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General chat / Re: RIP X JAPAN
« on: January 17, 2019, 07:42:30 AM »
What the hell is going on? People pleaaaase calm down. Insults are not getting us anywhere, returner. Please all be careful of your language. I will eventually reply to everything here later, but for now please just calm down...

Then what is calling a user's post "junk"?

I'm not the one who took it to this tone. Joker did a great job of that on their own along with things said by others. I agreed to several points of yours Joker and for the sake of ruffling feathers and being dramatic you ignored all of that and decided to be tone deaf and rude. Of course. What else can I expect from X Freaks.

General chat / Re: RIP X JAPAN
« on: January 17, 2019, 06:50:45 AM »
g96429#msg96429 date=1547683551]
Take two seconds of your time to think about what you just said.
You just compared Yoshiki, a hugely talented musician (yeah, he is an amazing musician, he is just a bad manager) to Kim Kardashian.

I can't argue with this.

Oh God, you're one of those  ::)

I'm gonna be honest. I just stopped reading your post halfway thru because I can't take listening to a one-sided, know it all who insists their opinion is the only one because they vocalize those opinions in an echo chamber. You got rude and you got rude on purpose because you can't be fucking normal and just accept some X fans will ALWAYS view things differently than you. We get it, Joker, we all know you're great at being a keyboard bitch with an attitude and you don't need to swing it around like the big dick you wish you had.

You hate Yoshiki apologists. Anyone who has anything different to say to your opinion on him or the dynamics of the band can instantly be written off or talked down to or disproved based on your own opinions and feelings on things and lumped into the same fans who use "nurse" on twitter. Are you EVER going to come out of 2011 and stop grouping the entire X Fandom who has nothing against Yoshiki into that, btw?

You keep saying how the band only works with 100% band effort. (nice job not responding to my points about members willingly selling their shares of the band so they don't have to be as active, or skipping out on interviews IN Japan, or not speaking english on their social media just because they live there when Yoshiki will even speak english during a Japanese interview based out of Japan). I'm not hating on the other band members for that and I already stated that it's their right but that needs to be acknowledged as a negative affect on the band. If you want to use their own inactivity towards the international fanbase and label it as my hate go ahead, it will obviously make your day better because that's just what you do. I however see faults in both sides but fans (or should I just say the X Freaks on this forum?) are just never quite willing to have an actual conversation here regarding what could be improved or fixed with the band unless it has to do with Yoshiki.

Tact? You have none.

Pt_93. Everyone did NOT do their part because only one member is ever promoting or interviewing. I am NOT a blind fangirl and agreed with Joker on several points but, woah, big shock, for the sake of lumping anyone who supports or speaks logically regarding both sides, you as well as many posters here blatantly forget that/overlook it/ignore it/just plain don't even fucking see it because of your hate blinders, for the sake of your own agenda. Anything to disregard and shut down anyone with opposing views. This is not the first time you guys have done this. You do this EVERY time.

axlroseX. Go borrow Sugizo's violin and shrink it down for me to play for you.

I've never been in a fandom as unpleasant as this one and you fuckers are really good at doing that to not only me now but any new fans who come here and anyone who speaks out in a way that doesn't specifically mold into the silent, unwritten, biased climate here.

Great job guys. "Your post sucks" "I can't comprehend what you're trying to say so instead of asking for an explanation I'm just gonna say you make no sense." "Omg you mean metal music isn't the only thing you listen to and you pay attention to pop culture? loserrr" Ugh you guys are fucking LAME.

General chat / Re: RIP X JAPAN
« on: January 17, 2019, 12:05:51 AM »

He is not getting the majority of attention. He is getting all the attention. And this isn't because he wants to live in US. Is just because he wanted to. Nobody ever forced him to do it. He is the one who wanted to manage everything alone, he is the one who wants to be credited as genius, as the mastermind behind the successful band.

Where are you getting the evidence that he wants sole attention and that's why he's getting it? Are Toshi and Pata and Heath and Sugizo incapable of taking interviews? Is there an official document you've seen stating that Yoshiki is the only authorized speaker for the band and that other members are under no circumstance allowed to speak about band activities without him present? Why don't the other members make themselves available to international fans or talk about X Japan on their own time/social media if they want the attention, too? It's because they don't want it. They don't want to be bothered.

"Yoshiki is WORKING on an international presence daily." For himself. Not for X.
He works everyday to appear as the greatest motherfucker of japanese rock, as the articles (he paid to) say.

See it's this kind of attitude that makes it blatant that this is a hateboner post. He's working to appear as the greatest motherfucker? What the actual fuck? He's a public figure of a rock band, of course he's going to promote himself on his social media and in interviews and use X and his name interchangeably. He mentions X all the time so of course he's pushing them.

Also, you keep mentioning "paid" as if it's a bad thing  ;D ::) Are you trying to discredit or humiliate him or something? That's how entertainment works. Sorry if you feel slighted because Yoshiki's doing it along with 100% of everyone else you listen to and have listened to ever. Toshi did it for his book undoubtedly because the Japanese public view him a certain way because of his HOA scandal. Kim Kardashian, the most famous person in the United States right now, gets her mommy to do it daily. It doesn't matter how big or famous you are, celebs will ALWAYS pay for positive press~

Sugizo does it as a courtesy and thank you to his international fans occasionally and during special occasions (New Years), and Toshi does it when the circumstance calls for it (tour interviews like NYC interview for MSG, We Are X documentary). Toshi did not wish his international fans Happy New Year or even tell them about his album on his twitter.
Because is what they live. They receive a gazillion messages in japanese and half a dozen in english. They will surely prioritize the japanese. We on X Freaks are exceptions. Most of people who listen to X casually outside of Japan know "that metal band of the crazy drummer and the pink haired guitarist".

Doesn't matter if that's where they live. People here have said Yoshiki is to blame for living in the US when the rest of the band functions out of Japan and that they could easily make it global from Japan. If the other members want to stay in Japan and make it international they have to play the game too, not only when they're traveling abroad. No entertainer who speaks english and is shooting for an international audience has any excuse for not posting in english regularly for their job. None. They choose not to do it. That's on them.

EVERY X Japan member has their own agent and own label. They could easily be doing exactly what Yoshiki's doing and sign-on to do what he's doing WITH him if THEY CHOOSE TO. THEY DO NOT CHOOSE TO DO SO. THEY WILL NOT RELOCATE TO MAKE DOING SO MORE ACCESSIBLE AND PRACTICAL TO EACH INDIVIDUAL'S SCHEDULE.
There was a company who held all the rights of X. Each member has shares of this company. In about 2008 or 2009 this company was disintegrated and everything related to X belongs to Yoshiki. The members are now just hired musicians. Surely they will have their own management and if they agreed to sell their shares of the X JAPAN brand, is because they were quite well paid for it. And as Yoshiki is now the owner and likes to be known as "the one who does everything", he deserves to be blamed for what is wrong, as he is the one who decides.

If you wanna label Yoshiki's sole ownership as him "liking to be known as the one who does everything" then you must also acknowledge that the remaining members who sold all their rights have no interest in an active input or desire to be known to do anything. Which is exactly the image you see in X Japan now. Yoshiki doing everything and the members showing up when they're told to. That's also on them.

If anything be fucking pissed off AT THE FUCKING OTHER MEMBERS for not giving 100 percent to the fucking band for fuck's sake. You're right, Yoshiki can't carry it alone. But for the last 10 years he's been forced to promote it that way almost 90 percent of the time.
Again, Yoshiki carries everything alone because he wanted to.

You just said the members sold all their rights to X Japan. Sounds like they wanted NOT to do anything.

Yoshiki is the one who wants to make all decisions, says he can't sleep or do anything because he "is working on the new album" and is always hanging out with his american buddies, recording with Marilyn Manson, Sarah Brightman, Hyde and whoever the fuck he wants to.
He is the boss. He can ask the members to do stuff if he wants to. But he doesn't want. He said a bajillino times he doesn't want. He wants to do everything alone. As Yoshiki himself said, "I wrote everything and give the papers to them. Take your guitar part, take your bass part".

That's how it's been since the 90s. They had no problem with it then so why now? Also, if that's how the members agreed to make it work and they like that than why are you taking it upon yourself to label it a negative?

The concert which could be the 10th anniversary of the reunion, was the "Yoshiki Ressurection Night", on which he shoved Wes Borland and Richard Fortus (I won't even say anything about Marilyn Manson at Coachella or I'll lose my shit here).

Sugizo wasn't even an official member of the band yet.... guest guitarists were the thing... Sugizo, Wes Borland and Richard Fortus were ALL guest guitarists because X didn't know how they were going to go forward with hide's position while being sensitive to him and the fans. That doesn't make it a Yoshiki Reunion Night.

How can you want new fans, or to people to like your new songs, if you don't release them anywhere? "Kiss the Sky" is announced since 2014, we never heard it fully and Yoshiki still had the guts to ask people who didn't even knew the band to sing "wowowo" for a song that not even the hardcore fans know yet.

This is a problem that I will full-heartedly agree with.

We search for torrents or cellphone recorded videos on Instagram because nothing is released anywhere. Even when something is posted on Youtube is removed within minutes because of copyright complaints issued by... "Japan Music Agency Ltd" or "X Project LLC", also known as Yoshiki and Yoshiki. I saw so many people complaining about it on other boards, or reddit, or whatever...

There are still tons of uploads from concerts all throughout the years of many unreleased songs still up. Idky some are being taken down and others aren't but they're easily searchable so it's clear there isn't a scavenger hunt going on by Yoshiki to remove all X related, unofficial media.

It was scrapped because Yoshiki wanted to.

Orrr because fans were bitching about not getting original songs instead and that we only like the old songs the traditional way. The fandom was very vocal about that. That's why I said I have no doubt that our bitching had something to do with that decision. Whether it was up to Yoshiki or not... whatever... like I said in another comment, if the entire band has agreed to and wants the band to function that way, why are you trying to push that as a negative? Why are you trying to push your will on their own free will and insist it should be done another way after 30 years and specifically blaming the writer for that?

We are not talking about being late for an appointment. We are talking about promising something and make people lose actual money with it. The Wembley Concert was OK, but it wasn't annouced as an usual concert, but as "the X day", "the day when the album will be released". Some people lost money because booked hotels and flights for 2016, which was suddenly cancelled. Some people paid a shitload of money for the tickets which weren't cheap and no album was released.

That's a different situation and I understand completely why people will be pissed about that forever. I was referencing the album release the times when it wasn't given an official date. How it kept getting pushed back but it was never given an official time anyway (besides X Day) and fans always tried to take it on themselves as official, and that's how we ended up sooo disappointed. Not just that one time with Wembley, but again and again and again. Because someone saying, "we're looking to release it around March of next year," is not the same as saying, "the release date is 4/22/2020! Buy pre-release! Tour dates to be added soon!" But we treated them the same.

- No promise of more tours/shows outside of Japan.

It's already been mentioned that X releases concert dates last minute so this means nothing for 2019.

"X day" was announced more than an year in advance.

Ok but the comment was about the fact that no tour has been released for 2019. We are only 16 days into 2019. X has been known to release concert dates only months in advance so there's no telling what 2019 will bring on that front.

Toshi has a cooking channel but you all don't hate him for his cupcakes  >:(
How is this remotely related to the topic?

How do you not understand how it is? Yoshiki wine= evil because it's not the album. Toshi cooking= so cute and so cool even though it's not the album!

That's really unfair of you, man. C'monnnn. I'm not going to even acknowledge this one further.
It happens.

Exactly, it happens. It's not something the band can control or pre-ordain.

Their "new sound" is just Yoshiki's ideas who didn't went well and were recycled. Hero, Angel, Rockstar/Mary Mona Lisa, were just songs that he wrote for Violet UK but he wasn't able to release anything for a project which is basically himself alone for 19 years. So he just put in an X album which also will be never released.

If they "didn't go well" they wouldn't be getting put on the X Japan album.
VUK was being written and recorded before X's split so saying that his ideas are bad now but they used to be so great doesn't hold up.

I think the band is already dead again. They're just delaying the funeral.

Honest question... then why are you here? Why not just some time in the future when you randomly think of the band/music you used to listen to years from now, go check in on X with a quick google search and see if the album ever got released? Less stress, no hate, no drama.

I feel like each and every X fan has hit this point where they're just like... 'I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and I'm only disappointed and hurt by the outcome so I give up. Nice knowing you, loved what it was, but I hate you now-- see you when you're around. Peace.'
After years of lies, postponements, cancellations (which for some people mean a huge amount of money spent), it makes sense.

Never said it didn't. But all the cancellations are not on one person. Blame Yoshiki for Wembley even with Pata's medical problem, because of the album. But don't blame him for every single cancelled concert. That's not the reality but he gets blamed for it.

X nowadays is something like:

- Concert will start. All the spotlights on the amazing drummer.

It's almost like X is trying to have a dramatic opening or something  :o

- A movie about this amazing japanese musician.

Cool photo. Guy is nameless. Gen pop won't know who random shadow man is.

- Did I already say that this japanese guy is the most motherfucking awesome musician in Japan? He just came alone to receive an award for his band.

The rest of the band could have flown to accept the award. I wonder why none of them cleared their schedule or bothered to fly? It's almost like they decided NOT to attend something. Apparently it wasn't important to them like it was to Yoshiki.

- OH GOD HOW AMAZING IS THIS DRUM GUY. Looks like there is a band anywhere on the stage.

Gasp, was this the stage set up for every X Japan live in 2017? No? Surely that's the arrangement they decided on for all future concerts in 2018, then, and that's why they were like that there. No? You mean the 3 nights at Makuhari didn't also have the drum set front and center with the other members in the back? Omg it's almost like they were at a yearly celebratory event with 100 other artists and were told where they'd be set up on stage to make switching in and out for the next act easier or something! Fucking bastuds.

And some stuff like:
- Summer Sonic 2011: A japanese music festival, which happen in two different cities in Japan, was broadcasted in a japanese TV Channel. And Yoshiki gaves an interview alone, speaking for the band. In english.

Idky you think saying stuff like this proves anything or is a negative. You said that because the other members are IN Japan and their fans are Japanese, that's why they don't speak english. Yet, Yoshiki, even while he's in Japan, makes sure to communicate in english for the international market- what X has agreed to aim for. The other members live there. They easily could have attended. I don't understand why just because Yoshiki did it alone, your mind jumps to "the X Japan dictator has stolen yet another interview!" My mind jumps to... why did the other members choose not to do these ones too. They're in Japan ffs. Why do they not engage. Why do they make Yoshiki do everything.

- Makuhari 2018: Before the drum solo, videos from BBC talking about his health condition. Was this intended to show how popular he is outside of Japan? Because he isn't.

Lol... ok?  ::)

The "Bio" section of the band's site has six mentions to Yoshiki, including

In January 2017, band leader Yoshiki held 2 sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall, performing original classical compositions and orchestral versions of X Japan’s songs with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

It's weird if you read it alone but not if you read the entire biography. It's a list of accomplishments achieved by the band in chronological order. Carnegie Hall and the Philharmonic Orchestra are both 2 milestones that are not easily achieved. If anyone is drawn to X Japan's music from, say, Sugizo's violin and looks at that, they will know that the band itself has a impressive classical backing partly thanks to one of its accomplished members.

And the cringy
Yoshiki is finalizing X Japan's first new studio album in over 22 years, which the acclaimed musician promised Billboard Magazine "will bring rock back to the mainstream again".

I don't know about you but I get excited hearing that. That makes me look even more forward to the album. Britney Spears' producer for her upcoming album said it will have, "Chill bops. Full on bops. The whole spectrum of bops!" So we know it's going to be a super hyped, fun album that those who like club or dance music can be happy waiting for expectantly. Yoshiki did the same thing but stating that it will bring back rock. I love that he said that.

He wants his band to be famous worldwide? He need to do music. A band grows when everyone works together to make it grow.

I won't argue with those points at all and agree completely. But that does mean that the other members need to try every now and then too.

General chat / Re: RIP X JAPAN
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:24:47 AM »
Ugh another Yoshiki hate-boner post... With all due respect to you because I know you're feeling disheartened but I'm just going to be as blunt as possible in responding to you. I don't mean this as a personal attack to you because you have every right to feel how you do. But for the sake of anyone else feeling the same way, I'm just going to respond honestly.

Let me start off by saying that Yoshiki is the one getting the majority of attention now because he is the only one committed to living in the United States, where a band HAS TO BE to be global. He is the only one who consistently interviews and posts in English. He is the only one who has opened a channel for international fans. Toshi and Sugizo both speak English. Pata might be able to understand it. Idk about Heath but if he knows it or understands it, we don't really know and they both have made zero effort to willingly engage with us as free agents of X Japan.

Yoshiki is WORKING on an international presence daily. Sugizo does it as a courtesy and thank you to his international fans occasionally and during special occasions (New Years), and Toshi does it when the circumstance calls for it (tour interviews like NYC interview for MSG, We Are X documentary). Toshi did not wish his international fans Happy New Year or even tell them about his album on his twitter.

EVERY X Japan member has their own agent and own label. They could easily be doing exactly what Yoshiki's doing and sign-on to do what he's doing WITH him if THEY CHOOSE TO. THEY DO NOT CHOOSE TO DO SO. THEY WILL NOT RELOCATE TO MAKE DOING SO MORE ACCESSIBLE AND PRACTICAL TO EACH INDIVIDUAL'S SCHEDULE.

If anything be fucking pissed off AT THE FUCKING OTHER MEMBERS for not giving 100 percent to the fucking band for fuck's sake. You're right, Yoshiki can't carry it alone. But for the last 10 years he's been forced to promote it that way almost 90 percent of the time.

2019 is well underway and here we are over 10 years since X Japan reunited. Let's see what we have going for us...

- No album release in sight.

Who cares if we have the album. We have new songs. The ones that have been officially released: IV, Jade, BTBF (not typical for X fans to like but it is GREAT live and you Love it in concert, La Venus ((loooove this song))) and unofficially released/played live: Beneath the Skin, Angel, Hero, Without You and a teaser of Kiss the Sky. Did I miss any?

The reason I bring up unofficially released/teased songs is because bands do not typically play "not ready" tracks. That is something pretty specific and unique to X and is fucking wonderful and really kind and sweet to fans. We take that for granted. But a lot of fans from a lot of other fandoms who also have musicians who don't release music for years and years don't get to hear what their band is working on during lives. We do.

Speaking of which, we're obviously all still here which means there's more important to us than just the new album (like all their past music). This isn't a an issue unique to X Japan or even disbanded and then re-united artists. Robyn (Swedish pop artist) goes 5-8 years ON AVERAGE before releasing each album. Personally, I believe it's gotten to the point that X fans exist too much in the microcosm of this album's creation and yes, Yoshiki lied and that has a lot to do with our broken expectations. But let me remind everyone, too, that the original album intended to be released (english remake of songs with a few originals) was completely scrapped. That's at least 2-3 years worth of work gone because X was touring at that time. I refuse to believe that the bitching similar to what's found on here had nothing to do with that decision.

Also, since I brought up the lying (which EVERYONE does so be careful about persecuting him!), try to understand being barraged by the same question for yearrrrs by fans and media alike. I'm sure he had every intention of the album being released earlier but things changed. What do you tell a kid on a road trip? "We'll be there soon... we'll be there soon... 5 more minutes," cue to 12 hours later after restroom stops, gas fill ups, stopping for lunch, and fixing the flat tire.

- No promise of more tours/shows outside of Japan.

It's already been mentioned that X releases concert dates last minute so this means nothing for 2019.

- Rumors of difficulties between Yoshiki and Toshi.

Purely tabloid bullshit and fans wanting to make drama out of inactivity. I also can't help but notice that some fans (bc lbr this is not an issue even being imagined in general X fandom) are really only letting this be a thing after Red Swan, which both Toshi and Yoshiki have both publicly address and put behind them (can we get a shout out for Poor Sugizo's guitar writing getting lost and buried?)

Toshi sued that tabloid for false reports on a band rift btw.

- Yoshiki increasingly more interested in anything other than X Japan (Hyde, Sarah Brightman, his wine label...)

Everyone tells Yoshiki to rest his wrists but whenever he does something "other" to fill his time they hate him for it. I've been guilty of this before too but, now, we do have to look at who we're talking about too. If you stay up for 3 days straight like him and write scores on the airplane and edit in the studio between midnight and 8am, why can't you do a meeting on wine between 12noon and 2pm? It's not like he's the one uploading the articles and twitter updates on new wines being released. He has staff to do that.

Toshi has a cooking channel but you all don't hate him for his cupcakes  >:( Also, Sugizo did write and record for Red Swan and it was intended for that to be labeled X sooo....

- Neutered songs by lowering key (Rusty Nail, Kurenai, Silent Jealousy) in their most recent show at Makuhari Messe. Sounds flat and dreadful. I can't believe they've done that to such masterpieces.

That's really unfair of you, man. C'monnnn. I'm not going to even acknowledge this one further.

- Increasingly more obvious that Yoshiki cannot write good rock songs anymore without hide.

I COMPLETELY disagree. X is and always has been a fabulous band. I love, love, looooove their older music but something I noticed the other day, is that the older you get into their discography the more they sound like other bands; especially songs by Taiji and Pata and even hide early on. Now, you can tell it's X Japan. It is not the same X Japan even though it is. But they have SUCH a dynamic sound now... calling something lighter than it used to be does not mean it's worse than it used to be or not as good.

You did specify "rock" songs in your post. Do you feel that way because the songs aren't as heavy? I did share this on the discord app some time ago, that I was listening to IV with a friend in the car and he said, "wow, you like some heavy shit!"

X is still plenty heavy but very, very few people listen to or even MAKE thrash heavy metal anymore. And why should they? That's a bygone era. You can listen to X's lyrics and guitar riffs and tell exactly how heavy it still is. Hero is a pop rock song but would still be hard to get on the radio because the general public will recoil from mentions of suicide.

Melodically, lyrically, diversely, X is at the top of their game. There is so much variation in their songs now. Toshi is proving himself as a vocalist every day. His job is more demanding that it ever was before. Sugizo's guitar solo in Red Swan is BRILLIANT. Everyone wants that sweeping, complex guitar solo and we got it! The guitar in Jade is crunchy and heavy and full of attitude.... like... I don't know why.... this is so hard to hear for so many X fans.... please, grab my hand and step out of 1988 with me  ;D

I'll always remember this band for what they were and what they gave to me through their music but the future in my opinion is pretty grim for them. Label this post dramatic, silly, unfounded, or whatever pleases you. I'll always consider giving a listen to whatever they put out but I've removed all hopes and expectations. It will be what it will be.

I feel like each and every X fan has hit this point where they're just like... 'I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and I'm only disappointed and hurt by the outcome so I give up. Nice knowing you, loved what it was, but I hate you now-- see you when you're around. Peace.'

But... you'll feel differently. I really think even if you're frustration wants you to take a break for a few months or a year or however long it is until things go the way you want them to, you'll be back in full adoration fan mode when it finally comes.

General chat / Re: Do you think the new album will come out in 2019?
« on: January 11, 2019, 12:04:43 PM »
Idk if 2019 will be a good time to release the album or not because we don't know what 2019's "thing" is yet. If the music climate swings back into the rock genre or something where people are kind of seeking something darker than pop, than "yes" it would be a perfect time to release the album. Thankfully the album is finished, so if that happens X can pounce and release it.

However, trends usually last in increments more than 1 year... and the 1st year is the weaker base of a trend while the following year ppl really start piggy-backing and it starts  to become a solidified personality of the times as years go on for at least the next 3-5, sometimes 10 years.

So really, if 2019 becomes the year of bringing back rock, it wouldn't be good to release the album until the end of the year or even maybe early 2020. That way they could focus on bringing fans and new audience members alike onto a full year's worth of touring throughout 2020/early 2021.

Or something. Idk. Idrk what I'm talking about.

General chat / Re: X JAPAN Lyrics Translation
« on: December 28, 2018, 07:27:30 PM »
Hi guys. Reactivating this thread to see if anyone has the file that was originally supplied in it, since the link is now inactive  :)

News / Re: Yoshiki Channel International
« on: November 14, 2018, 08:59:48 PM »
Yayyyy!! So, $5.65 a month. Not bad at all. Yoshiki is really consistent with NicoNico's Yoshiki Channel so I don't see why the international version would be any different... we'll probably get Holiday specials and concert broadcasts and updating interviews and all that just like the Japan version.

To answer the question about what we'd like to see... behind the scenes stuff! Getting ready for shows, working in the studio, back stage after a show, photoshoots, mv making... those kinds of things.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki on TV?
« on: October 23, 2018, 10:46:38 PM »
Thank you so much for sharing Fluffy! The show looks funny :) I hope the whole thing gets uploaded to YouTube or something soon...

And yeah, I can't believe that guy tried to say that those were usable license plates haha. "Those aren't legal though." Lol

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki on TV?
« on: October 23, 2018, 02:29:54 PM »
Not this time it seems. I found out a little more. It's a 3 hour special that will be broadcast on Nippon Television and will follow Yoshiki and Daigo around as they shop for suvenirs.

Yoshiki will also be discussing (and I think Daigo too, who may/may not live in LA??  I'm confused by this point) moving to LA and the "no crowd live" that emphasized X/Yoshiki's belief that the "show must go on."

So all in all it sounds like it will be cute and fun and maybe pretty interesting too :)

Yoshiki / Yoshiki on TV?
« on: October 23, 2018, 11:17:05 AM »
Yoshiki made this post:


I guess he's going to be on TV tonight with the member Daigo from the Japanese band Breakerz (idk who that is either or why they're together in LA lol)

The episode is airing tonight. Does anyone have any information on what it's supposed to be about?

Yoshiki's social media posts show them visiting a Halloween costume shop so I guess it might just be a seasonal treat for fans with minor tidbits on activities and projects.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:25:49 AM »
Thank you! I didn't know about that

General chat / Re: X Japan - Major announcement tomorrow
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:06:37 AM »
He didn't say recording is done Yosh.... he said the ALBUM is done!!  :D

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: September 16, 2018, 09:06:14 AM »
Love love love love love love love it. Lol

Funny how we all thought Sugizo's feature would be violin but it's actually a guitar solo! And a really good one at that! Yoshiki said hide's name at that part.... I wonder what he was saying.

I also really love the key change right after the guitar solo. Gave me chills! Looooove this song. Can't wait to hear an official recording without them talking over it hahaha

Also Hyde's a cool guy. He kind of creeped me out for a couple years there but he seems more mellow rockerish instead of drug dealer pirate now so... I feel mean saying that but like... yeah, Captain Sparrow on speed is scary! Anyway, lol, his voice was perfect for this song. Toshi would sound beautiful on it as well but Hyde was better for the scratchy screaming in that key imo but I would love to hear him sing it as well.

Overall, awsome! Very happy! Will play on repeat until I can get my hands on the real deal.

General chat / Re: X Japan - Major announcement tomorrow
« on: September 15, 2018, 07:14:30 AM »
That was 2015 (I just realized I'm the kind of fan who will scroll through sm to find a post I remember, oy) and he never said it was finished, only that it was "coming soon."


General chat / Re: X Japan - Major announcement tomorrow
« on: September 14, 2018, 08:18:40 AM »
To my knowledge he has never said the entire album is done, only the recording. On an interview taken yesterday/today (depending on time zone), Yoshiki said:

"I was recording the album right until the last minute, and was actually supposed to come back to Japan the day before yesterday," said Yoshiki, who arrived in Tokyo on the same flight as Japan's newly crowned U.S. Open tennis women's singles champion Naomi Osaka.

"It's taken almost 10 years, so instead of thinking about a tour and all those things, I just wanted to concentrate on finishing the album. It is done now and I will talk to my agent and manager about what to do with it."

He postponed flying specifically to finish the album and talks with management are now allowed to proceed. That has never happened before regarding this album.

Edit: Sorry, here's the interview: https://japantoday.com/category/entertainment/X-Japan-leader-Yoshiki-says-he-will-never-stop-trying-to-crack-U.S.-market

General chat / Re: I don't listen to X anymore!
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:58:43 AM »
I do still listen to X Japan on a daily basis. Just a few main songs mostly, definitely the new material.

There are lapses I go through when nothing new has been released. Back in 2011 I didn't listen to them for like 2 years. Every now and then I'll go a few weeks without intentionally looking for their stuff. I do get bored but they're my touch stone. If I get super stressed out or sad or I just want something beautiful with more depth than average to listen to while falling asleep, I go for X Japan (or Violet UK). So that's my thing lol.

X Japan is not really a "fun" band unless you're watching them live. There's too much to think about when listening to them for me so I balance that out by listening to other artists, usually of the pop variety. X Japan balances that out by putting on bad ass shows lol.

I do think them releasing music videos (both past and upcoming) would help immensely in satisfying and spreading the fan base between musical releases. But there's no one within a record label or management to do that for Yoshiki and he's too busy doing everything else, so it's a loss. It's felt. All we can really do is listen to themusic when we want and not forget them when we dont.

« on: August 25, 2018, 09:44:27 PM »
Sorry guys... what is UTC?  :-[  When I Google it, it had different numbers for zones (utc 5, utc 6.. huh???)

General chat / Re: X Japan - Major announcement tomorrow
« on: August 23, 2018, 10:02:46 PM »
I'll be a part of your tweet army, Teemeah

General chat / Re: Toshi Appreciation Thread
« on: August 23, 2018, 05:37:16 AM »
It was Yoshiki and Sugizo and Hyde and bc of fan backlash poor Sugizo has been buried in the title (and thus his contribution to the song lbr) which is probably why the name X Japan was chosen in the first place.

The song is called Red Swan. It's the season 3 opening theme song for Attack on Titan.

General chat / Re: X Japan - Major announcement tomorrow
« on: August 22, 2018, 10:54:28 PM »
Actually Fluffy, that is our job as fans lol.

Back before and right when X reunited there were tons of fansits and fans were more active on social media talking about X. There were 3 English X Japan forums that I knew of and now there's just this one.

Teemeah, it did help that Yoshiki spoke so much English on his MySpace and had regular blog updates to keep the fans connected, but idt he was as busy then. Twitter really isn't the platform for communicating in depth so fans need to post about X on their own sm like they did back when MySpace and Tumblr were a thing... but these days sm isn't rly made for that. Not the way it was before.

Also it's rly hard to keep things going when songs aren't routine Ely being released or music videos. Music videos are monumentally important even today and it's kind of sad/depressing not only for fans but X Japan's growth that there's so much re-union footage that hasn't been released. Fans are gained visually before auditory these days... so many gifs and images we could be posting based off those mvs and such that are not going around the world, that could be.

But we do need more lyric sites for English speaking fans. More translations and photos both recent and rare. On dedicated sites made for new fans about the band. Ppl love splurging on new info.

LMAO  ;D Good one Teemeah, I lol'd. My thoughts:

1. Song XYZ is too short :(
2. Where the fuck is the lyric booklet???
3. The album is 12 songs... why isn't 15???
4. The album is 15 songs... why isn't it 18???
5. What the hell is Toshi saying...
6. What the hell is Yoshiki saying...
7. Who the hell is this model on the album cover jshfhdjajbahd XD
8. Why isn't song XYZ heavier (and then 2 listens later: ugh I love this song it's the most beautiful, best song ever)
9. Why isn't song XYZ softer (repeat thinking it's the best song ever after 2 listens)
10. I wish the album was longer (see 3 and 4)
11. I wish the album had less songs we'd already heard while still having the songs we've already heard
12. Wtf is this collaboration (followed by: this collab turned out great, I'm really pleased with XYZ)
13. No really where the fuck is the lyric booklet I still don't know how to sing IV

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: July 23, 2018, 11:44:58 PM »
From Sasasama: It's really hard for me to understand Yoshiki, like for real.... but I only wrote down the things I was sure in. this is what I wrote. he says these in the first 10 minutes or so

Yoshiki:  These days were so hectic, I didn’t have time to sit down, and talk slowly. I know everyone is curious about Attack on Titan’s opening.  This is actually gonna be the first time I’m explaining this personally. First of all, the song is still in progress. I’ve been always like that *laughs*. Probably everyone, including the Attack on Titan production team is waiting for my release.  But I was seriously so busy. I’ve been getting busier and busier. Ever since Kyouhaku Uta gassen, a lot of things happened, and it was a lot of preassure as well. The day before the dinner shows we recorded with Sugizo, Pata and Heath. Generally we don’t encounter all when we’re recording, Sugizo has been around two times before, last time was a month ago. The solo part has been recorded. That day everyone gathered together. Well, but it’s in „progress”, it should be done before the end of this month. The whole song will be done at the end of the month. The 90 sec version will be released on TV.  Today, I’m going to show you the 60 seconds version. Instagram size. First of all, it is still in „progress”, I was so busy I couldn’t tell more, but instead it went in a bad direction. I got all kind of comments. In fact, I am used to it. If someone says something bad about me, you know, I have a world-class team of lawyers, for real. (Interviewer here said, „then I should be careful about what I say „ lol)

But seriously, this is my fault. I have trouble with leading the band, and the members of X Japan who have given such a great opportunity to me.  I’m sorry. I should’ve explained everything at the beginning but I’ve been too busy to do that and it become like this. Everything is my responsibility, because I’m the leader.  First of all, how can I not go to talk to Toshi first? Of course, the first thing was to tell him. But I didn’t get an answer because of various reason. And then, we just happened to eat together with Hyde, in LA. And you know,  I’ve always wanted to do various collaborations. I ’m a fan of Attack on Titan, so I wanted to do it anyway.  Of course, with X Japan it would’ve been better, but a lot of things happened, and I didn’t think about this that deeply.

Yoshiki / Re: Yoshiki ft. Hyde : Red Swan
« on: July 23, 2018, 12:39:44 AM »
I love it. It's very beautiful and I hope we get to hear the whole thing soon. It's precious sounding.

I'm also surprisingly pleased with how Hyde sang on this. I was his fan for quite a while and even saw Vamps in the US when they visited, but I've lost touch with his music and was under the impression that he'd gotten a little goaty... but he's clear and ringy on this song with a little bit of edge.

Also, I love when Yoshiki whispers in songs XD I think he says something before, "what's the truth," too, but I can't make it out.

General chat / Re: An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:26:48 PM »
Lol jeez guys calm tf down.. no one's out... the only reason this interview is even happening is because fans freaked the fuck out.

General chat / Re: An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: July 18, 2018, 08:17:35 PM »


He said, he knows a lot of people are worried about this Hyde thing. He said, he can't tell the exact reasons, but Yoshiki choose him. He said, from the very beginning, he decides everything about X Japan. He said to be honest, he felt a little bit bummed about it, but this is Yoshiki's project, and that's that. He also said, he's sorry he couldn't give a straightforward answer. That's it guys. He doesn't seem too sad, thankfully.

Thank you, that's great to hear.

General chat / Re: An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: July 18, 2018, 02:49:02 AM »
X did "make it" in the west. I'm a 26 year old from Michigan who has loved this band for more than a decade. There are thousands of fans like me all over the world. They wont ever headline American arenas or have a single top the charts, but who cares? They gained thpusamds of diehard fans instead of being a flash in the pan. That is making it, and I hope Yoshiki realizes that.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Its clear that SOMETHING is amiss internally between Yoshiki and Toshi. The Lunatic festival performance, the photo in the studio with everyone but Toshi, the tabloid rumors, and now this new "X Japan" (but not really) song fiasco. I just hope things get back on track and they put out the stupid album just to get it off their backs.

I believe X has made it too but also kind of not... yes but no. They have fans all over but not everyone (most people) knows them. Yoshiki wants X to explode and honestly, I think that would be awesome too.

1. The photo of X recording was for guitar/bass. Toshi had no reason to be there. Recording is mmindnumbingly boring when you have nothing to do so Of course he would skip that.

2. Japanese tabloids are the worst! Toshi himself even addressed those reports as false and was really upset with them so why say it is something that it isn't when the member himself has set it straight for us...?

3. It's not a fiasco. The rest of the band has been recording and Toshi spoke honestly about his feelings. X Japan is getting their own full-band version of it, too.

General chat / Re: An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: July 17, 2018, 09:45:20 AM »
I really want someone from here, lakeisle or sasasama to watch that part and tell what they think. I have previously seen twitter user fans abuse and tweak information to their liking. I also believe that Toshi would never say out loud that he is disappointed in Yoshiki's decision. That would be very unprofessional and I think Toshi is pro enough to know what he can and cannot say on social media and live broadcast.

+ I think if Toshi really said that, Japanese media would immediately create a scandal about it. "Toshi dissatisfied with Yoshiki" etc headlines would be flooding. Just like when they were claiming that Toshi didn't go to Lunatic fest because he asked too much money. He had to refute it in live broadcast.

Jeez the media did that? Awful. And good point. I think we need numerous sources on this one tbh.

General chat / Re: An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: July 17, 2018, 09:07:55 AM »
My honest feeling is that that is disappointing to hear. I feel sorry for Toshi and the rest of the band.

However, my other honest feeling is that if that is Yoshiki's decision, it is Yoshiki's decision.

Toshi is my favorite singer of all time. X Japan needs Toshi. As a ballad, I guess bass and guitar weren't necessarily parts of the song anyway but it seems I was wrong about how the song was approached and who went to who to be featured in the song for AOT S3. I can't say I understand why the decision was made the way it was but it was made.

Another honest feeling... I'm just over the drama. I'm exhausted by it. I know there will be a war now over X Japan/Toshi/Yoshiki/Pata/Heath loyalists but I hope we can all keep it clean and try not to hate the members or EACH OTHER when expressing our opinions, feelings, and points of view.

I love you all lol, and this place. I know this news will upset many of you. We don't need to bring hurt/anger/violence off the screens into each other's homes to break coffee mugs over though so please address things civilly going forward. I do stand by Yoshiki and will support him no matter what... I've been through it all so to speak, so I'm ready to say that confidently, I know which side I "belong" to. I know that might not be popular here but it is what it is.

Edit: I, too, would like a link to the stream. It's not that I don't believe it. ToshI has found his own voice and that's fine. But I would like to see another Japanese speaker's translation of it... purely because of the topic.

General chat / Re: An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: July 16, 2018, 07:16:44 AM »

That's why X Japan is no longer seen as a band after Taiji and Hide have left. (Of course, this is my personal opinion)

According to Yoshiki, he writes all the parts - even guitar parts and bass parts on his musical score and hands it out to each member. It brings out a question to me "Then why are they a band?". 

That's how they were operating as a band before hide and Taiji left though. During The Last Live when The Last Song was being written, hide approached Yoshiki to let him write the guitar part for The Last Song.

It's important to consider the time line and see whether he had anything personal business wise going on.

Do you believe Toshi did not attend the premiere because of another schedule?

I don't know but it could be the case since he's also a solo artist and seems to have an interest in other business ventures (food/desserts)

FYI, Chinese music market is the 10th in the world and one tenth of the size of Japanese market.


My bad, thank you for the correction. I don't know why I thought differently.

General chat / Re: An important announcement on July 8, LA time
« on: July 14, 2018, 06:25:53 PM »
Yoshiki definitely did not hover in the shadows of his studio hunched over like Golum concocting an X Japan song while whispering, "no Toshi voice," wheeze wheeze, "someone else my precious sheet music, someone eeeelse"

I love this mental image, can I please believe it for a second?   :o

 ;D it made me cackle just writing it so if it makes you crack up for a moment please do lol. It's just so ridiculous that I couldn't stop myself lol

I think Fluffy and Matsumoto made great points and I'm surprised I hadn't considered them before. Japan is the No.1 music economy in the world follow by China and then the United States. X Japan gains nothing financially from going global unles they hit the jackpot. They gain financially from staying in Japan only. It definitely makes sense why Toshi's PR is never pushed towards an English audience.

But if you notice both Yoshiki and Sugizo and they're "spread" over the world (Sugizo's side projects for example, Yoshiki living in LA and making Violet UK) they personally position themselves to use English on their social media.

I'm not trying to make this convo a Yoshiki fest or anything, but I really do respect him for following his dream despite the adversities he's facing not only from the world, but, as Matsumoto and fluffy pointed out, from his own home as well.

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