ;D ;D ;D

Aww thanks dude! Love ya too! I'm not usually used to hearing 'freak' and 'love' in the same sentence! Usually it's 'God Fluffy you are so weird' or 'Morning weirdo' or 'i've never met anyone like you' or 'Why are you being like this?' ha ha ha!

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: October 05, 2018, 12:00:52 AM »
Or maybe it was and that's why it was originally going to be called X Japan feat Hyde then there was the backlash by fans to no Toshi and was changed?

Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Naaa, i have to be polite. Yes, fluffy, in my opinion it's the same. And it makes sense.

Ha ha! Yeah I like to state what is my obvious.
I just can imagine the scene where Yoshiki is explaining 'Toshi-hyde gate' to Sugizo, Pata and Heath.

This is how I like to imagine it went down…… The Red Swan saga a.k.a ‘Toshi-Hyde Gate’

Flashback to the original scene....

Hyde and Yoshiki are eating dinner
Hyde looks admiringly across the table to his idol. The father of visual kei with his beautifully botoxed face. Damn how does he pull of being so beautiful yet masculine pondered Hyde

Hyde: "My record label want me to earn them a shitload of money recording a song for an anime! Do you want to do a collab with me?"
Yoshiki: "Yeah sure why not! The album can wait a bit longer. Yeah let’s do this thing! You wanna sing?"
Hyde: "Hell yeah!
Yoshiki: "You and Toshi could do a duet? I'll call him and see if he can make it?"
Hyde: "Yeah but my record label wants this turning round pretty quickly!"
Yoshiki: "Quickly? What does that mean?"
Hyde: "It means that a manager gives you deadlines and you have to meet them."
Yoshiki: "Really? But like, what if you have a wine re-launch event to go to or a new perfume to promote….then… what if Gackt calls and brings 6 bottles of champagne for you both to drink!!?"
Hyde: "Then dude, you have to do this thing called ....prioritisation."
Yoshiki: "hmmm...never heard of it. It sounds awful though"
Hyde: "Anyway call Toshi! We need to book studio time in a few weeks"
Yoshiki: “ok, hang on a sec”

Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, ring ring!!!!

Toshis phone:.....''crystal memoooories on the sea of time an endless journey to... pick up the phone...i'll be there sooooon...you are marvellous ....leave a message for ...meeee....Please leave your message after the tone" BEEEEEEP!
Yoshiki: Toshi you wanna do a collab with Hyde? Ring me back today....apparently this needs to be done quickly. I've never heard of that word before? Anyway call me bro...

Meanwhile in Toshi world…….

TV show producer guy: “What about doing a tea ceremony in studded trousers?”
Toshi: “Will I be able to sit down in these?”
TV guy: “No I doubt it…. but it will make you look more weird. The ratings will be through the roof!”
Toshi: “Ok, but as long as you get a few shots of me wearing spikes and sitting in my Louis 14th replica furniture. I'm so proud of this studio! Do you like my collection of porcelain dolls?”
TV guy: “Yes! Love them”

Tv guy shouts to camera man...make sure you get these creepy af dolls in shot too.

Toshi: “Have you seen my dog anywhere?”
TV guy: “Dog?”
Toshi: “Well sometimes I lose him in my collection of stuffed toys as I usually dress him like Donald Duck.”
TV guy: “Are you sure you are really a rock star?”
Toshi: “Aww now you are making me blush!...you called me a rock star!” *Glances at phone* oh hang on I have a missed call from Yoshiki I’ll be back in a minute...”

Toshi walks off to his crazy weird museum room......

Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring

Yoshiki: *phone is answered mid conversation*  “..... and then I said to Will.I.am...Twilight is not so unrealistic after all. Us vampires actually don't sleep...well only when we are on private jets....oh hang on! my phones ringing...Oh Toshi my love Hi!”
Toshi: “What up Princess?”
Yoshiki: “Shhh...don't let anyone know that you still call me that ok?”
Toshi: “Yeah, yeah whatevs Princess! What's this thing with Hyde you are talking about?”
Yoshiki: “Oh yeah his record company wants to cash in on us all for an anime opening song. Fancy singing together with him? We have to turn it around soon though and need to start recording in a few weeks?”
Toshi: “Ah sorry princess I’m booked up for the next month. I'm filming a show tasting 50 ice creams flavours dressed in a pink bunny suit then i'm gonna be broadcasting Toshi channel totally drunk and then I'm shopping for stuffed animals to play with whilst baking a life sized replica cake of myself.”
Yoshiki: “Toshi you know those stuffed animals aren't real, right?”
Toshi: “Hey I saw you on TV putting an omelette blanket on a rice kitty! You can talk!”
Yoshiki: “Hey don't judge me! That kitty said he was cold and then did the X sign to me! What was I supposed to do? Just leave him lay there on that plate to freeze?”
Toshi: “Yoshiki….. why are you so obsessed with kitties?”
Yoshiki: “I'm not!”
Toshi: “Err...hello……Yoshikitty?”
Yoshiki: “but Yoshikitty is real!”
Toshi: “My melody is better! My Toshi melody could definitely beat up your Yoshikitty!”
Yoshiki: “No way! Yoshikitty could knock your stupid bunny out with drumsticks in one swift blow!”
Toshi: “Ah crap!!!”
Yoshiki: “What??!”
Toshi: “I've just dropped a stich on my f**king awesome Teddy Bear cross stitch!”
Yoshiki: “Toshi are you sure you're not still brainwashed?”
Toshi: “Ouch! Hey below the belt dude! Well ….are you still remixing my voice on the album syllable by syllable?
Yoshiki: “You just don't understand how Art is made!”
Toshi: “with blood, sweat and tears?”
Yoshiki: “What about the roses?”
Toshi: “see…….see the roses of love....”
Yoshiki: “Your voice melts my heart…..”
Toshi: “Ever think we should be in therapy? Ha ha ha!”
Yoshiki: “...................nah! Wanna get drunk soon and smash shit up?”
Toshi: “Hell yeah! It's been too long! Pick me up in your jet in a few weeks ok?”
Yoshiki: “Sorry there is no more space. Moomin took the last seat. Lip Balm Girl and Water Girl need two seats each to store all my lip salve and water.”
Toshi: “Where is Scarf girl these days?”
Yoshiki: “Had to let her go. She bought a pink scarf one day! She knows I only do black, white and occasional red!....but listen BFF i'm gonna do this thing with Hyde ok? I'll ask the other guys to join and we'll call it X Japan feat Hyde?”
Toshi: “Ok whatever! Gotta go and clean my suit of armour for the TV show!”
Yoshiki: “Bring cheesecake for me when you come!!
Toshi: “Will do Princess! Smell ya later!”
Yoshiki: !We are...? ...Go you know how I like to hear it?!”
Toshi: “.....X ya mother f**ker!!
Yoshiki: “Thanks Toshlove!”

Weeks later at the studio....

Studio dude: “Well....guys I think that's a wrap!”
Yoshiki: “But what about if we change the......”
Studio dude: “NO! its perfect. It's good enough to give us all 10% profit!”
Yoshiki: “but but…...”
Studio dude: “Yo-chan relax. The record company sent cheesecake. Go eat some! It helps with the perfectionism. Go stress eat!”
Yoshiki: “Well..sigh....ok”

Yoshiki Walks off to get cheesecake...

Yoshiki! “……WTF!? Who's eaten all the cheesecake?!!!!!!”
Hyde: “.....mmm?”
Yoshiki: “FFS Hyde! Damn!!...Toshi would never have done this! I knew I should have recorded this with him! Pata tell him to stop?!”
Pata: “Chill dude. JD is better than cheesecake anyway”
Yoshiki: “Sugizo tell Hyde to go get me more cheesecake?!”
Sugizo: “I cannot interfere in the ways of the universe.”
Yoshiki: Heath?...
Heath: “........”
Yoshiki: sigh....

A few weeks later in the waiting room of the 'botox for vampires clinic' lip balm girl is looking at her Facebook and Twitter feed.

Lip balm girl: “Uh oh!”
Yoshiki: “What?”
Lip balm girl: “Well it seems like people are losing their minds over Red Swan!”
Yoshiki: “Ah….I knew they'd love it!”
Lip balm girl: “Well not exactly. They are p*ssed that you are calling it X Japan but there is no Toshi!”
Yoshiki: “Really? But the others did stuff on this too?!”
Lip balm girl: “Yeah but Toshi is sooooooo right now!”
Yoshiki: “More popular than me?!”
Lip balm girl: “hmmm ….maybe boss”
Yoshiki: “NO!......Ok now I’m stressed where is my organic lip balm?”
Lip balm girl: Here it is…..”
Yoshiki: “PEACH FLAVOUR!!!! You know I HATE peach! Just go!!! Just leave me alone!!”

Lip balm girl is dismissed to the car

Water girl: “Don't get too stressed Yoshiki. You know some might question what is the most important thing? Is it that musicians create new music and send it out into the universe for people to enjoy or is it more important to know how to brand it? Maybe when you have a minute I’ve got an expert marketing plan that........”
Yoshiki: “Shhh... I’m too sad now to think about marketing. My fans are mad. That makes me sad...I'll have to speak with the guys. Where’s my water?!”

Back at the studio…..

Sugizo: “What do you mean the fans say this is not X Japan without Toshi? You always said that we are all X?!”
Pata: *looks up from his glass of JD* “What's going on?.....oh wait a minute is that a cat....!? Come here Kitty Kitty Kitty”
Yoshiki: “Heath what do you think? Heath? Heath?.... HEATH!?”
Heath: “........ sorry I was just thinking about hair feathers and bass lines.....”
Yoshiki: “Well guys the fans have spoken. Looks like my name is the only name going on this. I know I always say that we are X means everyone but the fans have spoken. I'm afraid you guys just don't have the X factor!”

Yoshiki looks off dreamily into the distance lost in thought..... the X factor. That's it! That’s how I can break America! Be a judge on the X Factor! I know all about being X! Brilliant! Wow! I'll speak to Simon Cowell right now. Actually I don't think I have a selfie with him! Perfect! Two life goals in one shot! Once I’ve done the show then I'll finish the album! Perfect!

Sugizo: “oi!...yo! ...hey! ... Yoshiki! How did manage to go into such a deep meditation?”
Yoshiki: “Oh no…..I wasn't meditating. I just had the best idea……oh anyway looks like we are having a name change. You'll just have to be guests on the song instead!”
Sugizo: “Ok let me consult my cosmic bow on this? Bow what do you think? .....
Hmmm bow has spoken. He says this is the way of the universe and you have more important things to think about like...do phoenixes actually dream of electronic music? Good point bow! Now let's go to do the real job of helping the aid workers with their relief work!”
Yoshiki: “Wow the bow actually gives advice?! Let me ask a question!.......”
Sugizo: “I'm sorry my friend. The bow only answers to my cosmic energy.”
Yoshiki: “Aww no fair...anyway Heath, Pata are you ok just be credited as guests?”
Heath: “.....”
Pata: “Yoshiki you know as long as I have played my guitar I am truly satisfied. Come on Heath let's go to Roppongi and get drunk!”

Meanwhile back at Toshi's house...

Toshi: “Whoa! What's all this on twitter? The fans love me! They truly love me! Baby fish-chan did you read this? They love me!! I'm gonna call Yoshiki!!!
Baby fish-chan: “Are you crazy? You know I’m not real, right?”

Ring ring, ring ring

Yoshiki's phone: “Hey Toshi.......sigh”
Toshi: “Princess! Guess who's more popular than you now bro?! Ha ha ha!!
Yoshiki: “Never! I still have more followers than you on Twitter!”
Toshi: “but now you know that there is no X Japan without me! The fans have spoken!”
Yoshiki: “Of course there can be no X Japan without you! Why did you think I never found a replacement singer for you in those ten years of...well.......”
Toshi: “Maybe I should be leader of the band now?”
Yoshiki: “Don't be getting big headed now that you've learnt how to bake...oh yeah.....and where the hell is my cheesecake!?

BTW.... did you see that talking alpaca on Twitter.......
some people are so weird.................
You can’t say that…..!
We have the best fans…..
Yes, you’re right we do have the best fans..…..so that alpaca is actually real right……?”

This is how the fantasy and Red Swan drama went on in my head! Please let me have this illusion!
Let’s be honest. We all love the X drama! What will we have to complain about when the album is released. What will we have to affectionately mock if there are no problems? How will I ever be able to pretend I can drink like a rock star if there was no Yoshiki wine?

To quote a recent song: What's the lie? What's the truth? What to believe?

Disclaimer: Not a factual post! Ha ha! This is just a collection of random thoughts in Fluffy's brain. incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.  :D ;D :D ;D  :P

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: October 03, 2018, 11:19:55 PM »
maybe their participation wasn't planned from the beginning?

Or maybe it was and that's why it was originally going to be called X Japan feat Hyde then there was the backlash by fans to no Toshi and was changed?

Toshi / Re: Toshl's first cover album 'IM A SINGER'
« on: September 30, 2018, 08:57:44 PM »
Yes! This is good news! Toshi seems to be putting out a lot of stuff at the moment which is good for us fans. I like the title 'I'm a singer'  :D It's modest...Toshi is THE singer!  :D :D

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